Xian Ni Chapter 148 – Jie Dan (5)

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Translators: Void, Crazylovedbsk
TLC: NomYummi
Editor: Nahtaivel

While fleeing, Wang Lin swept inside his body with his divine consciousness, he found that the ice flame inside the dan embryo had it’s color getting lighter. If it were to be used more times, then it was bound to influence the dan embryo and even affect the success rate of attaining Jie Dan stage.
Although it is very powerful, but it is like a tree without roots, so each use withers it down a bit. Moreover in the fourteenth valley, the ice flame didn’t display much power, he merely relied on its melting temperature.

But when it comes to killing an enemy it is completely different. If it cannot directly kill, then once the other party resorts to using magic weapons, turning it into a battle of wits, the consumption rate of the ice flame would be several times higher.

Besides when dealing with that trio, the reason that he was able to display such powerful might was due to the deterrent effect caused by the endless stream of magical power coming from Wang Lin, causing them to be frightened. If it hadn’t been so, by the time Wang Lin would have killed one, the other two Jie Dan cultivators would have had time to cast spells.

This was also the reason that he had not used it before, after all he hadn’t reached Jie Dan stage, and could not afford even the slightest mistake, if he didn’t have to use it he didn’t want to

Otherwise, with Wang Lin’s temperament, he would have exterminated them in the first meeting already, and the matter would not have been delayed until this time. He didn’t want even the slightest hardship in his path to Jie Dan, even if it meant bearing a few regrets.

If he had not been forced due to circumstances, Wang Lin was really reluctant to use it, but they had been pursuing him non-stop. So in desperation, Wang Lin clenched his teeth, prepared to accept not being able to reach Jie Dan stage for a short while, and did not hesitate despite the risk of breaking his Dan embryo, to use the ice flame.

But the other party suddenly appeared with seven or eight Jie Dan stage reinforcements. Amongst the seven-eight people, the person with highest cultivation had already reached Mid Jie Dan stage, Wang Lin was startled, and no longer considered killing the enemy, he quickly fled.

During this escape, his mind was clear, this time he had embarked on a path of no return, unless he reaches Jie Dan stage, the consequences would be too disastrous.

Three hundred thousand miles later, getting closer and closer, the ten Jie Dan cultivators with evil postures, kept on chasing casually.

“Junior in front, this Old man would like to see, where you can, after killing my Dou Xie Sect Elder, run. Even if you run to the ends of the world you will die.” The Mid Jie Dan stage Great Elder Qian Kun, slowly said, while waving with his right hand, immediately a golden symbol congealed in front of him, as he pressed it with his hand, it started glittering immediately and went forward.

Wang Lin felt the hair on his nape suddenly stand up, without hesitation he moved his body slightly and avoided the symbol, but then more symbols appeared. Wang Lin dodged them, clenching his teeth, as he quickly flew forward without looking back. Gradually the cultivators chasing him were getting closer, Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, he knew only one way out now, although this method is quite risky, but if he succeeds the crisis would be averted.

Thinking of this, Wang Lin’s eyes flashed coldly, turning his body he immediately changed his direction of fleeing.

Shortly thereafter, Wang Lin’s place of residence came into his view, there was a mountain and outside the mountain peak, dense fog could be seen, not allowing its appearance to be seen, Wang Lin without a second thought, quickly rushed into it.

The moment he approached the fog, the fog suddenly split revealing a pathway, a beautiful woman dressed in purple appeared, looking quite alarmed.

At this moment, a series of dazzling golden symbols, like lightning stormed out, and the moment Wang Lin was going in, one after another hit the middle of his back, Wang Lin with a light groan, and spewing out blood, fell down into the fog like a kite with a broken string.

The lady dressed in purple went pale looking at the pursuing Jie Dan cultivators, waving flag in her hand, the fog tumbled and covered her silhouette.

At the same time, the ten Dou Xie Sect’s Jie Dan cultivators, arrived in front of the dense fog formation, in the middle was a short old man with a head bigger than normal. Touching his huge head, sneering inwardly said: “That little bitch, give her to this Old man, this old man is missing a cultivation furnace tripod.” With that he pursed his lips, and grasped out with his right hand, as the air changed into a big hand grasping the fog, but the moment that hand touched the fog, the dense fog immediately moved, and from it appeared a huge ten thousand feet long aquatic dragon.

The big headed cultivator cried out in alarm, and quickly retreated, his eyes revealing bewilderment and disbelief, the other Jie Dan cultivators around him were also staring at the fog with their eyes flashing.

“When did this class of formation appear in this place?” The Great Elder Qian Kun maintaining a flat look said with a cold voice.

The remaining cultivators, looked at each other, but nobody answered.

Qian Kun groaned lightly, then carefully sized up the formation, and frowning he said: “This formation can turn into an Aquatic Dragon, its definitely not simple, Kun Sang, you try out with your Great Peak Seal.”

Kun Sang was one of the three people who were originally chasing Wang Lin, without hesitation he flew up into the sky, tossing the sleeves on his right hand, a black stone seal appeared, Kun Sang looking solemn, pressing it downwards with a big hand, the gigantic peak immediately shook fiercely and smashed downwards.

The fog transformed into the shape of Aquatic Dragon snarled towards the sky, and coinciding with its impact with the great peak, thunderous booms could be immediately heard, the great peak was fiercely blown away by the collision, Kun Sang’s face looked a bit white, surging the spiritual force in his body, he took a few breaths, this technique had excessive spirit consumption.

At the instant that it had impacted the great peak, the aquatic dragon’s body immediately turned into mist, dispersing in an instant, the entire array was calm again.

Qian Kun sneered a few times, and said: “Kun Sang, give me your black stone seal.” With that said, without waiting for the consent of the other person, directly pulled it out from his hand. In the air a great peak immediately appeared coming down from the sky, by the time it fell into Qian Kun’s hands, it’s size had already reached it’s initial state.

Qian Kun reached out and touched it, erasing Kun Sang’s divine consciousness from it, and imprinting it with his own, by emitting Ling Qi that fully integrated into the Stone seal. He reached out with his hand, the stone seal soared into the air, immediately becoming huge, once again turning into a great peak; it’s size was just short of twice the size it had been earlier.

The great peak floating in the air, appeared like a sinister and dark mass, to say that it was like a cover shrouding the sky would be no exaggeration.

Qian Kun stared at the fog, moving his right hand with a thought, the great peak immediately smashed downwards, the dense fog once again took the shape of an aquatic dragon, ramming into it with severe impact.

A similar scene, but the results were quite different, at the moment of impact, the great peak paused, and the aquatic dragon’s body silently dissipated, and the great peak immediately pounded down once more.

However, the moment that it pounded down, ten Aquatic dragons suddenly metamorphosed from inside the formation and entangled with the great peak. Qian Kun sneered and shouted loudly: “Elders, let’s get rid of it together!”

As the words fell, the other Jie Dan cultivators grinned and immediately pulled out their magic weapons, began to forcibly destroy the formation.

Meanwhile Wang Lin, after being brought by Limu Wan towards the back of the stone mansion, sprayed out blood from various spots on his body, from the dragon armor on his back, which had caved in quite deep, a trace of black smoke was emitted, the dragon armor squirmed weirdly amidst this black smoke, after which it returned to normal, leaving no trace of any dents or cavity.

If not for this Dragon Armor, Wang Lin’s wounds would not have been so simple, Qian Kun was a mid Jie Dan stage cultivator, but the power of this mass extermination symbol was indeed too great, under its effect a person would have all the bones in his body broken and would die.

Face pale, Wang Lin entered the cave, and quickly took out the box containing the Hundred Beast Soul furnace out of his storage bag. After yielding it to Li MuWan he weakly said, “This is a Fifth grade Alchemy furnace, use your fastest speed to refine Heavenly Li Dan.” Once he finished speaking, he quickly opened his mouth and spit out the crystal flying sword.

The flying sword slowly dropped down above his shoulder, the cold point twinkling. Wang Lin’s disposition is naturally cautious, even if he controls Li MuWan’s soul, he would never completely trust her. It’s necessary to be wary and prepare to some extent.

Lin MuWan dazedly looked at the wooden box in her hands. After she opened it to look inside, her heart ascertained the preciousness of the Alchemy furnace. She raised her head towards Wang Lin and softly asked, “This…they chased to kill you, because of this?”

Wang Lin closed both eyes, sat in meditation, and casually answered, “No.”

Li MuWan looked at Wang Lin with a complicated expression. As she is exceptionally intelligent, she already began to conclude the opposing party of ten cultivators had come because of this furnace. Wang Lin didn’t know the value of the furnace, but how could she not know. One Fifth grade furnace, it must be extremely expensive.

“You…what did you exchange for this? …Or was it stolen?” She pursed her red lips, looking at Wang Lin with a soft expression, quietly asking.

Wang Lin creased his brows, opened his eyes, and said coldly, “Go refine!”

Right at this moment, suddenly the cave trembled once, and sounds of fighting came from outside. Wang Lin took a deep breath, closed both eyes, and did breathing meditation.

Li MuWan has not seen Wang Lin for 3 years. These 3 years she thought over all the course of events regarding Wang Lin so many times, and gradually came to a conclusion. It should be unlikely for the opposite party to propose any kind of embarrassing notions.

Over the last 3 years she never dared to step out. Fortunately cultivators don’t need much food. Just some Spirit Fruit and some Dan medicine could just barely sustain her. These past 3 years she often thought of Wang Lin, her emotions complicated, but she already thought it over. If she were to suddenly die one day, it would mean that Wang Lin died somewhere out there.

Apart from this, she had thought that one day Wang Lin would show up at the cave, but never did she think that today, as soon as she saw Wang Lin, he would return chased by ten Jie Dan cultivators.

She let out a sigh, grabbed the Alchemy furnace and quickly returned to her room to quickly refine the Heavenly Li Dan.

A bit of time passed, once Li MuWan began to concoct immortal pills, it was easy for her to immediately throw away any distracting thoughts. She put her entire mind and body into it, this way even though she was nervous to an extreme degree, even when her first master from childhood watched her make immortal pills, she had never let it show.

She repeated to herself over and over, that she must succeed, otherwise, once a powerful spell breaks through the formation, the consequences would be unimaginable. If she succeeds then there still ought to be a small chance to flee unobstructed.

The cave began to shake, as time passed, they grew more and more violent. Wave after wave of dust began to fall and a layer of dust quickly formed and coated the ground. Sounds of fighting outside grew louder and louder as they closed in.


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