Xian Ni Chapter 146 – Jie Dan (3)

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ObligatoryTLNote: Ok, I know it’s been a long time coming, but some things can’t be helped. So let’s first clarify a few things: 1) When SnowTime released Chapter 145, Chapter 146-150 were finished TLing (or atleast almost finished, with a few paras here and there and me forgetting to TL Chapter 148 but that’s another story). 2) Secondly, just because they were MTLed doesn’t mean that they were ready to be published because a LOT of errors come out in Translation checking, and judging by the size of the chapters, I am sure you would agree that it isn’t an easy task so props to NomYummi and Crazylovedbsk for that. 3) After which comes the Editing part to make the text flow better or atleast reduce common grammatical errors, props to Nahtaivel for that.

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TL : Void
TLC : Nom Yumi, crazylovedbsk
Editing : Nahtaivel

Wang Lin before entering had already taken out a black robe from his storage bag, covering his head and face. Once inside his eyes swept around, most of the magic weapons were flying swords, and most of the goods were of low quality. They were all inside embroidered boxes sealed on both sides to prevent sword qi from leaking.

The items placed in the center were inside a cylindrical crystal wall, there were three flying sword with a finished shape, floating with their tip down.

The three flying swords flickered, and from time to time sparkled with bright gloss.

As Wang Lin was watching the crystal wall, a shop assistant came from the side. Aged twenty something, he had already sized up Wang Lin while walking. Being covered from head to toe was a very common thing, some people do not like their true identity to be seen, and so they would dress up like that. He had been imparted with a method to identify the other person’s cultivation, but the more he looked the more he felt it was odd : Wang Lin’s cultivation would momentarily be at Jie Dan and suddenly drop to peak Foundation building stage.

The Shop assistant was surprised, but did not show even the slightest abnormality on his face, and said with a respectful attitude: “Ancestor, have you settled on this flying sword?”

Wang Lin withdrew his attention, looked at the man, and saw that his cultivation was on the Concentrating Qi stage. With a bland look, he said in a low voice: “Does your pavilion have an Alchemy furnace for sale?”

The Shop Assistant nodded while smiling, and said: “Ancestor, taking a look at Nandou City as a whole, if talking about Alchemy Furnace, I’m afraid that only my Refiner Pavilion has such items for sale for people who can afford to buy them. If Ancestor wants, please come with me to the second floor.”

Wang Lin, looking calm, turned to walk towards the second floor, the man quickly followed behind a few steps to guide him to the stairs. Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed as they swept onto a cultivator who was bargaining on the first floor, he pondered a little, and then stepped onto the stairs.

After reaching the second floor, the shop assistant went straight to a middle-aged man sitting on a wicker chair on the right side of the room. After whispering a few words to him, he retreated down the stairs.

The beardless middle-aged man, with his eyes flashing, got up, cupped his fists in salute, and said: “Daoyou, what quality of Alchemy Furnace do you require, please tell me.”

Wang Lin glanced at him and was slightly surprised to find that the middle-aged man was at the peak cultivation of Foundation building just like him. He thought to himself that since the refiner pavilion is divided into three floors, and the first floor has someone at concentrating qi, Foundation Building stage on the second floor, then the third floor would presumably have someone at Jie Dan stage.

He maintained a calm look, and said dully: “Can you bring some out to let me take a look.”

The Middle-aged man laughed, pointing to a chair on the side, and said: “Daoyou, first please sit, I’ll get it for you.” After that he personally made a cup of tea, put it on the table, turned and walked to the wall on the side, and tapped it with his hand; the whole wall suddenly started sparkling fantastically, slowly becoming illusory.

Then three beautiful girls, dressed in palace clothes, looking graceful and elegant came out from inside. Each one held a white tray,and on each of the three trays laid a two square foot mahogany box.

The three wooden boxes were of the same size. Some of the patterns engraved on them were different, and the three boxes were closed by various seals as well.

The Middle-aged Man pulled out a wooden box, and putting it on the table said: “Daoyou, this has been made by refining the mysterious mist crystal from the Green Stars of the Dipper Cliff located in the depths of Sea of Devils. After being refined for 49 months, the Green Stars Black Furnace quality is at the third grade.” After that he patted the wooden box, and it immediately opened in the middle, revealing a dan furnace, the size of a fist.

Wang Lin maintained a calm look, Limu Wan had mentioned that the Dan furnace with her was only at the second grade, and for the Heavenly Li Dan to be completed with less risk of failure, they needed one at fourth grade or above.

After glancing at it, Wang Lin did not speak, and instead looked away.

The Middle-aged man laughed, waved his right hand and the wooden box on the table appeared back on the tray in the first woman’s hands. After which he walked passed the second woman, and directly reached for the box in the third woman’s hands. Lightly placing it on the table He said while chuckling: “Presumably Daoyou wants to refine precious immortal pills; this was made by fusing the inner dan of ninety nine low-grade spirit beasts from the Sea of Devils, and refined together to make this Hundred Beasts Spirit furnace. If used to refine immortal pills, there is a chance the pills will absorb spirit beasts dan qi, thus increasing the quality of the immortal pills.” With that, he patted the box with his right hand, and both sides of the wooden box quickly opened revealing a crimson red Dan Furnace inside. If one looked carefully then one may find that on the outside there appeared ninety nine spirit beasts smiling grimly.

The Spirit beasts seemed lifelike; a slight trace of spiritual force fluctuations could be felt coming from it, seeping through the Ling Qi seal, and if the seal were to be opened, it was to be feared that the Ling Qi would sky rocket.

This Hundred beasts spirit furnace was enough to startle even Wang Lin, but his face betrayed no emotion.

The Middle-aged man touched the wooden box and said: “Daoyou should know that the low grade spirit beasts are equivalent to Jie Dan stage cultivators, and my Sect had to spend quite a lot of effort, that coupled with the time consumption of several years before succeeding in refining this furnace. The quality of this Hundred Beasts Spirit Furnace has reached fifth grade.”

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze, pondered a little, and said: “What price?”

The middle-aged man smiled and said: “One hundred thousand top-grade lingshi, this is the standard price or you could put out a magic weapon of equivalent price.”

Hearing the price, even though Wang Lin had mentally prepared himself, his heart still sank, this Dan furnace was extremely expensive. No wonder those from Dou Xie Sect spent most of their lingshi trying to get one.

His smile still on his face, the middle aged man calmly poured himself a cup of tea. Sipping it he said: “Daoyou, this Hundred Beasts Spirit Furnace is expensive, why don’t you look at a different one. The Qing Black Dan Furnace from before is also one hundred thousand Lingshi, mid-grade Lingshi that is.That’s equal to only ten thousand top-grade Lingshi.”

Wang Lin looked at him, opened his storage bag, and a piece of dragon skin immediately flew out onto the table.

“Aquatic Dragon Leather?” Middle-aged man said in surprise. He picked it up, and after dispelling a short moment of hesitation, looked up and said: “This is mid-grade Spirit Beast Aquatic Dragon’s skin, how much do you have of this thing?”

Wang Lin looked calm and instead of answering, asked : “How much do you need to exchange for the Hundred Beasts Spirit Furnace?”

The Middle-aged man looked down and after calculating a while, looked at Wang Lin and said: “If the length is above a thousand feet, then you can trade the whole sheet for it.”

Without any further words, Wang Lin patted his storage bag and piled the entire Aquatic Dragon skin before the middle aged man. Without even looking at him, Wang Lin grabbed the mahogany box containing the Hundred Beasts Spirit Furnace and went downstairs.

Slightly short of breath, the middle-aged man took a quick look at the Aquatic Dragon Skin, sweeping over it with his Divine Consciousness, and judged that even though it is not whole, it very nearly was.

A whole piece of mid grade spirit beast Aquatic Dragon’s skin; it’s important to know that a mid-grade spirit beast is equivalent to a peak Yuan Ying cultivator. This class of spirit beast would naturally dominate in the Sea of Devils, one could even call it an Overlord. Though the middle-aged man could be said to be experienced and knowledgeable, even he had only seen a few scattered pieces of mid grade hide. This was the first time that he had seen a mostly intact skin, that does not belong to low grade spirit beasts.

When he looked up, Wang Lin had already taken the wooden box into his storage bag, and was quickly going down the stairs.

One’s wealth is not to be displayed inadvertently, Wang Lin knew this, so he wore a disguise covering his head and face, but he was still not at ease. After all, he knew the Aquatic Dragon skin was worth less to the other party, but it was still a rare treasure. If the other party became greedy and thought to go after other valuable Aquatic Dragon body parts, it would complicate the whole situation.

If not because it was a last resort, Wang Lin would not have traded away the Aquatic Dragon’s skin, but the price for one Dan Furnace was too high. In his storage bag aside from the LingQi liquid, there was only the Aquatic Dragon skin.

In comparison, if he had taken out the LingQi liquid obtained from the Heaven revolting bead, most likely that would have resulted in a lot of trouble. So comparing the two options, he decided to take out the Aquatic Dragon’s skin, and left quickly after trading.

After exiting the Refiner Pavilion, Wang Lin looked indifferently across the street. A moment ago when he entered the second floor he discovered someone spying on that floor, and thus had left part of his divine consciousness in the other person. After coming out now, he immediately noticed the man was in the inn across the street.

There were many people inside the inn, and unexpectedly besides the man there were three Jie Dan cultivators. Wang Lin pondered a little, did not detonate the soul, and kept walking. After turning a few corners, he tried to use Earth Escape technique, but saw a white flash. Wang Lin could not sink into the ground; because the whole of Nandou City was under a restrictive spell affecting the cast of Earth escape technique.

Wang Lin frowned, as he quickly flew up and headed towards the gates.

Shortly after his departure, a dark and thin cultivator, appeared where Wang Lin had tried to cast Earth Escape technique. As he stared in the direction Wang Lin was flying, the corners of his mouth turned up, and his eyes revealed a greedy expression. This cultivator was the very one who was haggling one the first floor when Wang Lin had just entered.

The man’s name was Wei San, he was a disciple from Dou Xie Sect who came to Nandou City to purchase. When he saw Wang Lin enter into the second floor he immediately had an idea. While pretending to sweep the attic he sent a sound transmission to fellow sect members from Dou Xie Sect who had come to buy in Nandou City. After some time, he saw Wang Lin come down. He calculated the time spent upstairs, deduced that the person had traded some valuable magic weapon, and he could not help but have evil intentions.

But he could not see through the cultivation of the other person, which he assumed to be at the Jie Dan stage. Because of this he had no choice but to stay away. However, after his fellow sect members came, he noticed that three Elders of his Sect had come unexpectedly. Overjoyed, he told everything in detail.

On his side, there were about ten people, whose cultivation ranged mostly in Foundation building stage, but there were three people whose body was covered in a black mist.

These three people, were precisely the Jie Dan cultivators who had made Wang Lin feel apprehensive.

“Elders, I did not expect you three in Nandou City, I am sure the other person certainly must have some treasure.” Wei San said in a groveling tone.

“Wei San, you really exaggerated too much, I had really thought it was some Jie Dan cultivator. Humph, he is only a mere fake dan cultivator, what treasure can he have? Waiting so long was just a waste of time.” From the black mist, the husky voice of a man came out and sounded angry.


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