Xian Ni Chapter 147 – Jie Dan (4)

ObligatoryTLNote: The Plot Thickens. Also for those who didn’t notice, Dan Furnace is now known as Alchemy Furnace. Also, it would help if you guys can answer the poll.

Translator: Void, MeTaL MaX
TLC: NomYummi, Crazylovedbsk
Editor: Cheesy McBreezy, Nahtaivel


“Damn you!” From the cover of darkness another man spoke gloomily as he extended a wretched dried-up hand from the fog, covered in a trace of black qi, to slap Wei San.

Wei San’s face paled immediately and he plopped down to his knees as he shook and trembled. “Disciple…..what Disciple said is true, except for maybe making a mistake in guessing his cultivation, disciple……” Out of excessive fear, his words had become incoherent.

All around, the fellow sect members of the Dou Xie Sect remained expressionless. Several even revealed an expression of schadenfreude, and upon seeing them, the chill in Wei San’s heart grew heavier. As the dried-up hand came down, his mind flashed and he immediately shouted loudly: “I…..I remember that he asked the Refining Pavilion’s shop assistant about whether or not they have an Alchemy Furnace of the fifth grade or higher!”

In fact, Wei San had not actually heard these words. In his desperation, he had hurriedly made it up, so that the other person would believe that perhaps Wang Lin had indeed purchased the Alchemy Furnace.

The dried up hand paused. Then a sinister voice came out again: “Alchemy Furnace? Wei San, you do know what will happen to you if you’re lying?”

Wei San clenched his teeth and looked up. “Disciple dares to guarantee with his life.” In his heart he smiled bitterly. If he hadn’t said that, he would have died anyway. In such a situation, it is better to gamble. If he were to lose, it would be bad luck; but if he were to win, then his life would be saved.

“Whether he speaks the truth or not can be discerned with a look.” The voice of the third elder, who had not yet spoken at this time, came as like the ringing of a bell which easily reaches far.

The moment these words were spoken, the three people no longer hesitated and immediately took off into the sky, quickly flying in the direction of Wang Lin. The disciples also followed, trying to keep up. Wei San wiped the cold sweat from his brow and cursed in his heart but followed as well.

The three Xie Sect Elders were Dou Xie Sect’s southern representatives and had important things to discuss with the three Sects while coming to Nandou City. Thus the disciples of all three sects were ordered not to obstruct the trio. Therefore along the way, although there were numerous Dou Xie Sect people with irresistible force, they trio were able to pursue Wang Lin rapidly.

However, in Wang Lin’s case, someone would come up and question him after every small period of flying to carefully examine his journey tile. Wang Lin felt very impatient each time, especially when coupled with the realization that someone was chasing behind him. Thus, he no longer paused for anyone and rampaged all the way through as he quickly rushed out.

Soon he came to the city’s gate, and instantly rushed out. Not long afterwards, the Dou Xie Sect’s members came in pursuit and flashed past. After they left, the disciples of Nandou City’s three sects arrived under the leadership of several Jie Dan cultivators and appeared at the gates.

They had already received their orders: if the other party incited fighting in the city, then they were to drive him out. Otherwise, if the other party left the city, then they were to neither stop him nor come to his aid.

Wang Lin left Nandou City on foot and then immediately drilled into the ground, instantly launching the Earth Escaping technique to rapidly flee.

Of the three pursuing Jie Dan cultivators, one of them snorted lightly before turning his right hand. On his palm appeared an ancient mirror. He opened his mouth to spit out LingQi, which surrounded the Ancient Mirror before immediately swinging to one side as a crystal light flashed. The mirror transformed into a rainbow and flew away from the hand of the cultivator. After revolving a few times, a light from inside the mirror suddenly pointed towards a place in the distance. The ray continuously and rapidly moved forward.

The trio sneered and chased down the mirror’s light.

The Dou Xie Sect disciples also grew excited. This feeling of hunting down prey along with their Sect leaders gave them a feeling of intense excitement.

Wang Lin scowled inwardly and snorted coldly. He immediately detonated the divine consciousness that he had placed in Wei San’s body.

The pursuing Dou Xie Sect disciples only saw Wei San suddenly cough miserably as blood spurted from his mouth. His body twisted at an odd angle and he fell from his flying sword. At this sight, his fellow sect members all turned pale with fright.

Wang Lin’s speed had slowed. He still continued to flee, but had actually spread his divine consciousness as well. Focusing on another enemy, with a mere thought he made another Dou Xie Sect disciple fall while howling miserably.

Thus the pursuing Dou Xie Sect disciples involuntarily stopped, afraid to continue. Only the three Jie Dan Sect cultivators continued to stare at and chase towards the place in the distance pointed at by the mirror.

One of the cultivators waved his hand, and a giant black Seal flew out from his sleeve. After making several loops in the air, the Seal changed into a giant mountain peak. The cultivator sneered and then pointed with one finger, immediately sending the great peak smashing down.

The instant that it pounded down, Wang Lin changed his direction underground and hid immediately. The cultivator smiled coldly. Wielding the great peak, he continued to pound down. A series of roaring sounds could be heard. Then a shadow emerged from the ground not too far away. It shot a cold glance at the trio before quickly flying away.

“Hand over the magic weapon that you purchased in the Refiner Pavilion or die!” Throwing out the ancient mirror, the cultivator shouted with eyes like lightning.

As soon as his words faded, suddenly a dazzling light appeared before him as a strong sword qi violently stabbed at him. He abruptly moved a few inches to the left, startled from the bottom of his heart. This was followed by a pain in his chest as the sword drilled out through his back and blood spewed from his mouth.

“What is this Flying Sword! ! !” He had turned completely pale, and on his face a trace of fear lingered. If he had not reacted so quickly, he would have died at that moment.

Wang Lin sighed darkly. “What a pity.” Summoning it back with his right hand, the crystal flying sword reappeared in his hands with a flash.

The other two Jie Dan cultivators had faces full of shock. Without hesitation, they pulled out several defensive magic weapons while continuing to stare at Wang Lin.

“Fuck off!” Wang Lin shouted at them with cold eyes. Then he continued to move forward, quickly fleeing from them.

The three Jie Dan cultivators looked at each other, then collectively looked at the flying sword lingering around Wang Lin’s body. Their eyes revealed great greed. There were few flying swords as sharp as that one in the world, so without hesitation they began the chase anew.

The injured cultivator repeatedly alternated between chasing Wang Lin and throwing out defensive magic weapons. After putting up an impenetrable defense around his body, he finally felt some relief. He then continuously swallowed several immortal pills, after which he catalyzed some pills and smeared them on his wounds.

He hesitantly took out a jade strip and after touching it to his forehead, threw it. The jade strip twinkled for a few moments and disappeared.

Wang Lin’s divine consciousness swept around and finding 3 person still pursuing, couldn’t help but sneer. The trio was determined to murder him with the intent of taking away his treasure. To lead 3 Jie Dan stage cultivators on a deadly chase, is but something simple for the current Wang Lin. If it was just one, he’d be equal in strength, but all 3 were at the Jie Dan initial stage and couldn’t be looked down upon.

However, once he enters the Jie Dan stage, killing these 3 people was as simple as pinching ants.

Under the three people’s pursuit, Wang Lin fled day and night, the opponents took out countless magic treasures. Slowly but clearly, Wang Lin became unable to keep up his mental and physical strength. He made the crystal flying sword sneak attack from behind, but the opponents were all on guard, and so the effect was poor.

Wang Lin’s gaze grew colder and colder, his divine consciousness watching the 3 people attentively. Suddenly Ji realm lightning flashed out, the 3 Jie Dan cultivators eyes flashed red as they quickly dodged. Their mind felt as if it was met by a giant hammer ramming down, blood immediately poured out from their mouths and noses. Their bodies shook a few times and their eyes showed an expression of unprecedented horror

That already injured cultivator, one more time threw a big mouthful of blood, his eyes red, his face was clearly showing the pain. If there was no one around to hold him up, he would certainly fall off the flying sword.

“He is definitely not someone simply at Foundation Building stage, he should be a cultivator who is just tiny bit into the Jie Dan stage!” Taking a deep breath and calming down the tremors in his divine consciousness, he said to the other two.

“We must kill him, otherwise with this person’s remarkable ability, if we let him successfully enter Jie Dan stage, we three will die!”

“I have already notified Zhang Jiao, they should be sending reinforcements.”

Wang Lin furrowed his brows, Ji realm divine consciousness could only serve to obstruct them for a bit. Originally it did not affect those in the Jie Dan stage, but now following the wake of the Abyssal Path his divine consciousness succeeded in a major increase. Three dan had united into one DanPei, it brought a bit of improvement, however, it was obvious that it could only injure yet not kill other Jie Dan stage cultivators for now.

This injury looked serious, but a Jie Dan cultivator can recover from it by just resting a little.

If there was only one person, then going all out and with the assistance of the devil, Wang Lin wouldn’t have encountered much problem in killing him, but now, he could only run!

Wang Lin sighed inwardly, and flew forward rapidly.

After eight hours, the sky darkened, Wang Lin had already used his Ji realm divine consciousness several times, but it could only delay them a little. His divine consciousness swept around, and suddenly he stopped, after seeing that his enemies were still pursuing.

The trio were also tired, but couldn’t catch up, if the opposite side was at the Jie Dan stage, the three people would die without proper burial. When Wang Lin suddenly stopped, the three people were all puzzled.

At this moment, they saw Wang Lin raising his hand as if to support the heaven, a cold ray flickering in his eye, his hair moving around, his clothes making a sound as if it was an instrument.

The Crystal flying sword flashed like a cold light.

Soon, a trace of blue flame appeared on his right hand, when it appeared, the surroundings immediately turned cold. This flame was Wang Lin’s other killing weapon apart from the Ji Realm. Originally, he hadn’t planned on using this ice flame. After using it several times in the Fourteenth Valley, Wang Lin discovered that this ice flame was a limited use item. Every time he used it, the flame would wear down a bit. But now that the opponents had already closed in, he couldn’t worry about it now.

With the appearance of the ice flame, the three Jie Dan cultivators all looked pale. Before they could take action, Wang Lin waved his right hand, and the fist sized ice flame slowly went towards them.

It seemed slow, but actually it was very fast, a wind blew across the sky, and in an instant turned into ice, the wind condensing into a solid form was like a knife, rapidly moving towards the trio.

The three people without any hesitation immediately dispersed in all directions, but the ice flame speed suddenly increased and turning at incredible angles, touching a cultivator across various places injuring his arm, within a blink of an eye, giving the cultivator not even enough time to scream, as blue flame covered him entirely, his body dissipated in an instant.

The ice flame weakened, continuing to the next cultivator. But all of a sudden, from a distant place the sound of sudden bursts of storms and thunder could be heard, followed by seven or eight rainbows coming out of the blue.

Wang Lin’s face immediately changed, grabbing out with his right hand, he immediately recovered the ice flame into his body, and without hesitation turned tail to run. And this time he utilized 120% of his spiritual force, desperate to flee!


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