Xian Ni Chapter 152 – Bloody Killing Expedition Trail

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Translators: Void, Crazylovedbsk
TLC: NomYummie
Editor: Nahtaivel



Golden Soul Blood wafted out from between Shangguan Mo’s eyebrows, emitting bursts of soft light. Wang Lin maintained his usual expression, glancing at Shangguan Mo, he motioned with his right hand and the soul blood immediately flew into his hands.

After scanning it, Wang Lin swallowed it without a second thought. The soul blood entered his sea of consciousness, and was immediately wrapped by Ji Realm Divine Consciousness. At this time, with just a thought he could instantly kill Shangguan Mo.

Similarly, if Wang Lin dies, then the other party would not be able to escape death.

Soul Blood, in fact is not much different from restrictions, but it is more useful than that. However, even though the sea of consciousness may seem sturdy and the soul blood may seem fragile, if one swallows too much soul blood, there can be unimaginably dire consequences.

Therefore, the Soul blood can only be used as temporary restrictions. The majority of cultivators do not resort to it very often, since there are thousands of restrictions which can achieve the same effect.

In addition to that, Soul blood must be willingly offered by the cultivator, so unless in addition to greater strength one also has immense magical power, it is impossible to forcibly extract.

Shangguan Mo was also forced, he had resigned himself to the fact that the other party would not let him off easily. Most likely his body would be placed under heavy restrictions, that is why he pleaded so much to the other party to receive him as disciple. He had been prepared, this act of acknowledging the other party as Master, was just an excuse to give the other party a higher standing.

However, he did not expect the other party to remain unmoved, so under desperation, in order to save his life, he voluntarily gave his soul blood. After seeing the other party accept it, his panicked mood eased a bit.

Wang Lin glanced coldly at him, then turning to Mu Nan said coldly: “Continue to lead the way!”

When Wang Lin killed the first Dou Xie Sect Elder, he had already made up his mind. This matter would not end nicely. Having killed Dou Xie Sect people, if they were ordinary comrades nothing much would happen, but since Elders were killed, the other party will certainly investigate down to the very last thing. Wang Lin is no longer the naive, simple-minded youngster he was in previous years; he’s gained a lot of experience whether it be in mindset or how he handle things.

That time killing Teng Li actually caused a series of events, allowing Wang Lin to make up his mind now. Since he’s killed one, might as well simply kill ten; since he’s already killed ten, to eliminate future dangers, just eliminate the entire Dou Xie Sect.

Only by eliminating Dou Xie Sect’s entire clan, can he put a permanent end to any future misfortunes. With this mindset, Wang Lin dragged Li Muwan, jumped in a flash, at the same time used his Gravity technique to change into two giant hands that grabbed Mu Nan and Mu Bei, and ruthlessly threw them forward.

The two brothers paled, but didn’t dare complain. They promptly settled into a tight formation, leading the way ahead.

As for Shangguan Mo, he wiped the cold sweat off his forehead, and followed closely behind. He was extremely bitter, but didn’t dare show any hint of it on his face for fear of provoking that fiend killing intent again.

“Death Curse Technique……he definitely used the Death Curse Technique, a person who is able to practice this sort of ruthless method is certainly no small matter.” Shangguan Mo racked his brains privately, taking occasional furtive glances in Wang Lin’s direction.

Li Muwan had some ambiguous feelings floating in her heart. She raised her head and looked at Wang Lin. Even while dreaming she wouldn’t have thought that he would unexpectedly be at the Jie Dan stage. Furthermore, on the whole way here it seems he really was what he said at the time they left the cave.

“Under the Yuan Ying stage, I am unrivaled.”

Thinking back on these years spent in the Sea of Devils, Li Muwan dared to dream again. Everything now compared to her life before was as different as Heaven and Earth.

The previous Li Muwan, apart from enjoying meditating everyday, refined Dan medicines. Occasionally she’d leave for a walk and her older brother would accompany her. With her brother’s protection, she didn’t run into much danger going home.

On top of that she is naturally smart, especially regarding the methods of refining pills of immortality, she’s a rarely seen genius. She was Elder Luo Hemen’s favorite and he cherished her even more. Within the sect, there were rather many fellow members who wished to woo her, but not a single one of these men could move her heart.

The first time she saw Wang Lin, she mistakenly thought he was a spoiled brat, and almost acted on that misunderstanding. Thinking back on it now, if she really fought him that time, she felt dread thinking that even if her older brother was the one to fight, neither would’ve been a match for the Wang Lin at that time. With her current understanding of Wang Lin, the only end for such people is to be completely murdered by Wang Lin. Including herself, even if her demeanor was more elegant, she was afraid that he would show no mercy.

“He’s a merciless man……” Li Muwan looked at Wang Lin and sighed to herself. Over these last few years, she was already convinced, Wang Lin could never have those kinds of thoughts towards her, because in his eyes she’s just an Alchemy furnace.

In Li Muwan’s heart floated a hint of bitterness. This faint feeling became more and more concentrated and spread through her whole body soon after. While Wang Lin hurriedly flew, his brows furrowed, and he glanced at Li Muwan. Muttering a bit to himself, he coldly said, “You don’t need to worry, after I deal with my affairs, I will send you back to Huo Fen Country myself.”

Li Muwan paled even more, she bit her lip and gently nodded.

The two were silent for a while. Suddenly, the two brothers Mu Nan and Mu Bei who were traveling in front came to a stop. The two’s faces were overcast and uncertain; ahead of them, in the dense fog, the shadows of over a hundred cultivators appeared. Each and every single one gazed at the Wang Lin’s giant blood red “PUNISH“. The greed in their eyes could not be disguised, but in their eyes a hint of dread could be seen as well.

With a sweep of his icy gaze, Wang Lin dully said, “Continue, if anyone obstructs, kill them.”

Shangguan Mo quickly said yes, a backdoor chance for him had arrived; this time he definitely had to perform well. Once he came to this conclusion, he jumped out and joined Mu Nan and Mu Bei in standing together. Laughing cruelly he said, “The group of Foundation Building, you listen well, anyone who obstructs us, die!”

As the group continued in their way, these cultivators ducked away one after the other. These people originally didn’t even intend to fight. Each and everyone just wanted to see, after all who was the center of the rumors and was marked by the Ten Thousand Devils Hundred Days Killing Warrant.

In particular, the ten dragon tendon bundled corpses behind Wang Lin made the people’s hearts tremble. Even if they wanted to attack, they would hesitate for a short while.

It’s just that the news of this death warrant spread too quick. Every cultivator within one hundred miles of Nan Dou city knew of this serious matter. Each and every one flew out, scouting news everywhere. Gradually, the number of cultivators gathering in midair grew more and more.

In that way during Wang Lin’s group flight, they’d meet some cultivators like these almost every few moments. Since there were too many cultivators, it was difficult to avoid losing flight speed. Wang Lin was impatient and coldy humphed in his heart. Seeing how practically all the cultivators had greed showing in their eyes, made his killing intent slowly rise.

And there were still more cultivators following behind, their eyes twinkling, with apparent malicious intention.

Mu Nan and Mu Bei felt scared from the bottom of their heart, although they were Jie Dan stage cultivators, but along the way they encountered numerous cultivators that had even more profound cultivations than theirs. Even some who they only had heard about but never saw, as the old fellows one by one came from afar following them.

This was causing the duo to feel alarmed and afraid, let alone them, even Shangguan Mo also felt his heart racing. Smiling inwardly, he thought that if this trend continues, there is no guarantee that it will not attract the attention of people even in a million mile radius of NanDou City. Then it would be hard to say if even the Yuan Ying cultivators might come or not.

He was feeling anxious, wondering how was it that this Malignant Deity had not acted yet. If he was in that position, he would have killed everyone in all directions, only to add a deterrent effect with his vicious methods, in order to prevent such a phenomenon. Otherwise people would keep piling up and would cause trouble when possible.

Surrounded by countless cultivators, Li MuWan felt a bit scared, but after glancing at Wang Lin, she regained her peace of mind.

The coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes was getting increasingly heavy, and finally he stopped flying. Looking at the people all around, his lips curved into a cold smile, and projected his voice as cold as a glacier far and wide: “After three breaths, all those who remain here, Die!”

Then, he closed his eyes, after resting a bit, Wang Lin opened his eyes, as the red lightning flashed in his eyes. While his left hand released Li MuWan’s wrist and grabbed her at her belly, there wasn’t enough time to feel the soft body in his hands, as by that time he was already rushing backwards at a thunderous speed.

Ji Realm Divine Consciousness spread out like crazy, as a crystal light flew out from his mouth, and disappeared after flashing a few times, this was the first time, Wang Lin had launched large scale attacks.

Within the range of Ji Realm Divine Consciousness, Foundation building Cultivators were killed as simple as ants being crushed, letting out pitiful cries as they perished, as people who looked on in horror quickly retreated.

Gradually, most of the cultivators utilizing the LingQi in their bodies to the fullest, escaped rapidly. But they wouldn’t be able to go far before a crystal light would flash, their head would burst open, and they would die scattering blood everywhere.

Wang Lin was wearing an ice-cold expression, his eyes revealing ruthlessness. His two eyes would appear having cold light at first glance, wherever they would visit, each and every cultivator would die bleeding from all the seven apertures, howling miserably as he died.
[TLNote: the seven apertures of the human head = 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, 1 mouth ]

Each corpse that would fall from the sky, would get bound by the dragon tendons that would split off a branch and pull it back.

Wang Lin did not slow down in the slightest, his body moved even faster, he was picking off the Jie Dan cultivators, as for those Foundation building cultivators, he didn’t care in the slightest.

At this moment all the cultivators surrounding Wang Lin, were no longer feeling greedy, but instead deep fear. The “PUNISH” atop Wang Lin, for each person he killed became a bit more thicker in colour. By the end, in the night light, the colour of the “PUNISH” appeared as if it was oozing out thick blood.

Besides, the cultivators who were fearful and apprehensive tried to escape, but the mysterious and silent crystal light could kill a person in a single flash, as if it was a hidden assassin, harvesting one soul after another.

Within the time it takes to burn an incense stick, even those cultivators who had escaped far away also fell under the attack of the crystal light, killing most of them. Not to mention those who died under the Ji realm divine consciousness of Wang Lin.

The dragon tendons following behind Wang Lin, had tied down more than a thousand corpses, spreading densely and rampantly, it was like a cloak of corpses that flowed behind Wang Lin.

At this moment, thousands of miles away, amidst a dense fog, seven or eight old demonic cultivators, were all staring at Wang Lin in silence, frowning as the fear in their eyes was becoming more and more concentrated.


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