Xian Ni Chapter 154 – Battle Dragon Great Formation

ObligatoryTLNote: The chronicles of our “Death Omen” continues.

Translator: Void, Crazylovedbsk
TLC: NomYummi
Editor: Nahtaivel

As a result they naturally sped up a lot.

Wang Lin while flying, was reexamining his divine consciousness. The Ji Realm Divine Consciousness, after a series of battles, had some wear and tear. The red lightning was being nourished deep within the Sea of Consciousness and slowly replenished itself.

By noon the next day, Dou Xie Sect teachers had all assembled, it appeared eye-catching as expected. Wang Lin’s Divine Consciousness had been restored, raising his head expectantly, he saw a huge mountain peak, on top of the peak at a first glance there appeared to be a man who seem to be toying with his Dragon. The entire mountain at first glance, appeared as if a Dragon was encircling it, and on top of it stood the white haired person atop the dragon’s head, who had a cloudy frost complexion as he coldly looked at Wang Lin.

Above the person on the dragon’s head, were ten airborne Jie Dan Cultivators who after seeing Wang Lin, all had fear and horror in their eyes. The ten people formed a circle, with ten flying swords intertwined in the middle, issuing sounds of collisions, and flashing electric sparks.

The Person on the dragon’s head waved his hand, and immediately two light bursts of spiritual energy came out from the dragon body, especially the Dragon scales, when looked at closely, on each slice of Dragon scale, there stood a cultivator. Thus, ten thousand sword lights flashed and from afar, it was as if the entire Dragon’s body had come to life!

“Battle Dragon Great Formation!” Shangguan Mo mused, looking attentively.

Mu Bei standing to the side quickly explained: “This Battle Dragon Great Formation, is Dou Xie Sect Garrison Defense Formation, it is rumoured that except Yuan Ying stage cultivators nobody can get rid of it, but it is mostly false, and only few people believe it, since after all in the entire Nandou City, there is almost no sect which has such a powerful formation.”

Wang Lin being slightly versed in formations, was looking around a little, when suddenly Li MuWan said: “This is not a formation, but a wonderful magic technique, by using these ten thousand people spirits, it can temporarily give him a certain level of cultivation.”

At this time, the person atop the Dragon’s head with eyes like electricity, spoke in a roaring voice: “Daoyou with the Death Warrant in his body, this Old man is Xie DongLai of Dou Xie Sect. The Dou Xie Sect has thirteen thousand five hundred and sixty two cultivators. All this happened because Great Elder Qian Kun provoked you, but he has been killed. Today you have come here, if you are capable of breaking my Dou Xie Sect Sword Formation, then from that point onward the Dou Xie Sect will listen to you, but if you lose, then you must give this Old man your Dan, do you dare to fight?!”

The grandiose sound fell like thunder shocks onto the ground, meanwhile on the dragon scales, the ten thousand people all shouted loudly in unison, the dense fog in the sky billowed out in layers as ripples emerged on it. The ten thousand sword lights sparkling with spiritual energy rapidly came out, gradually it even became visible to the naked eye as a ring of light as it came from the bottom rising up, the more it condensed, the stronger the pressure of the spiritual force became.

At the same time, the ten airborne Jie Dan cultivators quickly rushed towards Wang Lin.

Wang Lin released his grip on Li MuWan, rushed out himself with red lightning flashing in his eyes. The ten Jie Dan cultivators had not even approached close, yet their bodies started trembling. Though all ten had come to know of the other party’s strength through various channels, but now seeing the opponent charging, they could not help but pause.

Wang Lin glanced at them, then flicked his right hand, and the thousand corpses that were being pulled by the Dragon’s tendons, at once moved to strike fiercely against the giant Dragon.

The thousands of corpses hit the roaring dragon, but were impeded by a light curtain barrier. One after another turning into blood mist, and instantly the entire Dou Xie Sect’s perimeter defense screen was dyed dark red.

The huge ring of light passed down from the dragon to the man atop the dragon head. He found it difficult to breathe, as a tremendous aura spread out from his old body. The sound of clothes being torn apart could be heard, as his body suddenly grew several times.

Enormous Spiritual force, like wild waves, spread out from him, the Old man growled a few times, his cultivation had jumped up straight from Mid Jie Dan stage to Late Jie Dan stage, reaching the Early Yuan Ying yet it was not the real Yuan Ying stage but the Fantasy Ying realm.

This Fantasy Yuan Ying realm generally appeared in the human puppets refined in some higher ranked Cultivation Countries.

Xie DongLai growled, his body soared toward the sky. Eyes cold, he looked in the direction of those Jie Dan cultivators and shouted, “Useless trash, this old man orders you to fuck off!”

The ten Jie Dan cultivators, all revealing expressions of anger and resentment, quickly retreated to the sidelines, to wait and watch coldly.

Xie DongLai’s eyes swept over Wang Lin, as he grinned and said: “While you were on the way here, the rumours about were all being collected by me. It seems under Yuan Ying nobody is your opponent, but now this Old Man is already Yuan Ying in strength, now let’s see how you defeat me!”

Li MuWan went pale and looked at Wang Lin out of concern, only to find an expression of ridicule in Wang Lin’s eyes, she did not know why, but at that time her mind relaxed.

The two brothers Mu Nan and Mu Bei were secretly cursing in their hearts, originally they had thought that Wang Lin would win, but now they could see that the situation had been reversed. Now they were waiting for Wang Lin to be defeated and face the anger of Teacher Xie DongLai, they knew that there was brutal regulations for dealing with traitors in the Dou Xie Sect.

Shangguan Mo’s soul blood was with Wang Lin, if Wang Lin died then he would die too, so he could feel drums beating in his mind as he desperately searched for a way to break the formation.

Wang Lin sneered in his heart, and leapt up to fly, coming to within thirty feet of Xie DongLai, looking coldly at him.

“You’re not going to use your Death Curse Technique? Let this Old man see the power of your Death curse technique!” Xie DongLai instantly disappeared only to appear thirty feet away.

The instant Wang Lin’s opponent disappeared, his body floated backwards, and retreated to 500 feet outside the great dragon. Xie DongLai teleported once again and Wang Lin retreated again ending up 700 feet outside, coolly looking at Xie DongLai, showing a thoughtful expression.

Xie DongLai furrowed his brows, staring at Wang Lin, and coldly sneered, “In the end, what is your intention?”

In Wang Lin’s eyes was a deep thoughtful expression. His eyes flashed and he flatly said, “I won’t play anymore.” Then, his body moved, flew next to Li MuWan, held her soft waist with one arm, and immediately retreated until 1000 feet away onto a mountain peak. After landing his eyes flashed and gazed at Xie DongLai laughing grimly endlessly.

Xie DongLai’s brows furrowed tighter and tighter, and growled, “Since it’s like this, that matter……” He had yet to finish speaking when his body suddenly disappeared from where it was, and reappeared in front of Wang Lin. He laughed maliciously, opened his mouth agape and spout/belched out a white light. The white light transformed into a fierce tiger, roaring as it pounced towards Wang Lin.

At the same time he brandished his right hand. 30 feet all around Wang Lin, a huge undulating lightning net immediately appeared, ruthlessly contracting towards the center.

Wang Lin’s expression was the same as ever; the corners of his mouth lifted in a sneer. The moment the tiger pounced, the Devil in the Dragon Tendons promptly leapt out, maniacally laughing, and swallowed the tiger in one mouthful.

Meanwhile, the glittering flying sword flickered out, the electric net surrounding the 30 feet around him emitted crackling “pi-snap-bang” sounds. The flying sword flickered and attacked numerous times. Unable to bear it, the lighting net immediately disintegrated.

As for Xie DongLai, above Wang Lin’s right hand suddenly appeared a cluster of ice flame emitting waves of ruthless cold air. The moment that ice flame appeared, Xie DongLai’s expression changed greatly. He promptly retreated back, but then he saw within Wang Lin’s eyes a red lightning flashed. His own divine consciousness shook at once.

Divine Consciousness shaken, it caused his body to halt. So under, the ice flame soundlessly hit the pit of his stomach. On the spot hit, blue crystal tips rapidly cobwebbed, spreading in all directions. The corner of Xie DongLai’s mouth spurted blood, his body rapidly drew back until after about 300 feet from the Dragon Head before it stopped.

Both his hands clutched at the mark, connecting several times with the pit of his stomach. Taking several pills of immortality in his mouth. After bellowing several times, the blue spider web shaped crystal tips that had spread to half his body slowly reversed and returned to the center. With a sound of thunder it was forced out from the pit of his stomach.

The ice flame flickered, the color dimmed lowly, and flew back to Wang Lin’s hand.

From start to finish, Wang Lin did not take the initiative to attack. He merely stood outside 1000 feet, sneering endlessly, eyes flashing with ridicule.

Xie DongLai stopped beating the pit of his stomach with his hand, and stared at Wang Lin. After a bit of silence, he suddenly asked, “How did you discover it?”

Wang Lin duly stated, “I didn’t discover anything. I Just knew, your aura at 300 feet and 500 ft were different that’s all. As for 1000 feet, it fell to the edge of Yuan Ying stage.”

Li MuWang is originally exceptionally intelligent, now she understood immediately, and softly said, “His injuries are fake too, right.”

“As far as being injured by ice flame, although it was real, but when after he returned to 300 feet, he’d already been cured by the dragon’s spiritual influence. In this way it’s artificial, but in order to lead me in, it’s only to fight with him within 300 feet.” It was the first time Wang Lin said so many sentences to Li MuWan. But even though these words were spoken to her, Wang Lin’s sight was continuously on Xie DongLai’s body.

Just now when he looked at the giant dragon for a moment, he was quite astonished. Hidden skills have this kind of magic. Then wouldn’t it actually be arrogant; so long as there are enough Spirit power providers, if you wanted to reach Spirit Forming Cultivation it would also not be impossible. If it truly was this way, then wouldn’t Dou Xie Sect already have become the master of Nan Dou City, and become the surrounding 1,000,000 miles rank one person.

Therefore, this kind of magic definitely has some fatal weakness. After a brief period, this is what every person would first conclude. Since it’s like this, the opponent must seize the initiative, and at the very least know what their time limit is. Calculating according to time, they can completely sidestep and make up for this shortcoming.

It seems as if this was the only weakness, then this magic’s power is nevertheless still extremely strong. Under Wang Lin’s careful observation, especially listening to the opposite party repeatedly demand himself to go forward and fight, as well as not immediately come to kill him after meeting him, he calculated a plan. At that time actually they fought the opponent was nearly at 900 feet.

The doubt in his heart lessened, only then did Wang Lin rush out and stood outside 300 feet, then 500 feet, 700 feet, until ending at 1000 feet. Only then was he able to analyze this magic’s fatal flaw.

Leaving further from the dragon head, the opponent’s cultivation just further drops.

At this time Xie Donglai’s complexion was overcast and unclear, there is a cultivator in the air, but he cannot go out. The other party was not as he expected, but generally very similar. Outside of 900 feet his cultivation would plummet, and beyond 1000 feet it’s unlikely he’ll win over the opponent. Even if the other party doesn’t fight, he only needs to step back a few feet if he is chased again, and the cultivation would go back to late Jie Dan stage.


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