Xian Ni Chapter 165 – Palpitating with Eagerness

ObligatoryTLNote: The title of this chapter more or less sums up the mood of the readers and TLers, amirite? Ok, that is foreshadowing. I am deliberately creating hype.

TLC: NomYummi
Editor(Pfft): Void (Worst Editor ever)

“Really troublesome!” The Blue robed Old man said loudly, looking up at Zhao Chuan Liang, he coldly shouted: “This Old man is reluctant to kill, fuck off!” In fact, the words of Ba Ji Devil Lord were not really false, he really did not want to kill, in his eyes, the mysterious Corpse Yin Sect was even more terrifying than fourth or fifth ranked XiuZhen Countries.

Unless as a last resort, he did not want to create an unnecessary feud, especially this aura was making him feel suffocated, this fight was not for himself, it was simply irrelevant for him, but this junior was of some value to him.

Zhao Chuan Liang stared at the Blue robed Old man, his eyes narrowed, just now the other party with a wave had neutralized his attack, after receiving information from covert sources in Huo Fen Alliance, and after appraising Zhao Chuan Liang had brought Yuan Ying ancestors to prevent this person from interfering.

Now he could see, that the other person’s cultivation was above what he had guessed, Zhao Chuan Liang remained silent for a bit, then said in a heavy voice: “Ancestor, this person and my Corpse Yin Sect are related through an important matter, today I must take him away.”

The Blue robed Old man sighed inwardly, said in his heart how much trouble could this kid be, who said that provoking others is bad, but why mess with corpse yin sect. If he could choose, then he would just toss his big sleeves, and no longer be involved in this.

However, he didn’t have a choice, comparing to offending the corpse yin sect, the harvests that he would reap from that place after entering, even if he offends them then it doesn’t matter.

Moreover, looking at the kid Ma Liang’s actions, he is clearly out to get himself killed, thinking of this, although there was a lot of anger in his heart but there was more or less a hint of admiration also.

When it comes to Devil Cultivators, their way of thinking is definitely different from that of ordinary person, and with Wang Lin’s way of handling, Ba Ji Devil Lord believed that if he could replace him, then he would definitely do so.

At this time, hearing Zhao Chuan Liang’s words, Ba Ji Devil Lord frowned and looking at Wang Lin said in a neutral tone: “How did you provoke Corpse Yin Sect?”

Wang Lin looked at the menacing looking Corpse Yin Sect people in the air, and said in a dull tone: “I don’t know.”

Zhao Chuan Liang’s eyes were like electricity, as he stared at Wang Lin and said with a heavy voice: “I don’t know? You killed my disciple on Burning Gold Mountain and you say you do not know?”

Wang Lin blinked and said: “I still don’t know.” Then no longer looked at the other party’s face, and started breathing practice, but inwardly, Wang Lin had already made up his mind to use the Earth escape technique to go into the Sea of Devils had the blue robed Old man not acted.

Zhao Chuan Liang sneered, looking at the Blue robed Old man, he said in a heavy voice: “Ancestor, not to say about the disciple of my corpse yin sect that he killed, even a Fourth ranked XiuZhen Country Tian Gang’s Tiang Gang Sect disciple Xu Liguo who had come here to take possession of a body here, was captured alive by him, this Zhao had spent a great price and personally went to fifth ranked XiuZhen Country and bought this item from Tian Di Old man himself, there can’t be any mistake.” [TLNote: Fun fact, Tian Di means World]

The expression of Blue robed Old man became ugly, as he gloomily said: “Tian Di Old man……”

“Tian Di old man’s cultivation has reached beyond Spirit forming stage, he had figured out the matter from Xu Liguo’s soul lamp on the same day, that this person named Ma Liang had killed my Corpse Yin Sect’s disciple, and captured Xu Liguo’s Yuan soul!” Zhao Chuan Liang waved his hand, and then he suddenly disappeared from that place.

The Four Yuan Ying cultivators behind him also disappeared simultaneously, appearing before Ba Ji Devil Lord’s body. As for Zhao Chuan Liang, he appeared above Wang Lin, and with dark mist appearing in his hands, he suddenly pressed down, at the same time, those Jie Dan cultivators who were within the Transfer array, suddenly started shouting eccentric chants in unison, the formation shook rapidly, and at a great speed immediately scattered to a thousand miles radius in the surroundings, covering it completely.

For the first time, a cold look appeared in the eyes of Ba Ji Devil Lord, his body flashed and changing from one to two in an instant, the clone appeared out of nowhere between Wang Lin and Zhao Chuan Liang, sucking in all the black mist and absorbing it in its mouth.

“Presumptuous!” The clone shouted, and in its hand appeared a green gourd. He patted the bottle gourd, leading the cork to fall, and with a sudden thrust, the insides of the bottle gourd rushed out.

A circle of ripples spread in the air all around, the more the ripples spread, the greater their range became, Zhao Chuan Liang’s face immediately changed after bearing the brunt of it, and the four Yuan Ying cultivators blocking the way infront of Ba Ji Devil Lord immediately teleported back into the transfer array.

The coldness in the eyes of the Blue robed Old man grew increasingly heavy, as with a low tone, he slowly said: “This Old man didn’t kill for a long time, so a few Yuan Ying cultivators dare be presumptuous before Ba Ji Devil Lord, today if Ma Liang is injured even the tiniest bit, then this Old man, would go to your Corpse Yin Sect and start an extermination!”

With that said, he grasped out with his left hand, and a hand as big as a hill, in a manner like a child crushes his toys, only a bang could be heard, as it immediately crashed into the Corpse Yin Sect transfer array, leading to ring like energy fluctuations dispersing, and cloudy waves rolled, dispersed seeming like ten thousand stampeding horses, with a  booming voice coming out from it, spreading far and wide.

In the transfer array, except for the five Yuan Ying cultivators who had managed to dodge while looking pale, all Jie Dan cultivators along with the dark wooden coffins behind them had turned into flying ashes.

Zhao Chuan Liang’s body quivered as he stared at the Blue robed Old man and said in a bitter tone: “Ancestor’s cultivation is quite profound, but if you want to make enemies of my Corpse Yin Sect, then it would definitely not be wise! Considering the experience of Ancestor surely you understand about Corpse Yin Sect, but I assure you that is only the tip of the iceberg, Zhao again advises Ancestor, do not become enemies with Corpse Yin Sect, otherwise even if Ancestor is one of the Lords of Seven Plum Blossom Cities, it would be difficult to escape death!”

Ba Ji Devil Lord looked gloomy, he was also unwilling to offend Corpse Yin Sect, so he didn’t kill those five people, and as for those Jie Dan cultivators, he swept away over them with his Divine Consciousness, and none of them had been taken possession of, so could kill them off cleanly without hesitation.

“This person is of great use to this Old man, otherwise would have not interfered in somebody else’s matter, so go away, missed this time, this Old man would not stop you.” The Blue robed Old man said casually while scowling.

Wang Lin was coldly looking on the scenery change, when the blue robed Old man had crushed the transfer array, though he maintained his usual expression, but he was shaken to the core on the inside, this Ba Ji Devil Lord had broken the Huo Fen Alliance’s Mountain Protection Formation with a light pat, and now destroyed the Corpse Yin Sect’s transfer array, just what level of cultivation has he reached, Wang Lin feeling his breathing stop for a moment could only arrive at once answer.

In fact he had vaguely guessed this answer long ago, ever since he had started being chased the other party, and everything he encountered, showed that the other person had a deep and immeasurable cultivation.

Spirit Forming Stage!

This Ba Ji Devil Lord’s cultivation is Spirit Forming stage, otherwise he would not have  been able to do these things so casually.

After hearing Zhao Chuan Liang mention the seven plum blossoms of Sea of Devils, Wang Lin’s attention immediately engraved it in his heart as his eyes went to the pattern of seven plum blossoms embroidered on the bottom of his clothing.

Zhao Chuan Liang after remaining silent for a while, looked on coldly towards Wang Lin, and said slowly: “Ma Liang, Corpse Yin Sect is far beyond your imagination, by offending Corpse Yin Sect, you have committed the biggest mistake of your life!” Having said that, he disappeared from that place with a flash.

The other four Yuan Ying cultivators also coldly looking over Wang Lin, disappeared.

Wang Lin remained silent for a while, if the Corpse Yin Sect disciples hadn’t acted to kill him on that day, he would not have killed them, but letting the Devil flee would have led to unnecessary trouble, so killing intent had arose in his heart.

In the world of Cultivation, the law of the Jungle applies, Corpse Yin Sect is like a Giant, if it says you are wrong, then you are wrong, even if it itself is in the wrong!

Wang Lin took a deep breath, he acted very carefully but still could not avoid trouble, all of this in fact is due to Cultivation, if he had the cultivation of Ba Ji Devil Lord, then even if he had killed a man, then it wouldn’t matter much.

At this moment, the desire to Form Ying had become even more firm in Wang Lin’s heart, in order for him to return to Zhao Country and seek out Teng Hua Yuan, he must succeed in forming Ying, otherwise all of this would remain an elusive dream.

Ba Ji Devil Lord turned around and looked at Wang Lin, then said gloomily: “Kid, this is the second time this Old man has helped you, although there have been misunderstandings between us in the past, it has been more than made up for, when we enter that place, I hope you don’t engage in any undesirable schemes!”

Ba Ji Devil Lord had come to understand Wang Lin’s schemes after staying in contact these past few days, together with the time that he had chased, at this time to him, Ma Liang appeared like a good product of devil cultivation, the matter of Corpse Yin Sect aside, the ability to analyze and see through the situation, this person is quite ruthless and recklessly bold.

In the Sea of Devils, he had a Ten Thousand Devils Hundred Days Killing Warrant on his body, but he actually hunted and killed to the point that it infamously changed colour, making people afraid to even talk about it, from this it can be seen that this person is decisive and cold-hearted.

When he had just started chasing him, he unexpectedly dared to keep his flying sword to ambush, made him bleed which usually doesn’t happen, obviously has big guts.

Not only that, this person by taking advantage of the situation to put pressure on Huo Fen Alliance, achieved his goal of viewing the Shen Dao technique, obviously he is very thoughtful and meticulous.

When Zhao Chuan Liang had acted just a moment ago, he being a mere Jie Dan stage cultivator, unexpectedly didn’t show any tremors but showed a calm expression and clarity of thought, revealing not the slightest bit of absent-mindedness, replying in a cool-headed manner, did not get flustered, obviously has very staunch willpower.

Besides that, Ba Ji Devil Lord thinking of the fact that it took three years to capture this person who utilized all sorts of things, so describing him as a very sly fox, would be only appropriate.

This vicious and merciless, reckless, decisive, cold-hearted, reliant on his guts to surpass others, meticulous planner, staunch willpower, sly as a fox person…..

Even Ba Ji Devil Lord, after carefully analyzing, could only palpitate with excitement, as while he was staring at Wang Lin, his eyes flashed and a thought appeared in his heart.


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