Xian Ni Chapter 160 – Cultivation Dan

ObligatoryTLNote: First of all for the lack of chapter past few days, I was down with fever making even thinking of doing anything a big headache. Plus, considering the editing involved, last minute editing and other random miscellaneous things that are needed to be done before publishing a chapter. I was not in a position to do that, so I sincerely apologize for that. Sorry.

With that said, this chapter introduces certain things you might find confusing, remember I am in the same boat as you regarding that, I will try to clarify as much as possible but can’t help it if this author loves to complicate things :D.

TLC: NomYummi, Crazylovedbsk
Editor: Void (Apologize in advance for my shitty editing)

The doubt in the Old man’s heart became increasingly heavy, after pondering a little, he moved, vanishing from that place, and passing through Huo Fen Country at a breakneck speed, from the border of one country reached another country which neighboured Huo Fen Country, —Tian Mao Country.

His goal was the Tower of Babel located in the center of the Tian Mao Country where the Envoy from a higher ranked XiuZhen country resided.

Not all third ranked XiuZhen countries have Tower of Babels, for instance, there is no tower in Xuan Wu Country, that’s why Huo Fen Country had chosen to invade Xuan Wu Country instead of Tian Mao Country.

Wang Lin in the Heaven Revolting space, continued his closed door training, as time wore on, in a blink of an eye, hundred days had already passed in the outside world.

On this day, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes interrupting his breathing practise, the giant bloody “PUNISH” word, was slowly growing pale in color, and eventually completely losing its color, became white.

All around invisible layers of fluctuations formed, pushing between them everywhere, the elongated luminous bodies in the heaven revolting space which originally used to exude a soft light, at this time were shining brightly. As the fluctuations spread, a growing number of luminous bodies of the heaven revolting space began shining brightly, the light grew brighter, this phenomenon continuously spread, until all the luminous bodies in sight were all lit up.

Wang Lin stared at the scene unfolding, as shock filled his heart.

Shortly thereafter, the “PUNISH” word atop his head began shrinking, a huge spiritual force fluctuation appeared in the heaven revolting space, with the fluctuation increasing, gradually a gray coloured fist-sized Dan appeared out of nowhere.

Above the spherical Dan, there appeared a trace of flame, slowly spreading, slowly flowing. Wang Lin took a deep breath, reached out with his right hand, and the spherical Dan immediately fell and stopped one inch from Wang Lin’s palm.

Wang Lin swept with his Divine Consciousness, and the Dan contained within it Spiritual force fluctuations. It was precisely the sum total of that Mid Jie Dan cultivator’s cultivation. Li MuWan had once explained to him in detail about the Ten Thousand Demons Hundred Days Killing Warrant, and Wang Lin after pondering a little, didn’t ingest it immediately, instead put it in his storage bag.

This Cultivation Dan, Wang Lin had intended to take it when he is about to form the Ying, presumably the success rate would be greater, the success rate of forming Ying is countless times smaller than that of Jie Dan. Wang Lin knew that when he had succeeded in Jie Dan, it was greatly affected by his decision to continue with the Abyssal Ascension Method and secondly the Heavenly Li Dan obtained from Li MuWan. [TLNote: Ok “Forming Ying” or 结婴 is a thing I wasn’t sure how to translate, I could have written it as Jie Ying but I felt I should go with more literal translation since otherwise people would get confused regarding the stages of cultivation again, basically Jie Ying can be understood to be the act of pushing from Jie Dan to Yuan Ying, which essentially requires one to form a (Yuan)Ying]

If either one of these two was not present, then the chances of success would remain unknown. He was aware that there was a possibility that he could have remained stuck at peak Foundation building stage, and although has succeeded in Jie Dan stage, in the future there is an even more difficult threshold, the Yuan Ying stage.

The difficulty of forming Ying is too great, Wang Lin considered that even with the latent talent of Ma Liang’s body, there is only a very slim hope of being able to form Ying, unless one can find some legendary fabled dan medicine as told by Li MuWan which increases the possibility of formation of Ying, but almost all of such kind of medicines are held by fifth ranked XiuZhen countries, and they rarely reveal them.

“Forming Ying……Forming Ying…. even with the Heaven revolting space, probably would not be able to succeed even in a hundred years….. now the most important thing is to choose a practice method, the Abyssal Ascension Method has reached its limit, Situ Nan hasn’t regained consciousness, so I can only depend on myself.” Wang Lin muttered, after reaching Jie Dan stage, now he must first choose a practice method.

Choosing a practice method is actually quite difficult, although Wang Lin is in possession of many of them, mostly obtained from killing, among them some are Jie Dan stage cultivation methods, but these practice methods are of various kinds, and it is very difficult to determine which one is good and which one is bad, making choosing all the more difficult.

This was not the focus however, Wang Lin’s focus was on finding a method that can help improve the chances of forming Ying, thinking of this, his eyes blinked a few times. According to Ma Liang’s memory, it seems that the War Shrine’s Shen Dao technique has something to this effect.

However, this made Wang Lin feel puzzled, if War Shrine’s Shen Dao really had such a power, then it would have been captured by the other greedy countries, even fourth and fifth ranked XiuZhen countries wouldn’t have left it alone.

According to Ma Liang’s memory, Shen Dao of War Shrine never drew the attention of the higher ranked XiuZhen countries, which puzzled Wang Lin.

But now the only thread left was this Shen Dao method, Wang Lin had inwardly made up his mind, must definitely get his hands on this Shen Dao. The Shen Dao in Ma Liang’s memory is a fake one; it had been revised countless times through successive generations. What Wang Lin wanted was the original Shen Dao technique.

For Wang Lin all of this was to ensure the success of forming Ying in the future, only if he prepares ahead in time, will he not fall short and would he be able to greatly increase the success rate.

But with just a practise method, Wang Lin didn’t feel secure in his heart, forming Ying cannot be compared with others, it is known that for second ranked XiuZhen countries to become third ranked XiuZhen countries, any one of their nation must form Ying, so it can be seen how difficult it is.

Wang Lin sighed in his heart, closed his eyes to meditate again, after doing breathing practice for a few days in the heaven revolting space, he was ready to leave.

Before he left, he went to the place where Situ Nan’s Yuan Ying and his parents were, standing silently for a long time, his eyes became even more resolute, and with a flash, he left the Heaven revolting space.

Somewhere deep underground, a seven coloured facula flashed, as the intangible condensed into reality, Wang Lin appeared in an instant and immediately began using Earth escape technique to fade away into the distance.

Meanwhile he spread out his divine consciousness, closely observing his surroundings, at this time it was the middle of the night outside. Wang Lin after pondering a little, he made his way towards Huo Fen Alliance mountain.

However he had not gone far when he sensed extreme danger through his divine consciousness and without giving a second thought he immediately used earth escape technique to its limit, sinking down three hundred feet, continuing on without reducing speed.

“This Old man waited for ninety-seven days for you, kid!” A hoarse voice sounded out in Wang Lin’s divine consciousness.

Wang Lin’s scalp went numb, as the hairs on his body stood up, staying silent and with a gloomy expression on his face, he continued to swiftly escape, thousand feet, two thousand feet, three thousand feet, four thousand feet….. up to ten thousand feet, Wang Lin had went down in a straight line, as he felt a huge resistance coming from the depths of the earth, Wang Lin as soon as he felt it changed direction immediately, continuing to escape in a diagonal direction.

“Hey Hey, luckily this Old man borrowed an Earth Travelling Boat, otherwise if you fleeing to the outer fringe of the core, it would have been difficult to catch you due to the resistances.” The voice still came in a casual tone.

Wang Lin still remained silent, as he suddenly changed direction again while travelling, this time he went straight up as he instantly began to rise up ten thousand feet, immediately coming out from the ground with the Huo Fen Alliance Mountain peak present in front of him.

The instant that he came out, Wang Lin directly went towards the mountain, there was a light curtain on the mountain peak, and the moment Wang Lin hit the curtain he took out the Jade talisman which had been issued to him for identification, and rushed inside without any impediment, after entering he stopped and looked back.

At this time the ground swelled up really high, as a triangular black wooden boat, jumped out from the ground, the Blue robed Old man was standing on it, as he looked at Wang Lin standing behind the light curtain, he nodded and said: “Yes, the Divine Consciousness is indeed very strange, although the body fits, there is a trace of lack of coordination. Presumably the body is possessed, kid, you come with me, this cannot protect you.”

Wang Lin looked sombre, sneering without a word.

The corner of the Blue robed Old man’s mouth moved, revealing a strange smile, as he lightly touched with his hand, the light curtain making a ka ka sound, within a blink of an eye it broke into pieces, sending shockwaves through the entire mountain and raising countless amounts of dust.

Huo Fen Alliance’s Yuan Ying cultivators all flew out in panic.

Wang Lin’s pupils narrowed, then he turned and again sank into the ground, using Earth escape technique again.

The blue robed Old man sneered, was about to give chase, when at this time in mid-air Xie Mo Sect’s Yuan Ying cultivator clenching his teeth, shouted: “Daoyou, why did you ruin my Mountain Protection Great Formation!”

These days, the other party had stayed in the vicinity for over three months, usually pretty quiet but his Divine Consciousness would sweep back and forth, as if looking for something. The other party’s divine consciousness is very strong, even Huo Fen Alliance’s Yuan Ying cultivators felt shocks in their divine consciousnesses.

Huo Fen Alliance’s Yuan Ying stage cultivators, had all this time been covertly observing the movements of the other party. Although they saw a disciple of the Alliance enter into the formation today, they didn’t have the time to check up on him, as they were stunned to see the Mountain Protection Great Formation broken by the other party.

If this is ignored, then Huo Fen Alliance would no longer have any face left, coincidentally today it was Xie Mo Sect who was in charge of protecting the mountain, therefore the Yuan Ying cultivator had to ask, regardless of whether the other party’s answer he had formed his own opinion, if the other party is willing to answer then he will listen, if not then he won’t pursue an answer.

The Blue robed Old man staring at the Huo Fen Alliance’s Cultivators, said only two words: “Fuck Off!”

These words as soon as they came out, turned into surging waves, spreading violently, the air around these waves became rough as violent shockwaves in form of ripples began to emerge.

Moreover, the echo had caused the various cultivators’ ears to explode, as the echoes formed layer after layer unrestrained.

After the voice dissipated, the blue robed Old man had already disappeared without a trace, the various cultivators looked at each other, some had bleeding ears while some bled from their mouth, in their confusion nobody spoke.

But soon, the blue robed Old man came back, this time his complexion was as murky as water, as he stared at the mountain, he closed and suddenly opened his eyes. A huge divine consciousness emerged sweeping across the tens of thousands of people living on the mountain even those under the ground were not left off. After which he frowned, and then flashed, from one he became two and again with a flash, the two became four.

All the four looked exactly the same as the blue robed Old man and they scattered around, their divine consciousnesses overlapped each other but they couldn’t find anything. The Blue robed Old man stamped his feet, and he along with the three clones, teleported out of there, going to the four directions of Xuan Wu Country, each finding a place to sit down cross-legged, then connecting their divine consciousness formed a blockade.

“Just three years remaining, Kid, in these three years, if I the Ba Ji Devil Lord, even if have to refine this whole Xuan Wu Country, will find you…. Oh, if it had not been for the fact that that place requires Death Curse Technique to pass through, this Old man wouldn’t have been working so hard to capture you!” [TLNote: Well at this stage I am taking “Ba Ji Devil Lord” to mean the name coupled with a self-imposed title, raw describe it as 八极魔君 Ba(八) = Eight, Ji(极) = Extreme, Mo(魔)= Devil, Jun(君) = Lord/Ruler; ofc I may change it later if I feel my interpretation ends up wrong]


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