Xian Ni Chapter 153 – NanDou Overwhelmed

ObligatoryTLNote: And the show continues….

Translators: Void, Crazylovedbsk
TLC: NomYummie
Editors: Nahtaivel


These cultivators were all at the Jie Dan stage, usually they would stay focused on practise. Whether it is NanDou city three Sects or Dou Xie Sect, they must all be courteous towards them to some degree.

Were it not for the killing at this time making them lose face, they would not have decided to show up.

“We have to act fast, otherwise if the news of this spreads, it will reach the Yuan Ying cultivators. Although there are no Yuan Ying cultivators within a million miles of NanDou city, but what about beyond the million miles? Once Yuan Ying cultivators comes here, we won’t have even the slightest chance.” An old man with a ruddy complexion but full of demonic qi distinguishable from normal qi, stated slowly while staring at the distant Wang Lin, slightly contracting his pupils.

“This man is at Early Jie Dan stage in cultivation, but how is he so fierce? You see even Shangguan Lao Mo has willingly become his disciple, so I am afraid that even if we get into action, we won’t be able get an advantage.” A skinny old man standing to the side, witnessing Wang Lin being at the early Jie Dan stage killing and scooping out Gold Dan, still felt lingering fear.

“And that flying sword, I have never seen such a strange flying sword, it actually can teleport !!” This is a technique that only Yuan Ying stage cultivators can grasp. The quality of that magic weapon is no less than Yuan Ying stage, it is even possible for it to be at Spirit Forming stage, the cultivators who were beheaded by it number into hundreds.”

“Humph, you all pay attention but didn’t even take note of the ten people already bounded by cords behind that fiend, they are no other than Dou Xie Sect elders. During the time he killed Jie Dans, he just kneads them to pieces like a reptile. If you are all still greedy, then that is your business, I, Ling Mou, will not take part in this. Goodbye!” These cultivators were rarely found talents, in one year you can’t even meet five. Their eyes staring at the distant Wang Lin who killed numerous men with downplayed ease, their faces showed profound fear. After the one who spoke finished talking, faced everyone, and clenched his fists, he quickly retreated. He patted his storage bag once and threw out a shuttle boat, sat on,and shot off through the air like a meteor; fleeing to a distant place.

The rest of the cultivators remained silent, suddenly one spoke: “The emissary from Inland Sea is coming, this old man will not accept to cup my hands in obedience and hand over my hundred years worth of savings, this is the only chance, if only I am able to kill this man, then I would be able to get a Cultivation pill, and would surely be able to get to Jie Dan Late Stage. That would definitely preserve my savings.”

“Me too, this Old man’s life is nearing the end. If I am unable to reach the next stage in the next ten years….So this time, I will definitely try!” An old man with his face full of wrinkles, said slowly while taking a deep breath.

Then, he took off and thunder lightning flashed as he moved towards Wang Lin’s position. After him, the cultivator who had just spoken, took a step and followed him turning into sword light.

The remaining cultivators all remained silent, but their eyes were fixed on the two men to observe the developments. If the duo had even the slightest success, they would immediately attack, however, if the duo turned hopeless, they all had decided to give up on considering that person as an enemy.

Meanwhile, Wang Lin split open the body of an already dead Jie Dan cultivator, taking the Gold Dan into his hands and throwing it into his storage bag, glancing at the many cultivators collapsing all around him, he sneered inwardly and looking back at the Dragon’s tendons, he said plainly: “Come out, starting today, you can swallow as many as you want.”

Having been suppressed in the Dragon’s tendons for so long, being surrounded by countless delicacies, Devil’s heart had been itching intolerably but he dared not go out due to Wang Lin’s orders, after hearing Wang Lin’s words, he immediately came out from one side of the dragon’s tendons, crazily pouncing on an escaping Jie Dan cultivators’ bodies, the cultivator’s bodies trembled and twitched, and after a while the body quickly withered turning into a skeleton, red light appeared from his head, the Devil roared ecstatically, and said: “Comfortable, I your father, can finally swallow as I like, hahaha, this time I will swallow enough to compensate for all that time.”

Wang Lin glanced at the Devil, then ignored him, but looking down at Li MuWan who was pale and staring at the Devil, tightly biting her lip.

She didn’t know what it was, just had a feeling the moment that the Devil appeared, she had a sense of horror, an expression of fear clearly visible.

Wang Lin retracting his vision, glanced coldly at the Devil, the Devil immediately went far away. It snickered in his heart, and thought that he didn’t want to be close to him anyway, the greater the distance the better. And the day when it so happens that he doesn’t have to meet him, that day would he be the most comfortable.

Unfortunately, he also knew that this was asking too much. The Devil while muttering to himself, chased after the escaping cultivators. Right when he showed a malicious grin and was about to pounce on them, suddenly a crystal light flashed around the cultivator’s chest. The Devil gawked for a long time, then after cursing out loud, continued to chase down the next cultivator. After finally catching up with it, he was about to swallow, but didn’t want the crystal light to come flashing…..

After the devil went away, Li MuWan’s mind gradually settled, slightly hesitant, lifting her beautiful picturesque cicada-like face, she softly asked: “It…..It is?”

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, within a hundred miles around him, the area was void of cultivators. After someone was killed by him, each one was tied up by the Dragon tendons, turning into a part of his cloak, fluttering behind him.

Through this War, Wang Lin’s name as a slaughterer, spread widely within the million miles scope of NanDou City. At this moment, the bodies behind him numbering over a thousand were spreading horizontally, it could be said that they could cover up the sky.

In particular, the size of the word atop his head had grown several times compared to before, and the bloody “PUNISH” word, no longer appeared as a temptation, but as a powerful proof of strength.

“That’s a Devil!” Wang Lin softly said, his eyes staring at a distance of a thousand miles away where two silhouettes, appeared to be escaping, he closed his eyelids and turned away.

“Shangguan Mo, Mu Nan, Mu Bei, have you three looked on enough?”

This cold and heartless voice was enough to numb the trio brains, Shangguan Mo’s body trembled as he quickly tightened his mind, and rushed towards the two cultivators that were escaping as monstrous waves were set off in his mind, though he already knew that the Death Omen was very strong, but he did not think that he was not only strong, but also could disregard any spell, ignoring all cultivations, with his heavenly force.

“Death Curse technique…..truly fearsome….I your father really mustn’t die now, and should do anything possible to practise this, if I your father really had this power then in the boundary of the Sea of Devils I would be able to go anywhere.” Shangguan Mo took a deep breath, he was no longer depressed about giving up his soul blood, on the contrary with a leisurely mood he flew in the sky.

Strength, is respected no matter where you are, this is true for the Sea of Devils also.

The two brothers Mu Nan and Mu Bei, had their attitude change in manner similar to Shangguan Mo, they were feeling overwhelmed, thinking inwardly that with this Death Omen’s strength, Dou Xie Sect would be simply unable to resist. Because of this, if they wanted to survive then they need a commander. [TLNote: This Death Omen is actually referring to Wang Lin and how he is sort of like the Harbinger of Death or something]

They glanced at the two escaping people, clenching their teeth, rushed away following was Shangguan Mo.

“Haha, if it’s not Ouyang Old man, long time no see, come on you and me, let’s make out!” Shangguan Mo staring at one of them, smiled cruelly, and waved his right hand at the same time, immediately a black sword came out of its sheath and reflecting a sharp sword light immediately went out.

As for the two Mu brothers, although they were both at Early Jie Dan stage, they were good at acting in concert, and even though they were at a bit of disadvantage at first, but somewhat distressed, they managed to pin them down a bit.

Wang Lin’s eyes swept away, converging on the two Jie Dan stage cultivators thousands of miles away, cold light blinked in his eyes.

All around the surviving cultivators were desperately flying far away. Each one of them crying in anxiety, anxious enough to try and give birth to more legs, in a hurry to leave, Wang Lin’s figure, like a brand had been deeply engraved in their hearts which they would never forget in this life.

Thousands of Miles away, the remaining four Mid Jie Dan stage cultivators, the Old Man with a ruddy complexion but full of air of an old person, shook his head and was about to turn to leave when suddenly his pupils contracted fiercely.

A Man and a Woman, stood about ten feet away from him, the man had a big “PUNISHDeath” word atop his head, out of which bloody intent was drifting out.

The other cultivators also became aware of there being something wrong, looking back they immediately went pale. They took out their magic weapons at once and went on guard while staring at Wang Lin, but didn’t dare to attack first.

Wang Lin glanced at the four, and said coldly: “Fuck Off!”

In the eyes of the four cultivators there were faint dews of gratitude, as the skinny old man expressed thanks and using his magic weapon left at terminal velocity, the other three people’s white complexion gradually became red, as one of them gradually stepping back, groaned lightly and said: “About today’s matter……”

Li MuWan sighed inwardly, she thought: “you’d better hurry up and leave, what use is talking bullshit”. Sure enough, not waiting for him to finish, Wang Lin frowned and waved his right hand, Ji Realm Divine Consciousness instantly coming out, the man screamed pitifully, as his eyes went red, holding his head with both hands, with a loud thud, his head scattered into blood, and his blood stained Gold Dan, flew into the hands of Wang Lin.

The remaining two cultivators did not say a thing and just ran. Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, gazed at the two people, Ji Realm Divine Consciousness suddenly came forth, leaving an imprint on the two’s bodies.

At this moment, a high pitched shriek emitted from a cultivator fighting hand in hand with Shangguan Mo, after that the cultivator tried to flee in a panic. He had yet to fly far, when a glittering light and the Devil’s red light appeared simultaneously. The Devil snarled, “You’re trying to snatch mine again; you can’t snatch this one, this is mine!”

Only, he still took one step, a glittering light flashed, and a great hole appeared in the pit of that cultivator’s stomach.

After the time it takes to burn half an incense stick, the Mu brothers’ fight against the Jie Dan cultivator, and Shangguan Mo’s sneak attack died down. Wang Lin moved his body and the glittering flying sword entered his body, and the Devil with a heart full of unwillingness, reluctantly went back into the Dragon Tendons.

“Continue leading the way.” Wang Lin’s voice was brimming with coldness, murderous intent stifling.

Wang Lin knew clearly in his mind, if you want to gain a foothold here, you must establish your might. Dou Xie Sect will be a good choice to establish his might.

Right now, the two brothers Mu Nan and Mu Bei were already deeply admiring Wang Lin. Especially Mu Bei, from his eyes admiration unrestrainedly gushed. He quickly flew ahead, pointing and leading the way towards Dou Xie Sect.

Behind Wang Lin, the dense and numerous corpse, emitted bursts of Death Qi. This was a more intimidating force than any words could be. Once everyone who had their malicious intent concealed along the way, saw those thousand corpses, each and every one of them lost all the color in their faces. One after another tried to flee away, too afraid to get involved.


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      it is a type of energy force thing. i forgot the levels but there are 4 earth. ji. tian. and xuan i think. and ji is like the 2nd most powerful or pure in essence and so it just means the energy and consciousness he is using is OP. i might be wrong though you would need to read the beginning of the second arc or season to understand more.

      • Random Stranger August 6, 2015 / 2:54 am

        Ji is the most powerful but is limited to Jie Dan stage and it’s way of being obtained is unknown, Wang Lin may be able to advance further thanks to the fact that his qi is a mixture betwean ji and one other(caused during return from the rift in the war place) or may obtain dragon pill since it lifts all cultivation restrictions. The one known as number one doesn’t have that restriction that’s why it’s number one but (ji realm vs number one realm) at the same cultivation stage will always win.

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      • ravelord August 6, 2015 / 9:50 am

        It is in fact the most powerful and malicious, but have it’s own problems, like that any cultivator of the Ji Realm cannot cross Yuan Ying.

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        Even tough it is only the second most powerful, when it comes to offensive power, it is unrivalled. He would still be able to kill, if not insta kill, someone even if they had the earth realm conciousness.

    • xandarth August 6, 2015 / 11:21 am

      As I understand it (and I may be wrong) there are 4 Realms in the series of which I can remember the details of 3. Each Realm is essentially a school of thought or methodology for Cultivating, but it involves actual changes to the spirit of the cultivator as well.

      I’m not actually sure Realm is a good translation and remember Void being a little conflicted over it as well, leading to a poll which probably got us the worst result. Maybe School, Path or Way would have been better. The Realm itself seems to refer to the Realm of the Soul or something like that.

      The first Realm is the basic cultivation path most people take to reach the YuanYing stage. This is what the MC was originally learning. It is almost impossible to advance beyond the Yuan Ting Stage with this method.

      The second Realm was named something like the Heaven Realm and this Realm makes it easiest to reach the stage after Yuan Ying. Most Yuan Ying practitioners of the first Realm try to switch to this Realm so they can advance to the next stage. Besides making training and breakthroughs easier, I don’t know if this Realm has any advantages.

      I can’t remember what the Third Realm was all about – it was covered as a side-note in a single chapter from memory and most of the talk was about the Second Realm. It’s less cool that the Ji Realm, provides some short term benefits but isn’t as good for advancement as the Second Realm.

      The last Realm Ji Realm, massively improves your battle power (I think through the utilisation of Yin energy) – but makes breakthrough beyond Yuan Ying impossible (with a single exception to this in the past). Peak Yuan Ying Ji Realm cultivators are typically unstoppable by anyone short of Level 6 Nations (so two levels above Yuan Ying).

      There’s been hints that the stone orb allows a Ji Realm Cultivator to progress past Yuan Ying. The guy who did that in the past, was responsible for destroying entire clusters of stars and perhaps galaxies.

    • letheed August 6, 2015 / 10:57 pm

      You can reread chapters 91, 105 and 125 for details.

      I see it as some sort of colouring of your training and your spiritual energy. There are three realms: Ji, Dao and Shi.
      Ji is basically an offensive-oriented realm that give a massive advantage over anyone in the same stage as you. The big drawback is that practitioner of the Ji realm can’t go beyond the Yuan Ying stage; except for one guy in history which turned out as a massive interplanetar catastrophe over thousands of years. That could possibly be linked to the end of the Ancient era.
      Dao helps practitioners reach the Spiritual forming stage faster.
      Shi cannot be practiced (nor be comprehended) below Spiritual forming stage and helps practioners evolve faster beyond that stage. Shi would kind of be the opposite of Ji.
      As I understand it, I don’t think it is possible to practice two realms or even to change from a realm to another.
      Also it seems to me that traditionally realms are associated with spiritual energy. The special circumstances (divine consciousness battle having lost all of his spiritual training and energy) under which Wang Lin regained the Ji realm, would make him the first practitioner who developed a divine consciousness Ji realm. So I’m not sure where he stands now on the Yuan Ying limitation. It is likely that it was possible only because the celestial bead was infused in his soul instead of being an exernal object (since he had Qi Ji realm before he was killed). I take it the bead is, if not entirely, at least to some extent, responsible for Wang Lin’s Ji realm practice.

      Anyone feel free to correct my mistakes…

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