Xian Ni Chapter 139 – Fake Dan Realm

ObligatoryTLNote: A refresher for those who might not remember, Fake Dan realm is the state when one has reached the peak of Foundation building stage and is ready to break through to the next stage (Jie Dan stage) so it’s Fake Dan…. get it? 😀

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Although the sword lights were fast, Wang Lin’s Earth Escaping Technique was incomparably profound. Keeping a fair distance from the hundred people, he watched the cultivators pierce through the air. He instantly rushed forward a great distance to arrive at the location of the spiritual vein.

There were great spiritual force fluctuations here. The ground was uneven and full of broken limbs and skeletons. A strong scent of blood would assault one’s senses whenever a light breeze blew.

As soon as the hundred cultivators arrived, several Huo Fen Country cultivators appeared suddenly from all directions, and the fighting began.

At the same time, eight sword lights, each a meter long, approached from a distance. Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed as a huge aura immediately enveloped the surroundings. These eight meter-long sword lights definitely belonged to YuanYing masters.

They had barely approached when they were spotted by Huo Fen Country’s patrolling YuanYing experts. As the YuanYing cultivators on both sides began to battle, the flying swords and talismans roared in endless bursts, and the surroundings shook while the sky lost its colour.

Shortly thereafter, another unit of one hundred Xuan Wu Country cultivators appeared in the distance, rapidly approaching to join the melee.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed coldly. After looking for a while, his Ji Realm Divine Consciousness turned into Red Lightning as he suddenly leapt from the ground and flashed towards the warring parties.

A Xuan Wu Country’s Foundation Building disciple had just urged his flying sword to behead an enemy at the Concentrating Qi Fifteenth Layer. He was about to continue forward when suddenly red light flashed before his eyes. As if a giant hammer had ruthlessly struck down on his mind, his eyes went dark and his divine consciousness fragmented without resistance as his body fell down headfirst.

Nearby, eight Xuan Wu Country Foundation Building disciples had formed a sword array and trapped a Jie Dan expert. But then, the red light flashed and their bodies shook. With expressions of fear frozen on their faces, their divine consciousnesses dissipated as if swatted away by a giant hand, and their soul-less bodies fell down.

The JieDan expert who had been trapped in the formation hesitated for a moment, but the paucity of time did not let him think too much. He quickly rushed towards the nearest enemy.

A Xuan Wu Country Fake Dan realm cultivator with a YuanYing-grade flying sword had just consecutively beheaded several experts. Grinning, he grabbed an early Foundation Building female cultivator’s neck and tore her clothes with his right hand. The clothes shredded into strips as they revealed patches of pink. The female cultivator screamed in terror, looking weak and powerless on this battlefield.

The Fake Dan realm practitioner licked his lips as his eyes revealed an immoral glint. With the female cultivator in tow, he retreated backwards. But before he had gotten far, a red light flashed before him. He shook a few times and lost his hold on the female cultivator before falling to the ground like mud.

After losing its owner, the flying sword did not stop flying. Instead, it sped up and rushed towards the ground. Just as it reached the earth, an arm instantly surged up and seized it before disappearing into the ground again.

More and more Xuan Wu Country Foundation Building cultivators fell from the sky for no apparent reason. This scene drew the attention of Xuan Wu Country’s forces, and a JieDan stage cultivator wearing a purple robe stared at the ground. He pointed with his right hand, and through some unknown method of communication, ten late Foundation Building stage cultivators immediately rushed out of the battlefield towards the place he had pointed at.

Wang Lin maintained a calm expression as he turned to run. Although the Earth Escaping Technique was not the fastest, it was not slow either. The ten Foundation Building cultivators held a compass in their hands and pursued Wang Lin according to the directions of the compass needle.

After retreating for more than ten miles, Wang Lin stopped and suddenly spread his Ji Realm Divine Consciousness. Before Foundation Building stage cultivators, Wang Lin was King: life and death followed according to his desires. The ten people did not even have a chance to even take any precautions, as without warning they fell dead one by one. With their divine consciousness shattered, their eyes grew dull.

Wang Lin was no longer the simple naive village boy he had once been. Those who got in his way would all be killed without a hint of compassion.

There is no right or wrong on the battlefield, there is only life and death. Wang Lin knew that if he showed even the slightest trace of pity, he would die. The Ji Realm attributes had granted great power to Wang Lin, but at the same time it had quietly changed his personality. With the Ji Realm, one can do anything. If one treads the righteous path, then they can be regarded as XianXia, a hero among generations, a slayer of devils and demons who despises evil the way one despises an enemy.
[TLNote: XianXia = brave and chivalrous immortal/heroic immortal]

If one treads the Devil’s path, then they would definitely become the King of Devils. Even intermediate level devils are scared of Ji power to some degree, and so one would be able to claim the title of Devil Lord among generations.

With the Ji Realm Attribute’s restrictions, it is impossible to have both good and bad behaviour.

Wang Lin had a simple and honest character, he had wanted to become a XianXia, a hero among generations, a revered and righteous cultivator who brought honor to his ancestors. But things had changed with the appearance of Situ Nan, who had caused subtle changes in his personality. As these changes had grown larger and larger, they had eventually developed into the root of all evil.

Bringing honor to one’s ancestors…… His Sect had already scattered and his ancestors were already dead. What was the point of flowery language? The Ji Realm had reversed his character immediately. Since he could no longer become a revered XianXia, then he would instead become that which would make everyone cower in fear: a Slaughtering Devil Lord!

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a cruel expression as he took their storage bags. Without even glancing at the bodies, he fiercely drilled into the ground and turned to head towards the battlefield again.

But just as he started drilling downwards again, he looked at the battlefield and pondered a bit. He then took a few LingShi, placed them on the ground to form an array, and then threw the bodies one by one into the inner circle of the array. Each corpse would burst into blood immediately after being thrown in and be absorbed by the formation.

After all the corpses exploded, Wang Lin bit his finger and let a drop of blood fall on the formation.

From the formation, a purple gas suddenly began to rise. After making a few rotations, the purple gas slowly dissipated, and the LingShi on the ground also began to disappear. Without taking a close look, no one would be able to discover any trace.

Once this was done, Wang Lin sank into the ground and ran towards the battlefield.

The fighting amongst the two sides had grown very intense. The YuanYing cultivators had been fighting more and more fiercely, which had forced the other cultivators to move away.

At this time, Xuan Wu Country’s Foundation Building cultivators began dropping from the sky one after another for no apparent reason. Their bodies broke into pieces after falling to the ground .

As more and more cultivators of the Foundation Building stage died strangely, Xuan Wu Country’s battling side devolved into chaos. The Huo Fen Country cultivators immediately seized the opportunity and cut them down rapidly.

The purple-robed middle-aged man of Xuan Wu Country, who had previously sent people to kill Wang Lin, frowned. His eyes flashing, he once again stared at the ground and pointed with his right hand. Suddenly, a JieDan cultivator at his side rushed forward without saying a word.

The moment that JieDan stage cultivator rushed forward, Wang Lin immediately began to flee. The JieDan stage cultivator sneered. With a muffled shout his right hand pressed down, and a palm print could be seen on the ground forming a concave shape. Wang Lin quickly shot up and, tapping his feet, leapt lightly towards his prearranged formation.

The eyes of that JieDan cultivator revealed a trace of mockery. He assumed that the reason the other party was able to kill so many Foundation Building stage cultivators was due to a mighty and powerful magic weapon. As long as he was careful, dealing with it should be very easy.

Thinking this way, he flipped his hands and a golden spinning awl appeared between his hands. After a moment, it suddenly flew out like a piercing arrow. That awl traveled so fast that circular ripples could be seen emerging from it.

Wang Lin didn’t look back. He just threw out the worthless Huo Fen Country’s Dan treasure magic weapon. Not waiting to see the result, he continued to quickly move forward. The Dan treasure immediately turned into a silver fist and crashed loudly with the awl.

At the moment of collision, the awl started rotating severely and abruptly broke the fist, drilling right through it. Its luster had darkened but its speed was not reduced, and it moved straight towards Wang Lin.

Wang Lin maintained his usual expression. The moment the awl had pierced through the trash magic weapon, he once again drilled into the ground and immediately used the Earth Escaping Technique. After several similar occurrences, he arrived at the location of the formation.

The JieDan stage cultivator had calmly kept up with Wang Lin. With heavy mockery in his eyes, he exclaimed: “You scoundrel, other than drilling through the ground and sneak attacking, don’t you have any other techniques?”

Wang Lin did not say anything. Not even pausing the least bit over the formation, he immediately flashed past it. After moving far away, he suddenly stopped and turned his head fiercely. At this time, the JieDan stage cultivator was flying right over the formation.

Wang Lin revealing an ice cold expression. Snorting lightly, he shouted: “Activate!”

As soon as the words resounded, the formation beneath the cultivator’s feet began to shake. Copious amounts of purple mist came out, instantaneously wrapping around the cultivator. From afar only the cage like purple mist could be seen but the inside could not be distinguished.

Wang Lin sneered and sat down cross-legged. He then began to refine Zhou Jin’s YuanYing magic weapon. Suddenly, the Jade talisman emitted circular ripples that enveloped Wang Lin. At this moment, the golden awl had already rushed out, fiercely striking at the circular ripples. But those ripples only swayed a little, without showing the slightest trace of damage.

Wang Lin didn’t even look at the awl and fixed his attention on the purple mist. He then took out a flying sword from his storage bag and wiped its surface with his right hand. The Devil’s red appearance immediately flew out and stared excitedly at the purple mist. It revealed a hesitant expression despite its desire to consume.

Wang Lin sucked his breath in and closed his eyes without a word. Violent winds and furious waves were beating within his sea of consciousness. Flashes of red lightning rushed out of the sea of consciousness unceasingly and condensed into a red cloud. Suddenly, the sea of consciousness rushed out.

For the first time, the Ji Realm Divine Consciousness completely broke away from his body to come out in full strength. The moment that red cloud floated out from the top of Wang Lin’s head, the Devil immediately showed a look of terror. Its body trembling, it retreated to the side.

Once the red cloud appeared, it immediately turned into a sword and drilled into the Devil’s body, dragging the Devil into the purple mist. Inside the purple mist was the JieDan cultivator, who was sitting cross-legged with a gloomy face. Next to his body, a gourd spun around mist prison as it absorbed the purple mist and slowly weakened it.

This formation was an extremely vicious one understood by Wang Lin. Known as the Blood Devouring Devil, this formation’s structure could not be considered complex. The main point was that it needed the flesh and blood of cultivators to attract a devil. Wang Lin had used the bodies of ten Foundation Building cultivators to attract it. Within this formation, trapping a JieDan cultivator for a short time was not a big challenge.

If Wang Lin had used the bodies of JieDan cultivators, then he would only have needed five bodies in order to kill JieDan cultivators below the middle stage. The only drawback was that this formation had high requirements for the bodies and required the user to kill them himself, thus restricting the formation’s usefulness.

As Wang Lin’s Ji Realm Divine Consciousness rushed into the purple mist, the early-stage JieDan cultivator immediately reacted. Suddenly, Wang Lin’s eyes opened. Without a thought, he quickly pounced at the cultivator. Bringing the Devil with him, he ignored the gourd and the enemy’s corporeal body, instead directly rushing into the enemy’s sea of consciousness.

Within the enemy’s sea of consciousness, the cultivator’s consciousness transformed into a giant and glowered at Wang Lin. The red cloud immediately released countless bolts of red lightning that brought booming thunder as they struck at every part of the giant’s body.

The giant revealed an expression of pain, and his body rapidly shrunk. He roared and brandished his two arms. Immediately, a large area of red lightning was split in two and broke apart.

In response, the red cloud suddenly dissipated and transformed into a large quantity of lightning before once again charging at the opponent. The giant’s body grew smaller and smaller, but his fists grew more and more fierce. With every attack, a large piece of lightning would break off and dissipate into red particles before fading away.

With Wang Lin’s cultivation, killing an early-stage JieDan cultivator was still somewhat difficult. If he had reached late-stage Foundation Building and entered the Fake Dan realm, then dealing with a JieDan cultivator would have been much easier.

But how could Wang Lin be that type of reckless youth? If he had not been certain of success, he definitely would not have done it. At this time, just when both sides were in a deadlock, the Devil, under Wang Lin’s orders and with a look of hesitation, pounced at the giant.

The giant gave a look of panic. His arm waved at the Devil, immediately smashing its body into pieces. Just as the giant took a breath to relax, his look of panic thickened as he saw the Devil’s figure appear on top of his arm. It bit at him, gobbling up his arm in large mouthfuls.

Despite roaring and waving his arms, the Devil could not be shaken off, as though it had become a part of his body. In the end, the giant even gave up his battle with the red lightning, using his other arm to smash unceasingly at the Devil. With every hit, the Devil’s body grew paler and weaker. However, not only did the Devil fail to loosen its grip, but it also began to eat faster.

In reality, the Devil was also grumbling in its heart, but it knew that if it relaxed, Wang Lin would immediately kill it without the slightest hesitation. Relaxing meant death, but not relaxing allowed it a thread of life to hang onto. Also, if it could swallow this JieDan cultivator’s divine consciousness, its abilities could increase greatly. And when the time came, it would finally be able to swallow that abominable Wang Lin. From that day onwards, it would become free and unfettered.

With this hope, the Devil’s fierceness increased as it immediately began swallowing even more rapidly. It could be said that it used every ounce of its body’s strength for this task.

The giant looked as if he was about to cry. His waves grew weaker and weaker until finally his rapidly shrinking body turning into a golden divine consciousness that was sucked clean by the devil.

An expression of ecstasy flashed across the Devil’s face. Just as it was about to quickly digest the golden divine consciousness, Wang Lin’s divine consciousness suddenly turned into a red cloud and completely wrapped up the Devil. Despite its repeated howls of unwillingness, in the end it could only helplessly spit out the JieDan divine consciousness bit by bit.

Due to changes it had undergone within Devil’s body, the spit-out divine consciousness had already become ownerless. With the JieDan cultivator’s divine consciousness in tow, Wang Lin immediately rushed out of the enemy’s collapsing sea of consciousness and left the purple mist, returning to his corporeal body.

Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes and the corners of his mouth raised into a slight sneer. In his sea of consciousness, the JieDan cultivator’s divine consciousness floated on top as it was slowly swallowed by the Ji Realm Divine Consciousness.

At this moment, the surrounding golden awl’s color darkened and it fell down. Wang Lin withdrew his protective jade talisman and grabbed the awl with his hands. He glanced at it and put it into his storage bag.

Soon after, he walked forward with large strides. Squatting down at a random corner of the formation, he grabbed a LingShi from the ground. After pinching it to pieces, the purple mist immediately dissipated, exposing the cross-legged corpse of the JieDan cultivator.

Standing next to the corpse, Wang Lin pointed with this right hand and shouted menacingly: “Get out here right now or I’ll immediately exterminate you.”

A red light unwillingly drilled out from the cultivator’s body and transformed into the figure of the Devil. Its eyes were filled with resent; but with a sigh, it resigned itself to its fate and returned to Wang Lin’s sword, which was then put into the storage bag.

Wang Lin stared at the dead cultivator. His eyes flashed as he took the dead man’s storage bag and waved his right hand. The cultivator’s body immediately began to burn and finally turned into charcoal. Inside the charcoal a glittering gold dan could be seen. The gold dan was rapidly shrinking in size and its colour grew darker as it showed signs of dissipating.

Wang Lin grabbed the gold dan, and without pausing to think, put it in his mouth. Treading lightly, he quickly disappeared from that place and sank underground.

After going descending 1000 feet, Wang Lin sat down cross-legged and began to digest the gold dan. It immediately collapsed within his body, releasing majestic amounts of spiritual force which filled Wang Lin’s body.

The spiritual force was too great, and Wang Lin’s body was unable to fully bear it, causing blood to constantly flow from his nose and mouth. Without hesitation, Wang Lin patted between his eyebrows, and the Heaven Revolting Bead immediately appeared from his body. Clutching it, he entered the Heaven Revolting Space.

Within the Heaven Revolting Space, Wang Lin immediately flew towards the place where Situ Nan’s YuanYing was located. He then sat down cross-legged, closed his eyes, and began his breathing practice. Gradually, numerous blood points emerged on his body and the meridians in his body started to surface on his skin.

Wang Lin moved both his hands into mudras, then in a strange manner, put one hand on his forehead and one hand on his abdomen, forming a loop as he silently chanted in his mind.

The gold dan had brought tremendous spiritual force into his body. Wang Lin rapidly circulated it. With his muscles and bones constantly being baptized by the spiritual force, they grew increasingly tough.

After two months in Heaven Revolting Space, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes. He saw the the clouds and mist surge forward, then slowly dissipate after a long time as he recovered his calm state.

“The claims in the XieMo Sect’s jade strip about swallowing gold dans to increase cultivation is really not false. By following the chants and mudras mentioned in the jade strip, one really can absorb the spiritual force within the gold dan… Unfortunately this one was only an early stage gold dan. Furthermore, only if one is a practitioner of the Great Asura Technique can one absorb more than 20% of the spiritual force. If one is not a practitioner of the Great Asura Technique, then one can only absorb 10%.”

Wang Lin muttered to himself after getting to his feet. Shaking his fist slightly, his eyes revealed a contemplative look: “Absorbing only 10% of the spiritual force in that dan still allowed me to break through from the mid Foundation Building stage to the late Fake Dan realm. Now if I encounter an early JieDan stage cultivator, I should be able to fight even without using the Devil!”

Two months in the Heaven Revolting Space was equal to 10 days outside. Wang Lin left the Heaven Revolting Space and used the Earth Escaping Technique to come out of the ground. At this time it was night out, and the surroundings were silent.

Wang Lin arrived at the scene of battle on the same day. He saw the ground littered with corpses. The whole spiritual vein had been uprooted from the ground, revealing a bottomless chasm.

After looking around for a while, he left for the mountain occupied by the Huo Fen Country. A few hours later, Wang Lin arrived at the mountain and drilled up from the ground. Treading on his flying sword, he flew straight up.

Midway up, a large number of cultivators appeared like a roadblock; but after seeing Wang Lin’s Jade strip and the talisman recording the number of enemies killed, they did not delay him. Thus Wang Lin flew straight to the top and arrived outside the hall where Feng Luan had called him previously.

Two JieDan stage female cultivators sat outside in meditation. Upon Wang Lin’s arrival, they opened their eyes. Once they saw it was Wang Lin, they once again closed their eyes, no longer paying any attention.

Wang Lin stood outside and said loudly: “Disciple greets Master.”

“Come in.” Feng Luan’s gentle and pleasant voice came slowly from inside the hall.

Wang Lin without hesitation immediately entered the hall and saw Feng Luan sitting on a stone bench. Beside her was the middle-aged man, Zhou Jin. He glanced at Wang Lin and nodded slightly, before looking out the window with his eyebrows furrowed.

Feng Luan appeared tired. She glanced at Wang Lin and asked: “What?”

Wang Lin did not speak and simply threw the jade talisman into her hands. Startled, Feng Luan startled did not examine it immediately, but carefully sized up Wang Lin first. Then she casually explored the jade talisman with her divine consciousness. Her face suddenly took on a strange expression.

Zhou Jin turned his head and took the jade talisman from Feng Luan’s hands. Sweeping away with his divine consciousness, he frowned slightly before smiling and said: “Good work killing 61 Foundation Building stage cultivators and one JieDan cultivator. If you keep this up, you can hope to receive the Heavenly Li Dan. But I am curious, you were still mid Foundation Building stage until just now, so how did you reach the Fake Dan realm? Even then, killing a JieDan cultivator should be an impossible thing. How did you do it?” After speaking, his expression was stern.

Wang Lin had long ago expected that this issue would eventually crop up, so he calmly replied: “That JieDan cultivator had already been besieged and was seriously injured while trying to escape. When I caught him, he was already dying. After taking his gold dan, I swallowed it using the XieMo Sect’s technique, which allowed my cultivation to rise from the mid Foundation Building stage to the Fake Dan realm.”

“Swallowed it……” Zhou Jin’s eyes stared at Wang Lin like electricity. Upon finding remnant gold dan spiritual fluctuations in his body, he believed the young man to be speaking the truth and spoke no more.

Feng Luan looked at Wang Lin quite intently and took a jade strip out from her storage bag. She threw it out and said: “This is the second map part. For killing that JieDan stage cultivator, I will count it as being worth ten kills. If you end up killing at least one hundred and fifty cultivators, come to me to take the third part of the map.”

Wang Lin nodded, then took the Jade strip and viewed it with his divine consciousness. It indeed contained more maps, and by combining his two maps together, Wang Lin could now form a crystal clear image of the basic outline of Huo Fen Country’s landscape.

Huo Fen Country was located at the edge of the Sea of Devils. With his current map parts, Zhao Country could not be seen. According to the map’s descriptions, there was another continent on the other side of the Sea of Devils, but its name was not shown. Presumably its name would appear with the third and last map part.

On the second map, there were details about cultivators in the Sea of Devils, but Wang Lin did not examine it carefully and retracted his divine consciousness.

“The Xuan Wu Country cultivators have banded together. There will be a great war soon. If you want to accumulate greater merits, these next few days will be a good opportunity.” Feng Luan had an appreciative look on her face as she spoke to Wang Lin with a smile.

Wang Lin was about to reply when suddenly a loud, panicked scream shouted out. Zhou Jin and Feng Luan’s faces immediately grew gloomy and they instantly disappeared from where they had been.

Wang Lin quickly came out of the hall and saw someone floating in the air. His body was full of wounds and his YuanYing constantly leaking out spiritual force as he spoke with a frightened voice: “Gentlemen Daoyou, the Nationwide Sealing Array has been broken……the fire beasts are coming here to kill……”


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