Xian Ni Chapter 156 – His Struggle

ObligatoryTLNote: Enjoy the brief respite from hard-hitting action and the never ending chases.

TL: Void
TLC: NomYummi
Editor: Nahtaivel

In the private room inside the Dragon’s head, a rainbow coloured facula appeared which became brighter and brighter. After turning into a bright shadow, it gradually condensed, revealing Wang Lin.

The moment he appeared, Shangguan Mo immediately felt his heart jump, he wondered what exactly was the method that this Fiend practised. Unexpectedly it could even make the aura vanish. He could only guess what it was, just a while ago he was thinking about whether the control over him had vanished, but at this time, his mind could not afford even the slightest interest in that idea.

Li MuWan touched the Dragon scales, she looked focused and she seemed to be calculating something in heart At this moment, her skin was fair and tender, smooth like slippery oil. She smelled like the fragrance of a lily magnolia. Her two eyes held a look of fascination as her lily-white hands gently stroked the Dragon Scales.

Even the fluctuations caused in her body by the Soul blood did not distract her for more than half a minute, gradually an expression of realization showed in her eyes, as she looked down at the Dragon scales.

Wang Lin appeared at the place where he did closed-door training, sitting down cross-legged, picking up his storage bags. Up till now, he had been collecting the Gold Dans of Jie Dan cultivators that he killed, he figured that there should roughly be no less than a hundred.

Aside from these, there were the storage bags of the killed cultivators, almost all of which he had put away to look through at his leisure. He reorganized them hastily. There were many flying swords and magic weapons, but Wang Lin did not pay any attention to them except for one scroll painting.

The scroll painting was about two feet, and about an arm thick, it revealed a trace of spiritual force. Wang Lin remembered that he had gotten it from a Jie Dan cultivator who pulled it, and after half opening it crazy roars had burst out from inside.

Unfortunately for him Wang Lin had the Ji Realm Divine Consciousness. Regardless if he targeted a single opponent or a group, after the Divine Consciousness had swept away, there was only immediate death for one below Yuan Ying stage. Regarding Ji Realm, Wang Lin had always had an indescribable feeling. Within the transfer array of the foreign battlefield, under pressure from the laws of the world, he felt the very real existence of Ji Realm for the first time. His heart had attained a glimmer of understanding, and the subsequent years of use and fighting, let him have a deeper understanding of the power of Ji Realm and of its terrifying effects.

However, he did not know, that the late Yuan Ying stage is the end point for cultivators with Ji Realm and wanting to reach the Spirit Forming stage is but a faint hope.

The original owner of the scroll painting had died a long time ago, his Divine consciousness had dissipated already. Wang Lin feeling with his right hand, imprinted his divine consciousness onto it, but this magic weapon was bizarre and queer. Although it had been imprinted with his Divine consciousness, he couldn’t feel even the slightest reaction from it, as if no divine consciousness had been imprinted on it.

Wang Lin immediately felt interested. If it was an ordinary magic weapon, he just had to erase the other person’s divine consciousness and imprint it with his own divine consciousness, and he could use it freely, unless it was a Yuan Ying stage or above magic weapon or otherwise equal to it.

Looking at the spiritual force fluctuations of the magic weapon, it doesn’t seem to be at the Yuan Ying stage, Wang Lin has handled a couple of Yuan Ying stage magic weapons such as when in the original Huo Fen Country, War Shrine cultivator Zhou Jin had given him a Yuan Ying stage Jade Talisman.

The biggest feature of Yuan Ying stage magic weapon is enormous spiritual force fluctuations, comparing it to Dan treasure there is a difference of heaven and earth.

Aside from that Jade talisman, according to Wang Lin’s analysis that teleporting Flying sword should also be a Yuan Ying stage magic weapon, if not for his blood refining technique, afraid that he wouldn’t have been able to refine it and would have been simply impossible to use.

Thinking of this, his mind couldn’t help but think of the plain looking sheath which after combining with the teleporting flying sword could increase its power, about the sheath even Situ Nan said that he could not fathom it, it must surely rank above Yuan Ying magic weapon, possibly even above Spirit Forming and Ying Bian, after all making Situ Nan to be unable to see through, there are not many things like that.

Wang Lin sighed inwardly, but unfortunately this magic weapon along with his storage bag was crushed by Teng Hua Yuan. Wang Lin’s eyes flashed suddenly, thought that this shouldn’t be right, if indeed that sheath was such a treasure, then with Teng Hua Yuan’s Yuan Ying stage cultivation, shouldn’t have had the ability to destroy.

If not destroyed, then what happened with that sheath?

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed a few times, then he rose to his feet, pacing back and forth a few times, he picked up a storage bag filled with low level materials, and transferring his spiritual force to his two fingers, gently pinched, suddenly the storage bag burst open with a bang, turning into layers of ash before dissipating.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a look of intense focus, staring at the process of the storage bag bursting open, after a long time he took out another storage bag and crushed it again, after doing the same several times, Wang Lin’s eyes had a thoughtful look.

Although the storage bag was destroyed, but the material inside was not, similar to countless rows of lattice doors, the grid outside the door is the storage bag, although the lock may be broken, the plaid is permanently stored but in fact, the items inside are saved.

If one can find a method to open the lattice door again, it would not be impossible to retrieve the stuff inside.

Wang Lin pondering a little, sit down cross-legged and picking up the scroll painting, looked at it with rapt attention, it was certainly not a Yuan Ying level magic weapon, as for why even after imprinting it with divine consciousness it was not reacting, Wang Lin was still speculating, after thinking for a moment, suddenly unwinded the scroll painting and a look of concentrating appeared on his face.

The scroll painting is entirely black, there is not a single drawn object.

While watching, Wang Lin felt a hint of crisis suddenly, entering like lightning into his mind, he could see a pair of triangular eyes full of evil in varying colour, suddenly appearing on the scroll, followed by a roaring noise crashing near his ears, accompanied by the dramatic rippling of the scroll surface.

Wang Lin without a second thought immediately closed the scroll, the angry roar could still be heard from the inside, but slowly trailing it completely disappeared.

Wang Lin could feel his forehead sweating, just a moment ago, the roaring in the scrolls was in no way inferior to the fourteenth valley’s Dragon corpse’s dying roar, except that it was limited to the scroll and it didn’t spread any spiritual force fluctuations.

At this point, he finally knew why even after imprinting it with his divine consciousness the scroll wasn’t reacting, the reason was that the scroll was only the seal, the true power of this magic weapon lay with the picture of the beast within it.

Carefully putting away the scroll painting, Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, after a long time took out a Gold Dan from a storage bag, it’s color was already dark, from the storage bag suddenly took out hundreds of Gold Dans most of them had their color darken, revealing a gray colour.

If it was in the past, Wang Lin would have ingested the Gold Dan immediately after taking them out, but along the way Li MuWan had whispered that although cultivation rate increases with swallowing Gold Dans, but it is likely to make random variations in the Spiritual force, thereby causing the body’s qi to become chaotic, and since the different Gold Dans from different bodies have different properties, once too many of them are swallowed, its direct impact is imbalancing the five elements in the body, would then cause mind to be sometimes clear, sometimes fuzzy.

Hearing the remark, although Wang Lin was unwilling but dismissed the idea of directly ingesting the Gold Dan, according to Li MuWan if they are refined and the five elements are balanced, then there would be no future problem.

However such a method of refining, should come under the Devil realm, Li MuWan had only heard about but didn’t know about any specific method. Wang Lin pondering a little, put the Gold dan back into the storage bag intending to use after he finds the method of pairing the five elements.

Later, Wang Lin took out the Dragon’s tendons, with a flick the Devil was thrown out from the inside, who after turning a circle in mid-air, with an expression of being aggrieved, he watched Wang Lin.

The red light on the Devil’s body was already quite strong, Wang Lin coldly glanced at him and said: “To what degree has your cultivation been restored?”

The Devil cautiously stepped back, before quickly saying: “Just returned to Late Foundation building stage, unless that sword spirit keeps scrambling with me, I would be able to return to Jie Dan stage.”

Wang Lin sneered, stared at the Devil without saying anything, gradually the Devil felt scared and stepped back a few steps, before whispering: “I’m at the peak Late Foundation building stage, the Jie Dan stage is only one step away.” Then he cursed in his heart, “ if you compel I, your father again, then I, your father would stake it all to fight you”, but this was only an idea, the devil himself admitted that let alone fighting, he wasn’t even able to eat any good fruits.

Cold light flashed in Wang Lin’s eyes, grasping out with a large hand, the Devil screamed and was about to flash out, but he was surprised to find that he was imprisoned from all sides, could only watch as he was caught and dragged towards Wang Lin.

Wang Lin reached out into the Devil’s ethereal body, gradually a trace of red qi shed from its body, and a fist sized Gold Dan appeared in its smoke like body.

The imposing manner slowly faded away from the Devil, as he said embarrassed: “What’s this? I must have swallowed too much, I just discovered that something like this is in me…..” As it talked, the coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes grew, it’s body immediately quivered and his eyes pleaded mercy.

Wang Lin after remaining silent for a while, suddenly asked: “Did your memories recover?”

The Devil started shaking immediately, its eyes revealed fear, this was its big secret, the instant that he became Jie Dan, in his mind suddenly a lot of pictures arrived, but he dared not tell, but when Wang Lin laid bare the truth, he was immediately startled to the core.

In his mind there was continuous yelling: “Should I fight with him? Fight? No, I probably can’t beat him…..it’s decided, I will fight!”

The Devil had finally made up his mind and was about to get into action when he suddenly looked up to see red lightning flashing in Wang Lin’s eyes, terrible pain began to emerge in his body, as he cried out miserably tossed away in the air, bursts of smoke billowing out from his body, even the size of Gold Dan was reduced.

Wang Lin’s Ji Realm Divine Consciousness would otherwise not have this much power, but he had once been a Soul Devourer, even though his Soul had been changed, but still the coercive force of the Soul Devourer and the ability to devour souls still remains.

This made him the Devil’s Predator, after the Devil cried out a number of times, Wang Lin recovered his divine consciousness, and the Devil immediately stood on one side, on his face there wasn’t the least bit of expression of rebelliousness, but there was an eagerness to flatter.

He was not afraid of other people, but he was afraid of Wang Lin, just a moment ago if the other person had wrapped him even half an incense stick longer, then the Gold Dan he had just formed would have been broken off.

“You have swallowed many Souls, spit them out and give them to me.” Wang Lin said in a flat tone maintaining his usual expression.


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