Xian Ni Chapter 150 – Kill

ObligatoryTLNote: An appropriately named chapter I would believe. Enjoy.

TL: Void
TLC: NomYummi, Crazylovedbsk
Editor: Cheesy McBreezy
Editor’s Editor: MeTaL MaX


As soon as Limu Wan saw that figure, she instantly relaxed and her soft body leaned against the wall. At this moment, a cold arm passed through her armpit. To her surprise, her body immediately took off with great speed.

Smelling his familiar scent, Limu Wan felt a bit more secure in her heart. Looking at the dense fog rolling in, she was about to speak, when Wang Lin’s voice sounded out faintly in her ear.

“Don’t move. I am bringing you along with me to kill them.”

Holding onto Limu Wan, Wang Lin paused in mid-air for a moment. Dragon tendons immediately flew out from his storage bag, and with a wave of his right hand they tied up the headless bodies of the dead cultivators. Afterwards, a piece separated from them, immediately tying up the body of Piao Lin as well.

With the dragon tendons in hand, Wang Lin swept about with his divine consciousness. The position of the escapees immediately appeared in his mind, and a hint of ridicule flashed across his face as he moved his body towards the northeast to give chase. As he flew through the air clenching the dragon tendons in his hands, the tied-up bodies of the two dead JieDan stage cultivators dangled behind him as though drifting along.

Kun Sang felt panic from the bottom of his heart. He felt as if two big hands had just waved randomly at his divine consciousness. With a mere gentle pinch from them, his divine consciousness would immediately be extinguished and he would die.

The strange way that Piao Lin had died made him especially nervous, and his heart was filled with regrets. For an Alchemy Furnace, two of their trio had already died. With this thought, he could no longer suppress his anxiety. Clenching his teeth, he patted his storage bag and took out several Jie Dan pills. Without sparing a thought, he immediately swallowed them. As the spirit force was catalyzed, he bit the tip of his tongue. Spurting out blood, his two hands knocked out spirit energy from within the mist. As his body processed the spirit energy, it withered; but his speed increased several fold.

Leaving behind an afterimage, he rushed out at great speed and rapidly covered a hundred miles.

Wang Lin sneered. His body was like a meteor streaking across the sky. Seeing Kun Sang, his eyes flashed coldly and he spit out a crystal light from his mouth. As the crystal light flashed, it instantly radiated more than 100 miles.

Kun Sang panicked in mid-air as he suddenly felt a bit of pain in his heart. Looking down, he saw that the crystal light had penetrated his chest. His Gold Dan immediately flew out from his chest as his body fluttered backwards. He opened his mouth but could not make a sound as his eyes darkened until his body finally swayed slightly and fell from the sky. Even in death he could not understand how this reversal had happened, how the prey had become the hunter.

The instant he fell, a golden thread from the dragon tendons behind Wang Lin immediately flew forward and tied up his corpse. The body then flew with Wang Lin, bound behind him as it was dragged along.

The corpses of the three JieDans were like the feathers in a peacock’s tail. They were pulled by the dragon’s tendons through the air, as if Wang Lin was the head crown of the peacock.

“Third one!” Wang Lin looked sullen as he threw the Gold Dan in his hands into the storage bag, turning himself to fly towards his next target.

Looking at the scene before her, Limu Wan still felt a storm set off inside her, despite having mentally prepared herself beforehand. Wang Lin’s great strength at this time left an indelible mark deeply engraved in her heart.

Although Chen Hai usually enjoyed fighting elders of the Demonic Faction, this time he was like a lost dog, desperate to escape. He knew he was not fast enough, so before he had traveled far he immediately dug a big hole in the ground and hid his body within it, burying himself underground.

In the past, when he was still at the Foundation Building stage, he had repeatedly used this method to escape disasters. This time, as he lay underground, he smiled inwardly as he thought to himself that he hadn’t used this life-preserving technique in a long time.

He sighed loudly, but the sigh froze in his mouth. His eyes suddenly bulged, revealing a fierce red lightning in his pupils. His entire divine consciousness was suddenly flipped upside-down by a red lightning, and he bled unceasingly from his seven orifices.

A gold thread penetrated through the soil and tied up Chen Hai’s corpse, pulling him through the layers of dirt.

“The Fourth!” The dragon tendons divided into four. It was a grotesque scene, with one corpse lacking a head and the other three bleeding from their eyes and noses.

Even after killing continuously, the cold light in Wang Lin’s eyes did not diminish. Instead, it grew heavier as he flew away once more.

In the time it takes to burn a stick of incense, the number of bodies trailing behind Wang Lin had grown from four to nine.

Only one person remained: the great elder Qian Kun, who had escaped early. The more he ran, colder his heart grew, especially after a sweep with his soul revealed the nine corpses tied by dragon tendons behind Wang Lin. The scene made his scalp tingle.

In just a short time, that person had actually killed all of the JieDan cultivators other than him. What kind of cultivation was this?

“Is he at the Yuan Ying stage?” Qian Kun’s heart trembled, but he immediately rejected that idea. When they had chased down Wang Lin, he clearly only been at the Late Foundation Building stage, in the Fake Dan Realm.

Had it not been for this, they would not have toyed with him when chasing him down. But now the situation had suddenly reversed. This process of reversal had been too fast, giving Qian Kun the feeling that he was merely day-dreaming, except that this dream was clearly a nightmare.

Wang Lin followed behind. The cold light in his eyes grew stronger and he sneered inwardly as he stared at Qian Kun who was running far away. This Qian Kun was at the Middle JieDan stage and was several times faster than the others. However, Wang Lin was in no hurry. Since the other person was trying to escape so quickly, he was naturally consuming his spiritual force very rapidly and would slow down before long.

Qian Kun clenched his teeth and changed directions. He remembered that not far from him there was a Dou Xie Sect which had two Jie Dan stage cultivators. In this immediate life-or-death crisis, although he could not take care of Wang Lin, he could make others impede him, so that at least his own life might be saved.

He pushed his spiritual force beyond its limits to rush towards the Dou Xie Sect’s branch.

Wu Ding Peak was a towering giant mountain seemingly aloof to its surroundings. Thousands of years ago, there had been a major sect here. But after years of decline, they had been exterminated by the Dou Xie Sect, and one of its branches had been established here.

On this day, the disciples of the branch were practicing on their own. The two JieDan Elders, Mu Nan and Mu Bei, were two brothers. They suddenly opened their eyes from meditation, glanced at each other, and hurried out of the door.

Qian Kun was flying awkwardly in mid-air. He did not come near as he shouted: “Mu Nan, Mu Bei, take three disciples of Wu Ding Peak and make haste to stop the man chasing after me! Do not allow him to move even half a step past the five of you. If you succeed, I will reward you with ten thousand top-grade LingShi!” With that, he flashed away and fled in a panic.

After appearing and hearing the voice booming around them, Mu Nan and Mu Bei’s looks changed. How could it be possible for them to resist an enemy that could make their great elder flee?

At this time, Wang Lin appeared within the sight of the two disciples. Mu Nan and Mu Bei immediately guessed in their hearts that this was the person who made the great elder panic. After seeing Wang Lin, their minds immediately shook greatly, especially after seeing the nine bodies strung along behind him.

Their faces suddenly changed, as Mu Nan said, stunned: “Those are the nine elders from Headquarters….this…..this……”

Mu Bei took a deep breath, and as a cold breath filled his body, he dragged Mu Nan to the side and stood respectfully. In a high voice, he said: “Junior Mu Bei greets the Ancestor.”

Mu Nan’s body quivered as he immediately echoed his brother with the utmost submission and respect: “Junior Mu Nan greets the Ancestor.”

Wang Lin swept his glance over the two but did not slow down. As he flew past them, a single glance from him was enough to cause their backs to be drenched in sweat.

After flying at a such a high speed for so long, Qian Kun needed to replenish his spiritual force, so he tapped his storage bag and took out a LingDan. However, this action caused a delay, and the distance between him and Wang Lin was not great..

He watched Wang Lin come closer and closer. With a sad smile, he glanced back at Wang Lin and viciously clenched his teeth before pulling out a red token from his storage bag, on which was written a single, scarlet-red character: “Death“.

This token was famous across the Devil Cultivator’s world as the Ten Thousand Devils Hundred Days Killing Warrant. This token has been handed down from ancient times, since the method of manufacturing it had already been lost long ago. At this time, in the entire world of Devil Cultivators, there remained only ten such tokens. Qian Kun had accidentally received one and had immediately refined it after obtaining it, as it was a treasure. For fear of others coming to know of it, he had hidden it deep, in preparation to increase his abilities in the future.

The requirements for activating it are extremely strict: the user must be in the Jie Dan stage or higher with his life at stake. Whoever kills the target is able to obtain the corpse of the marked person; refining this corpse can then result in higher cultivation, causing one’s abilities to improve greatly.
[TLNote: Essentially this Token is like putting a red flag (like wanted status in MMORPGs with PVP) on someone and if he/she manages to survive hundred days then he can retain benefits otherwise the person who kills him can obtain token]

It is precisely because of this strange effect that whenever one sees a marked person from the Sea of Devils, they would often rush to kill him. Of those who get the token, only a few would personally open the token; others would rather seek out an already-marked person instead to easily increase their cultivation.

As a result, the tokens were growing more and more rare. There were perhaps less than ten in the entire Sea of Devils. Qian Kun’s original plan had been to use it at time when he was preparing to break through to the YuanYing stage. But now that he was in a life-and-death crisis, he became ruthless, and he stopped and waited for Wang Lin who was chasing him.

In the Sea of Devils, there were few people who could live through the hundred days under the marked status. On the other hand, if someone were to manage to live through the hundred days without incident, the token would open itself to be swallowed by the marked person, increasing their cultivation and thereby enhancing their abilities.

Seeing Wang Lin come closer, Qian Kun held up the Ten Thousand Devils Hundred Days Killing Warrant and shouted in a restrained manner: “Stop! You can recognize this token. I have refined this token and integrated my soul with it. If you kill me, I will ensure that this warrant activates and puts out a mark on you. Today we made a mistake, but you have also killed nine people. Why this haste to exterminate us all? If you release me, then I can become your reference to allow you to become an Elder in the Dou Xie Sect! What do you think of this?”


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