Xian Ni Chapter 138 – Heavenly Li Dan

ObligatoryTLNote: Much thanks to NomYummi for swooping in and helping me finish translating this chapter, otherwise, this chapter would have been delayed another day. Much thanks to Cheesy for his great editing as always.

Translator: Void, NomYummi
TLC: NomYummi
Editor: Cheesy McBreezy


From the Luo He YuanYing cultivators, a skinny old man wearing a black robe came out. With a face full of wrinkles framing his dark and lifeless eyes, he turned his eyelids and said: “Every month, the individual who kills the most people in battle will be allowed to receive one Heavenly Li Dan!”

Heavenly Li Dan. These three words were well known to Wang Lin, as well as to all of the surrounding cultivators, who all began to breathe heavily as if they were short of breath.

According to Ma Liang’s memory, the Heavenly Li Dan were very rare within Huo Fen Country. All in all, there were no more than thirty of them. They were the most treasured pills of Huo Fen Country, capable of increasing one’s chances of entering the JieDan stage. If used by someone already at the JieDan stage, then it would allow them to directly reach the stabilization state. Several manufacturers of this drug had already been cut off, so these thirty pills had been carefully preserved for thousands of years.

The cultivators, numbering approximately five thousand, were divided into a few teams, each with their own tasks. Wang Lin was also in one such team.

The teams dispersed to attack. As they roamed the surroundings, they cleanly killed all of the XiuZhen experts they met, while the YuanYing masters maintained a vigil all around in case a YuanYing expert turned up to resist.

Wang Lin was assigned to the Eighth Squad of the Tenth Brigade. In the Eighth Squad there were a total of nearly thirty people who all belonged to different sects. Amongst them, five were at the Foundation Building stage and the rest were at the Concentrating Qi stage’s fourteenth layer, thirteenth layer, and so on. The leader was a XieMo Sect JieDan stage cultivator. For some unknown reason, Wang Lin was the only one from War Shrine.

Their task was to assist the Tenth Brigade in occupying a medium spirit vein near the border. As a Foundation Building stage member of War Shrine, Wang Lin had received a Dan-level Treasure, but it was not very powerful. Since these treasures had been issued in large quantities, their individual quality was quite low. It was not an exaggeration to call them quite weak.

Just before they left, Feng Luan summoned Wang Lin.

In a unique penthouse, Feng Luan stood by the window and looked towards the distance, facing the direction of Huo Fen Country. After a long time, she threw a jade strip to him and said: “Hong’er said that in the foreign battlefield you were quite strong. So why is it that your cultivation is just at the middle Foundation Building stage?”

Wang Lin took the jade strip, and swept through it with his divine consciousness. Suddenly, he looked up with a strange expression. Inside was a part of a map of seven or eight countries north of Huo Fen Country, that clearly marked their XiuZhen rankings and the resources they were bountiful in.

He pondered a little and roughly guessed the meaning hidden in her words.

Feng Luan waved her hand said: “This map has a total of three parts. If you can kill 50 cultivators at the Foundation Building stage, I will give you another part. If before the war ends you are able to kill at least 150 people, I will give you the last part, so go!”

Wang Lin turned and left without hesitation. He had guessed the intent behind Feng Luan’s words a moment ago. After all, there is no such thing as free charity in this world–only unequal exchange.

Compared to the other YuanYing masters of Huo Fen Country, this Feng Luan still retained a portion of her humanity. Because of the matter with Zhuozi Hong, she had suppressed the matter related to his takeover of Ma Liang’s body. As for the map, the meaning was quite clear: if Wang Lin is able, he will get it; if he is not able, then he will die in the battlefield with no one to blame but himself.

Wang Lin had not intended to participate in the war between the two countries, but he had changed his mind and his heart. Now, the Map was merely a given; the Heavenly Li Dan was his new goal.

That Heavenly Li Dan pill would increase his chance to enter the JieDan stage. Eventually, in accordance with his plans, he would have to find another place to cultivate in the Abyssal Ascension Technique. Although after forming three cold dans his chances of entering the JieDan stage were already quite high, there always remained some chance of failure.

Wang Lin had enormous expectations for the JieDan stage, as once he succeeded in reaching it, he would become the number one person below the YuanYing stage. Thus he would not allow for even the slightest chance of error. With the assistance of the Heavenly Li Dan pill, along with the inherent success rate of the Abyssal Ascension Technique, Wang Lin had at least an 80% chance of success.

As he thought of this, his eyes revealed a heavy murderous intent.

The next day, the Huo Fen Alliance’s invasion force scattered, with the ten YuanYing stage cultivators wandering around. If a YuanYing stage enemy were to appear, they would immediately teleport there.

A team of about thirty people, treading on their sword lights, quickly flew north and stopped at a summit overgrown with shrubbery. An old man whose ordinary looks were betrayed by the dense bloodlust filling his two eyes proudly spoke: “The Tenth Brigade has already begun to attack the troops stationed at Wu Xuan Country’s spirit vein, and the enemy will probably send backup. Our task is to block anything that approaches within a circumference of 500 miles. Everyone disperse. If anything appears, inform me immediately.”

The old man then sat down cross-legged, closed his eyes, and did not say another word. This old man was the Eighth Squad’s leader, a Xie Mo sect early JieDan stage cultivator. Apart from the five Foundation Building stage cultivators, he gave no regard to the rest.

Wang Lin stamped down his feet and flew far away before dropping down onto a treetop and meditating. As for the others, they also scattered, looking for someplace to meditate. After a brief moment, except for the light sound of breathing, it was exceptionally quiet.

Zhang Zili opened his eyes and looked around contemptuously. In his heart, he was extremely dissatisfied with the arrangements here. In his own mind, his position ought to have been in the First Brigade, sweeping across the Sect entrances, where he would have been able to profit greatly; but at this piss-poor shitty place, he could not even be sure that they would even meet the enemy support troops. This was really tasteless.

As time wore on, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes. As he looked into the distance, his mouth curled into a sneer.

At this point, Zhang Zili also became aware that something was amiss and immediately stood up. Looking into the distance, he saw more than ten sword lights rapidly flying in. Zhang Zili licked his lips and spit out an ink black light that immediately transformed into a pair of scissors. He waved his right hand and the scissors immediately shot forward as he smiled insidiously and shouted: “Kill!”

Having said that, he treaded forward. A sword came out from his body, surrounded by the Eighth Squad’s cultivators, who one by one went to block the enemy’s path.

Nobody spoke from either side, instead immediately engaging in killing as soon as they saw each other. Of the Xuan Wu Country’s ten-plus people, nobody was of the JieDan stage. All of them were at the Foundation Building stage. As soon as they saw Zhang Zili, they immediately separated, and eight people formed a bizarre sword formation to encircle him. Zhang Zili found himself trapped within the array, unable to break free from it, and he bellowed out angrily.

The remaining seven cultivators began to fight with the Eighth Squad.

Wang Lin’s eyes were cold. He did not have any time to delay. He had to obtain the map and the Heavenly Li Dan. He moved, and a flying sword immediately shot out. It penetrated through the chest of an enemy Foundation Building cultivator like lightning, and left a big bleeding wound.

Then he spread his Ji Realm Divine Consciousness, and the eyes of the remaining six Foundation Building stage cultivators went dark. This was followed up by the flying sword, which stabbed into them one by one, piercing through their chests.

To anyone who had been watching, these seven Foundation Building cultivators appeared to have died from Wang Lin’s sword. They would not realize that they had already died even before the flying sword had struck, due to Wang Lin’s Ji Realm Divine Consciousness.

With seven people instantly killed, both sides were instantly stunned. Whether they were the people besieging Zhang Zili, or the other members of the Eighth Squad, they all looked at Wang Lin with looks of incredulity.

At this time, the flying sword circling over Wang Lin’s head emitted a dense chill.

The eight people besieging Zhang Zili immediately went pale, and one of them shouted: “Retreat!” The eight people quickly pulled back, desperate to escape and leave from there.

Zhang Zili looked at Wang Lin, revealing a bit of fear in his eyes. He admitted to himself that he had not been able to grasp how seven Foundation Building cultivators had been killed in the blink of an eye. He speculated that Wang Lin was hiding his cultivation to appear as if he was only mid-Foundation Building stage. He cursed in his heart, but then after thinking about it, realized that this method was really useful. Perhaps an enemy would become careless, which would lead to surprising results.

But for now, these things were unimportant. The more pressing matter was that he did not know how the eight Foundation Building cultivators’ sword formation had been able to trap him, a JieDan stage cultivator. This kind of event was akin to losing face, especially in front of his own squad.

Zhang Zili looked sullen as he leaned forward and chased ahead. He had almost caught up, when the eight Foundation Building stage cultivators used some unknown magic and a white gas suddenly emerged from their body. It immediately wrapped around their legs, and their speed suddenly more than doubled.

Zhang Zili sneered and formed seals with his hands. As he pressed onto his chest, suddenly exuding a huge aura, a gold dan came out from his mouth. As he pointed with his right hand, the gold dan immediately released bursts of sound and thunder as it roared and rushed out. Within the blink of an eye, it caught up to the eight. After striking three people consecutively, the gold dan returned.
[TLNote: Gold dan is the mark of reaching JieDan stage, Wang Lin’s cold dan is an inferior version of it, he needs three cold dans which he will combine to form a gold dan when he wants to reach JieDan stage]

The three people spit out blood as their bodies dropped from the air and crashed to the ground.

The five surviving people did not even bother to look as they increased their speed to the limit and escaped far away. Zhang Zili snorted lightly. Then, the five people who had already escaped quite far suddenly began to fall from the sky one by one, their bodies crooked.

Zhang Zili looked on with rapt attention, and saw Wang Lin approaching from a distance. Seeing this, his look could not help but change, and he was about to speak when he suddenly heard Wang Lin’s voice.

“There are no less than a hundred people coming from the back!” By the time these words reached Zhang Zili, Wang Lin had already dashed past him. In a flash, Wang Lin had rushed out into the distance.

At this time, Zhang Zili saw hundreds of sword lights emerge from the horizon. He immediately turned around and ran. When he turned back, he found Wang Lin was nowhere to be seen, and could not help but curse in his heart.

Seeing as the situation was not in their favor, the other members of the Eighth Squad retreated towards the spiritual vein en masse.

After flying out quite far and seeing nobody around him, Wang Lin used the Earth Escaping Technique and drilled into the ground, running west.

He had just killed twelve Foundation Building stage cultivators, thus thirty-eight kills remained before he could get another part of the map. Although he would have been safer if he had gone along with his other squadmates, since he wanted to achieve the Heavenly Li Dan, he needed to act alone.

The target of the hundreds of sword lights piercing through the air was the spiritual vein. After they left, Wang Lin poked his head out from a forest, and with a cold expression on his face, he followed them.


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