Xian Ni Chapter 151 – Ten Thousand Devils Hundred Days Killing Warrant

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Translator: Void
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Editor’s Editor: Cheesy McBreezy

Wang Lin stopped himself and stared coldly at Qian Kun as he swept his vision over the token in the latter’s hand. At the sight of the token, Li Muwan was startled for a moment. Then her face changed as she spoke in a low voice: “This is the Hundred Days Killing Warrant! I did not expect such a weapon to exist in the Sea of Devils. I have only read of its description once, in an ancient book.”

Li Muwan proceeded to explain slowly and succinctly all that she knew of the pros and cons of the Killing Warrant. As she spoke it was clear that she was quite fearful of the token.

Qian Kun had been afraid that Wang Lin might not know about this token. If Wang Lin did not recognize it, Qian Kun knew that nothing he could say would dispel the former’s doubts about the truth of the token. And if Wang Lin truly didn’t believe him and then killed him, then it would have been like shooting himself in the foot.

But now, since that little bitch had already introduced the token, Qian Kun did not believe that anyone would still try to kill him while knowing about the existence of the Killing Warrant. Feeling relieved, he said: “Fellow Daoist, what do you think of my proposition now? Do not insist on killing me, for if you do, a warrant for your death will be placed on you, and that would surely be troublesome for you. The woman beside you would also get involved in it, so why bother? How about it?”

Wang Lin ignored Qian Kun and instead turned to look at Li Muwan. He asked her one word at a time: “Are you sure that we will be able to gain the other party’s cultivation if we survive one hundred days?”

Li Muwan took a deep breath and nodded.

Qian Kun trembled from the bottom of his heart. Realizing that the situation was not looking good, he began to retreat, when coldness flashed in Wang Lin’s eyes as one word came out from his mouth: “Die!”

Qian Kun let out a miserable groan as blood spurted from his mouth and nose, and then from his eyes and ears. With his divine consciousness shattered, he dropped dead. At the moment of his death, the token quietly flew into the air from his hands with a red light. It formed a huge word: “PUNISH”!

The word was bright red, as if it had just been fished out of a pool of blood. Suspended high in the air above Wang Lin, it looked extremely harsh.

Wang Lin looked up at the “PUNISH” floating in the sky with a blank expression. Pulling the dragon tendons and wrapping up Qian Kun’s corpse, Wang Lin took Li Muwan and flew back towards Wu Ding Mountain.

Mu Nan and Mu Bei both gawked at the huge red “PUNISH”. They felt greed rise in their hearts, but this greed quickly vanished. As they stood respectfully at their station on Wu Ding Mountain, they felt as frightened as cicadas in winter.

Wang Lin swept his eyes over them and asked flatly: “Does the Dou Xie Sect headquarters have any Yuan Ying stage cultivators?”

Mu Nan hastily said: “No. Let alone Dou Xie Sect, even within a radius of a million miles from Nandou City, there is no Yuan Ying stage cultivator. How could those seniors possibly take a liking to a place like this? They prefer to move around further inland.”

Wang Lin stared at Mu Nan. Upon being looked at like this, Mu Nan felt his legs tremble. Wang Lin asked: “What is the level of cultivation of the Dou Xie Sect Masters?”

Mu Bei quickly stepped forward and answered respectfully: “Ancestor, our Dou Xie Sect Master has reached Mid Jie Dan stage in cultivation. Reportedly he should be ready to break through and enter the late stage.”

Wang Lin sneered in his heart, his eyes flashed coldly, as he said : “You two lead the way to Dou Xie Sect headquarters.”

How could Mu Nan and Mu Bei dare refuse? They hastily said their names respectfully, and got up to lead the way. As they flew, their eyes would occasionally be drawn to the huge red “PUNISH” floating above Wang Lin’s head. In their hearts, they prayed that it would attract someone capable of killing him.

Along the way, wherever Wang Lin went, bursts of wind and thunder erupted. Cultivators would look up in surprise at the sound, and could not help but suck in a mouthful of air at the sight above them.

The most conspicuous thing was the blood-red “PUNISH” hanging above Wang Lin’s head. The next things the cultivators would see were the ten corpses following behind him, like ten meteors. Everyone who saw it couldn’t help but think that perhaps the ten corpses were people who came to kill the wanted man and ended up dead.

By bundling together their corpses, this person was surely intending to send out a warning. Each and every person who saw the scene felt panic in their hearts. They all pulled out their sound transmission jade strips and passed on the news to their friends and sect mates.

The news that a Ten Thousand Demons Hundred Days Killing Warrant had reappeared in the Sea of Devils immediately passed through various channels, and spread in all directions. The appearance of the killing warrant meant that if one could kill that person, then they could gain the cultivation of an early Jie Dan cultivator.

This kind of thing was indeed a big temptation for everyone whether at Foundation Building or Jie Dan stage. Especially for the latter, as upon success, reaching the next stage would be easy.

Even for those who were Mid Jie Dan stage, with its help, entering the Late Jie Dan stage would not be impossible.

Furthermore, no one could guess what level of cultivation had been used as sacrifice by the person who had activated the token. If the Late Jie Dan stage had been sacrificed, then it would lead to a wider range of changes.

As Wang Lin flew, bursts of spiritual force were constantly emitted from the part of his body where the Dan Embryo had originally been located. The Dan Embryo had transformed into a fist-sized Gold Dan, and the spiritual force flooded his whole body.

Jie Dan cultivation, based on Wang Lin’s estimation, was more than a hundred times more powerful than that of Foundation Building. As he looked inland towards the Sea of Devils, his eyes seemed to penetrate the inland sea, skipping directly to the continent of Zhao. His mouth showed a faint smile, as he said in his heart: “Teng Hua Yuan, I, Wang Lin, am at the Jie Dan stage. The day I reach Yuan Ying stage is when I will return! Do not die before then. I will let all those surnamed Teng in the country of Zhao be buried alongside you.”

Mu Nan stole a glance at Wang Lin and could not help but shiver at seeing the latter’s smile. As his body trembled, he cursed in his heart: “How come no one has come to kll this man? There is such a big “PUNISH” on his head! Come fast and kill him! If I lead him to headquarters, even if he does not kill the two of us, the Master will certainly extinguish our souls.”

As he prayed, a man suddenly emerged from the distant fog. This man seemed monstrously arrogant. The billowing fog thinned out, revealing black hair, black eyes, and a black sword. His entire body revealed an eerie, dark black colour.

It would have been better if this person looked solemn, with a face that revealed a sword-like killing intent. However unfortunately, this person was middle aged, his belly was huge, his face round and on his mouth was a smile.

As a result, not even the slightest killing intent emanated from him. Instead, he looked silly. As soon as Mu Nan and Mu Bei saw him their faces immediately changed, but shortly after, a happy expression flashed across their faces.

“Jie Jie, Ten Thousand Devils Hundred Days Killing Warrant, good, good!” The middle-aged fat man’s eyes revealed a trace of green. Staring at the huge “PUNISH” above Wang Lin’s head, he laughed heartily as if in admiration.

“Junior, I’ll give you the time it takes to burn half a stick of incense to make your own funeral arrangements. Do not try to resist me! With your cultivation at Early Jie Dan stage, I, Black Clothed Devil Monarch, don’t hold you in my eyes.” After saying that, that person put his hands behind his back and looked up to the heavens with such arrogance that it seemed as if he had nothing but disdain for this world.

Li MuWan covered her mouth to try to keep her laugh from leaking out. As she looked at the arrogant fat cultivator, and then at Wang Lin, a smile appeared on her face.

Mu Nan felt excited, and said to himself : “This is a real expert, worthy of being a master, all must be deferential before the loose cultivator Devil Cultivator Lord Shangguan Mo. Rumor has it that he substantially mastered cultivation, and has already reached the peak of the mid Jie Dan stage. He may enter the late stage at any moment. His cultivation is even somewhat stronger than that of the elders.”

Wang Lin frowned, then sneered as he said: “You’re looking to die.”

Shangguan Mo was startled. Looking at Wang Lin with his green eyes, he scoffed and said: “You do not know the immensity of heaven and earth. Let this old man explain how it works, and you will be able to take a good look at what is called Mid Jie Dan stage…….”

Before he could finish, Wang Lin pointed his right hand at Black Clothed Devil Monarch Shangguan Mo, and said in a cold voice: “Die!”

As soon as the word “Die” was spoken, a piece of jade suddenly flew out from Shangguan Mo’s chest, snapping into two and emitting a puff of green smoke that dissipated into the Sea of Devils.

“What is this?” Wang Lin put out his right hand, and the broken Jade talisman immediately fell into his palm. Wang Lin swept through it with his divine consciousness and an expression of surprise appeared on his face. Then he stared at Shangguan Mo, whose eyes were full of fear.

“Death Curse Technique ! !” Cold sweat dripped down Shangguan Mo’s face as he suddenly developed an urge to leave. This Jade talisman had been left a long time ago by his Master. It was said that this could absorb a full blow by a Yuan Ying stage cultivator. In the past few years, whenever he met Yuan Ying stage cultivators he would hide, not daring to provoke them. On the other hand, when he met somebody whose cultivation was lower than his own, he would immediately put on airs. In this way he had gradually established a bit of fame. But now his head had sobered up immediately. Under Wang Lin’s cold gaze he grew fearful and apprehensive. Out of fear that the other person would open his mouth and say the word “Die” again, he landed softly, immediately knelt on the ground, and said loudly: “Ancestor have mercy, Senior have mercy, Junior Shangguan Mo will repent for his mistake, but Senior please don’t blame……”

Mu Nan stared blankly at the scene in front of him and grew extremely frightened. He was even afraid of stealing another glance at Wang Lin, and no longer dared to have those thoughts that he had been having earlier. Standing besides him, Mu Bei had hastily lowered his head, trying to conceal the astonishment in his eyes.

Shangguan Mo, upon seeing Wang Lin still looking cold, immediately felt shivers in his heart, and clenching his teeth, said: “Ancestor, Junior is willing to worship you as a Master, after that the only person worthy of respect in my life would be Master, Master please accept me.” Then he hastily looked at Li MuWan and pleaded: “You look like Master’s Wife, Master’s Wife please persuade Master so that he accepts me.”

Li MuWan’s face turned red as she blushed. She stole a glance at Wang Lin, only to see his face still ice-cold. She could not help but sigh in her heart, and look down in silence.

Wang Lin stared coldly at Shangguan Mo. His Ji Realm Divine Consciousness rolled in the Sea of Consciousness, revealing a faint red lightning in his eyes. Shangguan Mo had been eagerly observing Wang Lin’s reactions and knew that situation was bad. Since the other person had activated the defense of the Jade talisman and cracked it into two, his attacks were certainly not weaker than that of a Yuan Ying stage cultivator. Coupled with that strange death curse technique, this made him fearful and apprehensive, because he knew that even if he tried to escape, he would certainly die.

Under this state of panic and anxiety, he quickly tapped between his eyebrows, and peak Mid Jie Dan stage cultivation soul blood suddenly wafted out from his forehead. The colour of this soul blood was golden. As this soul blood came out, Shangguan Mo looked sluggish, and terrible spiritual force fluctuations occurred in his body. There were implicit signs of his cultivation falling.

The greater the cultivation of a person, the more precious the Soul blood. Once sacrificed, it would certainly damage cultivation, and the greater the cultivation, the greater the loss.


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