Xian Ni Chapter 137 – Country Wide Sealing Formation

ObligatoryTLNote: I know you guys are confused as to why chapters are delayed. Well that is more or less due to me unable to spare much time to translation these days. The team has been highly supportive over the past few days, and I can’t even think about what would have happened if I had to do this all by myself. The release schedule would have been way worse than it currently is (Think one chapter a week or worse). Without further ado, I pray for better times for me and you. Enjoy.

Translator: Void
TLC: NomYummi, tbc
Editors: Cheesy McBreezy, Nahtaivel

Wang Lin gave a look of surprise as caught the jade talisman, and quickly thanked the middle-aged man. However, after having thrown the jade talisman, he no longer paid any attention to Wang Lin, and instead flew into the five-coloured phoenix chariot to whisper to Feng Luan.

Wang Lin was also quite tactful. The moment the middle-aged man flew into the phoenix chariot, he asked to be excused, and flew out of the chariot to join the rapidly advancing army of cultivators.
At the border of Huo Fen Country close to Xuan Wu Country, besides the migrating cultivators there were also mortals migrating towards Xuan Wu Country. The fire beasts, after mutating, rarely attacked the mortals as they now had only one target: Wang Lin, who stood in the middle of the army of cultivators.

As time went on, the number of fire beasts slowly chasing behind the army continued to increase. As their numbers increased, a pressure grew in the hearts of most of the cultivators and lingered there heavily.

At the border of Huo Fen Country, there was a huge basin. After the army of cultivators arrived here, a total of nineteen YuanYing monks from the Four Great Sects, as well as some important XiuZhen clans, got together for an important private discussion.

After the private discussion, the nineteen people flew out from the army. As bursts of thunder drifted over the basin, a Luo He Sect YuanYing cultivator said in a sinking tone: “After many years of exploration by my Luo He Sect, we can be sure that this ancestral land of volcanic beasts is the birthplace of the fire spirit beasts. It seems that there is a seal here that was made to suppress all of the volcanoes, which was once relied upon by the Ancestors of Huo Fen Country thousands of years ago. We may be able to use it to confine the fire spirit beasts to this Huo Fen Country.

A red-haired man from XieMo Sect glanced at the basin and snorted lightly as he said: “Since our Ancestors had already taken preventive measures, why was this problem not eliminated completely at the time? Then we would not have been driven to this point today.”

There were three YuanYing stage cultivators from Corpse Yin Sect, with no coffins behind them. Clearly the corpses had taken over the bodies and were just one step away from possessing them completely.

The three acted indifferently, as if they did not care much for all these things. Had it not been for the fact that the oppressive Huo Fen Country’s aura was now unsuitable for their recovery, they would not have even participated in this migration.

War Shrine Sect’s Ancestor Song’s eyes shone, as he said: “Our Huo Fen Country’s Ancestors could not have calculated that the volcanoes would eventually erupt like this, or that fire spirit beasts would cause such a disaster. Even if they had predicted it, I am afraid that their solution would not have been effective enough to last for thousands of years. This formation that they left us is enough of a lifeline for us. This is already enough, friends. Let us go.”

With that said, the old man surnamed Song moved out. Including that middle-aged man and Feng Luan, six YuanYing Ancestors stood together, each in a different position. Their hands moved rapidly, making various hand mudras.

The six people shouted in unison as six lotuses formed from their palms and quickly fell towards the eastern corner of the basin. With a boom, the entire basin shook as red mist began to rise.

The Luo He Sect, XieMo Sect, and Corpse Yin Sect followed suit, as their blossoming lotuses fell due south, west, and north, respectively.

The boom grew fiercer and even more red mist rose from the basin. The red mist in the air condensed to form various shapes, before ultimately forming a hollow ring.

At this moment, several YuanYing cultivators of the Xiuzhen clans who had not yet joined into the action wore an expression of helplessness. They patted their foreheads with their right hands, and their respective YuanYings flew out from their bodies into the middle of the hollow ring formed by the mist without hesitation.
[TLNote: Essentially the reason YuanYing stage is called so because in order to reach this stage, one must form a “YuanYing” within his body, more details later on in the story]

“Gentlemen, Daoyou, why are you all standing still? What are you waiting for?” A LuoHe Sect cultivator suddenly shouted.

From the mist ring, a sharp voice came from a YuanYing, as it said: “Nevermind, Gentlemen, Daoyou, since the four sects have supplemented their Yuan pill gifts, there will not be any damage for even a hundred years once we integrate with it.” With that the YuanYing turned, moving its hands rapidly to form seals, and rapidly broke into the mist ring. It suddenly disappeared, fully integrating into the ring.

The other YuanYings, clenching their teeth, rushed into the red mist ring within the blink of an eye. Although the ring’s size did not change, there appeared a trace of spirit movement.

Huo Fen Country’s Ancestors, in order to prevent the outbreak of volcanic eruptions, had prepared a nation-wide array that not only needed the contribution of the four major sects, but also needed YuanYing cultivators to voluntarily deposit themselves in it for a temporary period in order to ensure that the formation was fully deployed without any gaps. Thus the entire country would be locked up completely.

The colour of the blood-red mist grew more and more concentrated as it slowly floated upwards. After reaching a great height, it suddenly spread at a great speed with a crashing sound, and quickly spread to the four corners of Huo Fen Country.

Wherever the red ring spread, red mist rose from the craters, large and small. All of them contributed to the original red mist, continuously increasing the speed of expansion.

Within the time it takes to burn a stick of incense, the ring of mist had spread across all of Huo Fen Country, and a cover of red mist fell from the sky like an upside-down bowl. The nationwide array to lock the country had been successfully activated.

Once this nationwide locking array was activated, aside from mortals who could still pass freely, neither cultivators nor spirit beasts below the level of Spirit forming stage, could get through it.

The nineteen YuanYing Monks of the four major sects, immediately after the nationwide array activated, moved forward and grabbed the YuanYing bodies. They were returned to their families, and if someone didn’t have a family, it was deposited in the LuoHe Sect’s unified storage.

Several cultivators of LuoHe Sect, standing outside the array, bent into a bow, and shouted loudly: “Gentlemen, Daoyou, please rest assured, my LuoHe Sect will ensure your safety. This nationwide array sealing the country will be maintained for three months. In three months we must have gained a solid foothold in Xuan Wu Country. At that time, we will request help from a superior ranked Xiuzhen country to get rid of the beasts. On that day, we will personally come to meet you and return.”

As the voice dropped, the Yuan Ying members of the other three sects, bent over and cupped their fists in salute in a sincere manner, not even the slightest bit of falsehood could be seen.

Isolated due to the activation of the nationwide array, all fire beasts were roaring, and hitting the enclosing red mist. Each hit caused the red mist to shake a bit but, no matter how many times they hit it, none was able to break through.

After having temporarily blocked the fire beasts from pursuing, the cultivator army sped up. The sword lights like bursts of raining stars broke through the Xuan Wu Country’s border wave after wave.

On the other side of Xuan Wu Country’s border, there was a mortal army. These mortals gawked at the sky. Seeing the densely packed sword lights flying without making a single sound, they threw down their weapons, went down on their knees and bowed. The large mortal army knelt down and prostrated.

In this army, there was a middle-aged man wearing a blue robe. As he stared at the sky, he became pale and murmured: “These……These are the cultivators of Huo Fen Country…….”

Sucking in a huge breath, his face became pale and he quickly retreated. But at this time several “jie jie” sounds of laughter erupted from the sky, and several XieMo Sect cultivators flew out with their sword lights. Three sword lights flashing several times, penetrated the middle-aged cultivator’s body at different angles.

The middle-aged cultivator’s body was soon cut into several pieces as blood splattered everywhere.

The mortal army immediately dispersed, and even the generals of the army fled out of fear of getting involved.

Over ten thousand sword lights had broken through into Xuan Wu Country in an instant. Stopping before a mountain covered in fog, an old man bearing a cold demeanour, flashed to the front. Moving his right hands fiercely, he struck with his palms towards the mountain.

A trace of gold light rose up from the mountains and formed a semi-circular light screen, stopping the palm.

Within the screen, several hundreds of cultivators looked up at the sky flustered, as one white-haired old woman flew out and asked in a harsh voice: “Daoyou from Huo Fen Country, what is the meaning of this?”

Yang Sen of War Shrine shook his body slightly and appeared in front of the screen. With a dull look on his face, he reached out his right hand. The light screen was unable to withstand and made a creaking sound as it immediately shattered into pieces, dispersing in an instant.

The old woman’s pupils shrank as she turned to retreat without hesitation. With a flash, she had already escaped about ten miles, but suddenly the clouds in the sky in front of her coagulated into a silhouette of Yang Sen. Looking coldly at the old woman, he waved his hand silently. The old woman immediately patted her forehead, and her YuanYing body flew out.

Just as the YuanYing emerged, her original body immediately exploded into pieces.

The old woman was frightened. Her cultivation was only in the early YuanYing stage. Seeing the other person’s strength, it was clear that he was at least in the middle YuanYing stage. In all of Xuan Wu Country, there were no more than three individuals who had achieved this level of cultivation. She did not have any thoughts of trying to resist and only wanted to escape this disaster.

“You cannot escape!” Yang Sen snorted lightly and chased after her.

Aside from Yang Sen, after the mountain light screen was broken, Huo Fen Country’s cultivators worked to establish a base. The JieDan stage cultivators rushed headlong into action. They were told to kill everyone on sight, and that in a short period, rivers of blood must flow from the mountain as no one should be left alive.

The big mountain peak at this time was fully occupied by the four major sects. Thousands of disciples stood densely on the mountain. The eighteen YuanYing cultivators, apart from Yang Sen, floated above their heads.

The War Shrine cultivator surnamed Song spoke up at this time with his eyes flashing. With a voice full of killing intent, he said with a sinking voice: “There is no right or wrong in this war, if we can’t find a base within three months in Xuan Wu Country, we will only be setting ourselves up for waiting until the fire beasts break out of Huo Fen Country. The Fire beasts are not scary, the scary thing is that there would be no LingQi available for cultivation.

War Shrine, XieMo Sect, Luo He Sect, Corpse Yin Sect, from this moment on, we must band together. We shall be collectively referred to as Huo Fen Alliance. Every disciple within the alliance, will receive a JieDan level treasure if at the Foundation building stage, and will receive a YuanYing level spell if at the JieDan stage.

During this war, all things looted from killing will belong to that individual. The alliance won’t take them. Disciples, this is a war, but I hope you will regard this as an invasion, one done in order to survive.”

Luo He Sect’s YuanYing cultivator coughed dryly a few times and spoke: “In addition to the magic weapons, each one of you will be receiving a Jade talisman, with which you can record the number of enemies killed. Killing 100 people at Concentrating Qi stage Fifth layer or higher, or 10 people at Foundation Building stage will be rewarded with ten Ling Shi. Killing 200 people at Concentrating Qi stage Fifth layer or higher, or 20 people at Foundation Building stage or one at JieDan stage, will be rewarded with ten bottles of Spiritual Pills.”

[TLNote: Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the flooooooooooooor]


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