Xian Ni Chapter 171 – The Jade Strip left behind by Li Mu Wan

ObligatoryTLNote: Ze Plot is Coagulating…

TL: Void
TLC & Editing: DemonKiller, Petie


It was clear that bypassing would not be feasible, so the only way to leave this place was to rush straight through!

Wang Lin inwardly sighed, then pointed his right hand towards the flying sword, immediately the flying sword flashed back and repeatedly cut apart the stones behind Wang Lin. Slowly there appeared an increasing number of crushed stones. Wang Lin pulled them together forming a ring of crushed stones around him.

Gradually, the amount of crushed stones around his body increased more and more. Already, having the stones packed densely into five-six circles, deep down his heart, he more or less had a solution, while withdrawing the shining flying sword.

With the enormous mass of crushed stones around him, Wang Lin suddenly rushed into the empty space. After entering, he kept his speed slow. After going forward for a long distance, along the way there wasn’t even a single disturbance, it was completely without danger.

However, Wang Lin’s caution did not diminish, and instead of reducing, it increased by a lot. Wang Lin basically didn’t believe that this would be a so safe and tranquil place.

On the contrary, he preferred if there existed a huge creature here, so that it could give him a sense of false security.

As he was concentrating heavily, the glittering flying sword would flash through the crushed stones every now and then. In his hands, he firmly gripped a Yuan Ying stage Jade talisman, dispersed his divine consciousness, and with a thread tightly securing his storage bag, so that, at the first sign of trouble he would be able to take out items from inside the bag.

Gradually, he arrived at the middle of the empty space, if one were to examine it laterally, then one would be able to draw a straight line from the place where the crushed stones had started disappearing earlier.

Wang Lin increased the caution in his heart. After moving forward a few paces, suddenly his divine consciousness sensed an intense crisis, and without hesitation and almost without a second thought, he retreated back fiercely, while at the same time he used the Yuan Ying stage magic weapon – Jade Talisman, to immediately form a light curtain.

The moment he had withdrawn, two arcs appeared at the position where he had been, these two arcs combined together to form a wide open mouth.

The Yuan Ying stage magic weapon – Jade talisman shook fiercely, and turned into fine dust in his hands. Wang Lin withdrew immediately, coldly sweating from his forehead. As he stared at the slowly closing big mouth, his heart shook violently.

This kind of space rift-like creature, did not open its mouth when the crushed stones passed, but the moment he had followed in, it had suddenly opened. It seemed like it had locked onto him as its target.

Wang Lin remained silent for a bit, he was looking at the distant remaining half of the way. He could not help but feel bitter in his heart. He had only one Yuan Ying stage magic weapon and that too was shattered the instant that big mouth opened. Thus, it was clear that the strength of that mouth creature far exceeded that of Yuan Ying stage cultivators.

Therefore, even if Wang Lin had decided to strike, he would either die or end up wounded.

He took a deep breath, and after remaining silent for a moment, did not hesitate to dig out lots of defensive magic weapons from his storage bag. These were his spoils from the people he had killed, but they were all low level and thus had been left aside by him to be used as consumables.

After hesitating for a bit, Wang Lin controlled the crushed stones, and began flying forward. This time, he was extra careful, as he dispersed his divine consciousness outwards, ready to flee immediately without hesitation at the first sign of trouble.

Suddenly, half of the crushed stones in front of him disappeared and the remaining stones ended up appearing like a big semicircle of approximately a hundred feet. Wang Lin immediately retreated, but soon half of the crushed stones behind him also disappeared, and moreover they started disappearing at several locations at the same time. This meant that regardless of whether it was front or rear, there were many rift creatures showing up.

Wang Lin immediately dodged to the side, but then the defensive layer of several hundreds of defensive magic weapons outside his body suddenly made a cracking sound and started disintegrating at a rapid speed.

Wang Lin looked aghast, as he immediately collected his body and swiftly moved sideways, barely and yet again escaped the danger, he stood about a hundred feet away with his clothes already drenched in sweat. At the position where he was a moment ago, seven rift creatures had opened their mouths at the same time, if not for the magic weapons delaying them a little, he would have already been buried here.

Wang Lin smiled wryly, all the crushed stones around his body had been swallowed up. Although there were still some defensive magic weapons left, it was evident that after a few more times of a crisis like this, they too would end up being completely consumed. Wang Lin was worried that if at the same time many of the big rift-like mouths appeared, completely surrounding him on all sides and leaving no way out, then the only end left for him would be death.

He sighed inwardly, then pulling out some defensive magic weapons again, he spread out his divine consciousness. Cautiously moving forward, he looked at the distant boundary. This much distance, if he were to fly at full speed, he would only need a moment to arrive, but Wang Lin knew that if he flew at full speed, then there was a very high possibility that he would end up bumping into a creature’s mouth and then even an immortal god would not be able to save him from that trap that he would have just walked into.

After taking a deep breath, Wang Lin clenched his teeth and continued flying forward. His speed was slow and his divine consciousness tightly locked onto all four directions. Time slowly passed, and three days later, Wang Lin was exhausted and all the defensive magic weapons in his storage bag had all been used up.

During this three days period, he had experienced countless life and death crises, and once even had half of his body be completely swallowed. If he had not immediately entered the Heaven Revolting Space, then he was afraid that he would have been killed.

Fortunately, he was able to survive by entering the Heaven Revolting Space and wasn’t swallowed into nothingness. After he came out from inside, he was still in the empty space but Wang Lin was somewhat hesitant to enter the Heaven Revolting Space again, because if while entering, some creature swallows him along with the Heaven Revolting Space, even if he did not die immediately, but after he comes out, he would certainly not be able to escape death.

Looking ahead, he saw that there was less than five kilometers distance remaining, Wang Lin took a deep breath and flew forward. Suddenly, an opening in the form of an arc appeared in front of him. Wang Lin was about to flash out, as he sensed an extreme crisis being transmitted by his divine consciousness, the scene that he had been fearing finally appeared.

All around his body, arc like rifts began to emerge, spreading open rapidly. Wang Lin’s eyes had an expression of unwillingness, as his divine consciousness swept through his storage bag like crazy, suddenly locking onto an ordinary and mediocre looking Jade strip.

This was the one which Li Mu Wan had gifted to him on the day when she parted, for the purpose of using it for defense when he would go into closed-door practice. Wang Lin, without hesitation, quickly used this Jade strip. He had already made up his mind that if he sees the situation turning bad, he would enter the Heaven Revolting Space and even if it is swallowed, then so be it.

The moment he used the Jade strip, the rifts all around him opened themselves wide in order to swallow. However at this moment, a ring-shaped blue aperture appeared beside Wang Lin which suddenly spread outwards. A huge Azure Dragon’s image appeared from it. The instant that the Azure Dragon emerged, the blue ring shaped aperture scattered and all the rifts in the surroundings began swallowing.

The aperture shook continuously, the Azure Dragon leaned forward, and started rapidly rotating around Wang Lin’s body. Wang Lin leapt out, and from a gap between two rifts, was able to go out.

During this process, the Azure Dragon roared out continuously. The image gradually dimmed but Wang Lin utilizing this force, directly rushed through the remaining five kilometers. All along the way, each and every place he travelled through, he encountered small rifts but every time one bumped into Wang Lin, the Azure dragon would come rotating around his body and block it.

After having left the empty area completely, the dragon’s image was already on the verge of collapsing. Wang Lin without hesitation quickly made a few hand seals and the Azure Dragon changed into blue smoke gradually, which was quickly gathered together along with the Jade strip.

On the Jade strip tiny cracks emerged issuing ka ka sounds. Wang Lin was quite sad and after sweeping through it with his Divine Consciousness, did not discard it, instead only breathed a sigh of relief and carefully put the Jade strip back into his storage bag. Staring back at the empty space, he could still feel his heart turn cold.

After remaining silent for a bit, he raised his head to look up and moving lightly, he tread onto a conical shaped stone. Immediately the stone trembled and shattered into countless crushed rocks. These crushed rocks were drawn by Wang Lin and forming a ring again, following Wang Lin as he flew upward.

After a few days, Wang Lin’s speed had been getting faster and faster. Ever since leaving that strange and terrible empty space, he seemed to have entered into a different space and he couldn’t find even a single rift creature. In addition to that, he didn’t encounter any Aquatic Dragon-like powerful creatures and unlike the empty space below, after every few steps he could feel there to be some living thing’s aura.

As a result, his speed grew faster, but Wang Lin did not withdraw the ring of crushed stones outside his body, as he felt it better to be safe than sorry, and Wang Lin from the start to the finish remained cautious, otherwise he would have already thrown away the early-warning crushed stones.

With his fast speed, the travel time was cut short. Gradually, Wang Lin noticed that the cone-shaped rocks in the surroundings were similar in size as to what they had been when he had just entered.

This nothingness was way too big and Wang Lin did not think that he would be able to find his exact original location from where he entered. Therefore, he could only compare and contrast the size of these conical rocks and determine the position relatively.

On this day, he stood on a conical rock. His eyes flashed as he looked above and found a group of similar sized stones in a cluster. He had been flying horizontally for a long time and was finally able to find the aperture from where he had originally entered.

Above him, inside the emptiness, a giant aperture floated through the nothingness, even though it’s a pity that he didn’t pass through any barriers, moreover if he had successfully passed through the four barriers and entered the ancient god’s body, then there surely must be things of use to him. However after experiencing the dangers here, Wang Lin knew in his heart that with his level of cultivation, he would absolutely be unable to survive in this place.

He sighed inwardly, as he rose up and flew towards the aperture but the moment he bumped into the aperture, streaks of purple lightning emerged from it in a circle. These lightning streaks combined in front of him, forming into a sunken diamond shaped pattern. [TLNote: Diamond as in the shape used in Cards aka Rhombus shape, not actual diamond gem]

Wang Lin was startled, he couldn’t move forward, as if there was a strong resistance blocking off the path. His eyes flashed and stared at the pit of the diamond pattern, his heart sank suddenly as with the size of the pit, it just so happens to be a piece of a best quality LingShi inside!

Wang Lin withdrew immediately, and after he had withdrawn several tens of feet, that diamond shaped pattern changed back into purple lightning once again and disappeared into the aperture.

So he tried it over and over again, and every time the pit would appear. Wang Lin remained taciturn for a bit, then his eyes flashed and he suddenly turned around, flying towards the top.

He remembered what Six Desires Devil Lord had said in the beginning. Once one has entered this place, then one only need to sit atop the rocks and moving along their direction, one would be able to pass through this place.


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