Xian Ni Chapter 149 – Jie Dan (6)

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Translator: Void
TLC: NomYummi, Crazylovedbsk
Editor : Nahtaivel

Wang Lin sitting in meditation doing breathing practice, would from time to time open his eyes to look around in the cave, his eyes twinkling with cold light. Gradually, a sweet scent flowed out from the Alchemy room. Wang Lin after taking it in a few deep breaths, opened his storage bag and rearranged the things inside one by one.

When he took out the Dragon Tendon, his eyes narrowed. This Dragon Tendon function as a magic weapon was not that good, though it may spread into numerous branches, may envelop myriad of things, but if it encounters a sharp flying sword, this Dragon Tendon would still be cut.
Even some powerful forbidden fire spells would be able to burn it. As Wang Lin touched the Dragon Tendon his eyes flashed coldly and he sneered, wondering in his heart, if he succeeds in reaching Jie Dan stage, how this Dragon Tendon would come into play.

The sound of heavy strikes coming in from outside brought his senses back to the present situation. Wang Lin looked towards Li Muwan’s Alchemy room, and his heart sank slightly, as he sighed loudly.

Li Muwan bit her lip, blood flowed from the corners of her mouth, tears forming in her eyes, as she trembled, the half-finished Heavenly Li Dan, at the time of completion, had failed.

As a Refining Master, the number of times she had failed was not small, but never was it so precarious, this time it could be said that it was absolutely necessary for her to succeed, but inscrutable are the ways of heaven, sometimes success or failure can be decided in a flash.

Li Muwan glanced sideways outside at Wang Lin sitting in meditation, her tears finally began flowing down, at this moment she was extremely feeble, after a moment, biting her silver tooth, she took out Demon blood vine from her storage bag, putting it in the Dan Furnace since the Heavenly Li Dan had failed, she wanted to use the time to refine one pill again.

A little time passed by, the cave mansion was already collapsing, some of the stones were falling outside the fog which was getting thinner, almost ready to be broken.

Wang Lin’s look which had remained flat from beginning to end, finally began revealing a trace of anxiety.

Then suddenly Li Muwan came out from the Alchemy Room, with disheveled hair, her eyes bloodshot and looking extremely fatigued, as she threw a crimson immortal pill towards Wang Lin, which at this time was shedding a slight trace of majestic aura, which had an effect of calming people’s mind.

“This is Heavenly Li Dan refined from Demon Blood Vine, the effect…..is slightly inferior.”

Wang Lin without hesitation, gripped the immortal pill in two fingers, and without another thought threw it into his mouth, as the pill entered his body, suddenly a fiery current began to rise from his abdomen.

Wang Lin opened his storage bag, pulling out LingQi liquid, gulping down huge mouthfuls, and taking a deep breath, closed his eyes to meditate to break through to Jie Dan stage.

The cave mansion shook, the rate at which the stones were falling outside sped up, with only a trace of the fog remained. Li Muwan stared blankly, bit her silver tooth, took out her flying sword, and went to the cave entrance protecting Wang Lin’s formation, at the same times destroyed all the falling stones not letting any of it fall on Wang Lin.

Qian Kun wielding the great peak, constantly let it pound downward, as he glanced sideways at the other cultivators, all the others had faces full of excitement, controlling the magic of the large peak to forcefully attack the formation.

The corners of his mouth moved slightly, as he said grimly: “Hey Big Headed Shorty, that little bitch I can give you but for breaking this formation, you need to let us play with her first for a bit, can you?”

The Big Headed Cultivator’s body shook, as he smiled bitterly and said: “Big Elder you have spoken, how do I dare disagree.”

Qian Kun sneered, controlling the great peak to fall down once more, said: “This boy merely at the Fake Dan Realm, already has such abilities, and is able to kill a Jie Dan realm cultivator, he is not simple. But today he dies.” Then his eyes flashed, as he thought inwardly: “In particular that ball of blue flame is definitely a treasure.”

The big headed cultivator was feeling depressed, the young woman he had only seen in a hurry, had immediately sent up a tickle in his heart. He had thought that no one would take her away from him, but he didn’t think that the Elder who had been a womanizer in the past, would actually use such a harsh tone so he was depressed, and used his magic weapon fiercely to try and vent.

The dense formation fog was gradually getting thinner, out of the ten metamorphosized hundred feet dragon strips, only one was remaining, and the size had been reduced to thirty feet, Qian Kun flung his right hand and the great peak immediately shrank turning into stone seal and dropping back into it’s master Kun Sang’s hands.

After casting aside the great peak, Qian Kun groaned, as he leapt to arrive on the side of the dragon, combining his hands he pulled out a lightning net, covering the dragon’s head, and while grinning shouted: “Break!”

The Fog Dragon letting out a soulful cry, immediately dissipated along with the nine bones formation, as the fog of the Nine Mythical Bones Formation as a whole disappeared without a trace. Although the might of the Nine Mythical Bones Formation is great but under the attack of ten Jie Dan stage cultivators it was finally broken after a delay of three days.

If Li Muwan, had not been refining, but instead had presided over this formation, this formation would never have broken in such a manner.

With the large array broken, the damaged mountain-side cave was exposed, the Dou Xie Demon Cultivators immediately swarmed in, but as soon as they moved just two feet towards the cave, immediately bursts of thunder fell down from the heavens, although the power of the lightning was not much but they were quite many in quantity, with the sudden outpour they appeared quite magnificent.

Wang Lin had laid down hundreds of small formations which had begun unfolding now, but in the end these were just basic formations, their power was limited, as the Jie Dan Cultivators roared, the formations were eliminated one by one.

Qian Kun looked on indifferently, did not get into the action, his goal was the Fake Dan realm Junior, as he used his hands to control the lightning net, Qian Kun had planned that with the distance as it is, as long as that Junior made an appearance, he could immediately use this Immortal Entangling Net to trap him.

After the few hundred basic formations were gotten rid of, the entire cave mansion no longer had any defense, and was exposed to the Demonic Cultivators.

A delicate and graceful figure appeared at the cave entrance, her clothes neat, appearing elegant and refined, crimson lips and perfect teeth, emerald coloured hair, which could force any person to palpitate with excitement.

Even Qian Kun could not ignore, but soon his eyes moved past the woman, and falling on to the cave entrance, but he could not see inside the dark cave.

Li Muwan looked at these Jie-Dan stage Demonic Cultivators, as she lifted her hands and the Hundred Beasts Dan furnace appeared in her hands, as she said with a cold voice: “You guys want this?”

Qian Kun gazed at her, then the corners of his mouth turned into a smile, at that time, Kun Sang who was earlier in pursuit, peering at the Hundred Beasts Dan Furnace, laughed cruelly and said: “I never thought that this bastard would really have the dan furnace, and that it would be the Refiner Pavilion’s Hundred Beasts spirit furnace worth one hundred thousand top grade LingShi. Yes, this old man and two others had been in pursuit of this, young lady, bring this Dan Furnace!” He said, stretching out his big hands, the Dan Furnace immediately flew off from Li Muwan’s hands, and flew into his hands, Kun Sang knew the value of the furnace so he directly selected it.

“Great Elder, this Dan Furnace give it to us two, and we two will give you a generous thank you gift in the future, what do you think?” The duo that had hunted Wang Lin along with Kun Sang stood together and said while cupping their fists in salute.

Qian Kun’s look swept away over the Dan Furnace as he nodded in silence. At this moment, a lewd gaze flashed in the big headed cultivator’s eye, as he flashed towards Li Muwan trying to grab her as he said with a smile: “Little lady, after today, after serving the fellow Sect members of this Old man, you shall serve as the Furnace Cauldron of this Old man.”

Li Muwan looked pale with misery on her face, the moment that the other person had grasped her, she was planning to breaking her own heart’s arteries, but at the moment that big headed cultivator caught her, he suddenly screamed out pitifully, with an exceptionally pitiful sound.

Blood sprayed out from his nose and mouth, and a great amount of blood began to emerge from the seven orifices. The body as if it was hit by a significant impact was fiercely thrown out but before it could land, it was captured by an invisible force, as the head exploded, leaving a headless corpse with the consciousness broken, the Gold dan flashed past Li Muwan into the Cave.

“From this moment on, I ,Wang Lin, am the strongest under the Yuan Ying stage. If your group hasn’t hidden somebody of Yuan Ying cultivation, then you can…….just die.”

An extremely cold voice came from inside the cave, followed by a slender shadow slowly emerging from the cave, gradually appearing in front of everyone.

His hair black, his appearance solemn, and eyes revealed an expression of mercilessness, as if he were a piece of never melting black ice, standing upright between heaven and earth.

Similar to what animals experience when facing their natural predator, a similar feeling was passing through the minds of all demonic cultivators in the surrounding area. They felt their soul trembling, as if at this moment, the person in front of them was an incarnation of some ancient pre-historic monster.

Their soul fluctuated, as in their sea of consciousness, big waves were set off, there were even signs of fragmenting, as if countless spring thunders sounded out in their bodies, as if their ears exploded.

Piao Lin was still suffering from internal injuries, when his soul had earlier been attacked by Ji realm fluctuations. Although he had suppressed it, without even time to recover his breath, at this time within his body and sea of divine consciousness huge waves erupted bringing it crashing down. As he went back a few steps, his body went through uncontrolled seizures and convulsions, with blood coming out from his nose and mouth, and with each convulsion, a lot of blood gushed out from the seven orifices.

Qian Kun looked pale, his mind vibrated, and the lightning net in his hands shook a few times, then burst on its own. His face could not help but show panic when facing uncertainty, as he retreated several steps and without hesitation turned into a flying rainbow as he departed immediately. The idea of seizing the blue ice flame had long vanished, as he could not afford to be even the slightest bit interested.

He was afraid, as a mid Jie Dan stage cultivator, within the scope of NanDou City, Qian Kun had never been afraid, he had not even met anyone above late Jie Dan stage of cultivation. Every year there would be a messenger from inland sea to receive the materials, the messenger would be late Jie Dan stage, although he could not beat him, but never did fear appear when facing him.

After reaching the Jie Dan stage, this was the first and only time that he felt fear. Therefore, he did not second guess his thinking and ran away immediately. If in the past, he would never have chosen the first direction that came to his mind, he would have waited for other people to flee first, while secretly choosing a safe direction to flee.

But presently, he had a feeling that if he did not immediately, at this very moment, did not escape fast, then only one fate awaited him – Death!

Looking at the other remaining Jie Dan cultivators, one by one their expressions changed, especially when Piao Lin dropped dead without the slightest trace of injury. After Elder Qian Kun fled without hesitation, each one exerted 120% of their strength and fled in all different directions, their escape paths resembling a dispersing rainbow, and hurriedly fled; scared to be slow by even one minute.


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