Xian Ni Chapter 163 – Shen Dao Technique

ObligatoryTLNote: Now before anybody gets excited and starts asking again “Next chapter when?” let me tell you, Chapter 164 is hell, to translate i mean, 2.5x the size of a normal chapter. So, expect it a bit time away. Also, for those feeling resigned that this project is doomed to lag behind others, well what can I say, maybe this is the Dao of this project, but that doesn’t mean we stopped trying.

TL & Small Edits:Void
TLC: NomYummi

Wang Lin looked up at the Old man, and said one word at a time: “Senior rest assured, Wang after reading Shen Dao technique, will leave and after that will not come back again.”

The red-faced Old man looked at Wang Lin, after a long time flipped his hand, on his palm appeared a Jade talisman, as he patted the Jade talisman, white light immediately spread out from it, followed by a glittering light appearing on the walls, gradually becoming more and more concentrated, finally turning the cliff as if into a mirror.
The Old man didn’t look back, as he stepped into the mirror his whole body submerged into it, ripples appearing on the surface of the cliff, Wang Lin with some hesitation, put forward one step.

A cool feeling emerged immediately after he entered the cliff, as he was transmitted inside, a moist canvas swept past his face giving a cooling effect. Wang Lin after having entered the cliff, looked back to see the stone walls outside, he could see the ripples in the white glittering light.

Wang Lin reached out with his hand, and the cool feeling appeared again.

“This is a Water Mirror Door made from my War Shrine’s refining device technique,were it not for this Jade talisman,  then unless one is at Spirit Forming stage, This stone mansion remains inaccessible.” The red-faced Old man said in a dull tone.

Wang Lin hearing the refining device technique was startled, as he carefully looked at the cliff and then stepped on following the red faced old man.

Inside the stone mansion the space is enormous, aside from having a large hall in the middle, it had numerous densely packed rooms carved out of stone in all directions, outside every stone room, was a stone wall. Under Wang Lin’s observation, he discovered that every stone wall looked like a water mirror door.

“There are a total of three hundred and sixty five stone rooms here, each stone gate, is a water mirror door. This water mirror door is in fact, the proof of a refining device palace disciple finishing his apprenticeship.” The red-faced Old man explained seeing Wang Lin eyeing the stone gates.

Wang Lin narrowed his eyes then retracted his vision, at this point the two had already reached the middle of the hall. Right in front were rows of shelves each divided into four layers, on each layer there were some spirit tablets. [TL Note: Tablet as in Slate or Tile, not the medicinal tablet]

Aside from the top layer having a few spirit tablets, the other layers didn’t have much.

Wang Lin’s vision went on to the spirit tablets on the top shelf that read: “War Shrine’s Founding Ancestor—-Gong Mo” [TLNote: The Ancestor referred to here can be understood to be more like this specific Sect’s Ancestors or like Forefathers instead of as a general greeting that Junior give to Seniors]

“Ancestor Gong, is the founder of my War Shrine, ShenDao technique was discovered by him.” Red-faced Old man bent down in worship of these spirit tablets, and he turned to look at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin after remaining silent for a while, bent over in prayer.

The red-faced Old man turned and walked forward, beyond the spirit tablets there was a sapphire stone wall upon which were carved a large amount of fine text. Wang Lin looked up at the top to see three grandiosely written words “Shen Dao Technique”.

However, looking down he could not help but feel his heart sink, as the words read: “Disciple Chen Chong, relying on memory has engraved, future generations cultivate with caution.”

“Disappointed, right?” The red faced Old man looked at Wang Lin, and sighed as he said: “Shen Dao technique, two years after the Ancestor Gong discovered it, a traitor appeared in our War Shrine, wantonly spreading rumours about our Shen Dao technique, and soon after, went to visit fourth ranked XiuZhen country Tian Gang, after secret discussions with Ancestor Gong, took the original Shen Dao technique. Three days after, Ancestor Gong left War Shrine, and never returned after that.

This Shen Dao technique is the most bizarre practice technique that I have ever seen in my life, anybody who sees it can only comprehend, but cannot express in words, as if an invisible force was blocking it.

Ancestor Chen Chong’s aptitude was certainly not ordinary, although there’s difference when compared with Ancestor Gong of our War Shrine, but he has by virtue of his memory accomplished the impossible, drew out the Shen Dao technique, then after finishing carving, Chen Chong with his dying breath, warned future generations that this technique has great magical power, since he was only able to carve one-tenth of it, the future generations must be very cautious while practicing.

Actually Ancestor Chen Chong was aware, how could the Shen Dao technique be easy to comprehend, in my War Shrine’s thousand years, only thirty people were able to see through it, and out of the thirty only a half were able to successfully become form Ying.

As for the Shen Dao technique looked at by other Sects of Huo Fen Country, it is in fact bogus, so those who can see through are even less.”

Wang Lin listening to red-faced Old man’s words, was silently looking at the Sapphire wall, he could almost see an emaciated man in front of him carving out a scene on the walls.

“You can see for yourself, I’m waiting for you outside, don’t trespass the water mirror door seals!” Having said that, the Red-faced Old man turned to leave.

Wang Lin looked at the Wall, reading it one word at a time, the characters felt bitter and difficult to understand, with contradictions appearing at many places, as he watched, the frown on his face became gradually heavy.

After a long time, Wang Lin sat down cross-legged, on his face was an expression of uncertainty, but his eyes without blinking continued to be fixed on the sapphire wall, the text on it, appeared one by one in his brain.

The more he saw the more confused he got, this Shen Dao technique was simply incomprehensible, his brow wrinkled more and more, until the point where after reading he closed his eyes, and in his mind constantly echoed the jerky difficult to understand text.

Time wore on, Wang Lin couldn’t find a solution, he sighed inwardly, slowly opening his eyes he again looked at the wall, but at this point, he suddenly narrowed his pupils, as words slipped out of his mouth: “Wrong!”

He looked at the wall, just remembering that the words in his mind had suddenly disappeared, as if had never existed in the first place, Wang Lin looked at the words on the wall, he was very familiar with the words, he filled them in his head, and in a blink, as if through a memory defect they disappeared.

Wang Lin took a deep breath, his face showing a look of extreme concentration, this Shen Dao technique is too strange, no wonder nobody could make a copy of it, when he had asked Zhou Zi Hong to make a copy, Zhou Zi Hong had told that it was too confusing and could not be depicted, at that time he was only slightly surprised, but had not worried about that until now, today after personally experiencing it, his expression immediately became serious.

Looking again, Wang Lin moved his vision over the words “Disciple Chen Chong, relying on memory has engraved, future generations may cultivate with caution.” on top, his shock became even greater, after all he had only heard from somebody else, and now he personally realized the difficulty of writing down the Shen Dao technique, as he deeply engraved the name Chen Chong in his mind.

Wang lin took a deep breath, and after skipping over the remark, again looked at the Shen Dao technique, after one incense stick’s time, Wang Lin again tried to remember but the scene which had just happened was again repeated.

After this repeated for several times, Wang Lin’s complexion became gradually gloomy, he stared at the wall, without blinking, this time he did not try to remember but just constantly looked over it again and again.

Wang Lin required three incense stick’s time when he read the Shen Dao technique for the first time, but now he needed just one incense stick’s time to read again, his eyes swept over it again and again, moving faster and faster, gradually with only a half stick of incense time, he could read it again.

Time wore on, Wang Lin’s eyes sped up, his speed moved from once in half a stick of incense to three times in the half a stick of incense, but his speed continued to accelerate, slowly his eyes became bloodshot and constantly transmitting bursts of pain.

Did not how long, Wang Lin’s eyes unconsciously closed his eyes, but his eyes seemed as if they were still on the stone wall in front of him, repeatedly shaking unceasingly.

That text kept shaking faster and faster, even after Wang Lin closed his eyes, his eyes still stung, as two lines of blood shed from corner of his eyes, but at this moment, Wang Lin opened his eyes, his eyes were densely filled with blood red veins, and his face looked hideous.

This moment, Wang Lin could clearly see that the writing on the sapphire walls in front of him started slowly disappearing, a tall figure in white suddenly appeared in the wall, his face was blurry and not clear, only his hands could be seen moving to form various hand seals, and leaving behind afterimages, the body changed from one to two, and then from two to three.

There is difference between this and what the Blue robed Old man did on that day, the Blue robed Old man’s clones although had considerable strength, but their expressions were stiff as plank, their gestures couldn’t imitate that of the main body.

At this time, the white silhouette’s clones appearing in front, each appeared intelligent, there wasn’t even the slightest sign of dullness, there was even a feeling that made it difficult to identify the main body.

In fact Wang Lin wasn’t aware that the Blue robed Old man’s clones are a way to forcefully divide spiritual strength, they are not clones with equally powerful spiritual strength.

Slowly the white-robed silhouette dimmed and finally dissipated.

Wang Lin closed his eyes, he looked pale and his face showed intense concentration. In his mind several mnemonics appeared, after analyzing them one by one, Wang Lin opened his eyes with a wry smile on his face, as he had already understood Shen Dao technique.

These practicing clones having spiritual power, is the reason that possibilities of forming Ying can be increased. Actually relying on the clones, one can also increase speed of cultivation, by having them practice at the same time, and at the time of forming Ying, the two are combined, the success rate naturally increases.

However, this is an incomplete practice method, the clone has a major flaw, the clone doesn’t have even the slightest cultivation when it appears, it’s life only limited to thirty years, as a result this practice method immediately turns into chicken ribs. [TLNote: Chicken ribs = thing of little value]

Even regarding the mnemonic chants Chen Chong did not know how many sections were left out, aside from pointing about the obstructions to longevity, he was unable to make a complete stone rubbing, to the extent the practice method can be considered broken, but he believed there to be a solution.

The solution is that during the thirty year period the clone should practice with immortal pills. Thus preparing a large number of pills to quickly raise cultivation from stage to stage, which would be better than nothing, more or less, adding some chance.

If enough spiritual pills are prepared, perhaps in thirty years time, may be able to reach Jie Dan stage, in that case, at the moment of integration the success rate of forming Ying would increase by a lot.

Wang Lin pondered a little, then put away the thought of practicing Shen Dao technique, he did not have so many immortal pills to spare, even if he gets pills they wouldn’t be sufficient for even himself, how could he be willing to spare.

Compared the spiritual strength, its better to get pills which increase the success rate.


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