Xian Ni Chapter 158 – Sea of Mists

ObligatoryTLNote: The plot thickens….or is it the mists?

TL: Void, Crazylovedbsk
TLC: NomYummi
Editor: Void


All of a sudden, the whole inn immediately quieted down, all eyes immediately came onto the blue robed Old man, the Old man pinched the youth and coldly swept his glance around in a circle.

His eyes were like electricity, these words appeared the hearts of each and every cultivator who looked at them and could feel a sudden chill in their body as their inner feelings were revealed.

An Early Jie Dan cultivator, immediately dropping the glass in his hand onto the floor, looked down, his eyes full of dismay as he cursed inwardly and thought: “this feeling, it should be Yuan Ying…..”

The Old man recovering his vision, loosened his grip, and on the young man’s neck black bruises could be seen.

“Speak, what is this matter all about.” The Old man poured himself a glass of wine, and after drinking slowly said in a flat tone.

The Youth didn’t dare to pant, he was at the late Foundation building stage of cultivation, it was hard for him to estimate the other person’s strength, but with his many years of experience, the youth guessed that he should be at least Mid-Late Jie Dan stage.

The man suddenly appeared half a month ago, even killed ten Dou Xie Sect Jie Dan cultivators, then do not know why the Ten Thousand Devils Hundred Days Killing Warrant…..” The Youth narrating systematically and in full detail, described everything he knew.

Old man narrowed his eyes, as he waved his right hand, and the youth’s eyes immediately bulged, and his body with a loud thud turned into blood mist, suddenly a strange wind blew and the blood mist dissipated immediately.

All the cultivators inside the inn were shaken to the core, they all wanted to leave but didn’t dare to be the first one to try.

The Blue robed old man pondered a bit, then opening his eyes swept his vision around in a circle, and staring at an Early Jie Dan stage cultivator, said plainly: “You, come here.”

The Jie Dan Stage cultivator trembled, as he stood up quivering, he quickly came up to the Old man and in a very respectful attitude, said in a wavering tone: “Junior Xu Mu greets Senior, Senior whatever question you ask, this Junior swears by the Jie Dan within me that I wouldn’t speak even the least bit of a lie, only seek Senior’s mercy.”

The blue robed Old man poured himself a glass of wine and after drinking it, said slowly: “When you entered this Inn, you heard people talking about this man, who can throw spiritual force within one’s body into chaos, presumably you have seen it with your own eyes?”

Xu Mu took a deep breath, then with his eyes revealing fear, whispered: “Junior did really witness that Death Omen.”

“What is his level of cultivation?” The blue robed Old man asked with a trace of unusual light in his eyes, this was what he had wanted to know, the Youth from earlier had spoken for a long time but did not tell this key thing, so he had killed him.

“Early Jie Dan stage!” Xu Mu said with a bit of uncertainty, and as soon as he finished saying, quickly added: “Ancestor, this person seems to be Early Jie Dan stage, but he has various magic weapons…..”

Hearing the two words magic weapon, the blue robed old man looked normal but he was moved on the inside.

“One is a teleporting flying sword…..”

The Old man was a bit disappointed in his heart, as he poured himself another glass of wine and drank it.

“There is another….this Junior does not know, only saw a red light which jumped onto people, and the people who it jumped onto immediately turned into skeletons and died.” Xu Mu said while tensed and carefully observing the other party.

The blue robed old man after pondering a little, stood up and dropping a few low-grade LingShi on the table, big hands stretched out and seized Xu Mu, disappearing immediately and instantly appearing about thousand miles away.

After he went away, the cultivators inside the inn, all had a surprised look on their faces and in their hearts three words emerged: “Yuan Ying stage!”

Under Xu Mu’s guidance, the Old Man flashed out and within half an hour arrived at Dou Xie Sect, he swept away with his powerful Divine Consciousness, and found Shangguan Mo.

He was stunned, as the blue robed Old man actually took out soul blood from between his eyebrows once again, and with two drops of soul blood to maintain contact, he abandoned Xu Mu and quickly flew south west.

Meanwhile Wang Lin was flying fast along with Li MuWan, the crystal flying sword clearing up the way, and opening up a big gap in the the thick Sea of Devils fog.

The Sea of Devils is perennially covered in fog, and only for a month’s time, the fog turns into sea. Wang Lin having lived all these years in the Sea of Devils in closed-door practise didn’t get to personally witness this process.

A month after he entered the fourteenth valley, fog turned into sea, the next three years, year after year, until he came out, today finally he arrived in the month when the fog turns into sea.

Li MuWan was different, almost every year she personally experienced it becoming sea, although she could not immerse in seawater due to the large defensive formation, but looking out from the formation, seeing the deep blue sea, rare inland spirit beasts could be seen swimming by.

Nearly four years, these four years, during the time for mist to turn into sea, Li MuWan would personally preside over the large defensive formation and would only feel relieved after surviving that period.

At this point, the moisture in the air is thicker compared to when the duo first arrived, and in some areas, there are even signs of fog turning into sea.

The more the duo flew upward, the heavier the dampness in the fog became, they even had a sense as if they were swimming in water.

“It’s changing into sea……” Li MuWan said softly.

Wang Lin did not reply, rather he suddenly came to a stop. After turning his head to look a bit, he attentively observed the surrounding fog, only he saw the originally unhurried movements of the fog at this moment speed up pushing away towards the front. So much that even the living creatures within the fog a bit in the distance all moved about in all directions, yet the only direction they did not travel was in the way forward.

“What’s wrong, senior?” Li MuWan immediately asked softly upon seeing Wang Lin’s serious expression.

“Nothing.” After Wang Lin spoke, he flew forward at an increased speed. His heart felt disturbed, looking at the speed the fog was pushing forward, there must be someone using an extreme momentum charging and flying here. The person chasing towards here must have an extremely powerful cultivation, otherwise it would impossible to affect the fog and push it forward.

Furthermore, all the surrounding living creatures in the fog scattered in all directions except for only the direction forward. This allowed Wang Lin to be certain that someone was pursuing to here from behind.

In fact this is very easily explained, just for example within a pond there is a school of small fish. If at this moment a sword stabbed in at extremely fast speed, then you’ll discover the shoal of fish will quickly disperse. They’d scatter in all directions but the only direction they won’t go is toward the sword.

Wang Lin in his juvenile years frequently went with companions from the village to play at the mountain creek. Regarding such things he understood profoundly. At this moment a little analysis gave rise to an abnormal disparity.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed icy bristles and he pulled out the Ling liquid. After he resolutely swallowed a big gulp, the Gold Dan within his body immediately began to rotate at a lightning speed and rapidly absorbed the Spirit Qi in the Ling liquid. An additional rich boom of Spirit Power burst forth, and Wang Lin’s speed once again increased a notch.

Li MuWan also keenly sensed Wang Lin’s edginess, pondering a bit, she pulled out a few simple Battle formation materials from inside her storage bag. After she completed constructing a simple Battle Formation, she activated and threw it to the rear.

Glancing back, Wang Lin’s eyes showed an expression of appreciation. Li MuWan’s heart immediately sweetened; it’s a pity that she spent too much of her attention earlier. At this moment she stopped feeling powerless after seeing Wang Lin take Ling liquid just now and his speed increased a lot. She hesitated a little and preciously took out the Jade bottle of Ling Liquid the other gave to her as a present. After drinking several drops she immediately felt her spirit calm/compose. Rather amazed, she peered at the liquid in the bottle through the small opening. She promptly put it up properly and continued to construct small scaled Battle Formations.

As the two people flew and advanced more and more, an incorporeal obstacle gradually arose. This is the Sea of Devil’s distinctive sea power. All attempts to rush out here will be affected.

70,000 miles from Wang Lin, an elderly man in green robes patted his storage bag and out flew an emerald-green bottle gourd. The gourd faced downwind and showed its forte; it rapidly swelled by a hundredfold. He calmly sat on and the gourd promptly flew onward. Its speed was greater than his teleportation by more than double.

While traveling, Wang Lin sensed the surrounding fog’s pushing become more and more powerful. Although his own high speed movement was partly the cause, but it was very obvious that the speed of his pursuer behind him definitely increased in an extreme way.

Right now in the Sea of Devils, the fog was gradually thinning, from the top to the bottom, water was slowly appearing, if one looked down at the Sea of Devils from above, one would find that in the entire Sea of Devils, the fog was already thin to the point of being see-through.

Under the shining moonlight, the sea waves sparkled, already a layer of water had been formed. The depth of this water as time progressed, gradually spread far. Gradually, waves sometimes appeared making a roaring sound.

The Blue robed Old man sitting on the Gourd frowned, in front of him, there appeared restrictive formations one after another, although they were all exquisite but they wouldn’t cause him any discomfort but the speed would certainly be hindered.

With a slight cough, the Blue robed Old man flung his sleeves, the bottle gourd shot out, the instant it’s mouth opened, huge impact waves spewed out from its inside.

One could only see circular ripples emerging from the mouth of the gourd, as these ripples pushed forward rapidly they took the shape of a single ring shaped ripple, each and everything that met this was immediately smashed, whether it was restrictive Formation or even the fog and seawater thereby clearing up a passageway.

The Old man sitting on the gourd, suddenly burst through the passageway.

Wang Lin’s body was already soaked with water vapours, he again drank Ling liquid, suddenly rushing out a fair distance, went straight into the sea.

Holding Li MuWan, he moved forward rapidly, like a fish in water. Suddenly the distance from the sea could be seen shortening, he turned as his eyes revealed a cold look, and the glittering flying sword in front of him suddenly disappeared.

Immediately after, Wang Lin pulled Li Mu Wan as if a sharp sword piercing from the seafloor towards the skies and rushed out from within the Sea of Devils. The moment they broke the sea surface the two of them changed into a long rainbow and faded into the horizon.

At this time, the crystal light flying sword flashed in bursts under the sea, waiting for the moment to attack.

Half an hour later, a huge whirlpool emerged on the sea, this whirlpool extended upto a thousand feet, swirling in a grandiose manner with very large waves, rapidly revolving.

At the center of the whirlpool, was a dark passageway connecting to the Sea of Devil’s seabed, a huge emerald green gourd slowly emerged from there.


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