Xian Ni Chapter 140 – Sea of Devils

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Wang Lin’s face changed after hearing that the nationwide sealing array had been broken. It was very bad for him. Once these fire beasts rush in, they would definitely lock their targets on him.

Remembering the scene where the fire beasts chasing him had completely blotted out the sky, Wang Lin felt uneasy. He soon made up his mind : he had to get the map fast, and as for the Heavenly Li Dan, he couldn’t wait for the end of the month.    
Thinking about this, Wang Lin frowned. For the map in Feng Luan’s hands, he didn’t have enough time to go out and accumulate 150 kills. Pondering a little, Wang Lin’s eyes flashed as he had made up his mind.

Moving his divine consciousness, the positions of Yang Xiong and Lin Tao emerged in his mind. Quietly retreating a bit, he quickly flew to Yang Xiong’s position.

Yang Xiong was left behind as part of War Shrine Mountain Peak Patrol. He could not relax for even a moment, and looked alert while scanning the surroundings. When he looked towards the peak, seeing the damaged Yuan Ying flying past him, Yang Xiong had a premonition that something big must have happened.

Forcefully restraining his curiosity, Yang Xiong sighed inwardly. He was about to move northwest to patrol, when suddenly, changing direction, he flew towards the northern part of the distant jungle. After entering the jungle he looked around, then respectfully said: “Yang Xiong greets the Master.”

Wang Lin coming out from behind a tree, looked at Yang Xiong a bit, and said: “Zhouzi Hong, Where?”

Yang Xiong felt some doubts in his heart, but did not ask anything. After pondering a bit, he said: “I think Junior Sister should be in Third Brigade’s Fourth Squad, I don’t remember too clearly.”

Wang Lin looked at Yang Xiong a bit, then said: “I have returned Zhouzi Hong’s soul blood.”

Yang Xiong’s body trembled, his breath became short, but he soon returned to normal. Looking up at Wang Lin, he opened his mouth as if to say something.

Wang Lin maintaining his usual expression, said lightly: “If you can make Zhouzi Hong come here, I will also return your soul blood.”

Blood rushed to Yang Xiong’s eyes as his breathing became fast immediately. After a long time, he said in a low voice: “Master really means it?”

Wang Lin frowned, but still nodded.

Yang Xiong without hesitation took out a jade strip, put it to his forehead and chanted some unknown words. As the Jade strip started flashing, Yang Xiong threw it and it turned into a grey light before flashing away.

Within the time it takes to burn a stick of incense, the piercing sound of a flying sword could be heard from a distance. As a beautiful female silhouette landed gently, her red lips and pearl white teeth could be seen. It was precisely Zhouzi Hong.

She put away her flying sword, and frowned a bit as she was about to speak. But when she noticed Wang Lin, her face immediately turned pale.

Wang Lin waved his right hand, and Yang Xiong’s soul blood came out. Yang Xiong with an ashamed face took it, and without daring to look at Zhouzi Hong, quickly left the jungle while looking down.

Zhouzi Hong was pale, she pursed her lips, taking a deep breath. After a long time, opening her mouth with pearl like teeth, she said: “Ancestor Feng Luan……is my mother, when she saw me she immediately became aware that something was wrong, so……”

Wang Lin shook his head, and sighed, then said: “That matter is over, don’t mention it again. Zhouzi Hong, I want to ask you a favour.”

Zhouzi Hong was startled, after a little silence, she said: “Is it the map?”

Wang Lin nodded and said: “My hometown is very far, and without map I cannot find the direction.”

Zhouzi Hong wearing a complex expression, looked up at Wang Lin, and suddenly said: “You help me kill two people.”

“What’s their cultivation?” asked Wang Lin raising his brows a bit.

“One is Mid Foundation Building stage, and the other is Late Foundation Building stage, Fake Dan.” Zhouzi Hong said with her eyes revealing a cold expression.

“Okay!” Wang Lin without hesitation nodded and replied.

“You know those two people, one is Junior Sister Xu Si, Ma Liang’s childhood friend. The other is Zhou An who is always fooling around with her. You do not need to kill them immediately, it will not be too late to kill them as you are leaving. I will bring the map in an hour.” After saying that, Zhouzi Hong looked deeply at Wang Lin, then turned around and flew up into the sky on her flying sword.

“Ma Liang, this is the only thing that I can do for you…..” Zhouzi Hong wearing a look of melancholy, slowly flew away.

Wang Lin looked thoughtfully at the back of Zhouzi Hong. Then spreading his divine consciousness immediately found Xu Si’s location. Remembering when he had put a trace of his divine consciousness on her, it turned out to be quite convenient for him now.

After becoming aware of Xu Si’s location, Wang Lin treading lightly, drilled into the ground and used the earth escape technique.

An hour later, Wang Lin had returned, sitting down cross-legged in meditation, waiting for Zhouzi Hong.

A weird expression was on his face at this moment. He had found Xu Si at a remote mountain place, where she was together with Zhou An, moaning unconsciously, as the sound of the two shining white bodies ramming into each other unceasingly was making a “pa pa” sound.

Wang Lin watched them for a while, then secretly leaving behind a trace of his divine consciousness on Zhou An, quietly left.

The Jungle was quiet as if waiting for something. Zhouzi Hong didn’t come. Instead a concentrating qi female disciple arrived, and after throwing a Jade strip into the jungle, immediately walked away without looking back.

Wang Lin grasped out with his hand, immediately collecting the Jade strip, and viewing it with his divine consciousness. Without moving he put it in his storage bag, and without hesitation drilled into the ground, using the earth escape technique.

After merging the three map parts, Wang Lin could see that Huo Fen Country belongs to the Zhou Wu Continent. And between Zhao Country and this continent, there is the Sea of Devils..

To return to Zhao country, he must approach this legendary land of devil cultivators : Sea of Devils

Although not much is said about Sea of Devils in the map, certain dangerous places are emphasized. Even YuanYing cultivators would not easily enter those places.

The map also mentioned that this Sea of Devils is actually not a genuine sea. Long ago during a great war in the Ancient Era, a deity used a powerful technique to evaporate the whole sea to kill his enemies.

Since then, the entire Sea of Devils became a lingering mist. It would be accurate to describe it as fog sea. Many of the original sea creatures have gone through a long evolution, in order to adapt to the fog, and can survive in it.

Also because of the peculiar nature of Sea of Devils fog, every year for one month it will turn into water. And after that month, it will turn back to its original state.

Its harsh landscape resulted in it being low on resources. Adding to that the rarity of spiritual veins, and rampant banditry, it slowly became a gathering place for Devil Cultivators. And even some wanted people from high ranked XiuZhen Countries began to come here, relying on the special landscape of the Sea of Devils to escape pursuit.

Sea of Devils is a name that originated from that, as it’s true name has been long forgotten by the world. The forces of Sea of Devils are usually chaotic, a mix of all kinds of people, non-demonic people are rarely willing to enter it.

Wang Lin was processing the information obtained from the map in his mind while moving. Suddenly his body shook slightly and he paused. Spreading his divine consciousness, he saw two sword lights in the sky moving through the air. In front was a woman with a flustered expression, her pale body on verge of crumbling.

This woman had slender, elegant eyebrows like mist. She was like a fairy, a lotus flower, gentle, graceful and beautiful. It was the Luo He Sect’s female cultivator Limu Wan.

Chasing behind her was a slick haired youth. He chased her leisurely while quipping loudly: “Little lady, your thirteenth squad’s members have all been killed by me, one by one, where can you run off to now.”

Limu Wan said nothing, and biting her lower lip, continued to fly forward.

The youth waved his right hand. A “zi” sound was barely heard, as the gentle and graceful Limu Wan’s clothes had been torn off at large areas on her back, revealing snow white skin.

The youth laughed, brought his right hand towards his nose to smell it, his eyes revealing trace of lust.

Wang Lin glanced then turned back. That youth’s cultivation was extremely high, he was mid JieDan stage. Wang Lin did not want to get into needless trouble, as the most important thing was to leave before the fire beasts arrive.

He and Limu Wan had met only once. In fact, it was not worthwhile to go all out to save her, when he was trying to leave. At that time suddenly the youth’s eyes flashed, from his right hand, black light flashed immediately shooting towards Wang Lin hiding in the ground.

“There actually is a junior who knows the Earth Escaping Technique hiding, since we have met, you stay behind, ok.”

Wang Lin sighed darkly, the moment that black light hit the ground he jumped up. Limu Wan noticed it, looking back, her face immediately gained a happy expression, as she shouted tenderly: “It’s You! Senior save me!” Saying that, she turned her flying sword around and within a blink of an eye, came to Wang Lin’s side.

The Youth laughed, and moved his right hand a little. Immediately seven~eight flying swords lined up before him. Spinning nastily, they approached the duo in a flash. Most of the flying swords had Wang Lin as their goal, with only a handful were aiming at Limu Wan and those were not aimed at vital points. Since the other party had lust in his heart, naturally he did not want to kill her.

Wang Lin sighed darkly, and grabbing Limu Wan’s hand evaded the dangerous flying swords by sinking into the ground once again. Using Earth escape technique to it’s limit, he fled rapidly.

Earth escaping technique was indeed an ancient super powerful technique. Even its inferior branch had abnormally fast speed. Even with a person, Wang Lin did not slow down by much, as he fled away rapidly.

The youth showed a mocking expression, as he controlled the flying swords to bombard the ground continuously. Bursts of impact waves passed down the ground. But as Wang Lin was getting faster and faster, the youth expression grew solemn, and putting away his mocking expression he focused on the chase.

Although he was at the JieDan stage, he did not excel at speed. If it was an ordinary Foundation building stage flying sword, he could easily chase. But meeting with the five elements escape techniques which were widely known for their speed, his weakness was exposed immediately, as the more he chased the more their gap increased.

Wang Lin gloomily, looked back at Limu Wan with merciless eyes. Limu Wan’s heart pounded, she knew she was dragging him down. Pursing her lips, she quickly said: “This man is Xuan Wu Country Double Cultivation Sect Elder. I have no idea how he came to know that I have an Heavenly Li Dan, so without caring for his status he came…….”

Before she could finish saying, Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, and he said with a deep voice: “Do you have an Heavenly Li Dan?”

Wang Lin’s gaze was making Limu Wan feeling extremely scared. She was extremely clever, otherwise she would not have revealed the existence of the Heavenly Li Dan. She used these three words, just for the sake of making this person rescue her. She gambled on that possibility.

After all both the man in front of her and herself belonged to Huo Fen Country. It would be better for it to be in his hands than the hands of that JieDan cultivator. Thinking so, she immediately said: “I have not finished the Heavenly Li Dan, the one with me is only semi-finished…..” Seeing Wang Lin’s gaze worsen, blood immediately rushed to her eyes as she quickly explained: “Luo He Sect does not have finished Heavenly Li Dan, only semi-finished products. But it only needs half the normal time to refine in order to turn it into a finished product. Because once this Heavenly Li Dan is finished, it is inconvenient to store, since it must be taken within one year, otherwise it loses it’s effect greatly.”

Wang Lin’s mind whirled, he had originally considered a roundabout route to Sea of Devils, but now that he had to throw off the youth, he grabbed Limu Wan’s soft as if boneless hands, quickly changing direction, fleeing towards the border of Huo Fen Country.

Wang Lin had some plans in mind. He had two options, one was to go to Huo Fen Alliance’s mountain peak, there would be many experts there, and it was not that far away. Once he reaches there, he could be rescued. But it couldn’t be said whether the Xuan Wu Country’s youth would allow them to escape. And if after reaching the mountain, Limu Wan choose to not obey him, then it would be difficult for him to get the Heavenly Li Dan.

The Second option is to go to the Huo Fen Country’s border, calculating the time, the fire beasts would have arrived.

Wang Lin without hesitation, chose the second option.

The youth pursued them closely unwilling to let go. Seeing the other party go faster and faster, he snorted and took out a crystal leaf from his storage bag. After looking at the treasure for a while, he threw it forward, and the crystal leaf immediately elongated in the wind. After it became ten feet large, the youth riding on the crystal leaf, moving his hand into mudra, shouted in a low voice: “Fast!”

The voice had hardly faded, when the crystal leaf “soaring” quickly rushed forward extremely fast. It left behind afterimages, which after a long time passed slowly dispersed.

The distance between the two sides slowly grew closer. Limu Wan’s face became paler, she dared not think of what would happen if they were caught. In her heart she could not help but curse Wang Lin for not choosing to flee towards Huo Fen Alliance Mountain Peak. But this thought she kept in her heart, and dared not say it to his face, for fear of angering him, as she was still with him.

Wang Lin maintaining his usual expression, calculating the time in his heart, the time since the nationwide sealing array broke until now. A total of three hours had passed by the time the wounded Yuan Ying came to report. Plus with the time that it would take for the fire beasts to break through the formation, they would have surely rushed over, and crossed the border of Huo Fen Country to enter Xuan Wu Country.

As he was calculating in his mind, Wang Lin through his divine consciousness immediately noticed a dense red cloud in the distance, sweeping over the earth like a shroud.

The youth pursuing in the air saw the red cloud. His face changed greatly at once, and without hesitation he turned around, giving up the chase to quickly fly away. He had already been informed that the reason Huo Fen Country invaded Xuan Wu Country was because of this dense red cloud caused by the fire beasts.

The speed of the herd of fire beasts was fast, but Wang Lin’s Earth escaping technique was also first class in terms of speed. As the two parties intertwined, in a flash, quite a considerable distance was opened between them.

Limu Wan looked fearfully and apprehensively at the fire beasts. As they got farther and farther away, her mind calmed a bit, but suddenly reacting she exclaimed: “Quick stop, we should inform everyone, these…..these fire beasts aren’t being blocked by the nationwide sealing array?”

Wang Lin looked at her coldly, and said: “They already know, you do not worry.”

At this time a formidable divine consciousness appeared, sweeping away as if enveloping the heavens, suddenly stopping to come down to Wang Lin. Wang Lin thought that this wasn’t good, pulling out LingQi liquid from his storage bag to drink, he grabbed Limu Wan without explanation and pushed Earth escaping technique beyond it’s limits to flee.

The fire beasts had flown out quite far, but they suddenly stopped, issuing a deafening booming roar, they changed direction to chase.

However, the two sides were quite far apart. Coupled with Wang Lin’s fast reaction, not reducing his speed from the start, instead only getting faster, and even though he was pursued by the fire beasts, they could only hang far, unable to catch up.

Limu Wan through her divine consciousness discovered to her horror this strange scene. In her heart a strange notion appeared, she had a feeling that the objective of these fire beasts was not the Huo Fen Alliance, but just this cold young man.

The true five elements escaping techniques have godly power, which not only requires a lot of spiritual force, but even has stringent requirements regarding one’s aptitude. But Wang Lin actually practised a remote branch pseudo earth escape technique. Although it has large spiritual force consumption, it does not have stringent requirements for qualification, and one can even slowly grasp it through constant usage. Even if Wang Lin has not been using it too long, he had used it often so he had already become familiar with this Earth escaping technique.

As for spiritual force consumption, to be frank, Wang Lin was not concerned

Using Earth escape technique continuously for three days, Wang Lin with Limu Wan crossed the Huo Fen Country. With the Fire beasts behind him, already coming closer, roaring endlessly, at the border of Huo Fen Country, Wang Lin drilled out of the ground. Looking at the Sea of Devils in the distance, his weary pale face said to Limu Wan: “Can you refine the Heavenly Li Dan to completion before the fire beasts chase us down?”

Limu Wan already had a sense of fear from the bottom of her heart regarding Wang Lin. She had already determined, that the target of the fire beasts was this person, otherwise it would have been impossible for the fire beasts to not go after the Huo Fen Alliance, and instead turn back. And looking at the way those fire beasts are pursuing, it seems as if they have extreme hatred for this person.

Also, Limu Wan knew about Earth escaping techniques that apart from JieDan cultivator, it is impossible for a Foundation building cultivator to use it continuously for three days. Every time his spiritual force weakened he drank a liquid, and regarding this Limu Wan had a deep deep curiosity.

After hearing Wang Lin’s words she immediately grew even paler. With her intelligence, how could she not guess the meaning behind the other’s words. If she was able to complete the refining, maybe he would give her a lifeline, like perhaps letting her get away from the fire beasts, and letting her go, and so on.

But if she fails to refine completely, then presumably this cold young man would not hesitate to take the half-finished Heavenly Li Dan, and then abandon her.

Thinking about this, Limu Wang’s tender body shook. She had seen many cultivators being torn to shreds by the fire beasts, and her heart was scared to the extreme.

Wang Lin frowned, at the moment, time was of the essence while the other party was in a daze. He knew what Limu Wan was thinking. Actually her guess was not completely correct, if she couldn’t finish refining in time, although Wang Lin would take the half-finished Heavenly Li Dan, he would still give her some magic weapons for her safety. Besides the target of the fire beasts was him so the possibility of Limu Wan surviving was fortunately very big.

Limu Wan seeing Wang Lin frowning trembled inwardly, pursing her lips she said trembling: “Se……Senior, time is too short, I……I……cannot refine it to completion. But I…..I……can do alchemy, almost all pills of Luo He Sect and many ancient folk remedies I have remembered by heart, as long as I have material I can refine.”

Wang Lin was startled, glancing at Limu Wan for a bit, then seeing the red light appearing on the horizon, he grabbed Limu Wan’s arm, and quickly rushed towards the Sea of Devils.

Limu Wan didn’t know that her words were indeed tempting for Wang Lin. For Wang Lin, Limu Wan appeared like a movable furnace, if used well, he would be able to increase his cultivation.

He had this enlightenment after reading through Sun Youcai’s memoirs.

The Sea of Devils is quite big, shaped in a concave, calling it a huge basin would not be an exaggeration. Although there are numerous mountain peaks, there are no trees but many bizarre vegetation. If analyzed, these forms of vegetation could be traced down to ancient times.

The time that Wang Lin entered coincided with the season for the sea fog to start condensing. And not long after the fog would become sea, after one month, the sea would suddenly evaporate into fog, and the area would become foggy again.

Limu Wan was pulled by Wang Lin into the fog, and her tender body trembled as she pursed her lips and whispered: “Se……Senior, this is the Sea of Devils!”

“I Know!” Wang Lin said coldly.

Limu Wan sighed inwardly, remaining silent.

After entering the Sea of Devils fog, a slight trace of yin cold qi came from the fog. This long lost feeling, caused Wang Lin to be quite startled. He had not thought that there would actually be yin cold spiritual force, and was immediately quite pleasantly surprised.

Compared to Huo Fen Country, the Sea of Devils was like a piece of ice, directly contrasting the hot and dry Huo Fen Country. For Limu Wan this was the first time she was visiting the Sea of Devils, as immediately all the rumours that she had heard about Sea of Devils came to her mind, and she could not help but get a bit more pale.

Wang Lin stopped in the Sea of Devils fog. The fog there was not too strong, one could see in the distance, the border of Huo Fen Country. Seeing the red clouds coming in from a distance, the fire beasts gathered, but they stopped at the border of the Sea of Devils. Endlessly letting bursts of angry roars, reluctant to step forward.

The fire beasts gradually increased in number, but nobody went even half a step into the Sea of Devils’ territory, as if there was an invisible gap between the two, making them stay away.

Finally after a long time, a fire beast rushed out, but as soon as it touched the fog, it immediately let out heavy bursts of screams, its body shrinking rapidly, emitting bursts of white smoke, the colour of its skin rapidly changed from red to gray. This scene was similar to putting a burning coal block into ice water.

Wang Lin seeing this felt a bit calm. As per his plan, if the fire beasts chased into the fog, the creatures and cultivators in the Sea of Devils would block the fire beasts invasion.

After all, the size of the Sea of Devils is equivalent to thousands of Huo Fen Countries. Although the disparity is not that clearly visible in the map, the introductory description on the Sea of Devils quite clearly points it out.

Considering how big the size of the Sea of Devils was, if Wang Lin escaped, even if the fire beasts looked for him, he would be difficult to find.

Wang Lin’s body flashed, grabbing onto Limu Wan the portable alchemy furnace, he plunged downwards into the fog. Spreading his Ji Realm Divine Consciousness, he closely observed the surroundings.

Establishing a base in a cave, and quickly getting to JieDan stage. This was the only plan for Wang Lin at the moment. Only after becoming JieDan could he become the number one person under YuanYing stage. After which he had confidence in his cultivation to survive in this Sea of Devils.


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