Xian Ni Chapter 155 – Sword Cultivation Afterimage

ObligatoryTLNote: The emotionless face cracks as feelings gush out from our cold as rock MC in this chapter. Enjoy!

Translator: Void
TLC: nomyummi, crazylovedbsk
Editor: Nahtaivel, Cheesy

If this stalemate were to continue, then he would be at a loss, this Battle Dragon Great Formation could only last as long as the time needed to burn two incense sticks, and he had already exhausted half it’s time. In the end, Xie DongLai was calculating in his heart exactly what course of action he should follow.

He had originally intended for the Jie Dan cultivators’ sword formation to trap the other party a little. Even if for a little while, he could exterminate the other party immediately, by killing him in one fell swoop in that critical moment. However those Elders were afraid, so as a last resort, he went out himself. Unfortunately, no one thought that the enemy would be able to see through the actual situation.

At this time, his situation was like riding a tiger as he stared at Wang Lin in silence.

Wang Lin’s eyes swept over the other party, pulling back Li MuWan a hundred feet again, his eyes revealed heavy ridicule. Xie DongLai sighed inwardly, retreating back and dropping onto the dragon head, he took a deep breath, and said in a flat tone: “Nevermind, this Old man admits defeat.” While saying that, he tapped with his feet on a point on the Dragon head, and the bursts of spiritual force started revolving back into the Dragon head.

The glow in the Dragon eyes started getting brighter, as the thick spiritual force spread rapidly downwards from Dragon head, Xie DongLai’s body trembled with the passage of spiritual force, and his face showed an expression of pain.

Slowly, his face began to show more and more pain, his swollen body slowly started shrinking and finally breathing heavily, he knelt down on the Dragon head, he seemed to have aged decades all of a sudden, as he looked up and said weakly: “Now that this Old man has conceded, from now on, would like to hear your orders, this is the Dou Xie Sect Master’s Writ.” Then he took out a block from his hand, shaped like a big triangular token of purple-red colour, extracting it through spiritual force with difficulty, the writ immediately started floating forward.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, glancing at Xie DongLai and glancing at the token, immediately narrowed his pupils and without hesitation pulled back several tens of feet along with Li MuWan.

The instant that Wang Lin retreated, in front of him appeared an afterimage of Xie DongLai, the afterimage had turned into sword light and instantaneously stabbed at Wang Lin at a breakneck speed.

Wang Lin’s speed was already fast, but still not as fast as the flying sword, after receding more than three hundred feet, the flying sword flashed out stabbing him in the chest, the speed of the flying sword was too fast, and even the flying sword glittering with crystal light with teleport would not be much better than it.

In a split second the flying sword had stabbed him in the chest. At this moment, the flying sword suddenly shook, the Dragon leather armor was able to defend against it, Wang Lin with two fingers like a plier clamped onto the blade of the flying sword.

Wang Lin looked gloomy, the other person’s flying sword had caught him off guard, thankfully had been able to put in a distance of a few hundred feet, which made it close call, if there was even a hint of delay the consequences would have been disastrous.

The flying sword after trembling a few times immediately broke down from the centre, a black flame was released from inside the sword, quietly wrapping the entire sword and it was soon reduced to ashes.

The moment the black flame appeared, Wang Lin removed his two fingers, and coldly stared at Xie DongLai on top of Dragon head.

An expression of regret appeared in Xie DongLai’s eyes, as his body turned into ash dispersing in an instant, this attack was his trump card, the biggest secret of his life.

“This……He is a Sword Cultivator!” Li MuWan lightly covered her gaping mouth, the expression of shock still rich on her face, the scene in front of her was enough to send thrills down her heart.

There were quite a few Sword Cultivators in Ancient times, but now, people only cultivate flying swords, using the flying swords as just one of their magic weapons.

Sword Cultivators, whether it be in speed or attack power are superior to ordinary cultivators, frequently coming out on top of them, they also have a number of various top level chants, moreover they receive the best quality flying swords, so their sword cultivation can display really fearsome might.

The quality of Xie DongLai’s chants was obviously inferior and the flying sword was also common, otherwise with the fearsome might of Sword cultivation and his Mid Jie Dan cultivation, he would have certainly been able to sweep across NanDou City and would not have been so suppressed.

In single combat, he can use his flying sword as a surprise attack, but if there are more than one enemy, he would not be able to disperse the attack, as he would get only one shot opportunity.

After this attack, a sword dan shot out from Xie DongLai’s body, this sword dan was in fact, his Gold Dan, he had initially thought that he would win by surprise, but unfortunately he still lost in the end.

Xie DongLai’s death undoubtedly pleased the two brothers Mu Nan and Mu Bei, as the two in unison taking the hint immediately bowed towards Wang Lin and said in a high voice: “Welcome the Master!”

Shangguan Mo cursed the shamelessness of the two brothers in his heart, but then quickly went to Wang Lin and bowing sternly said: “Congratulations Senior Teacher, you became Dou Xie Sect’s Master.”

The ten elders of Dou Xie Sects, at this time had taken back their flying swords, with their faces full of awkwardness, after a bit of silence, one by one bent in the direction of Wang Lin in salute, the meaning was self-evident.

As for the ten thousand disciples on the dragon scales, their bodies’ spiritual force had been mostly consumed by Xie DongLai, so they were struggling to get it back again, looking at the crimson red “PUNISH” atop Wang Lin’s head which was oozing blood, they greeted in a loud voice.

Xie DongLai had died, but there was no joy in Wang Lin’s mind, there was actually a feeling of helplessness, in the world of cultivation there is no right or wrong, only in order to survive one must destroy the threats at the roots, if he had not gone out and waited for them instead, then he would have had to face endless counter-attacks from Dou Xie Sect.

To protect oneself, it is important to let everybody know that he is not someone that can be easily provoked, and once provoked the consequences would be serious. Wang Lin in the Sea of Devils had for the first time set up his dominance.

This time his dominance had been successfully established, at least within a radius of a million miles from NanDou city, there was almost no one who wasn’t aware of it. As for the mountains of blood and sea of corpses that were lined up, all those who had their minds set on the killing warrant, quickly dispelled that thought from their mind.

Looking down at the ten thousand cultivators worshipping him with bent knees, Wang Lin raised his head, looking at the inland sea, he thought: “Teng HuaYuan, in revenge there is nothing like good or devil immortal, as long as one has strength worth mentioning, one can even become the Devil King, how about that! ! !” [TLNote: Fun fact, Wang in Wang Lin means King, so Devil King could also be said to be Devil Wang]

The corner of his lips turned into a sneer, as his eyes swept away, and pointing at Shangguan Mo said: “Starting today, you shall be the Master of Dou Xie Sect!”

Shangguan Mo was hesitant and was about to speak, but seeing the coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes he was shocked to the core and quickly swallowed back his words, before saying “Yes”.

“Go prepare a private room for me, I am going to do closed door practise.” Wang Lin after throwing out these cold words, relaxed his body, and pulling Li MuWan leapt over Dou Xie Sect below.

Soon the private room was prepared, it was the room that Xie DongLai had constructed for himself. Within it Wang Lin sat down cross-legged and looking around saw a complex expression on Li MuWan’s face, so he plainly said: “After my closed door practise is done, I will send you back, for now you are free to move.” With that said, he closed his eyes and went into meditation.

Li MuWan stared at Wang Lin for a long time, then finally whispered in a low voice: “Thank you…..” Then bearing waves of anxiety in her heart, she turned and left the Dragon head.

After she left, Wang Lin opened his eyes, it was devoid of its previous ruthlessness, and there was a trace of confusion, the confusion grew more and more concentrated and later transformed into sorrow, his mind couldn’t help but recall the scene from back then…..

“Tie Zhu, ah you are no longer a boy, many people have come to arrange marriage, your mother has heard that even Immortals can get married, since you have come back, don’t go, go see your mother and come back, ok.”

“You brat, you are amongst the oldest children in the village, still running around everywhere.”

“My child’s mother, you say that you worry every day, but our family’s Tie Zhu is an Immortal, you know who an Immortal is? How can you find a Mortal Wife for him? Tie Zhu think about it, and bring back an immortal daughter-in-law, ok?”

“What good are Immortals, Immortals do not come back for five years, If I had an Immortal Daughter-in-law, then perhaps won’t come back in even ten years time.

“Ok, listen you father, this child of yours has a high vision and despises the girls in the village, this mother will be waiting to see what you are able to bring back in the end.”

“Mother, do not worry, your son will bring back a good daughter-in-law.”

Gradually, two streams of blood and tears fell from his eyes, Wang Lin fiercely clenched his fist. After a long time, he wiped the blood and tears from his eyes, flinging his right hand in the direction of the wall, and suddenly the mouth of the Dragon closed, as the teeth of the Dragon joined together leaving no cracks.

After laying down a few formations, Wang Lin pressed his right hand between his eyebrows, and the Heaven Revolting Bead condensed in his Sea of Consciousness, as he disappeared from that place, at this moment, even the big “PUNISH” atop his head disappeared.

This was the first time Wang Lin had entered Heaven Revolting Space after attaining Jie Dan stage, and the instant he entered, Shangguan Mo who was fiercely berating the Jie Dan Elders, suddenly felt his body quiver, he could clearly feel that the Fiend had disappeared.

To be precise, it was his soul blood that had disappeared, gone without the slightest trace, which immediately made him feel scared so he quickly went out and looking at the Dragon head after a long time, slowly turned around, disbelief written on his face.

Li MuWan who had just went down the Dragon body, also was stunned as she looked up to the Head, after a little silence, she sighed loudly.

Situated somewhere in the Dream space, Situ Nan’s huge YuanYing was floating cross-legged in mid-air, eyes closed, with a close to transparent body, lines of spiritual force flowing could be seen inside. Besides him, two faint milky light balls floated quietly on both sides.

Wang Lin standing beneath the YuanYing, stared at the two balls of light, weakly kneeling down and knocking his head several times on the ground, murmured: “Father, Mother, don’t worry, Tie Zhu will bring back a good daughter-in-law for you, but not now…..”

After a long time, Wang Lin took a deep breath, moving his vision onto Situ Nan’s YuanYing, his eyes revealed a deep gratitude, as he whispered: “Situ, don’t you worry, I am now Jie Dan stage, after Yuan Ying, Spirit Forming, someday, I will reach Ying Bian stage, and at that time I will get you out from here and will surely help you select a good body, this is my Wang Lin’s, promise to you!”

With that, Wang Lin rose to his feet, bowing deeply to Situ Nan, as he left with a flash disappearing from that place.


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