Xian Ni Chapter 166 – Ancient Transfer Formation

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TLC: NomYummi

However this idea disappeared soon after appearing, as he sighed inwardly, unfortunately, if it were not for the fact that they had to enter that place, he might have accepted this person as his disciple, but at present, whether this kid would even survive or not is left to be said.
At this point, his look suddenly changed, as he stared at a distant place, Wang Lin immediately realized unusual spiritual force fluctuations coming in from a distant place, not only were these fluctuations extremely massive but also were full of majestic aura.

However he could only see a scholarly looking middle-aged man having a ash-dust hemp cloth robe wearing a square cloth on his head, coming in from a distance floating effortlessly, this person had a face white as jade, as his two eyes opened and closed, a cold light flashed through them.

His body similar to a willow catkin in the air, floating down from the sky, flinging his sleeves, he said in a flat tone: “Duan Mu Ji, I hope my Earth Travelling Boat was of good use to you.” [TLNote: Ba Ji Devil Lord is apparently the title of this person, and his real name is Duan Mu Ji, also Ba = Eight, so one could say Eight Extreme Devil Lord is his proper title]

Wang Lin’s pupils narrowed, was cautious inwardly, same as Ba Ji Devil Lord, he was unable to see through this person’s cultivation, but looking from the way this person talked to Ba Ji Devil Lord as if he was a person of the same generation as him, their cultivation would surely be the same as well.

Ba Ji Devil Lord snorted lightly, and pulling out the Earth Travelling Boat from his storage bag, tossed it forward, and said: “Useful my ass! This broken toy that you call a treasure was worthless to this Old man, this Old man doesn’t want it.”

The white robed Scholar took it with a flick of his right hand, and the Earth Travelling Boat vanished in his hands without leaving a trace, as his eyes swept onto Wang Lin, he flatly said:

“Why is there a Jie Dan stage Junior here?”

Duan Mu Ji rolled his eyes and said: “I have use for him so he is coming along, let’s go, that place will soon open.” Saying so, he flung his sleeves, and a gourd immediately flew out to beneath his feet, after it expanded he immediately leapt on to it.

Wang Lin glanced at the white robed scholar, then with a step, he also leapt on to it, he was cautious towards that white robed scholar as after appearing he had swept over him with his Divine consciousness many times but it seemed as if it didn’t have any.

At this time, a voice was transmitted near to his ear by Duan Mu Ji: “This person is Wang Qing Yue, he is fourth ranked XiuZhen Country Ying Yang Sect’s Delegate Envoy, his cultivation is formidable, you mustn’t provoke him.”

Wang Lin looked as usual, but he increased the caution in his heart, as the trio flew very fast, immediately rushing into Sea of Devils. Wang Lin observed indifferently, that the white robed scholar didn’t have any magic weapon underfoot but he matched in speed with the bottle gourd anyway, and often the dense fog of the Sea of Devils would start dispersing from thirty feet away as if an invisible force was diverging it to both sides.

Not long after, the trio reached the bottom of the Sea of Devils, speeding up even more, as expected NanDou City appeared in view, but they didn’t stop even the least, directly passing over it.

Along the way all the cultivators who saw the trio, would immediately have the colour of their face change, as each and every one would scatter in random directions, some seemed to recognize the gourd, as they would hastily stand to one side and salute out of respect, and only after the bottle gourd went would they dare to fly again.

Wang Qing Yue with a dull expression, while flying casually said: “The prestige of Ba Ji Devil Lord is surely not small, even in the periphery of Sea of Devils, unexpectedly people able to recognize.”

The speed of the trio’s flight was very fast, yet the words transmitted came out smoothly, as the blue robed Old man Duan Mu Ji swept away with his vision and said: “If in the Inland Sea, there are many who recognize this Old man, if you see them would you not say a cold word or two?”

Wang Qing Yue chuckled a bit, then sweeping his vision over Wang Lin, said to Duan Mu Ji: “You are taking a Jie Dan stage person to that place, how are you going to prevent him from dying?”

“Don’t look down on this person, he uses the Death Curse Technique, at the third barrier, he will be of great use!” Duan Mu Ji lightly said.

Wang Qing Yue was startled, in his eyes a never before seen glitter appeared accompanied with a fine light, as he stared at Wang Lin, the corners of his mouth turning up into a strange smile, but quickly, the light in his eyes faded, as he shook his head and said while sighing: “What a pity, if you were at Yuan Ying stage, then Wang would have had something to consult.”

Wang Lin remained silent, did not speak.

“Duan Mu Ji, you had gone to that place a thousand years ago, certainly you must have dredged up some treasure from there? If not, then why are you being so meticulous, just what is it about this place? Is that thing that you said really there?” Wang Qing Yue after staring at Duan Mu Ji suddenly asked.

Duan Mu Ji after remaining silent for a while, said slowly: “I got this bottle gourd from that place, Wang Qing Yue for now I can only tell you this much, you will have to wait till we reach there and you will naturally come to know, sorry.”

Wang Qing Yue looked at the bottle gourd a few times, from his demeanour not the slightest abnormality could be observed, thereafter he did not say a word, and closely followed Duan Mu Ji, as the trio flew at high speed, in an instant a month passed.

During this month, the trio almost never stopped, Wang Lin noticed four cities pass by beneath his feet along the way, gently and swiftly, as the number of cultivators also increased, compared to NanDou City, these cities were more prosperous.

On this day, in front of the trio, there was an extremely huge mountain peak far in the distance, towering in front, it’s bottom could not be seen, Duan Mu Ji patted the bottle gourd and immediately flew towards the mountain peak.

Soon after bypassing the mountain, there was a huge valley, the valley was exceptionally peaceful, without any signs of life.

Duan Mu Ji as if doing an effortless and routine task, arrived in the center of the valley, jumped down the bottle gourd, and forming his right hand into mudras pushed forward, immediately all around a strange wind appeared, waves of mist layers rolled, dissipating to reveal a clear stretch.

Wang Lin jumped down from the bottle gourd, and immediately saw that on the ground there was a huge circular formation, on this formation were carved innumerably dense small characters, which shed a slight trace of ancient aura.

Wang Qing Yue after seeing the formation, had a strange look on his face, looking pensive he swept his eyes over Duan Mu Jin.

Duan Mu Ji patted his storage bag, and brought out an extremely valuable diamond shaped LingShi which was exuding a milky white light, and showing a quite grieved expression, he put it in a recess in the center point of the formation.

“This damned formation, simply eats up LingShi, this best quality LingShi of mine would have to be discarded after this time’s transfer.” Duan Mu Ji muttered.

Wang Qing Yue’s eyes revealed vitality once more, as he stared at the milky white light emitting diamond shaped LingShi, and said in a heavy voice: “Duan Mu Ji, this best quality LingShi…..did you get that from that place?”

“Yes, initially this Old man had obtained three, otherwise it would be impossible to enter that place, only this Ancient Transfer Array can achieve that task, in the past this Old man with several friends based on a line left behind in ancient scriptures had spent nearly millenniums searching the location, and had consumed massive amount of LingShi and material, to trade several best quality LingShi from Zhu Que Qiao Country to enter this place.” The formation fluctuated on Duan Mu Ji’s side as he said grumpily.

“Best quality LingShi…..in the entire Zhu Que Qiao Country are very rare, it’s rumoured that in XiuZhen inter-planetary trade they are used as the main currency, if that place has such LingShi then even if it doesn’t have Ying Bian Dan, then it’s still worth searching!” Wang Qing Yue staring at the best quality LingShi in the formation, said slowly.

“This transfer formation, contrary to what you might imagine, does not take you to that place, this is Sea of Devil’s Chaotic Broken Star transport array, once we get there we will meet up with a few friends, at that time we will go in together, otherwise the distance from here the inland sea to the open sea is too far, if we fly, we might not arrive even in a hundred years, not to speak of the Broken Sea Chaotic Star’s periphery has many formations, not to mention the red fog between the inland sea and open sea, where we even with our cultivations would have to be careful not to harm ourselves, but this boy would die without doubt, otherwise do you think I would just casually waste a best quality LingShi.” Duan Mu Ji muttered while staring at Wang Lin. [TLNote: 碎星乱 Broken Star Chaos. I turned it into Chaotic Broken Star as I find the alternative weird and confusing to describe an area]

Duan Mu Ji used both his hands continuously to activate several techniques, in the transfer array the best quality LingShi in the central place suddenly starting shining, followed by the densely packed numerous characters lighting up one after another, gradually after all the characters were all shining, the best quality LingShi with a peng sound shattered into pieces and broke off.

The entire transfer array suddenly started emitting huge amounts of spiritual force, this spiritual force almost congealed into reality, turning into cyclones pulling in the fog in the surroundings, suddenly a whirlpool with thick aura was launched from within the transfer array, the more it progressed the bigger it became.

So grandiose and majestic was this scene, that it made Wang Lin take a deep breath, his eyes could not help but notice that the best quality LingShi had already turned into ash, blown away by the whirlpool.

The spiritual force that the Best quality LingShi contained was making Wang Lin palpitate with excitement, in comparison even if several thousands of high-grade LingShi are stacked in the same place, they would be unable to achieve the same effect. This is a spiritual force of a completely different level.

Duan Mu Ji flashed and arrived by the side of Wang Lin, and said: “Go in!”

Wang Lin sneered inwardly, seeing through Duan Mu Ji’s thought process, the other party was surely worried that if he entered after him then there surely will be a little misfortune. Wang Lin maintaining his usual expression, moved without hesitation and floated straight towards the whirlpool, in the transfer array.

Duan Mu Ji closely following entered the formation, after which Wang Qing Yue after closely and cautiously examining, slowly stepped inside.

Immediately after that, the whirlpool stopped and started crashing down suddenly, and with a bang the entire mountain shook, the Wang Lin trio had disappeared within the transfer formation immediately.

After a long time, the calm of the place was returned to normal, the fog that was dispersed all around slowly covered everything again.

The scope of Sea of Devils is very large, between the inland and the open sea, there is a red fog region, if one doesn’t have a set amount of cultivation, then the body would immediately get eroded, vanishing into thin air, even the divine consciousness would find it difficult to escape, forever trapped in the red fog.

This red fog, has practically become a natural barrier between Inland Sea and Open Sea, only every year for the duration of a day, the red fog would disperse.

Often Cultivators would wanted to enter the inland sea or leave it would choose this day, and pass through in a hurry.

After having passed through the red fog, even compared to inland sea where powerhouses are as common as clouds, there are many great illustrious Devils who live outside in seclusion.

The scope of inland sea is enormous, if one flies, afraid that one wouldn’t be able to reach the edge even in a hundred years, far north of the inland sea is a place called Chaotic Broken Star!

This place is the only place within the Sea of Devils which is not affected by the process of fog turning into sea, a layer of innumerable mystical stones form a ring-like boundary surrounding it, becoming a natural barrier.


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