Xian Ni Chapter 170 – Breaking off from the party

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A crashing sound could be heard, all flying swords were pointed at a single spot and stabbed in succession. The membrane shook intermittently, it’s lustre weakened, gradually, against the resistance of the flying swords, a depression appeared on the membrane.
Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, the glittering flying sword immediately flashed out violently, and stabbed continuously at the depression resulting in it getting deeper and deeper.

At this point, the Serpentine creature seemingly became aware of the abnormality. It shook its body severely. As it swayed fiercely from side to side, Wang Lin became anxious, and with a wave of his hand, immediately began attacking even more ferociously with the several hundred flying swords.

Finally with a bang, the membrane broke, a thick fishy smell immediately came out of it. Wang Lin flashed, sticking close to the wall of flesh, he held his breath. The immortal pill in his mouth immediately came into effect and cut off the fishy smell immediately.

After the fishy wind passed, Wang Lin immediately rushed in, the serpentine body of the snake had already withered down. Wang Lin felt that this giant snake would not be so easily killed, if in the big snake there was a small snake, then inside the small snake there can also be another snake too!

More importantly, Hunchback Meng had said earlier that this serpentine creature should be a wild beast, equivalent to a peak Spirit Forming stage cultivator. It was common knowledge that it would almost be equivalent to a top expert in a fourth ranked XiuZhen Country.

Unless Gu Di was among the few who has cultivated to the level of peak Spirit Forming stage, but according to the words of Hunchback Meng, Wang Lin theorized that these people haven’t reached peak Spirit forming stage, and are more likely at Mid Spirit Forming stage.

So finding that there was no possible way to fight, running was the only option for everyone. Wang Lin had originally also planned accordingly, but after watching for a bit, he discovered that this creature, aside from having a thick skin and the fog that it spews, it had no other magical powers and this caused him to feel quite surprised.

He waited and looked at others, only to discover that these old fogies, although had not opened their mouths but all had doubts twinkling in their eyes.

Wang Lin made a wild guess in his heart, that this creature only possessed the body of a wild beast, but did not have magical powers comparable to wild beasts at peak Spirit forming stage.

He had arrived at this speculation when the smaller snake’s head had come out from the snake’s mouth a second time rising to the utmost limit. It was precisely because of this speculation that he had dared to take the marrow from the wild beast’s mouth!

In his view, this wild beast only had its external appearance as such, its internal appearance was certainly not dangerous. Wang Lin’s mind even came up with a crazy idea, whether or not this wild beast is a strange creature, as within that big snake there was a small snake, and in that small snake there may also be another snake inside, in the end it would be unknown how many snakes are hidden inside this snake, that truly has the ability of a wild beast! [TLNote: Snakeception, but basically for those confused, it is saying that it is unknown which one of the snakes would really be the one possessing the powers of the wild beast]

As for its exterior, it is nothing but decorations to hide its own body, therefore it only has the wild beast’s flesh, but not the wild beast’s magical powers.

With that thought, Wang Lin’s stopped thinking and quickly putting away his thoughts, he hastily came to the point of connection between snake head and the snake’s neck, here there was no membrane and only half hidden bones could be seen from outside. Wang Lin without hesitation moved his right hand, and used gravity technique. Suddenly, the snake’s body started shaking, and swirled up like crazy.

At the same time, on the forehead of the snake inside the giant snake, there was a sudden flash of black light, and the snake’s skin started rapidly melting. A look of horror appeared on Hunchback Meng’s face, as he rushed forward in distress, flying quickly towards the snake’s head at a high speed!

When he was passing the point of connection between snake head and snake’s neck, he saw Wang Lin. After hesitating a bit, he shouted anxiously: “Run Quickly! This is a parasitic Aquatic dragon Snake, in its body there are a total of nine snakes, one amongst which has the magical powers of a Wild beast!”

With that said, he slapped at the surrounding wall of flesh with his right hand, and suddenly a flying sword came out, which with much difficulty was able to make a black coloured wound on the flesh wall. The serpentine creature in extreme pain, opened its mouth wide, and Hunchback Meng immediately flashed out.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, not only did he not go, instead he stuck to the flesh walls, and concealed his figure.

At this point, from that dried up snake body, suddenly came out a red coloured aquatic dragon of a slightly smaller size. With its body flickering with light, it suddenly flashed out in pursuit of Hunchback Meng.

Wang Lin, with his body stuck to the flesh wall, remained motionless until Hunchback Meng and the Aquatic Dragon had flown far away. His eyes flashed, it was not with good intentions that Hunchback Meng had told him to flee. He certainly wanted Wang Lin to leave with him so he could get him distract the aquatic dragon in pursuit and shift its target.

Wang Lin sneered inwardly, he was reluctant to mix with these people. If the third barrier had needed him and if he was able to open it that would be his good fortune, but he was aware that he did not know any Death Curse Technique and if the third barrier did not open, then this gang of Devil cultivators would certainly kill him to vent their anger.

Moreover, even if he manages to open it, it would be of no benefit to him. Even if they do not kill him immediately, he would certainly became a host for Six Desires Devil Lord to use his techniques. Wang Lin could distinctly remember the blank look in the eyes of that youth.

Wang Lin had originally intended to look for an opportunity to leave during the first two barriers, if he wasn’t able to seek out a chance, then he would mess up the third barrier so that when everyone is escaping, no one would have the time to pay attention to him.

But now, Wang Lin had changed his plans, and since that Red Aquatic Dragon had gone out in pursuit, so he should be safe within this snake’s corpse. His eyes flashed, as he put his right hand on the spine and started  to vigorously absorb the bone marrow. Suddenly the snake shook and Wang Lin couldn’t help but feel his blood and vital breath bubbling up, as his body couldn’t help but get heat up.

His complexion became gloomy, as he circulated the spiritual force in his body and stabilized himself, but the feeling of his blood and vital breath swelling up continued. Wang Lin swept away with his divine consciousness along the gap in the teeth in big snake’s mouth. After seeing clearly, he immediately blanked out.

That giant serpentine creature’s body was falling at a breakneck speed which was increasing rapidly, and in a moment had sunk into the dark nothingness.

After about half an hour, the speed of falling slowed down, after which the Snake shook and bursts of muffled roars came out. After a long time, once again silence was restored.

Wang Lin took a deep breath, and without hesitation continued to absorb the bone marrow. At this time the snake no longer trembled, not even the slightest. Gradually, a drop of golden liquid slowly drifted out from the spine, and a faint scent immediately blew out. Wang Lin with a face reflecting seriousness patted his storage bag and a Jade bottle flew out.

After carefully putting the golden liquid in the Jade bottle, Wang Lin let out a deep breath. After putting it away into the storage bag, he flew towards the snake’s head and flashed out from within the gaps in the teeth of the Serpentine creature.

There was only darkness in front of him, without the slightest light. Wang Lin hands moved to form a few hand seals as he shouted in a low tone: “Go!” Suddenly, a fireball the size of a skull quietly appeared in front of him and moved forward.

With the flame, as Wang Lin looked around, his expressions became more and more odd.

To be precise, in this nothingness also there were stones floating, but the size of these stones was hundreds of times that compared to earlier.

That huge serpentine creature, was lying with its head on a stone and its body dangling and it couldn’t be seen till how far it extended. This serpentine creature had its eyes closed and didn’t have any breath whatsoever.

Wang Lin after looking carefully for a bit, theorized that this serpentine creature was like this because the Red Aquatic Dragon had left its body, it seemed like it was just like the Yuan Ying that is within a Cultivator’s body, therefore it lost its vitality and fell down just now.

This would also explain why when it was extracting the marrow fluid, this creature didn’t show even the slightest movement.

Wang Lin looked at the giant snake, his eyes flashed a bit, but sighing inwardly he let go of the idea in his mind. This snake lying here at the moment was like a mountain of treasure. Let alone other things, even just its brain pellet and its snake skin were already priceless, but Wang Lin wasn’t dazzled by these things. Firstly, it couldn’t be said for certain whether he would be able to pierce through the flesh wall outside the brain pellet, or whether he could rip off the snake skin. Only thing that can be said is that the Red Aquatic Dragon which had gone out, is likely to come back at any time, and once if it struck Wang Lin, then even if he had a hundred lives, he would still die cleanly in an instant.

Wang Lin looked at it once, then took out from his mouth the Antidote pellet that had been given to him by Hunchback Meng. The immortal pill had already been reduced to half, but it was still a treasure for Wang Lin who put it into his storage bag. He put out the fireball, and jumped up as in this dark void the fire was too bright so for safety reasons, Wang Lin could only fly in the dark.

Gradually, his eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness. Although he could not see everything in the surroundings, but he could make out vague outlines.

Aside from the stones being hundreds of times bigger, there was not much a difference compared to above, but the speed at which the stones moved was faster by quite a bit. Moreover, there was a feeling of sense of crisis bursting out from several directions.

Wang Lin took each step carefully, slowing down his speed, often even when several tens of feet away from the stone, he would watch carefully for a long time before daring to move. At this time, he dropped onto a stone, suddenly his body stiffened as a shadow flashed in front of him.

Wang Lin held his breath and stood motionless while staring straight ahead. Slowly, he could make out the silhouette. At the center of the stone there was a round shadow. This shadow had a size of about a thousand feet. On it’s body were countless tentacles, and these tentacles were extremely long and were swaying devoid of any pattern.

The shadow that had flashed just now, was one such tentacle.

After Wang Lin was able to see clearly, he stepped back a bit. This strange creature is able to survive here, its strength would certainly be formidable, and thus it is not something he could provoke. After gradually withdrawing a few tens of feet, he had already retreated to the edge of the stone. Wang Lin’s eyes stayed glued to the creature, while he suddenly jumped back and flying in the air, quickly flew away into the distance.

After getting a thousand feet away, Wang Lin took a deep sigh of relief, and looking up to glance at the endless nothingness, he couldn’t help but smile wryly. Only by reaching the stones that he had initially come to, could he find the aperture that would enable him to exit this place.

Wang Lin remained silent for a while, he did not dare spread his Divine Consciousness too far, otherwise if by accident he provokes some powerful creature, it would become dangerous for him. He slowly flew upward, and seeing that there was a huge dark shadow, he hurriedly stopped himself. Only after determining that it was a conical shaped stone, he slowly approached it.

However at this time, suddenly a red light appeared from above, accompanied by a strange whistling sound coming down rapidly. Wang Lin immediately flashed out and stuck onto the conical shape below the stone, remaining motionless.

He could only see the bright light flash past the other side of the rock, falling downward and suddenly disappearing without a trace. Wang Lin could feel his scalp tingle, when it had flashed past, he could vaguely make out that the red light was the Red aquatic dragon which had flown out of the serpentine creature in pursuit of Hunchback Meng.

Now that this aquatic dragon is flying back, he didn’t know whether Hunchback Meng was alive or not. Wang Lin sneered inwardly, then getting away from the stone, he slowly flew up and after landing on the stone, he immediately observed his surroundings.

This stone was uninhabited, after carefully observing for a long time, Wang Lin sighing deeply, sat down cross-legged and drinking the LingQi liquid, cautiously stared downward.

Once the Red Aquatic Dragon returns to the body, it would certainly discover some abnormalities. Wang Lin after remaining silent for a bit, immediately sank down into the stone. He pressed down with his right hand onto his forehead and immediately the Heaven Revolting Bead appeared. His eyes flashed as he instantly entered the Heaven Revolting Space.

Shortly after he had entered the Heaven revolting space, a roar sounded from below which was filled with towering rage. The red aquatic dragon immediately flew out from below like lightning, roaring while it continuously smashed through stones the size of several thousand feets. It’s green eyes shined with a cold light as it searched all around.

This aquatic dragon did have some intelligence, it knew that it was very likely that the person who stole the marrow has not gone far away. Therefore his eyes filled with a vicious light looked around everywhere. Even after a long time, the Aquatic dragon could not find anything, it roared again crazily. Not ready to reconcile to it, he crouched down onto a stone and slowly calmed down.

But soon it got up and rushed out immediately, rushing past the stone on which Wang Lin had seen the shadow with innumerable tentacles.

The moment that the aquatic dragon rushed past, the tentacles immediately started shaking, quickly tangling together they formed a cone, seemingly unafraid of the red aquatic dragon.

Bursts of crashing sounds came out from below one after the other. At the same time a variety of lights flashed again and again, huge spiritual force fluctuations forming a hurricane swept away all the stones in the surroundings. Even Wang Lin’s stone was affected and its size was almost cut by half.

This great war lasted for about a day before slowly settling down, with the aquatic dragon venting its anger on the shadow, it ended up retreating, and as for the aquatic dragon it also ended up sustaining heavy injuries as it roared out again and again, at last everything became calm.

Ten days later, Wang Lin came out from Heaven Revolting Space and appeared with a flash atop the stone. As soon as he appeared, he spread out his divine consciousness and look around.

The amount of stones in the surroundings had significantly decreased, and instead there was a lot of gravel. After a long time, Wang Lin relaxed, then after pondering a bit, he immediately flew up towards the top.

After crossing several stones, Wang Lin’s body suddenly shook, as he stared straight ahead. Just now for an instant he saw a piece of gravel suddenly disappear somewhere.

Wang Lin with a look full of seriousness, slowly backed and at the same time with his right hand directed the gravel in the surroundings to immediately come flying. Wang Lin pointing at a spot in front, softly said: “Go!”

Those pieces of gravel immediately flew forward, while Wang Lin’s eyes remained glued to the spot in front of him. He could see that the stones did not fly far before suddenly disappearing immediately.

Wang Lin took a deep breath, he saw clearly, that when the stones disappeared, a black hole had been suddenly split open, because the speed was too quick coupled with lack of clear line of sight, at first glance it appeared that the piece of gravel had suddenly disappeared.

Wang Lin after remaining silent for a bit, while staring straight ahead, slapped his storage bag and a flying sword flew out in front of his chest, he touched the sword blade with his right hand and the flying sword immediately shot forward.

In an instant it reached the position where the pieces of gravel had disappeared, suddenly that black hole opened again. The moment that it was swallowing the flying sword, suddenly Wang Lin formed his right hand into hand seals and shouted in a low tone: “Break!”

The flying sword with a bang broke into pieces, and while the black hole closed the fragments were able to come out of it. Wang Lin was staring at all of this, and as he beckoned with his right hand, one of the pieces change its direction returned to his hand.

Wang Lin stared at the flying sword fragment which had a few remnant drops of black liquid, and around that liquid, the flying sword was showing sign of corruption.

“It’s not a space rift!” Wang Lin as able to determine immediately. The reason that he had been so careful in testing was the fear that there might be a space rift. If it had been so, then the risk would have once again been raised up a notch.

Wang Lin at the moment was not a soul devourer but was instead in a mortal body and under the influence of the space rift it would torn to pieces, with all living things getting destroyed.

Wang Lin breathing a sigh of relief, stretched out his hands, and in a flash all the pieces of gravel in the surroundings immediately gathered fiercely, forming a stone ring around his body.

He flew sideways for a bit, then once more flew forward, all along the way as long as he saw pieces of gravel disappearing, he would immediately change direction. Gradually, after repeatedly observing, Wang Lin was already able to determine that the rift like thing swallowing the pieces of gravel is actually a strange creature which was invisible to the naked eye.

The biological body structure of this creature is extremely strange. Even Divine consciousness found it difficult to see even the slightest hint of it. Wang Lin experience as a Soul Devourer in the past, when he had spent countless years in the foreign battlefield’s space rift had led him to this answer.

This is why, Wang Lin was extremely careful along the way, there was danger here at each step. If was careless even in the slightest, then he would be buried here, especially with him being a Jie Dan stage cultivator, in a place as dangerous as a dragon’s lair, even the slightest oversight would result in his death.

So as Wang Lin was silently calculating the amount of time that had passed since he had arrived, he had not even gone ahead five hundred kilometers, and these five hundred kilometers, if the situation was otherwise usual, would take him a very short time to flash past, but now they had taken a few days.

In a few days, Wang Lin was already rendered unable to calculate time, as all his energy was spent on remaining alert at all times.

Time slowly passed, Wang Lin himself did not know how long he had been flying for, but remaining concentrated on being cautious had time and again allowed him to evade crisis.

On this day, Wang Lin was resting on a stone for a bit, although he hadn’t lost much spiritual force, but his mind was exhausted. Fortunately, even before entering this place, Wang Lin was in the habit of remaining cautious, otherwise if somebody else had been in his place, with his muscles weary and mind tormented, he would have long since died here.

After a short break, Wang Lin took a deep breath, and standing up he pointed out several spots in the nothingness with his right hand. The glittering flying sword suddenly flashed out, as it rotated around the rocks like crazy, the big chunks of gravel in the surroundings were gradually cut down and started floating around.

Wang Lin stretched out his hands, and the pieces of gravel immediately started coming together. These days, Wang Lin was using these rocks to clear the way and whenever he ran out of pieces of gravel, he would make use of the materials in his surroundings and chop some of the stones.

After these pieces of gravel formed a ring, Wang Lin immediately jumped forward and began flying slowly.

Gradually, after he had flown a bit of distance, Wang Lin immediately frowned and stopped himself immediately. His eyes flashed as he observed his surroundings. The darkness here had dissipated quite a bit and an ambiguous sheen was coming from all directions.

Only Wang Lin had not time to bother with where it was coming from. He was now staring straight ahead as he had a bad feeling in his heart.

His eyes had by now fully adapted to the darkness, coupled with the sheen it enabled him to see clearly. As per his rough calculations, from here onwards, in a roughly ten thousand kilometer radius there were only one piece of gravel floating.

All of this did not conform to common sense, as per Wang Lin’s experience, a single crushed stone would appear often every few kilometers, and even if the stone were to be smashed to pieces, there would be some     crushed stones as well as flying ash, but he couldn’t see it in the least bit here.

This can be explained in only two ways, one would be that there occurred a very intense battle causing a hurricane to surge leading to all the other stones aside from that one to get blown far away thereby resulting in the current scene.

The second would be that there are countless creatures here which, similar to space rifts, have swallowed all the stones completely.

This was Wang Lin’s analysis because earlier he had seen with his own eyes that a huge conical rock, was chewed up clean by a big mouth which suddenly appeared, in the time it takes for one incense stick to burn, the seven thousand and eight hundred feet big conical stone had vanished.

Wang Lin was hesitant, if indeed that was the case in this place, then he would be required to make a detour otherwise once if he enters, he would have to face danger immediately.

Pondering slightly, Wang Lin pointed with his right hand towards a piece of gravel in front of him, the piece of gravel suddenly went forward slowly and soon entered the area. Even after drifting far, it did not vanish. Wang Lin pondering a bit, used his hands to direct all the pieces of gravel in the surroundings, and immediately all the pieces of gravel pushed forward in a formation.

Wang Lin was not in a hurry, as he stood quietly at first but looking at the pieces of crushed stones slowly going forward which after a long time arrived within five thousand kilometers of the huge stone.

As soon as it neared, a piece of crushed stone suddenly disappeared. Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed as he stared fixedly for a while, shortly thereafter another piece of crushed stone disappeared, very quickly the crushed stones started disappearing, in the end passing through the huge stone, all the crushed stones had disappeared completely.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, recalling a few points that he had observed during his experiences in the past few days, according to which Wang Lin knew that these space rift resembling space creatures could not move and seemingly can stay fixed in only spot.

However this did not rule out the possibility that this one may move. Wang Lin after remaining silent for a long time, gave up on the idea of entering that place. This place was extremely strange and he would rather waste time in bypassing it rather than take the risk. After all, the price of failure was something he cannot afford.

After reaching a firm decision, Wang Lin retreated back and again using the flying sword, cut up a lot of crushed stones in the locality to form a ring, flew sideways.

Gradually Wang Lin’s complexion became more and more gloomy. He had already flown very far, but this empty region seemed limitless and didn’t appear to have any boundary at all.

If this blank space’s boundaries is compared to a long white strip, then it seemed as if it covered this whole space of nothingness. Wang Lin tried to fly out for several days, but in the end he was forced to give up his plan to bypass this zone.


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