Xian Ni Chapter 162 – Reaching an Agreement

ObligatoryTLNote: Wang Lin the master of avoiding questions.

TL: Void
TLC: Crazylovedbsk
Editor: Void

As the Blue robed Old man was speaking, all of a sudden, made a large hand come out to grasp, and the lightning thunder light fused together and condensing in all directions, surrounding Wang Lin in an instant, to form a sturdy cage of lightning.

Wang Lin with a gloomy look on his face, stopped and staring at the Blue robed Old man, said coldly: “What matter does Ancestor have in the end!”

The blue robed Old man stared at Wang Lin for a long time, then said: “I want to use your Death Curse Technique.”
Wang Lin remained silent for a while, looking around the lightning grid of the cage he was trapped in, pops of sound bursts were coming from surroundings.

“I want to know why.”

The blue robed Old man pondered a little, then shook his head: “The appropriate time hasn’t arrived for this matter yet, but this Old man would not ill-treat you, if you agree to go with me, I will give you a transformation dan!”

Wang Lin maintained his usual expression, but inwards his heart was moved, having heard from Li MuWan, this transformation dan was extremely rare, its effects are similar to cultivation dan, can greatly increase success rate of going from Early to Mid Jie Dan stage, the success rate of Mid to Late Jie Dan stage is slightly lesser, but even if fail, would increase the spiritual force in the body, laying the foundations for the future.

Wang Lin thought for a moment, then looked up at the Blue robed Old man, did not speak, he still felt some doubt in his heart, he couldn’t see through the other person’s cultivation, but with a palm he had destroyed Huo Fen Alliance’s Great Mountain Protecting Formation, and with a roar had made Yuan Ying cultivators to become timid, with this if his cultivation is not peak Yuan Ying stage, reaching the Fantasy Spirit realm, then certainly must be more than Yuan Ying stage, and completely stepped into Spirit Forming stage.

With the other person’s level of cultivation, putting his body under restrictions, would certainly have been able to coerce him to do anything, even simpler would have been to turn him into a puppet, after which he naturally would take orders from the other party, but that doesn’t seem to be necessary, and he is expressing the tone of deliberation and discussion with him.

“There must be a catch here!” Wang Lin thought inwardly, but on the surface didn’t show anything unusual, after thinking for a moment, sneering inwardly, he stared at the blue robed Old man and shook his head.

The Blue robed Old man with an expressionless face, said in a flat tone: “Courts death!” As he grasped out with his right hand, the grid surrounding Wang Lin shrank immediately, Wang Lin remained motionless staring coldly at the Old man, his face revealing a hint of mockery.

The grid kept getting smaller and smaller, after getting almost close enough to touch Wang Lin’s body, his hair blown by the wind, after encountering the gray grid immediately turned into ash, his clothes also after encountering the grid turned into ashes.

Retracting back in an instant, the Blue robed Old man stopped his right hand and staring at Wang Lin, said with a heavy voice: “Not a bad temperament, too bad you don’t know how to appreciate one’s kindness, do you really think this Old man wouldn’t kill you?”

The ridicule on Wang Lin’s face became even thicker, as he said with a flat tone: “One transformation dan isn’t enough.”

The Old man stared at Wang Lin, his heart seethed with anger, if he needs this person to go to that place, he couldn’t put any restrictions on his body, otherwise, even if he puts him under restrictions, he wouldn’t be able to use him.

Even after entering the restrictions would fail, it is important to use the death curse technique to pass through, if the other party bears resentment in his heart, then will know how to kill himself, and with just a mistake, everyone would be hurt.

A thousand years ago, when he had first entered, it was because of this that they had almost died inside, after a thousand years of practice, had finally been restored to the original level of cultivation, although the cultivation now is slightly better, but thinking of that sinister place, he still shuddered.

Therefore, as regards Wang Lin, he can neither put him under restrictions nor can he deal with him too heavily, thus right now he was totally focused on luring, and hearing what Wang Lin said, he inwardly relaxed and with a wave of his hand, the grid cage immediately dispersed.

Wang Lin without blinking stared at the blue robed Old man, not even looking at the cage.

“What do you want, just speak what’s on your mind.” Blue robed Old man said decisively.

“I want to know, how dangerous the place is where we are planning to go!” Wang Lin’s sounded dull but the tone was full of resoluteness.

The Blue robed Old man chuckled, then said: “How dangerous, this Old man will tell you how dangerous, if one has entered into early Yuan Ying stage, then can narrowly escape, if at mid Yuan Ying stage, then can protect one’s life with some good luck, only one who has reached the fantasy Spirit forming realm has ability to reach to the end, but if one is not careful then no matter who, they will die.

However, although there is danger, the harvest would be great too, magic weapons, immortal pills, cultivation techniques, all can be said to be present there, besides that, there can be said to be a Ying Bian pill, just one dose of it, and one can get a chance to jump straight to Ying Bian stage.

As regards the danger, you don’t need to worry about it, your Death curse technique has an important role to play so until then you wouldn’t be allowed to face danger, as for the return, as long as you are not greedy, and wait outside, you will be transmitted out of the place in due time.”

Wang Lin after listening for a while, pondered a little, after analyzing the Old man’s words, he believed only one-third of it.

“I see your cultivation, should have just recently entered JieDan stage, no worries, I have a Ying Establishment Pill, if you agree to go with me, then I will give you one, and at the place the treasures that we receive, I can promise to gift you one, what do you think?”

Wang Lin had heard Li MuWan mention the Ying Establishment Pill, if one takes a dose of it at the time of forming Ying, then it can increase the probabilities of success, this pill is extremely rare in third ranked XiuZhen countries, and rare in even fourth ranked XiuZhen countries, as it usually rests in the hands of fifth ranked XiuZhen countries.

Wang Lin thought for a moment, he wasn’t really interested in going to the dangerous place that the Old man had mentioned, he did not want to seek out the Ying Bian pill, just wanted to get some cultivation methods and immortal pills to increase success rate of forming Ying, otherwise without external help, Wang Lin didn’t know till what year, and what month he would have to practice to achieve Yuan Ying.

However, as regards the matter in front of him, if he firmly refused, and the other party finds the matter hopeless, would definitely not hesitate to kill him, as a result, there was only one option left for him to choose.

“Ok, I agree!” Wang Lin with his usual expressions, nodded as he said.

The Blue robed Old man stared at Wang Lin, and after looking a little, said suddenly: “You were able to disappear twice without leaving behind any aura, how did you do it?”

Wang Lin looked at the Old man but did not speak, so the two men continue to look at each other for a moment, the Old man retrieving his look, no longer asked and coldly said: “Come on, there are less than six months left before that place opens, and if you try to escape en route, then this Old man wouldn’t give you any chance and straight up refine you.” Then with a wave of his hands, lightning emerged drawing a symbol which immediately drilled into Wang Lin’s body within a flash.

“This is Divine Consciousness tracer, it wouldn’t harm you in the slightest, this is just to prevent you from disappearing again until we reach that place and after that I will remove it from you.”

Wang Lin had long since prepared for this, if the positions had been reversed, he would also do so, and if the other person had wanted to use some powerful restrictions then there wouldn’t have been a need to wait until now.

He did not leave, but looking at the direction of the Huo Fen Alliance, said with a heavy tone: “This Junior has still some matters left unfinished, so requests Senior to please wait a few days.”

Blue robed Old man stared at Wang Lin, and said: “What matter?”

Wang Lin’s heart moved, as he said: “Ancestor may have heard of War Shrine’s ShenDao technique?”

The Old man sneered and said: “The War Shrine’s ShenDao technique which increases the possibility of forming Ying, in the past when I had fought that kid from the War Shrine had obtained, too much fuss about it, but even if you were to go, you wouldn’t be able to obtain the original ShenDao technique, unless you go to fourth ranked XiuZhen Country.”

Wang Lin looked as usual from the outside, but inside his heart was moved, listening to the Old man’s words, indeed like he had guessed himself, that it wasn’t possible for War Shrine to retain the original ShenDao technique.

However, he wasn’t reconciliated to it until he sees it with his own eyes, then he moved and turning into a rainbow, flew towards the Huo Fen Alliance. The Blue robed Old man’s eyes flashed as he followed casually.

Not long after, Huo Fen Alliance’s Mountain peak came into view, Wang Lin stopped besides the mountain peak, his eyes shining, and when the Blue robed Old man approached, he broke inside and said: “Ma Liang greets War Shrine’s Elder Feng Luan.”

The words coming from his mouth, like bursts of thunder, spread mightily, and soon flying out from within the mountain several figures came out, in front of them was a lady in palace clothes, it was Feng Luan.

She first saw the Blue robed Old man on Wang Lin’s side, her pupils narrowed and then she saw Wang Lin and was startled to the core, just in a few years time, the other party had actually reached Jie Dan stage, but thinking of how he had taken over the possession of this body, presumably he must have been at Jie Dan stage long ago, so was able to quickly reach Jie Dan stage again. She remained silent for a while, then with a cold voice said: “Are you the person he had been looking for past three years?”

Wang Lin looking calm, avoided the topic, and said: “Ancestor Feng Luan, Junior has a favour to ask, hope that Senior agrees to it.”

Feng Luan looked quite afraid of the Blue robed Old man and after taking a deep breath said: “Speak!”

“Junior wishes to take a look at Shen Dao technique, also hope for Senior’s help in that matter.” Wang Lin said slowly in a flat tone.

Feng Luan remained silent for a while, glancing at the Blue robed Old man, found that he was looking up at the sky, for the past three years they had been speculating about the level of cultivation of this blue robed Old man, thus seeing the other party come, she couldn’t but get startled in alarm.

At this time, the red-faced man came out from behind Feng Luan, and as he looked at Wang Lin, after staring for a while, said: “You are my War Shrine’s disciple, there is nothing wrong in you looking at it, come with me.” With that, he swept his vision over the blue robed Old man from the corner of his eyes.

Wang Lin without hesitation, flew forward.

The blue robed Old man had an indifferent expression on his face, Wang Lin was using his influence to look at the Shen Dao technique, with his experience he knew, but this trifling matter was not worth getting angry over, in the end helping out each other as favour would ease the relationship between the two.

Thinking of this, he said in a heavy tone: “Little friend, I will wait for you outside, if you suffer even an iota of damage, I will flatten this mountain along with its inhabitants.”

The red-faced Old man’s body quivered but immediately returned to normal, as he went into the mountain followed by Wang Lin, the two stopped before a stone mansion at the backside of the mountain.

“I should call you Wang Lin, right?” The red-faced Old man broke the silence, with the stone mansion at his back, staring back at Wang Lin, he said the words one word at a time.

Wang Lin nodded, and did not speak.

“Wang Lin, let’s wipe the slate clean, I do not care how you stirred up so much trouble, as long as you don’t involve the War Shrine, if you can pledge to that, I will open this stone mansion and let you have a view of the Shen Dao technique!” The Old man took a deep breath and said with a heavy tone.


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