Xian Ni Chapter 159 – Blue Robed Old Man

ObligatoryTLNote: I had difficulties translating this chapter, because it started raining when I was in the middle of it. I would recommend not clicking that link until you have read the chapter though.

TL: Void
TLC: Crazylovedbsk, NomYummi
Editor: Void

The Blue robed Old man sitting on the gourd, looked up at the horizon, patting the gourd with a flat look. Suddenly his look changed, as his right hand moved and he clasped between two fingers a glittering light, he sneered seeing it but soon his laugh became a bit sluggish. [TLNote: This Glittering light is Wang Lin’s flying sword]The glittering light in his two fingers slowly dissipated, leaving behind an afterimage

At this moment, the Old man pulled his head back quickly, and the glittering light flashed across his cheeks, disappearing from mid-air after blinking a few times.

The Old man did not stop, but sullenly touched the trace of the wound on his cheek. He stuck his fingers into his mouth, tasted the blood with his tongue, and closed his eyes.

“This kid is quite daring!” After a long time, he opened his eyes and patted the bottle gourd, the gourd shrank immediately, eventually becoming the size of a palm, after opening its stopper, he put it to his lips and took a swig and a wisp of warmth from the wine suddenly spread around.

Huo Fen Country, the Fourth ranked XiuZhen Countries was still in the process of eliminating the Fire beast disaster, but the fire attribute LingQi with it’s natural oppressiveness was causing difficulties in doing breathing practice. Coupled with the ground temperature being too high, along with numerous lava streams being formed, and successive volcanic eruptions, it had caused the mortal kingdoms to turn into ruins.

The Imperial City of the Mortal Kingdom was covered in lava, there were no buildings, there was no life, no creatures, the Huo Fen Country as a whole, was silent as death.

Wang Lin and Li MuWan were moving fast along the way, regarding the scenes on the ground, they both were silent, although Wang Lin had mixed feelings, though he sighed with emotion, if the Heaven revolting bead hadn’t absorbed the fire spirit beast then he feared that he would have already been engulfed by that fire spirit beast and died.

All of this, can be said to be a matter of coincidence, nothing to do with right or wrong, even if at the time Wang Lin would have come to know of the consequences, he would still choose to save himself.

The two flew across the sky like rainbows, soon passing the place where they had first met. Li MuWan glanced at Wang Lin but did not speak.

As for Wang Lin, he was thinking about the people in pursuit; he didn’t have time to care. While flying, Wang Lin suddenly felt something, he stretched out his right hand and the glittering flying sword dropped onto his hands.

Suddenly, Wang Lin stopped abruptly, he stared at the trace of blood on the edge of the sword, sweeping it up with his hand and observing a little, his look changed, from the blood, dense spiritual force fluctuations were emanating. If this person could have such spiritual force in just one drop of blood, then what would be the level of his cultivation!

He pulled out a Jade bottle, after storing the blood, he put it back into his storage bag, Wang Lin felt the pressure of a big mountain pressing down on his mind, he glanced at the big “PUNISH” word atop his head, and sneered inwardly, then without hesitation grabbed Li MuWan and rapidly sped up.

As the Huo Fen Country’s borders rapidly passed by, in the distance the peak that had been first occupied by the Huo Fen Alliance could be seen, at this time on the mountain, flags of the four big factions in the Huo Fen Alliance were hung, showing that it was occupied by Huo Fen Alliance.

Here, Wang Lin stopped himself, and after a bit of silence said: “I won’t send you off!”

Li MuWan biting her lip, looking behind and whispered: “How about you and me take shelter in Luo He Sect?”

Wang Lin maintaining his usual expression said in a dull tone: “No need!” With that said, he pondered a bit, then looking at Li MuWan, patted between his eyebrows with his right hand and Li MuWan’s soul blood flew out.

Wang Lin did not return it immediately, but sent out a bit of his Ji Realm Divine Consciousness, left a trace of it in the soul blood, and sent it back.

“For these four years, thank you! I am leaving behind a trace of my divine consciousness in your soul blood, from now on, below Yuan Ying, nobody can hurt you.” Wang Lin said slowly with a calm voice.

On Li MuWan’s face there was a complex and unreadable expression, as she whispered: “Will we….. meet again some day?”

Wang Lin sighed loudly, didn’t answer, but pulled out a thing from his storage bag, and handed it to Li MuWan. It was precisely the Hundred Beasts Spirit Furnace; it had been taken back by Wang Lin after killing Kun Sang.

Li MuWan took the Hundred Beasts Spirit Furnace, after observing it a little, she lifted her head and said softly: “These are immortal pills I have refined over the years, and their specific functions are described in this Jade strip.” Then she took out ten small bottles and a Jade strip.

Wang Lin took them and put them in his storage bag, then cupping fists in salute towards Li MuWan said in a heavy tone: “Four years ago, I promised to guarantee your safety, and I did that until now, from now on, I do not owe you anything, goodbye!”

Then, as Wang Lin was moving to leave, Li MuWan suddenly shouted: “Senior, this one sees you off!” Then she took out a white Jade talisman from her storage bag, and after throwing it turned into sword light and she flewwent straight towards Huo Fen Alliance

Wang Lin caught the Jade talisman and swept over it in rapt attention. Immediately Li MuWan’s words echoed in his ears…..

“Senior, Wan’er doesn’t know what’s your name, over these four years you never spoke about it, presumably you don’t know mine either……Wan’er thanks you for saving my life numerous times in these four years. The life spent in the Sea of Devils, Wan’er will never forget her whole life…… since parting has become inevitable, Wan’er knows that Senior often goes into closed-door training, so prepared a Jade talisman as special gift for you, this Jade talisman contains a formation which is Wan’er’s magnum opus, which is a modified version of Dou Xie Sect’s Battle Dragon Great Formation.

This formation’s defense and attack are integrated into one, but compared to attack it is more focused on defense, when Senior goes into closed-door training, in case of danger, if this formation is able to block one or two hits, Wan’er shall feel satisfied in her heart……” [TLNote: Li Mu Wan refers to herself as Wan’er]

Holding the Jade talisman and hearing the words, Wang Lin looked at the fast receding figure of Li MuWan. He remained silent and put away the Jade talisman, suddenly he moved and disappeared into the ground without a trace. After sneaking out a fair distance, he patted his forehead, immediately turning into a facula, and disappeared from underground. [TLNote: For those who don’t know, Facula means a very bright spot]

The moment that he completely entered Heaven revolting space, he was out of breath, Wang Lin had already made up his mind, after sending back Li MuWan, would enter the Heaven revolting space, the period of hundred days deadline of the killing warrant, for him was equivalent to many days spent practising in the Heaven revolting space.

That is why, even though he knew the Hundred Days Killing Warrant was dangerous, he still killed Qian Kun.

Huo Fen Country, the Blue robed Old man in pursuit appeared where Wang Lin had been, not long after he had disappeared, his face carried a surprised expression, as he looked down a little immediately sinking into the ground, after searching around a bit, coming out of the ground, the look of surprise on his face grew stronger, as he muttered: “Vanished….. there is no reaction to even the soul blood, it seems this kid has a lot of secrets on his body.”

At this point, he suddenly looked up, looking blankly in the distance three rainbows could be seen flying in rapidly, as the three rainbows touched the ground, they revealed a woman and two men comprising the trio.

The woman in the middle was wearing palace style dress, looking extremely elegant, abundant spirit beautiful appearance, on her left was a handsome man with an extraordinary appearance, wearing a black tan cloth robe, and a scarf on his head taking on an appearance similar to scholars.

On the woman’s right hand side was a tall red-faced old man, the old man’s face was different from ordinary people, he had big eyes like copper bells, and in his pupils was a lump of fire constantly burning.

The blue robed Old man glanced over the trio, then said in a flat tone: “What do you three want.”

This woman was Feng Luan, needless to say that the refined and elegant scholar accompanying her was her dual cultivation partner Yang Sen, and as for the Old man, he was one of the Yuan Ying Ancestors of War Shrine with cultivation equivalent to Yang Sen.

Yang Sen looked quite afraid of the Old man, as he couldn’t fathom his cultivation, so he cupping his fists in salute said: “Daoyou, are you a person of Xuan Wu Country?”

The Blue robed Old man, as he flatly said: “Who the heck is your Daoyou, fuck off from this Old man’s sight otherwise I will take your Yuan Yings to refine a treasure!” [TLNote: Daoyou is comprised of two words Dao = Dao (Road of Cultivation) and You = Friend/Fellow, so Daoyou is a term used for fellow cultivators or something to that effect. He’s angry for them even thinking that they’re “fellow/equal” cultivators.]

Yang Sen’s look changed, he sneered muttering a few words, was about to speak up, when the red-faced Old man suddenly stopped him with his right hand, as his bell like eyes stared at the other person’s blue robe and the embroidery three inches from the bottom and the seven golden plum blossom, his look slightly changed, as he cupping fists in salute, said: “Did your excellency come from Sea of Devils?”

Yang Sen and Feng Luan looked at each other, their eyes went towards the plum blossoms at the bottom of Old man’s clothes.

The Blue robed Old man somewhat impatiently, flung his hands, the trio suddenly felt a strong wind, and they were involuntarily thrown thousands of miles away, and even the Yuan Yings in their bodies were giving signs of escaping their bodies.

After finally managing to stop themselves with great difficulty, the trio looked gloomy, Yang Sen said in a heavy voice: “What cultivation?”

“Atleast late Yuan Ying stage…..” The red-faced Old man said bitterly.

“Zou Bin, Golden Plum Blossoms?” Feng Luan asked softly while frowning.

“I am sure you must have heard, three hundred years ago, when I hadn’t entered the War Shrine, I used to reside in Sea of Devils, with my cultivation at Early Yuan Ying stage, so long as it wasn’t some dangerous place, I was able to ensure my safety.

In the entirety of Sea of Devils, there were a total of nine hundred and ninety-nine cities, out of which three hundred were located inland, from the numerous cities, seven cities were known as the Land of the Seven Plum Blossoms.

These seven cities were interlocked together in the same place, seen from afar they looked somewhat similar to plum blossom petals. The Lords of the Seven Cities each had unfathomable cultivations, it’s rumoured that they have even reached Spirit Forming stage, but this is only hearsay, I don’t know whether it is true or not.”

“That man from a moment ago…….” Feng Luan asked tightly frowning.

“That man from a moment ago, If I am not guessing wrong, should be one of the Lords of the Seven Plum Flower cities! But the Devil cultivators of the Sea of Devils, especially the inland Devil cultivators, would not go out of the Sea easily, perhaps even this time, he won’t stay for long.” the Red-faced Old man said in a stern manner, with a heavy voice.

The trio looked at each other, each of them feeling dispirited, looked at the direction of the Old man in the distance, and went the roundway around, returned to the Huo Fen Alliance’s mountain peak.

The three people had felt a strange Yuan Ying aura in the vicinity and thinking it to be coming from someone of Xuan Wu Country had come to check, but the outcome was beyond their imagination and comparing it to their original guesses, they were feeling quite distressed.

The Blue robed Old man after moving around a few times, groaned lightly, then suddenly spreading his Divine consciousness increasing the range and this time, he did not miss even the subtle signs whether in the ground or in the sky, as he carefully swept past.

The Blue robed Old man’s divine consciousness, swept around a little bit, slowly it became wider, eventually spreading to Huo Fen Alliance, but the Old man didn’t stop but swept away in a circle, before retrieving it, and after doing that a few times, he couldn’t find anything.


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