Xian Ni Chapter 168 – Land of the Ancient God

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“Even if this old hunchback dies, he would bury the entire Giant Devil Race alongside him!” A hoarse voice, came unhurriedly from the sky, sounding enormous and powerful. As it increased in intensity, a huge green toad appeared on the distant horizon.
As the toad dropped down at a distance, the ground issued a loud bang sound. Even from far away, Wang Lin could feel the ground shaking. Soon after the toad kicked out with his hind legs and his huge body suddenly jumped up into the sky like lightning, only to immediately disappear and appear not far from everyone else.

As his body dropped down from the sky, it was similar to a hill pressing down, about ten feet away from Wang Lin and others, it felt like a crash, and the fog in the surroundings was blown far away like crazy.

With the dispersing of the fog, a huge toad came into view, there were numerous tall pimples on the back of the toad, these pimples slowly contracted one by one, and spiritual force fluctuations burst out from inside.

The Huge Toad’s eyes turned and in them a very thick blood-thirst emerged. On top of the toad, sat a man who was wearing a green robe, he had a short stature, his back was high and shaped like a hunchback. His eyes were like triangles, he had a tiny chin and a monkey like mouth, in his eyes light flashed, his face was like that of a toad covered with swollen pus filled lumps which shed an unpleasant odor, the person as a whole had a very hideous appearance.

Touching the pustules on his face, he said in a hoarse voice while smiling cruelly: “Those old codgers of Giant Devil Race who were chasing after this Hunchback for three hundred years, were all killed by me as I poisoned all of them, were it not for the thousand years time ending, and me having to turn up here again, this old hunchback would have certainly been killing the Giant Devil Race, hunting them down for the sake of revenge.”

With that said, he while holding his humped back, tapped with his foot on the toad. The toad was intelligent and put out his blood red tongue pointing towards the ground. The Hunchback riding on the tongue slowly came down, he coughed while he gently and slowly walked to the ground.

After he reached the ground, he waved his right hand, then the huge toad immediately shrank and became palm sized, jumped onto his shoulder, after falling face down it pulled in it’s stomach, which let out gurgling sounds.

Within an area of three feet from the moment he stood, the ground immediately began emitting a sound like chi chi, and from the ground a trace of black qi slowly came out.

Wang Lin remained quiet but took a step back, he coldly looked on, as he realized this man was good at using poisons, his wariness increased again.

Six Desires Devil Lord frowned, and looking at the green robed hunchback said in a heavy voice: “Didn’t see you in a thousand years, how much more concentrated has your toxic odor become!”

Old Hunchback rolled his eyes and cruelly said: “Six Desires Devil Lord, others may fear your Six Desires Devil technique, but this Old man isn’t afraid, a thousand years ago, you and I were evenly matched, but you won’t be able to repeat that feat today!” Then he touched the shoulder of the today and laughed cruelly.

Six Desires Devil Lord stared at the other person indifferently, immediately spiritual force fluctuations arose between the two. However, the two quickly turned around and restrained their spiritual forces.

At this time, Gu Di was looking on coldly from about ten feet away, slowly said: “All have arrived, this Old man grabbed an ice windsail from fourth ranked XiuZhen country, this first barrier we should be able to complete majority of it.”

Six Desires Devil Lord said with a cold voice: “The latter half of the first barrier, I will take up the duty of resisting!”

The Hunchback surnamed Meng, touched the pustules on his face, and said in a hoarse voice: “As for the second barrier, this Old hunchback will take care of it!”

Duan Mu Ji pointing at Wang Qing Yue in the distant crushed stone zone, said in a heavy voice: “This man Wang Qing Yue is an expert in five elements escape technique, can be of some use to use, moreover, this little friend excels at Death Curse Technique, regarding the third barrier’s divine consciousness attack, we can depend entirely on him.”

Hunchback surnamed Meng swept his dark eyes over Wang Lin, but remained silent.

Six Desires Devil Lord stepped towards the transfer formation, and used both of his hands to form strange seals. The formation array after emitting spirit light, began to fracture from the inside out, bursts of smoke began to be shed from the formation, and when the smoke stopped coming out, the transfer formation was completely broken up. After this he looked on a for a little while, then in a flash, he moved up quickly.

With every forward step he took, he pressed spirit light into the ground, the faster his body moved the more spirit light, his body almost turned into a blur, at first glance it would seem as if there were numerous clones located in every position of the formation simultaneously.

Not long after, the blurs had all but disappeared, leaving only the main body standing in the middle of the formation, he waved his hand and immediately a lot of precious materials flew out from his storage bag, followed by him spraying a massive purple flame from his mouth. Under this flame, the materials turned into liquid at once.

Six Desires Devil Lord gestured with his hands, and these colorful liquids in accordance to preset guidelines, fell into the formation array, when the liquid entered the array, the entire transfer formation suddenly exuded thunderous roaring bursts of sound.

At the same time, a transfer formation differing from the previous one, appeared in front of the group, even the symbols inside the transfer formation were more than doubled, besides that, ten beams of light emerged from the transfer formation straight to the horizon.

A strip like a wandering disembodied creature would sometimes appear in these light beams, the light beams would quickly shake, and send out waves of silent cries. Six Desires Devil Lord took a deep breath, and shouted: “The Formation is open, quickly throw in the best quality LingShi as already agreed, this Old man has already taken out four!”

Then, four best quality LingShi shining like diamonds flew out from his storage bag, after the four best quality LingShi appeared, as if led by an invisible force, the four of them flew into four light beams, and began floating motionless within them.

The changes emerging here also caught the attention of Wang Qing Yue who was fighting in the distant strip of crushed stones. He was already at a disadvantage by now, the attacks of the clones flowed like an endless stream, coupled with their higher level of cultivation, it was enough to throw him into panic. The slightest mistake would cause him to lose his life on the spot, he had been stiffly compelled out by the strip of crushed stones, but the color of bloodthirst was becoming more and more concentrated in his eyes.

After seeing the formation change, he hesitated a little, and quickly pulling back, abruptly came out from the zone of crushed stones, his eyes flashed as he instantly arrived by the side of Duan Mu Ji. He stared at the the transfer array and the four best quality LingShi in the light beams, in his eyes a color of greed flashed.

After he returned, the clones in the crushed stone region slowly dissipated, turning back into pieces of crushed stones, continuing their slow circular movement.

Wang Lin also stared at the best quality lingshi, inwardly he was also palpitating with excitement, he knew that Sea of Devils was enormous, if not for this Ancient Transfer Formation, then it would have taken too long to cross it, and many dangers would have appeared enroute.

However, the only way to use this Ancient Transfer Formation was to have Best quality LingShi, but these best quality LingShi were too rare, which had led to it being passed down in the Sea of Devils since time immemorial, several Ancient transfer formations ended up being abandoned and now most of them had been completely scrapped.

At this time, Gu Di patted his storage bag and took out treasure like two pieces of Best Quality LingShi, and after looking at them once, threw them out with his hand, the two pieces immediately began to fly into two light beams and floated motionless in them.

Duan Mu Ji clenched his teeth, then pulled out of his pocket the two remaining best quality LingShi, glancing at them sadly, he threw them out, now amongst the ten light beams, eight of them had LingShi floating in them.

The next person was Hunchback Meng, he slapped the Toad’s shoulders, immediately the Toad’s abdomen bulged slightly and as he suddenly opened his mouth two beams came out, which one after the other flew into the light beams.

At this moment, each of the ten light beams contained a best quality LingShi. The light beams suddenly darkened, both ends disappeared and condensed on top of the LingShi.

These ten pieces of LingShi looked like ten Suns sending out dazzling rays of light, as they slowly fell onto the transfer formation. At this moment, the transfer formation immediately shook, and started to spin slowly.

Six Desires Devil Lord’s eyes revealed a trace of excitement, as shouted in a low tone: “A thousand years ago, a hundred of us had entered, we hadn’t really made it into the interior, just the restrictions on the outside made our lives hard, we had to return in disappointment from the third barrier, at that time we four people were lucky enough to survive, a thousand years since, our cultivation has also grown, this time we will certainly get rid of the restrictions and enter the place to explore!”

Even Gu Di couldn’t help but reveal a bright light in his eyes, as he stepped into the formation.

Followed by the trio of Hunchback Meng, Duan Mu Ji, and Six Desires Devil Lord followed by the Youth. Wang Qing Yue after remaining silent for a while also entered. Wang Lin pondered with his head bowed a bit, then with his eyes flashing, also went inside.

All seven people were inside the formation, Six Desires Devil Lord let out a low shout, and the formation with a bang started moving. The ten best quality LingShi exploded one by one, huge waves of spiritual force surged out like crazy, and even the mountain valley was turning into flying ash under these waves, and even that zone of crushed stones couldn’t help but become sluggish.

After a long time, the spiritual force waves dissipated, the transfer formation was now beyond recognition, torn apart, it couldn’t be used again.

At a plain field inside Chaotic Broken Star, in mid-air emerged an oval shaped aperture, the insides of this aperture were dark, rendering it impossible to see its details.

Under this aperture was a transfer formation, the insides of which shined with a bright sparkling light, only to reveal seven figures.

Gu Di was the first to come out, staring at the top of the oval aperture, his eyes revealed a trace of frenzy, he jumped up and instantly appearing outside the aperture, after turning out a few laps, said with a heavy voice: “In these thousand years, nobody must have come to this place, the seals we had originally placed at that time are still intact!”

With that he stretched out his hands, the outsides of the apertures continuously waved, sometimes a trace of black silk would be shed from within, only to drill into his hands and vanish without a trace.

Wang Lin could clearly feel that the trio of Duan Mu Ji, Six Desires Devil Lord and Hunchback Meng were visibly relieved after hearing that.

He looked around, this plain inside chaotic broken star appeared endless, one couldn’t see the edge and the sky was dark, Wang Lin knew that there must be some kind of formidable restriction.

Inside this plain, there was a silence, but it didn’t feel even the slightest bit out of place.

At this time, Six Desires Devil Lord’s glance swept over Wang Qing Yue and Wang Lin, as he said in a heavy tone: “Welcome to the Chaotic Broken Star, regardless of whether Duan Mu Ji has mentioned this to you too, I have to emphasize again.

Through this oval aperture, we will enter a mystical space, according to the records of legacy that we obtained, there is a corpse of an Ancient God, the power of the Ancient God originates from its body, even a weak ancient god has a body almost as big as Zhu Que Planet. I can tell you that an Adult Ancient God’s body is equivalent in physical size to countless Zhu Que Planets.

The reason that it is said that there are countless treasures here is because even after Ancient Gods dies, their divine consciousness is immortal, but it goes into a state of deep sleep, if one can enter it’s body, and obtain their memories, then the practice methods stored, could be used by even the most casual of persons to let out extraordinary magical power.

As for magic weapons, Ancient Gods do not use storage bags, so since there is no storage bag which can be used to store treasures by Ancient Gods, an adult Ancient God stores treasures in its body, and you can get them if are lucky.

As for immortal pills, Ancient God’s cultivation is inseparable from immortal pills, they take things the quality of which is far more precious and beyond our imagination, but do not digest all of it, the remnants of these are stored inside the body’s meridians, this time our goal is the Ying Bian Dan, this pill can be found in the Ancient God’s meridians.

Light flashed in Wang Qing Yue’s eyes, the corners of his mouth turned as he stared at the oval aperture in the air and pondered.

Hunchback Meng touching the pustules on his face, said with a hoarse voice: “Six Desires, Duan Mu, this time there are many people, even if it not able to break the restrictions its okay, but if by chance we are able to break through, how would the items gained be divided?”

Six Desires Devil Lord looked at Wang Qing Yue, and said in a heavy voice: “Those who reach the end and after entering obtain items, one person one item, would be the allocation, as for the Ying Bian Dan, that would depend on individual ability.”

Duan Mu Ji laughed and smilingly said: “Mentioning this thing now is too premature, break the restrictions first, then talk about it.”

Hunchback Meng’s fierce gaze swept away, and landing on the youth behind Six Desires Devil Lord, he smiled cruelly and said: “This little friend, don’t know what help he is going to be to us, when we have to break the restrictions?”

Six Desires Devil Lord glanced to Wang Lin, and with an icy tone said: “Like him, can be used at the third barrier, he is a cultivator from third ranked XiuZhen Country Tian Zhu, he is good at Ghost and Spirit technique, and may be able to affect those organisms in the third barrier, this Xu walked a few years just to find him.”

“Turns out to be this……heh, the previous time we had stopped at the third barrier, hope that this time you can break this barrier!” Hunchback Meng revealed a strange smile, as his eyes swept over Wang Lin and the young man.

At this time, Gu Di outside the oval aperture was waving his hands with more and more frequency, and black silk appeared like rain, his demeanor gradually became dignified, as he closed his hands and pushed forward, countless black wires suddenly shed from the aperture, turning into a black dragon which after letting out a roaring sound, shrank rapidly and fell onto Gu Di’s hand.

“Ok, can enter now!” Gu Di took a deep breath, and patted his storage bag and putting in the black dragon took out two jade bracelets. Amongst these two jade bracelets, one was large and one was small, with the slightly larger one being of red colour and the colour of the smaller one being gray.

Holding the two jade bracelets, Gu Di hesitated a bit, then he lifted his feet to enter the aperture, and disappeared without a trace.

Six Desires Devil Lord narrowed his pupils, then jumped up and grabbing onto the youth, disappeared into the aperture. Then, Wang Qing Yue licked his lips, and went inside.

After that, Duan Mu Ji and Hunchback Meng looked at each other and then the duo looked at Wang Lin. Wang Lin without hesitation flew up and stopping just outside the aperture, stared back at Duan Mu Ji, and stretching forth his right hand, said in a heavy voice: “Now that we are here, Ancestor please fulfill your promise.”

Duan Mu Ji laughed and said: “That matter is not urgent, after we break through the third barrier, I shall give you.”

Wang Lin looked on coldly, and remained silent.

Hunchback Meng looked a bit, then with a laugh, passed by Duan Mu Ji, no longer paying any attention to the duo as he went into the aperture.

Duan Mu Ji stared at Wang Lin, after a bit of silence, threw out two immortal pills from his storage bag, and said with a heavy voice: “Take it!”

Wang Lin after taking it looked over it carefully, and indeed they were just as described by Li Mu Wan, the slightly smaller one was Earth Transformation Dan, and the slightly larger one was Li Ying Dan!

After carefully putting them away, Wang Lin without hesitation went into the aperture, and the moment he entered Wang Lin had a feeling as if passing through a thin layer of film.

The scene appearing in front of him was enough to make him suck in a mouthful, as his whole body stood rooted to the spot.

This place was strikingly similar to the dead space that he had once been in, here also there was immense black nothingness, if one had to differentiate, then that would be the countless conical shaped huge rocks, being lifted by a powerful magical force, floating in the air as they slowly moved forward.

Wang Lin was standing on one such conical rock, which had ten blocks about three hundred feet wide. On the entire rock, he was the only person.

Below the rocks, it was not completely dark and empty.

Looking around, as far as the eyes could see, everyone who had entered, each one of them was standing on such a rock alone.

Wang Lin observed the situation below, Duan Mu Ji, Six Desires Devil Lord, Gu Di, Hunchback Meng, all four looked as usual, without the slightest panic. As for Wang Qing Yue he had an expression of pondering, as he stood on the edge of the rock leaning forward in order to look down.

As for the Youth, he was sitting on the rock, looking around blankly his eyes had an expression of shock.

Wang Lin took a deep breath, then slowly spread his divine consciousness, there was no restrictions here blocking divine consciousness, but taking into account that there were many old fogies with powerful cultivation, Wang Lin did not spread it too far, and just stopped after he had enveloped himself and the rock.

At this time, Six Desires Devil Lord’s voice slowly came from a distance: “Here there is no danger, just enter the passageway, you can do that while sitting on the pumice.”

Hearing that Wang Lin sat down cross-legged and looked on as the stone slowly moved forward, he remained silent for a bit, and finding that nobody was paying attention to him, he pulled out from his bosom the storage bag that he obtained from Huo Fen Alliance.

When his Divine Consciousness entered, it was like a rock thrown into the sea, the Storage bag didn’t give off even the slightest reaction, Wang Lin was startled, but he didn’t try and analyze the reason, he slowly recovered his right hand and looked all around.

Suddenly, Wang Qing Yue who was standing on the edge of the rock looking down, said with a frightened voice: “What is that!”

In the middle of the void below, suddenly two beacons of light lit up, they were the size of a few tens of feet. Wang Lin swept away with his divine consciousness, and immediately clutched his heart, this is what beacon of light, they are clearly a pair of eyes.

Then the eyes suddenly disappeared, but soon appeared again, and this time it’s shape appeared bigger. At this time, Hunchback Meng came to the edge of his rock, and looked down gloomily, he waved his right hand and a blue powder fell down from his position, as the powder fell a slight glow emerged from it. The farther it fell, the more brightly it glowed, until it finally fell, so that everyone could suck in a mouthful at the scene unfolding in front of their eyes.

It was a huge snake creature, it’s size could not be estimated, only the part seen in the glow was about several hundred thousand feet, and it had a width of a thousand feet. A strange sheen flashed from the purple-red coloured scales.

On its huge head, there were nine long horns, and it had densely packed rows of teeth, from the opening and closing of which, frighteningly cold light would come out.

Hunchback Meng’s look immediately became very ugly, as he immediately drew back his right hand, the glow instantly disappeared without a trace, and the nothingness below was covered in  darkness again.

“This time also there is a wild beast! Equivalent to Peak Spirit Forming stage cultivator!” Hunchback Meng said slowly after remaining silent for a bit.

“Do not provoke it, the last time we came here, we were able to safely pass, so I believe that as long as you don’t provoke it, this time also surely can pass!” Six Desires Devil Lord looking gloomy said lightly.

His voice faded, suddenly from the nothingness below sounds of muffled roars could be heard coming, followed by the pair of eyes getting bigger and bigger. A strange smelling wind suddenly came from below.

Everyone stood up at once, Hunchback Meng immediately patted his storage bag, suddenly a few pills appeared in his hand, he suddenly tossed them and said: “Put this antidote in your mouth!”

Six Desires Devil Lord immediately leapt to escape, instantly appearing by the side of the youth and grabbing onto him as well as the taking the pills, he rapidly fled into the distance.

Duan Mu Ji also looked to Wang Lin, and finding Wang Lin looked calm,he hesitated a bit, then said: “Follow me!” After that he immediately flew off into the distance.

Wang Lin had also been thrown a pill by Hunchback Meng, he did not intake it immediately but glanced at others, after finding that everybody else had already taken it, he jumped out and took the pill into his mouth at the same time.

Everyone quickly jumped off and fled from the conical rocks, those immense stones when looked from afar seemed as if they had no end, without any direct access to the ground. Wang Lin was following behind Duan Mu Ji, when from the nothingness a roar came out, which gradually became more and more intense, and the rocks all around were displaying faint signs of vibrating.

At this moment, not far behind them a rock suddenly shattered, a huge head emerged smashing through the rocks on its way up. While the stones were being smashed, the eyes in that head revealed an icy cold light.

The strange smelling wind came in bursts, Wang Lin touched the pill in his mouth, and increasing his pace, as they quickly leapt out, as for the abnormal sounds coming from behind, aside from the youth in the group, nobody else looked back, only increased their pace.

In this way, the disparities between everyone’s speeds could be seen, a fast person was Wang Qing Yue whose five elements escape technique is already well-known, he himself appeared translucent, and while others flew in arcs and jumped around, he flew straight, often the moment his body would encounter any rock, he would vanish instantly, only to appear on the other side.

The Serpentine wild beast stared coldly at the crowd fleeing in front, it sent forth a growl, suddenly lifting itself, revealing a body thousands of feet long, as it fiercely slammed down!


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