Xian Ni Chapter 161 – Octopus Divine Consciousness

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One body and three clones, sitting in the four extreme corners, connecting together their Divine consciousnesses, had completely locked the Xuan Wu Country.

All cultivators who wanted to go in or out of Xuan Wu Country must travel through this divine consciousness blockade, this way, the Ba Ji Devil Lord had complete control over everything.

This Old man was also angry at Wang Lin, he had been pursuing him since NanDou city in Sea of Devils, chasing all the way through Huo Fen Country, directly reaching Xuan Wu Country, but the other party suddenly disappeared, without leaving behind even the slightest aura.

Regardless of how much Spiritual power he had, he still couldn’t find even the slightest clue, as per his analysis, the other party must be hiding under the ground, but after carefully searching with his Divine Consciousness, he still couldn’t find anything.

However he did not lose heart, since the time that he had heard in NanDou City about this person using the Death Curse Technique, he had been palpitating with excitement, the big plan in his heart had a link to the death curse technique, if there was a death curse technique it would be much easier.

This pursuit was laborious and exhausting, with his spiritual power, seizing Wang Lin should have been simple, but the other party was as elusive as a loach, so after ninety-seven days, when the other party finally came out, he found his chance, but did not expect that the other party would actually without hesitation sink down to the bottom with Earth escape technique.

Fortunately, he had borrowed an Earth Travelling Boat, which contained within it high-grade earth escape technique, and would have been certainly more effective in tracking down. Seeing him drawing closer, he couldn’t cast many spells in the ground, so thought that as long as he is able to close the gap, the matter would be over, but he had miscalculated again, the direction of that kid was unexpectedly that Huo Fen Alliance’s mountain.

Although with his palm, he had been able to break the Mountain Protecting Great Formation, he again lost the track of the other party’s aura, thus in his anger, he willingly offending Xuan Wu Country and the Fourth ranked XiuZhen country behind Huo Fen Country, blockaded the entire country with his Divine Consciousness.

In fact, till date he hadn’t killed even a single person from the two countries, and a big reason for that was the fourth ranked XiuZhen countries behind them. The higher one advances in cultivation, the more understanding one gains of the Zhu Que Planet, Huo Fen and Xuan Wu Countries both have the same fourth ranked XiuZhen Country behind them, so how could they stay aloof, irrespective of stature if some outsider enters, then the fourth ranked XiuZhen country is bound to send someone to take action.

If it was in the past, he wouldn’t have minded and if wanted to kill would have killed, but now seeing that the time of that place opening is drawing near, he didn’t want any unnecessary complications affecting this opportunity.

This lockout, was for two years.

For two years, Xuan Wu Country and Huo Fen Alliance, had become accustomed to the Divine Consciousness sweeping through, this phenomenon could even occur several times a day.

As for the reason for this situation, almost all the cultivators were made already aware by their Elders with a serious warning that they were not to explore in the four directions.

The more Ba Ji Devil Lord waited, the more impatient he became, seeing that the place had only one year left before that place opened, if one went late the consequences would be disastrous, in a fate of rage, he made up his mind again, if after six months the guy doesn’t appear, then even if have to offend the fourth ranked XiuZhen country, he would refine this Xuan Wu Country, and refine into waste if that what it took to find that kid out.

Time went by slowly, one month, two month……until the fifth month, upon the gloomy face of Ba Ji Devil Lord, hostility was becoming more and more dense.

Wang Lin sitting cross-legged in the Heaven revolting space, his complexion was uglier compared to Ba Ji Devil Lord, he was already aware of him, from the soul blood of Shangguan Mo he felt a slightly unusual volatility, presumably the other party had been able to chase this far because of this soul blood.

On this day, the limit of the Heaven revolting space had arrived, Wang Lin had a vague feeling that if he doesn’t get out now, then possibly he would never be able to get out.

He has to stay outside for at least three days, in order to enter again, but these three days, the person chasing after him still remains, if he wants to stay safe for three days, then it would certainly involve a lot of suffering.

Wang Lin remained silent for a while, after seeing that the Heaven revolting space’s luminous bodies are becoming darker, the moment that it became completely dark, Wang Lin’s body with a flash, came out from the Heaven revolting space.

The moment he appeared, sitting in the four corners of Xuan Wu Country, Ba Ji Devil Lord opened his eyes, and with a flash disappeared from there.

After Wang Lin’s body after congealing from ethereal to real, he felt unstoppable waves of dizziness, immediately stopping his headache, patted his forehead, the soul blood of Shangguan Mo appeared, and he without another word, quickly threw it away, the soul blood flew away at a very high speed as he rapidly sank into the ground to escape.

At the same time, he sensed a hint of immediate danger, Wang Lin sneered and turned into the opposite direction while fleeing at a rapid speed.

The Blue robed Old man following the Soul blood, grinned as he drilled into the ground, the ground quivered as he sank into the ground with the Earth Travelling Boat, but soon he drilled up from the ground with a grim expression holding the soul blood of Shangguan Mo, which he crumbled in a fit of rage.

“You cannot get away!” The Blue robed Old man thundered, as he crazily spread out his divine consciousness, instantly spreading it across the Xuan Wu Country, his look changed as he galloped away with a light groan.

Wang Lin using the Earth escape technique immediately became aware of the spiritual fluctuations in the surrounding soil, he knew that now that the other party has come, it would be impossible to escape, so after a hesitating for a bit, he escaped upwards and jumped out from the ground.

The moment he appeared, four similar looking figures, appeared around him with a flash.

Ba Ji Devil Lord coldly stared at Wang Lin as the four figures turned into one, he said with a heavy voice: “Kid, counting the ninety-seven days from before, I have waited for about three years for you.”

Wang Lin with a gloomy expression, looked coldly at the blue robed Old man, maintaining his silence.

“What’s your name?” Blue robed Old man said snorting lightly.

“Ma Liang!” Wang Lin said with a heavy voice, the cultivation of the other party in his eyes seemed like a tranquil sea, immeasurably deep.

“Ma Liang, I ask of you, have you mastered the Death Curse Technique?” the Blue robed Old man with eyes like electricity, stared at Wang Lin said slowly one word at a time. His eyes concealed a murderous intent, if the other person said no, then in rage he would certainly kill him, and then return to NanDou city, and slaughter all those who had lied to him and refine their souls into a treasure.

Wang Lin after a little silence, nodded his head, he could feel the other person’s murderous intent, as long as he made even one misstep, he would surely die without a burial ground.

The Blue robed old man’s pupils narrowed, without hesitation he patted his storage bag, and suddenly a blue spotted python with a body of more than thirty feet, appeared in the Blue robed Old man’s hands.

The blue python spit out a core, as it stared at Wang Lin with its purple eyes.

“Use the Death Curse Technique, targeting that python!” The Blue robed Old man said flinging the python in his hand to the ground in a desolate manner.

The instant that python landed it coiled up lifting its head, bringing along a strong wind, moved his mouth as if to bite out a mouthful. Wang Lin looked down, red lightning appeared in his eyes, as he said in a muffled tone: “Die!”

Wang Lin’s target was not the python but the blue robed Old man, and at this time, he used his Ji Realm Divine Consciousness to the limit.

The moment he said those words, Wang Lin immediately moved back, the blue robed Old man had an earthquake like feeling in his Divine Consciousness, as the red lightning immediately drilled into the blue robed Old man’s Sea of Consciousness, within the Sea of Consciousness, the seawater had already dried up, only an octopus with eight feet was sitting there, the moment the red lightning entered, the octopus immediately opened his mouth, suddenly a monstrous suction force appeared, and the red lightning was immediately sucked into its mouth.

As regards the might of Ji Realm Divine Consciousness, there is no scope for doubt, the blue robed Old man’s cultivation was quite strong, but inside his sea of consciousness, even after the eight footed octopus swallowed the red lightning, he still felt trembles in his body.

These trembles, had started a chain reaction from the sea of consciousness, and spreading from the sea of consciousness distributed throughout the body, causing the old man’s body to pause for a moment.

Wang Lin while retreating spit out glittering light from his mouth, the glittering flying sword flashed and cutting down the python from the middle, like thunder and lightning moved to stab between the old man’s eyebrows.

However, a white ring rippled out from between his eyebrows and no matter how much the flying sword tried it couldn’t pierce through it for about half a minute. Wang Lin without hesitation, stretched out with his right hand and called back the flying sword, immediately drilling into the ground and fading away fast using the Earth escape technique.

The blue robed Old man was startled for a moment, as he glanced at the ground to see the python cut into two, he touched the area between his eyebrows, his eyes revealed monstrous anger, but he soon started grinning, and moving his hands into mudras, shouted in a low tone: “Go!”

A rainbow coloured shuttle twinkling with crystal light appeared in front of him, this shuttle’s entire body was made up of crystals, the light was overflowing from within it, as the Old man gave the order, like a light it immediately shot out bringing along a colourful ring, as it directly penetrated the ground, chasing rapidly towards Wang Lin.

Everywhere the shuttle moved, the dirt immediately dissipated, unable to stop the shuttle even half a step, and in a flash it was merely a hundred feet from Wang Lin. Wang Lin sensing the danger, without a second thought pulled out the Jade talisman given by Yang Sen from his storage bag.

The Jade talisman was capable of absorbing a full strike of a Yuan Ying stage cultivator, as he wielded it the moment the shuttle striked.

The Jade talisman immediately became large, blocking Wang Lin’s back, crashing into the shuttle with a bang, the Jade talisman fragmented making ka ka noises and turned into ashes, and the shuttle was shaken back several feet, its momentum was slowed slightly, but at the same time, the ring-like ripple spread out from its center, suddenly diffusing in the surroundings, and wherever it went, the soil was raised up greatly.

If one looked down from the sky, then one could clearly see a circular ring going from small to large, instantly spreading a thousand feet, the soil swelled up in that area as if an earthworm had tumbled in it.

The moment the ripples spread through Wang Lin, he immediately coughed out blood, without a second thought, he jumped out of the ground, intending to avoid risking another ripple coming from the ring.

He did not stay after flying out of the ground, and immediately galloped away.

Feeling the ripples spreading under his feet, the rage of that Blue robed Old man slightly disappeared, as he muttered: “That Dao attack a moment ago, was enough to send even me into a trance, and with the rumours that the Death Curse Technique specializing in Soul to Soul attacks, if it is so, then this kid has really mastered the Death Curse Technique!”

With that thought, with a flash his body disappeared from that place. Wang Lin’s chest ached, while flying he took a healing medicine that had been given by Li MuWan, after taking a pill, he closed his eyes, in front of him the spiritual force fluctuations suddenly intensified. Wang Lin had been in contact with numerous Yuan Ying stage cultivators, he knew that this was a sign of someone teleporting, and without hesitation he turned around.

At this time, in the place of the spiritual force fluctuations, the blue robed Old man suddenly appeared.

“Little friend, this Old man doesn’t want to hurt you, will you hear this Old man out?”


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