Xian Ni Chapter 167 – Gathering of Devils

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Within the ring shaped zone comprised of crushed rocks, there is a section with bizarre force involved, this fifty kilometer wide strip is the reason for the Chaotic Broken Star’s name’s origin.
This area is also called the dead zone, it can be said that unless one has achieved Yuan Ying then cannot forcefully pass through the red fog between inland and open sea if one misses the day the fog disperses, even then from among ten people only a few would succeed.

However, if one insists on forcing his way through this dead zone, then out of ten afraid that everyone would die out and no one would survive. For a long time, Sea of Devil’s Chaotic Broken Star was known as the most dangerous place inland.

According to legends, this place didn’t previously exist in the Sea of Devils, countless number of cultivators had wanted to enter to explore it, but all had to return disappointed, even if there were a few who had made through the asteroid belt, they would never come back.

Even those fifth ranked XiuZhen Countries, due to the confounding forces here, are unable to send a large number of experts to come here, besides that no one knows what is inside, in case if after incurring huge costs if they end up empty handed, it would not be worth it.

After a long time, cultivators who bore delusions of entering this place became lesser and lesser.

This situation changed ten thousand years ago, when from the one and only Sixth ranked XiuZhen Country Zhu Que of Zhu Que Planet, a single person with great magical powers, entered the Sea of Devils, countless experts challenged him but none could prove to be his opponent, but after he entered the chaotic broken star, there was no further news of him.

Ten Years later, Zhu Que Planet sent a large number of experts who set large formations outside the Chaotic Broken Star and after completely sealing it declared that trespassers would be killed without mercy.

Thus, this place had become a danger spot, making people’s faces lose colour even talking about it, even up till today, although the fears and apprehensions have been somewhat eased, but within its five thousand kilometer circumference, there are no cultivators.

On this day, outside the chaotic broken star, within a valley shrouded in the blanket of darkness, all of a sudden the fog rolled into a whirlpool, the current becoming bigger and bigger, and soon appeared within a clearing on the ground, an ancient looking transfer formation, the dazzling rays in front of the formation kept getting brighter and brighter, slowly revealing three silhouettes inside it.

The moment Wang Lin came out from the transfer array, the first thing he saw was the distant ring of crushed rocks, various pieces of different sizes, between each of them there appeared to be a purple electric connection, tightly packed together as one, they slowly moved in a ring.

Seen from afar, the fifty kilometer wide strip of crushed rocks, appeared to have no end.

“This place is the chaotic broken star?” Wang Qing Yue evidently had come here for the first time, and looking at the endless strip of crushed rocks, his eyes flashed as he asked.

Duan Mu Ji sighed emotionally, feeling nostalgic, after a long time slowly said: “Yes, this is the place, after a thousand years this place didn’t change in the slightest.”

The light in Wang Qing Yue’s eyes dissipated as he pursed his lips and said: “As per legend, a million years ago, Zhu Que Country’s first master disappeared in the chaotic broken star, and today Wang shall also have a look as to what mysteriousness this place has.

Wang Lin after remaining silent for a bit, said to Duan Mu Ji: “Ancestor this place, is inside Chaotic Broken Star?”

Duan Mu Ji nodded, looking into the depths of the chaotic broken star, an expression of fear appeared on his face, as he said: “Inside this crushed stone ring there is a mysterious force, once someone enters it activates, the mysterious force would enter the body’s divine consciousness, and in an inconceivable way, would create a clone with a body and cultivation stronger than the original, suppressing the cultivation before entering is useless, after defeating it, moving twenty five kilometer onward another two clones would appear, and only after defeating them would one be able to pass through this chaotic broken star belt!”

Wang Lin looked up and Duan Mu Ji anticipating his thoughts, continued: “If one enters from above or below, then although there are no crushed stones, but clones would emerge, moreover there would be ten for each person!”

Wang Lin watched the asteroid zone attentively, remaining silent.

Wang Qing Yue stared at it for a moment, then within his eyes there was a big flash, as his mouth twisted, revealing a cruel smile, he said: “Such a fun place, this Wang shall go and see it!” Then his body immediately disappeared, reappearing far in the distance, just outside the chaotic broken star ring, and without hesitation he immediately entered it.

Wang Lin held his breath and watched on with rapt attention, and saw that the moment Wang Qing Yue the crushed rocks in front of him connected together with purple lightning immediately drew closer, emitting bursts of purple electric light, a clone appeared in front of Wang Qing Yue.

Even the smile on his lips was exactly the same, rushing forward without hesitation, loud noises burst out intermittently from the battle between the two.

Duan Mu Ji snorted lightly, then said: “Soon he will return back, how can one defeat a clone that is one realm higher than you?”

Wang Lin after remaining silent for a bit, suddenly said: “How did you enter the previous time?”

Duan Mu Ji gesturing to the transfer formation said: “To get through it, the last time we had a formation master, plus we had some of chaotic broken star’s legacy items, which described the way of manufacturing the transfer formation for entering this place, coupled with ten best-quality LingShi we successfully entered this place”

“What lies inside Chaotic Broken Star in the end?” Wang Lin furrowed his brows as he asked in a deep voice.

Duan Mu Ji glanced at Wang Lin a bit, then with a wave, took back the piece of Divine Consciousness that he had kept in Wang Lin, and said slowly: “Nevermind, since we are already here, I might as well tell you, according to the records of legacy that we obtained, inside this Chaotic Broken Star, there is a corpse of an Ancient God!”

“Ancient God?” Wang Lin was startled.

“Ancient God to be precise are Ancient Immortals from the Ancient Era, although they are considerably stronger than ancient immortals!” This was not said by Duan Mu Ji, but a black clothed Old man who had suddenly arrived from a distance to Duan Mu Ji’s side with lightning speed.

The Old man was tall and thin, on his chin three strands of white hair blew in the wind, his face was full of immortal wind qi, he held in his hand a horsetail whisk, he looked like an immortal of the righteous way, and smiling towards Wang Lin he said while nodding: “Little friend, these Ancient Gods are very formidable, they have already transcended a certain state, to reach an inconceivable level. You must know that Ancient Gods existed in an era that was far older than the ancient era.” [TLNote: For those curious about horsetail whisks http://wudang-store.com/blogs/wudang-blog/17813989-the-wudang-fuchen-horsetail-whisk. Note I do not endorse anything on that website, it’s purely for reference]

Wang Lin looked as usual on the outside, but inside he was very cautious, although the other person looked full of righteousness, but Wang Lin had a vague feeling that his cultivation must be higher than Duan Mu Ji by a level.

The Old man having finished, randomly swept the whisk in his hands, as he looked on smilingly, but his smile had a hint of ferociousness.

Wang Lin had been cautious of the other person, and the moment the whisk was swept away, he felt a strong sense of crisis appear, and without hesitation he retreated while patting his storage bag and making a lot of Jade talismans appear, these Jade talismans were all defensive.

Only a crackling sound could be heard, as the Jade talismans immediately shattered.

At the same time, Duan Mu Ji treading forward with his right foot, came to stand between Wang Lin and the Old man and a black semi-circular light curtain appeared to immediately take care of the attack caused by the sweeping of the whisk, causing the light curtain to shake intermittently. Duan Mu Ji narrowed his eyes, and then staring at the other person with a solemn face, said one word at a time: “Gu Di, this kid is important to pass through the third barrier, do not fool around!” [TLNote: 古帝 (Gu Di) = Ancient Emperor; Offtopic: It’s amazing how much is sacrificed when translating names to another language]

Hearing these words, the face of Gu Di didn’t change, but his smile slowly faded away, at this time, not only did his face not have any righteousness nor any immortal wind qi, but he said in a slightly lofty voice:

“Are you sure?”

Duan Mu Ji nodded and said: “He knows Death Curse Technique!”

Gu Di’s eyes swept over Wang Lin, then he turned and walked over to the side, he stopped when the distance between the two remained three feet, as they stood facing the crushed stone area, without saying anything.

Wang Lin looked gloomy, it seemed to him that this Gu Lan guy was a madman, without any reason actually tried to kill on meeting for the first time, before that he was revealing a smile on his face, but after that his expressions became hideous.

“His name is Gu Lan, but we all call him Gu Di, his cultivation is extremely strong, even I am not completely sure of victory against him, when you first met him, he appeared like a person on the righteous way, but in reality he is ruthless, he has slaughtered millions of people like a madman, but in Sea of Devils, he is notorious as a Great Devil.” Duan Mu Ji said whilst standing besides Wang Lin.

Wang Lin sullen faced, glanced at Gu Di, then glanced from afar at the zone of crushed stones and their clones, sometimes bloodthirst growls would come from Wang Qing Yue, which caused his heart to sink more.

Gu Di is a lunatic, Wang Qing Yue is even more of a maniac, only this Duan Mu Ji is quite normal.

“Someone is coming!” Duan Mu Ji whispered with an anxious look.

From the distant horizon, a dragon boat could be seen flying in, atop the dragon figurehead stood a man, who looked handsome, but his lips were thin and revealed a hint of ruthlessness, he had both his hands behind his back, and held his head high, he was wearing a red brocade robe with lining, which was embroidered with golden silk thread, his long hair trailed over his shoulders messily, and moved together with the wind along with edges of his robe.

Behind him stood a man, who was young, appearing about twenty or so years old, with a plain appearance. However, his eyes would sometimes shed a strange red light. After the boat neared, the red clothed man jumped down and the young man behind him quickly followed.

Wang Lin looked at the red clothed man, whose body exuded a very cold qi, this coldness was a type of coldness that one could feel pass through the bones, as if held together temporarily forming a mysterious ice.

After landing, the red clothed man’s vision swept around, after looking at Wang Qing Yue in the crushed zone strip for a bit, he glanced at Wang Lin, then finally his vision came onto Duan Mu Ji, then with a tone as cold as winter frost, said coldly: “How lively!”

Duan Mu Ji laughed and said: “Six Desires Devil Lord, hadn’t seen you in a thousand years, your cultivation has grown well, ah!” With that his lips moved, as he transmitted his voice, Red clothed man Six Desires Devil Lord hearing the words, had his look suddenly change, as he looked towards Wang Lin immediately, and after observing a little, nodded  and with a slight bow said: “Little brother, if you can get rid of the third barrier, I Xu Li Qing, can guarantee your safety!”

He had just finished saying these words when the look of the young man behind him immediately changed, as he stared into Wang Lin’s eyes, with a somewhat ill natured gaze.

Wang Lin cupped his fists in salute and said: “Thank you!”

The Red clothed Man nodded his head again, and retrieving his vision, looked at Duan Mu Ji and said slowly: “Only one missing is that hunchback, I had heard three hundred years ago he had offended fourth ranked XiuZhen Country Giant Devil Race, he was chased by ten great warrior devils from the Giant Devil Race, I don’t know if he is dead.”


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