Xian Ni Chapter 164 – Mysterious Corpse

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Of the four major sects in the Huo Fen Alliance, only War Shrine, Luo He Sect, and Xie Mo Sect remained on the mountain peak. As for the Corpse Yin Sect, they had immediately returned to the territory of Huo Fen Country following the extermination of the fire spirit beasts by the Rank 4 XiuZhen country.
This move caused others much confusion. Although the fire spirit beasts of Huo Fen Country had been destroyed, the remaining Ling Qi retained an oppressive aura that prevented its absorption through breathing, thereby causing cultivation to be dangerous.

The Corpse Yin Sect offered no explanations regarding this matter. Overnight, the whole sect just suddenly left.

The Corpse Yin Sect was extremely mysterious to the other three sects. Although it didn’t have many Yuan Ying cultivators, at every meeting of the Major Sects the other Yuan Ying cultivators were able to feel a terrifying power contained within the bodies of the Corpse Yin Sect’s Yuan Ying cultivators.

Therefore the three other Major Sects remained silent regarding the move by the Corpse Yin Sect, and did not try to stop them from leaving.

At the furthest western border of Huo Fen Country, there is a huge karst cave hidden under an unbroken chain of mountains. Within the cave are multiple interconnected caverns that form a huge underground world.
[Ed. note: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karst%5D

The structure is mostly similar to that of the Corpse Yin Sect of Zhao Country, except larger in size.

In a stone room, the Corpse Yin Sect’s current Sect Master Zhao Chuan Liang dropped to his knees. Before him floated countless criss-crossing crystalline bodies of light.

At this time Zhao Chuan Liang was maintaining a very respectful attitude, but a hint of fear could also be seen on his face as he spoke: “Sect Elder, I will certainly be able to investigate this matter thoroughly. Please just give us a few days grace. I will definitely be able to find the reason why No. 4876 went missing.”
[TLNote: Yes I was confused regarding 4876 too, i thought it was a raw error, I checked several sites and they all had this, so my conclusion for now is that 4876 is the number allotted to a person, like prisoner number 1244,etc.]

“I will give you a few days grace, but who will give me a grace period? No. 4876 is a disciple from the Tian Gang Sect of the Rank 4 XiuZhen Country, Tian Gang. A VIP from that branch of Tian Gang Country is coming. No. 4876 should have been taken possession of by now. Tell me, what should I give him?” The diamond crystal revealed a hideous face, and a roaring sound came out from it.

Zhao Chuan Liang cursed in his mind, but on his face only fear and reverence could be seen. He quickly replied: “I have already found some clues regarding the disappearance of No. 4876, which link it to a War Shrine disciple named Ma Liang. I had sent some people to track him down, and recently received news that he has appeared in Xuan Wu Country. As long as you give me a few days, I will certainly find out the truth.”

The expression of the person in the crystal relaxed slightly. After looking at Zhao Chuan Liang for a moment, he sighed and said: “Chuan Liang, I am giving you 10 days to bring that body to me. If after ten days there are no results, then do not blame me for reporting this matter to the Rank 5 XiuZhen Country’s branch. Should that happen, your chance to choose your own body will be taken away from you.”
[TLNote: For those who might have forgotten, Corpse Yin Sect gives its officials the option of choosing the body they want to take over after theirs is sold]

Then the face of the person within the crystal slowly disappeared.

Zhao Chuan Liang sat down exhausted and smiled wryly. “No. 4876 comes from Tian Gang Country… Why couldn’t they directly possess him over there? Why did have to come to me, ah!” In fact, he knew that cultivators would often choose to go to another country in order to take possession of a body.

“Losing your ability to chose! Zhao Chuan Liang, you have bad luck!” A cold voice spread throughout Zhao Chuan Liang’s body.

Zhao Chuan Liang remained silent for a while, then sighed. “Ye Zi, tell me, what is to be done?”

“What to do? I don’t know. This Old Man was once Zhao Country’s Corpse Yin Sect Master and at one point faced a similar issue. But it was slightly different then. No. 4876’s soul lamp has not yet gone out, indicating that he is not dead. If you can find him, naturally this will be a good thing. But if you cannot find him, then you will be in danger. But I am curious. Just a moment ago, the Sect Elder said that you have only 10 days to look for the body. Just who is looking to occupy that body?”
[TLNote: Just wow….a blast from the past eh? In case anybody doesn’t remember I will link the chapter at the bottom]

Zhao Chuan Liang slowly replied in a flat tone. “It is my younger brother. 400 years ago, we both entered the Corpse Yin Sect, but his talent was great, so naturally the Sect Elder chose his body.”

“Hmph, I too had once chosen a great body. But it was soon discovered by a Rank 5 XiuZhen Country and was forcibly taken away. If they had not done so, by now I would have managed to restore my cultivation and completed the possession successfully.” Ye Zi sneered as he spoke, with a voice full of discontent.

Zhao Chuan Liang took a deep breath and stood up. Then he took out a Jade strip and touched it to his forehead for a moment before tossing it out.

“Attention all Corpse Yin Sect cultivators at the Jie Dan stage or higher: come with me to the Huo Fen Alliance!” As soon as the order was given, all of the Corpse Yin Sect’s disciples in closed-door training opened their eyes. A dim light flashed in their eyes.

Meanwhile, Wang Lin pondered for a while. Although the Shen Dao technique was profound, it was not suitable for him to practice. Sighing inwardly, he stood up and walked out. To his surprise, his understanding of the Shen Dao technique remained in his memory and did not vanish perilously as it had before.

However, when he tried to engrave it onto a Jade strip, he found himself unable to do so, as if some invisible resistance was preventing the Shen Dao technique from being recorded.

Wang Lin remained silent for a bit before giving up on the engraving the technique. He looked around and saw the water mirror doors. Darkness loomed behind each door, making it impossible to see what was inside.

After thinking for a moment, he dispersed his Divine Consciousness, but when it hit a water mirror door, it bounced back as if it had encountered an obstacle. Wang Lin’s eyes flashed and he quickly glanced at the giant water mirror gate he had stepped in through. The red-faced Old Man was likely still behind that gate.

Wang Lin leapt and landed in front of one of the many water mirror doors on the walls. Reaching out with his hand, he felt a cold feeling in his palms. When half of his arm had passed through the door, he felt the stone wall behind it.

Wang Lin retracted his hand and stared at the water mirror door. After a moment’s silence, he slapped his storage bags and the Jade strip describing War Shrine’s refining technique appeared in his hands. He swept through it with his Divine Consciousness, quickly reading up on the contents of the strip.

War Shrine’s Refining Technique consists of three steps: Harmonizing, Blending, and Bonding. All magic weapons are refined through these processes. Wang Lin skimmed through the contents of the Jade strip and and immediately found an introduction to the Reverse Flow Technique.

The so-called Reverse Flow Technique allowed refiners to mutually exchange their understanding of the Refining Technique, with each person reverse-engineering the other’s magic weapon starting from the Bonding Stage until the weapon is finally restored to its original state.

Practicing the Reverse Flow Technique for a long time can improve one’s level of experience in Refining. After all, reverse-engineering allows one to learn of the strengths of others, thereby allowing them to improve their own refining ability.

However, this Reverse Flow Technique can only be used with magic weapons formed through the techniques of Harmonizing, Blending, and Bonding.

After carefully reading through it once more, Wang Lin put away the Jade strip and put his hands to his chest. With all ten fingers interlocked, he gathered spiritual force in his hands. As he pulled them apart, a small trace of spirit thread appeared in his hands.

Wang Lin shouted in a low tone: “Go!”

The spirit thread immediately split apart, and a very slender spirit thread, quickly drilled into the water mirror door with the other end remaining connected to Wang Lin’s hands. This scene was repeated, as numerous slender spirit threads continued to spawn from from Wang Lin’s hands. The water mirror door shook as the number of spirit threads increased, and soon the densely packed threads completely covered the water mirror door.

Refining Technique’s ‘Bonding’ stage is in fact similar to how magic weapons are activated: internal spiritual strength in the formation fuses with the refining device embryo. The two bond together to achieve a mysterious balance.

Reverse Flow Technique is the exact opposite: first, this balance must be destroyed. Once successful, the ‘Bonding’ stage immediately breaks down. Wang Lin continued to pour in spiritual force and maintained his usual expression, but his eyes flickered slightly as he continued to watch the water mirror door.

Suddenly, the look on his face changed as the multiplying threads in his hands trembled. A bright aperture appeared in the middle of the water mirror door, from which a slight cracking sound was emitted. The moment it broke apart, a ring spread across the door and then disappeared.

The entire water mirror door immediately grew dim. Wang Lin realized that the ‘Bonding’ stage had been destroyed. Now he needed to bring together ‘Blending’ and ‘Harmonizing’ with the Refining Device Embryo and extract the spirit sphere from it.

With a face full of concentration, Wang Lin slowly retracted the slender spiritual force threads.

The water mirror door formation shook, and from the four corners of the door, bright light began to flash. This circle of light gradually shrank until it completely condensed in the center to form a crystal ball of light.

Numerous densely packed threads connected Wang Lin’s hands to the ball.

“Collect!” Wang Lin shouted in a low voice.

The fine threads were immediately pulled out from the ball of light and emerged with a bang. As soon as they appeared, Wang Lin’s hands flickered and the spiritual force threads immediately disappeared into his hands.

Wang Lin looked at the ball of light. A shadow of a smile flickered across his face. The second step of the Reverse Flow Technique, which was damaging the ‘Blending’ stage, was done. He had separated the War Shrine’s Refining Device Spiritual Force Sphere from the Device Embryo.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and looked back at the exit. He did not know how many days he had spent here, as the water mirror door isolated both Divine Consciousness and spiritual force. Even if a big change occurred within this area, it would not be perceived by the outside world.

Furthermore, the Red-faced Old man hadn’t thought that Wang Lin could break the water mirror door with his Jie Dan cultivation, so he didn’t bother to wait inside.

This provided Wang Lin with a unique opportunity, but he knew that he had to act fast. Otherwise, if another person was to suddenly enter this space, everything would fall apart at the last moment.

With this thought in mind, he slapped his storage bag and withdrew the reactor he had made from animal bones in the Fourteenth Valley. Carefully handling the crystal ball of light in mid-air, he activated the Spirit Technique engraved on the reactor. The reactor immediately shook and began to spin. It was slow at first but gradually rotated faster and faster.

After activating the Spirit technique, Wang Lin controlled the Device Embryo of the stone wall without any hesitation.

The water mirror door consists of two parts. One is the Device Embryo stone wall, and the other is the Spiritual Sphere that was extracted from it. Only through a combination of the two is the water mirror door was formed. Now that the two were separated, the only barrier left in front of Wang Lin was the Device Embryo stone wall.

Wang Lin reached out with his hands, and Divine Consciousness penetrating through immediately entered inside, after sweeping away inside the stone room, Wang Lin’s complexion immediately became odd.

Inside the stone room, there was only a corpse, the corpse as if propped up by an invisible force, was sitting rigidly cross-legged, with fingers pointing to the ground. A trace of black Qi, could be seen moving from the fingers and drilling into the ground.

Wang Lin after carefully exploring with his Divine Consciousness, retracted it back. He touched his chin, glancing at the rapidly rotating reactor, he grasped out with his hand and the reactor immediately stopped, suddenly the spiritual sphere flew out, it’s color looking bleak.

Wang Lin gave it one glance, then put it back into the reactor again, the furnace turned on again immediately. Wang Lin’s eyes moved onto the next stone room, and in the same way he opened more than ten water mirror door, his expression becoming weirder and weirder.

“This War Shrine what is it up to? Don’t tell me that this is their graveyard?” Wang Lin muttered to himself. Within each stone room, there was placed a corpse, and aside from that there were no other items.

Wang Lin looked around, after remaining silent for a bit, again started opening them one by one, and after checking with his divine consciousness would restore back the spirit sphere of all the stone rooms that he opened, and finally in one of them Wang Lin found an exception.

The corpse inside this stone room was not the same as others, this corpse was not sitting cross-legged, instead it was floating in the air, traces of black Qi was slowly coming out from the walls of the stone room, turning into fine threads and connecting to the corpse.

Wang Lin immediately clutched his heart.

This person was not dead, there were slight qi fluctuations of life, moreover looking at the fluctuations and the degree of vitality, it could make anyone shocked.

Wang Lin without a second thought was about to retract, but immediately his gaze fell onto a black bag beneath the corpse, this was obviously a storage bag. Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed, after looking at it a little, he did not act rashly and retracted his divine consciousness, bringing it into his body immediately.

After returning Wang Lin grabbed hold of the reactor whose speed had now slightly reduced, the crystal ball of light inside had melted into crystal liquid. Wang Lin without a second thought dredged it out.

Immediately dredging out most of the liquid, he rubbed his hands several times and after striking the spirit seals threw it towards the outer wall of the stone room, and the stone room was restored back to its original state.

Having done all this, he took a deep breath, there was slight hesitation on his face, the storage bag looked very different from what he has seen, but this place belonged to War Shrine after all, they let him watch the Shen Dao technique, if before leaving he made away with stuff, it would really not be justified.

If inside the stone rooms there were refining materials stored, then he wouldn’t have minded taking them, but after all the stone rooms, there being only a single oddity made it weird.

After thinking a bit, a pensive look appeared on Wang Lin’s face, he vaguely guessed that the numerous corpses within the stone rooms were originally perhaps practicing some special closed door training.

Thinking of this, Wang Lin was shaken to the core, the black qi that he had just seen on the corpse, and the black qi being shed from the other corpses in the other rooms, was exactly the same.

An expression of horror could be seen on Wang Lin’s face, he was now fairly sure about the conclusion he had reached, that that man was practicing some kind of powerful magical technique. He looked around the stone room, the hundreds of densely packed rooms and the corpses in them were prepared for the sake of this person’s practice.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit, he had a vague suspicion that this person did not belong to War Shrine, perhaps War Shrine doesn’t even know of the existence of this person, otherwise the red-faced Old man wouldn’t have been so calm when he brought him here, and if he knew that there was something important here, then there is no need to rashly decide the matter.

Of course this does not rule out any possible ulterior motives, but Wang Lin analyzed that his death wouldn’t bring the slightest advantage to War Shrine, in fact there is no need to go through the trouble of doing that.

The more he analyzed, the more sure he became of his thoughts, this place is certainly ancestral graveyard of the War Shrine, which somehow attracted the attention of this person, and he has come here to practice.

Thinking of this, Wang Lin stepped back a bit, only to feel a chilly wind blow, for these past few days and it felt like a pair of eyes had been quietly staring at him.

However soon, his eyes flashed a few times, retracting his vision back outside, he emitted ling qi from his mouth, from amidst the ling qi, the aura of the glittering flying sword flashed out.

Immediately piercing through the bottom right corner of the stone wall, in a blink of an eye it cut out a fist sized hole, with Wang Lin’s Divine consciousness firmly fixed onto the Corpse, with a thought he controlled the gravity technique to clutch the storage bag and quickly pulled it out from the hole.

Without bothering to take a closer look at it, Wang Lin immediately put it in his bosom, and while moving back, waved his hands and again the ball of light moved back to the stone wall, shortly thereafter the stone wall  returned to normal, and the water mirror door appeared again, but on the bottom right corner there appeared a not so obvious gap.

Wang Lin without stopping quickly went out of that place, came out to see the red-faced man sitting in meditation at a distance.

The Red-faced Old man opened his eyes and said in a deep voice: “You stayed there for seven days, did you perceive anything?”

Wang Lin shook his head and said with a wry smile: “This Shen Dao technique is too weird, often tried to read it but would immediately forget, was never able to ponder about it. Senior, Junior would like to ask something, those water mirror doors in the stone mansion, in the end what do they seal behind them? I wonder if you can tell me.”

Red-faced Old man’s eyes swept over Wang Lin, and he flatly said: “War Shrine’s Ancestors after death would be sent inside the stone rooms.”

Wang Lin maintained his usual expression, but inside his heart jumped, he was now completely sure that he had guessed right, then jumping up, he cupped his fists in salute and said: “Junior will no longer bother you, and will now leave!”

The Red-faced Old man nodded his head, got up and walked to the stone mansion, the instant his body entered the water mirror door, Wang Lin immediately turned into sword light and came out from inside the mountain.

Leaving the Huo Fen Alliance Mountain peak in an instant, the blue robed Old man could be seen sitting far above in the clouds, the moment Wang Lin came out, he opened his eyes, and said with a light snort: “You came out, if you hadn’t then this Old man was intending to search for you.”

Wang Lin without hesitation quickly flew away, the blue robed Old man moved and as he sat down, the clouds beneath him scattered revealing a huge gourd from inside the clouds, and he immediately caught up with Wang Lin.

Wang Lin matching pace, stepped onto the gourd, and together with the blue robed Old man disappeared beyond the horizon.

The gourd was fast, even faster than Wang Lin’s earth escape technique, and within a few minutes, the border between Huo Fen Country and Xuan Wu Country could be seen.

The duo had remained silent all along the way, Wang Lin felt the existence of the storage bag in his bosom, but he did not view it even once, and did not even probe it with his divine consciousness.

After all, the Blue robed Old man was standing in front of him and if he caught the other party engaged in suspicious behaviour, then he would certainly end up in trouble.

Before long, the Gourd had traveled from Xuan Wu Country into the Huo Fen Country. A day later, they had already arrived at the Sea of Devils, from afar, the mists slowly billowed and moved, sometimes revealing spirit beasts which would soon disappear.

Before the Sea of Devils, the blue robed Old Man patted the gourd, and it suddenly shrunk falling onto his hands. Wang Lin leapt and landed onto the floor. The blue robed Old man putting away the gourd, said with an expressionless face: “Need to wait here a few days, another person will come, and we three people will go together.”

With that said, he sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes.

Wang Lin looked at the Sea of Devils, sitting on the shore, layers of mist rolled and flooded like surging tides, a slight chill could be felt everywhere, after remaining silent for a little while, he sat down cross-legged and started breathing practice.

Not long after, Wang Lin opened his eyes, and suddenly saw a strange scene appearing amidst the Sea of Devil’s mist, eight purple light beams appeared from the void, gradually changing into eight giant purple trees, intertwined together to form a circular formation, huge spiritual force blew like a hurricane, even the mist at the bottom of the Sea of Devils was stirred away, revealing a huge whirlpool.

Each of the eight giant trees had a distinct symbol portrayed on it, looking dignified and solemn, and the eight giant trees were all joined together with twinkling rays of light, if one looked from above, it could be seen that these lights tightly interlaced together to form apertures, and combining together, forty-nine apertures could be seen.

“This is Corpse Yin Sect’s unique transfer array, these people, no not people, demons no, not demons, these animals, don’t know what they are trying to pull by coming here!” Blue robed Old man opened his eyes and said with a light snort.

Corpse Yin Sect, Wang Lin was very familiar with these three words, even this transfer array was familiar to him, looking closer, this transfer array is the same that the Zhao Corpse Yin Sect had used on that day, but now it is only infinitely bigger.

At this time the apertures started lighting up, one by one until forty nine apertures were completely lit up, thirty figures appeared from inside the array, although the looks of these people varied but they held the same expression, all eyes were emitting a glow, and their aura appeared chaotic, but their cultivation ranged from early to late Jie Dan stage, eventually five people appeared with Yuan Ying stage cultivation.

Aside from the five Yuan Ying cultivators, the other people all had dark wooden coffins floating behind them.

Zhao Chuan Liang was one of these Yuan Ying cultivators, as his vision swept across, staying on the blue robed Old man for a while, then coming onto Wang Lin.

After hesitating for a bit, he without demur grasped out with big hands, which immediately turned into black mist, instantaneously charging towards Wang Lin from mid-air.

Wang Lin sneered but did not move, kept sitting cross-legged on the ground, as if disregarding it, right when the black mist was about to crash into Wang Lin, and he could feel Yin Cold Qi breezing across his face, the Blue robed Old man waved his hand, and the crashing mist immediately dissipated and as for the residual impact, it was easily taken care of by Wang Lin through the use of an ordinary defensive Jade talisman that he had pulled out from his storage bag.


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