Xian Ni Chapter 169 – Obtaining the Marrow

ObligatoryTLNote: Cheers and Free Beers, okay maybe not. Anyways, nice small little chapter to tide you over until the next big chapter release. The chapters from now on go like this one chapter this size, then one chapter more than double this size, then one chapter this size, and the cycle continues for a bit. Anyways, thanks to NomYummi for helping out with TLC a bit. Also I got another volunteer editor Devilkiller, so you might not have to tolerate my shitty editing starting the next chapter. Cheers and Enjoy the current chapter though.

The current scene was to everyone as if the heavens were falling down, a surge of wind suddenly came down from the roof. Wang Lin without hesitation slapped his storage bag and pulled out a lot of defensive Jade talisman. He had many such jade talisman, after looting those whom he had killed, the quantity of such low level magic-weapons could not be said to be few.
The Jade talismans one by one turned into layers of light curtains, wrapping around Wang Lin’s body in an instant, he calmly dodged to the side, the instant the wind fell, he had already leapt out.

Meanwhile, the duo of Gu Di and Six Desires Devil Lord had stopped, the two hadn’t talked nonsense earlier. Gu Di’s face looked solemn as he threw out an ancient bell from his storage bag. The ancient bell after coming out of the storage bag immediately increased in size, then shaking gently, immediately sent out bursts of ripples, spreading out in an instant as the stones in the surroundings cracked under the effect of the ripples.

The Serpentine creature dropped from the sky, and twisting it’s body, it turned and bashed his head against the ripples, growling immediately and puffing out black fog from it’s mouth.

As soon this powerful black fog touched the stones in the surroundings, they immediately turned into black ash and dissipated.

The black fog that had been emitted by that Serpentine creature was collected by Hunchback Meng, he touched the pustules on his face and immediately crushed one. Suddenly an unbearable stench spread out from the crushed pustule, as a black liquid flowed from it.

The Hunchback’s body immediately disappeared, only to reappear immediately in front of the black fog, with a grim expression on his face, he opened his big mouth and inhaled fiercely. The black fog rushed in as it was being completely sucked into his mouth, gradually the hump on his back started getting bigger, when all the black fog had been sucked by him, it appeared as if he was carrying a small hill on his back.

Standing unsteadily next to a rock, his eyes sparkled as he stared silently at the serpentine creature, the black gas that was being spread from the pustule that he had crushed a bit earlier, was being completely inhaled into the belly of the frog who was lying on his stomach on his shoulder.

The moment Gu Di had thrown out the Ancient Bell, Six Desires Devil Lord formed his hands to make various hand seals, and murmuring some words, his gaze swept over Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, he immediately retreated a few steps, and without hesitation took out from his hands the Yuan Ying level magic weapon Jade talisman, and at the same time spit out glittering light from his mouth. The glittering light appeared flashing in front of him with it’s tip pointed towards Six Desires Devil Lord.

Six Desires Devil Lord’s vision paused on him for a moment, then swept away and onto the Youth beside him. The Youth’s face carried a look of horror. As he nervously stared at the serpentine creature, his body trembled slightly.

“Fear!” Six Desires Devil Lord’s eyes twinkled, as this one word came out of his mouth.

The Youth’s body suddenly shook, and a black qi came out from his nose and mouth, quickly condensed into a black sword, floating in front of Six Desires Devil Lord.

The Youth’s body shook, as he slumped where he stood, his eyes revealed an empty expression.

With his right hand above the sharp black sword, Six Desire Devil Lord pronounced some difficult and convoluted words in a weird tone, gradually the sword’s body started getting bigger, and eventually became a Giant Heavenly Sword.

All this happened in a very short time, at this time when the serpentine creature had rammed his face into the Ancient Bell, and had spit out the black fog, Six Desire Devil Lord said in a sickly way: “Go!”

The black sword in front of him, instantly swung quickly towards the Serpentine creature, chopping downwards at the spot seven inches from the head, only a peng sound could be heard, As the sharp sword swung down at the snake’s head, the snake felt great pain. It suddenly flung its head, causing the black sword to be dislodged immediately.

At this time, the youth standing besides Six Desires Devil Lord spurted out blood from his nose and mouth, and his entire body went weak, yet the confusion in his eyes became even more intense.

The Giant bell summoned by Gu Di, began to rotate atop his right hand immediately, the sound became heavier and heavier, and more dense, the varied ripples combined to form a single ring, and rushed crazily towards the creature.

The great snake which had just been hit by the sharp black flying sword, upon being hit by this ripple, started shaking immediately. Both of its eyes revealing bloodthirst, it suddenly opened its giant mouth. Its size was not inferior to a small hill. An illusory shadow flashed out from within its mouth. At the same time, Gu Di’s face changed and his great bell suddenly vanished mid-air.

Wang Lin had his divine consciousness locked onto the serpentine creature, and was looking carefully, the moment that creature had opened its mouth, a small snake head appeared within it, this small snake head flashed out, bit the ancient bell and suddenly retracted.

Hunchback Meng‘s eyes flashed as he stood atop a distant rock, he stared at the serpentine creature, pursing his lips, he was just about to rush out but that creature’s big mouth had already closed.

Hunchback Meng’s strange behaviour was clearly observed by Wang Lin, he was constantly vigilant of all the people in his surroundings, of course he couldn’t forget that this person was expert with poison.

At this time Six Desires Devil Lord’s vision once again went onto the youth by his side, pressing his fingers to his forehead, he shouted in a low tone: “Anger!”

A purple-red gas came out from the youth’s nose, mouth and the seven orifices, forming a sharp sword before detaching and coming to float in front of Six Desires Devil Lord’s body.

Duan Mu Ji’s eyes looked extremely gloomy, he looked at Wang Qing Yue, the two reached an understanding, rushed forward. The duo were fast and in a flash appeared near the center-point of the giant serpentine creature’s body, as they immediately brought out their magic weapons and started attacking.

Duan Mu Ji was no longer using the bottle gourd, but was using a giant awl which was emitting silver light, each time the awl would be hammered, it would result in countless thunderballs condensing out of nothing, to strike along with the awl.

As for Wang Qing Yue, he did not have any magic weapons in his hands, instead he interlaced his hands together and the five words, Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth, appeared out of nowhere and an array composed of these five elements, began bombarding together on the Serpentine creature.

Wang Lin’s heart trembled, these five people’s magic techniques were all formidable beyond compare, far beyond what an average person is capable of, what particularly caught his attention was Six Desires Devil Lord’s magic techniques, however this magic technique needed person as a conduit, that youth had unfortunately become that person.

At this point, the Serpentine creature was experiencing great pain, as it roared again and again. It’s body spun around like a vortex crazily, causing the stones floating in the surroundings to be involuntarily drawn towards it.

The moment this vortex appeared, Duan Mu Ji and Wang Qing Yue rushed out, both of their faces had gloomy expressions. As for Gu Di, his expression appeared even more ugly as he could no longer sense his magic weapon.

The vortex was getting bigger and bigger, the huge suction force made everyone retreat quickly.

The purple-red sharp sword which was in front of Six Desires Devil Lord was sending out monstrously evil light, and his eyes flashed, the sharp sword rushed. At the same time, the black sword which had struck earlier also flashed out. Both swords flying extremely fast instantly stabbed both of the serpentine creature’s eyes,

The moment that the swords came into contact with the eyes, they immediately turned into gas and drilled into the eyes.

A crazy roar emerged from the Serpentine creature as it’s body suddenly shook. Its eyes flashed with a red light, as two gases one purple-red and one black were gradually forcing the life out of its eyes. At this moment, it once again opened its big mouth, and the other snake head rushed out rapidly and swallowed the two gases.

At this moment, Wang Lin’s eyes flashed with a cold light. He was waiting for this opportunity, so he rushed out. After entering the vortex, he doubled his speed and in a blink of an drilled into the snake’s mouth.

Meanwhile, a green light flashed in his surroundings, it could be seen that the Hunchback Meng standing on a distant rock was also waiting and looking for an opportunity as he also had the same idea. After he saw Wang Lin, he was slightly startled then afterwards a smile of appreciation appeared on his face.

However this smile, appeared to possess a somewhat cruel flavour.

Hunchback Meng flashed forward, his goal was the other snake head in that Snake’s mouth. Wang Lin seeing this, changed his direction immediately, and following along the big snake’s mouth drilled downward, his goal was this creature’s marrow.

Li Mu Wan had said on that day, that for creatures like the aquatic dragon, their body’s most precious place is not the Dragon’s dan, but the marrow fluid! The reason that Wang Lin had taken the risk to come in was precisely for this marrow fluid.

Ever since he saw the Serpentine creature, he had been covertly observing. On that day, Li Mu Wan had said that the magical effects of marrow fluid depended a bit on the age of the aquatic dragon, if it had lived beyond a certain threshold, then its marrow liquid could more or less increase the chances of forming Ying.

Although it is unknown whether the creature in front of him is an aquatic dragon or not, but from its appearance, even if it is not, then it should be similar. If able to take down its marrow fluid, then surely it would have some effect.

So the moment this creature opened its mouth the second time it rushed in. Actually, Hunchback Meng had also entered the snake’s mouth, and this Wang Lin had realized by seeing the varied expressions appearing on Hunchback Meng’s face who was watching from a distance when the snake had first time opened its mouth.

As a result his determination to enter the snake’s mouth became heavier. Originally he was unsure, as he was worried that if he by chance is able to take out the marrow fluid some people would suspect, but now that Hunchback Meng has also come together, even if that creature is somewhat unusual, he could count on Hunchback Meng.

Also the direction that the two had chosen were different, without any overlap during this period. Hunchback Meng would not discover Wang Lin’s actions, so presumably there shouldn’t be any problem.

Even if they suspect him, they wouldn’t act against him for now, as the goal for all these people is not the marrow fluid but the Ancient God’s corpse after all.

The glittering flying sword in his hands flashed out along the places that Wang Lin visited, but could not leave even the slightest scar.

The more downward he went, the more Wang Lin’s heart sank. This giant snake’s body aside from the other smaller snake, was entirely empty. All around the walls of flesh wriggled slowly.

Wang Lin controlled the flying sword and stabbed fiercely, but still could not leave any marks. The marrow is buried deep under the flesh, and seeing that he was unable to injure the other party, meant that Wang Lin could not help but frown.

His eyes flashed, as he moved towards another part of the body, his goal was the joint between the head and neck of the snake.

At this time, the smaller snake within the snake suddenly trembled, and shed out a trace of black fog from its skin. Wang Lin dodged and rushed straight towards the Snake’s head rapidly.

Soon he arrived at the Snake’s head, at the joint between his head and neck, there was a thin membrane twinkling with red light. Wang Lin took a deep breath, and surging the spiritual force in his body, slapped his storage bag. Immediately several hundreds of flying swords appeared together. He swept away with his divine consciousness, condensing it over them, immediately the swords pointed their tip in the direction of the thin membrane, and started shooting forward in a frenzy.


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