Xian Ni Chapter 136 – Middle Aged Man


“I’m not going to be there for you forever … Charlie Brown”

Translators: MeTaL MaX, Void
TLC: NomYummi
Editors: Cheesy McBreezy, Nahtaivel

As Qing Xuan’s words faded, a woman in War Shrine on a flying sword heard the two words “Ma Liang”. Her complexion suddenly changed as her face became erratic. Clenching her teeth, her body paused, then turned around and flew. Her face was like jade, and she was a natural beauty. Her fingers were white like the roots of green onions and her lips were vermillion red. Slim and slender, she arrived walking gracefully.

This woman was exactly the one who had been the target of Ma Lian’s infatuation for a long time: junior sister Xu Si. Even during his time in the foreign battlefield, he had never lost his obsession with her.
She first gave Qing Xuan a respectful greeting and quickly assumed an indifferent attitude towards Wang Lin. Her red lips opened and closed as she coldly spoke: ”Who is this villain, to go so far as to pretend to be a War Shrine disciple? Brother Qing Xuan, please assist me in beheading this man.” With that, she patted her storage bag and in her hand appeared two-inch long black feather needles. Her wrist gently shook, and the feathers immediately plunged towards Wang Lin like a rainstorm.

The feathers transformed in the wind, which carried within it a trace of volcanic ash, changing into a wave of dark rain. As if the wind was helping it, the needles launched towards Wang Lin with earth-shattering power.

Qing Xuan stared blankly, but did not act. Instead, he stepped back without a word, coldly watching Wang Lin.

Wang Lin looked calm, ridicule flashed through his mind. He flung his sleeves. The empty air formed a huge invisible hand with a firm grasp that gently and easily took hold of the flying feather needles. Without overlooking even a single one, Wang Lin harrumphed and erased the divine sense within them. Then he stored them in his storage bag, his facial expression remaining unchanged throughout.

Xu Si’s beautiful face immediately brightened. A trickle of blood dripped from her vermillion cherry-like lips. Her tender body shook slightly, and beneath her feet, her flying sword immediately turned colorless. Her facial expression revealed shock as she gave Wang Lin an inconceivable look. It was impossible for Ma Liang to have this sort of ability, capable of disregarding her magic and even unexpectedly erasing her divine sense. This gave her heart a tremendous shock.

At this moment, from within the huge War Shrine army came three rays of flying swords, from which appeared three youths. In the middle stood Yang Xiong.

He took a quick glance at Xu Si, then turned to Qing Xuan and cupped his fists. “Qing Xuan daoyou, Ma Liang is certainly a disciple of our War Shrine. Thank you for taking the trouble to bring him this way.”

Qing Xuan took a glance at the several people, laden with deep meaning. Shaking his head and laughing lightly, he used his flying sword to leave. He glanced back, only to see that Yang Xiong standing next to Wang Lin in what seemed to be a rather respectful manner. He could not help but be surprised. Pondering a bit, he changed his course towards Tumen River and flew out.

Yang Xiong, not caring if others saw, stood before Wang Lin and whispered: “Master, do you know Ancestor Feng Luan? She is standing on that five-coloured phoenix chariot and asked me to bring you to her.”
[TLNote: Feng Luan = Ridges and Peaks ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]

Wang Lin looked up at the ceaselessly moving army of cultivators. In the middle of the War Shrine group, there was a five-coloured phoenix chariot. On it stood a woman who wore a temple-style dress. As she turned her head to look at Wang Lin, she looked somewhat familiar to him.

Wang Lin maintained his usual expression, but he realized that this Ancestor Feng Luan was the one who had asked for Zhouzi Hong’s soul blood. Hesitating slightly, he went along with Yang Xiong. When he passed by Xu Si, Wang Lin gave her a cold look and quietly left a trace of his divine consciousness on her body without her noticing.
[Ed. note: left a piece of his soul on her body eh… *winkwinknudgenudge*]

This trace of his soul was set to activate after one month, at which point she would die. Ever since his experiences in Zhao Country, Wang Lin had decided that if he ever detected any hostility towards him from anyone, that person would be completely eliminated, no matter if it was a man or a woman. Since this Xu Si had tried to get rid of him first, he was naturally heartless towards her in return.
[TLNote: Actually the author used the idiom: “to cut weeds and eliminate the roots”]

Yang Xiong, who was leading the way in front of Wang Lin, whispered: “Lin Tao was caught while he was copying the map. The map is now in the hands of Ancestor Feng Luan. Furthermore, Lin Tao was punished; if it were not for this migration, I’m afraid that he would have been confined for ten years.”

Wang Lin outwardly appeared calm as usual, but in his heart he grew increasingly cautious as they rapidly approached the five-coloured phoenix chariot. After approaching, Yang Xiong slowed down while Wang Lin, maintaining a calm demeanour, crossed past Yang Xiong. Reaching the woman on the chariot, he cupped his fists in salute and said: “Wang Lin pays his respects to the Ancestor.”

The woman had been watching the battle ahead. After looking at Wang Lin for a while, she said with a gentle voice: “Wang Lin, is that your real name?”

Wang Lin nodded, remaining silent. There were many people who went by the name of Wang Lin, and he did not feel it necessary to hide his name at this point. Thus even if the other party came to know of it, that would not necessarily be a bad thing.

The woman looked around at the perpetually moving army of cultivators. After a moment of silence, she said: “At this point, Huo Fen Country is in a crisis, and soon there will be a war with Xuan Wu Country. Your matter has been dropped due to that, so there is no need for you to worry. If people come to trouble you, I can guarantee your safety; but I can only help you this one time, and only because you saved Zhouzi Hong once and brought her back.”

Feng Luan’s words had hardly faded when suddenly the surroundings darkened. In the distant battlefield, ten huge volcanoes were uprooted by several Yuan Ying Ancestors. After lifting them into the air, they threw the volcanoes towards the fire beasts, who retreated at once. However, some were unable to dodge, and their bodies were immediately smashed and badly mangled.

Taking advantage of the impact of the volcanoes, the cultivator army seized this opportunity to rush out. Amongst the twenty thousand fire beasts which had been chasing Wang Lin, the cultivator army had opened a gap like through broken bamboo.

The army of cultivators rushed together as their sword lights flashed, killing beasts along the way. Once the gap had opened, the fire beasts’ retreat was inevitable. However, the aim of the cultivator army was not to destroy the beasts, but to break through their siege.

Feng Luan stared at the fighting in the distance. Then the phoenix chariot beneath her suddenly accelerated, and she rushed out along with the cultivators in the army.

The sixteen giant fire beasts were held up by YuanYing masters. They roared out again and again, then finally stopped and stared coldly at the cultivator army that was moving farther and farther away. The beasts began copulating with each other in a strange and grotesque manner, and the new sounds coming from their mouths were different from their previous roaring.

Shortly afterwards, red threads came out of their heads and gathered together above them, forming a ring of fire. After the appearance of this ring of fire, the fire beasts immediately began showing an expression of piety, letting out low whimpers.

Then their bodies started to lose mass at a visible speed, as bursts of dark red beams emerged from their bodies and entered the red ring of fire.

This process continued for nearly an hour. During this time, the cultivators also noticed this abnormality, and some headed in that direction to stop it. However, as soon as one came within a hundred feet of those beasts, a wave of destructive energy would immediately arrive and turn them into ashes. After seeing this, no cultivator dared to get close.

After an hour, the bodies of the sixteen giant fire beasts completely dissipated into the ring of fire. Although there was no change in the size of the ring of fire, its colour had become a darker shade of red. Finally it fragmented into countless red dots and disappeared into the surroundings.

At this moment, across all of Huo Fen Country, all the fire beasts had stopped moving. They kneeled down on the ground as sobbing noises came out of their mouths. Shortly thereafter, a fire beast fell down to the ground, its body convulsing constantly. If one looked closely, one could see a red dot appear on its forehead. Its body started to grow rapidly. Within the time it takes to burn an incense stick, the body quickly grew to a height of a hundred feet.

Shortly afterwards, another fire beast had a red dot appear on its forehead, and its body started expanding rapidly as well. Within less than two hours, the entire fire beast population of Huo Fen Country had undergone a metamorphosis: all had grown to be a hundred feet tall, and their strength had also grown tenfold.

After the metamorphosis, the fire beasts began flowing one by one in the direction of the army of cultivators. Gradually, more and more metamorphosed fire beasts joined the chase as they lined up to form a mighty and powerful spectacle.

Meanwhile at the army of cultivators, the ten or so YuanYing cultivators returned to their teams. Four people reached the location of War Shrine’s group. One of them was a pale-haired old man. As his eyes swept past, they finally arrived on Wang Lin in Feng Luan’s chariot, and he gloomily shouted: “Was this your Junior who brought all these fire beasts a moment ago?”

Wang Lin stared with cold eyes at the old man and nodded.

The old man snorted a few times, then extended a big hand grasping at Wang Lin. Standing beside Wang Lin, Feng Luan’s complexion grew dark as a five-coloured phoenix came out from the phoenix chariot. It let out a fierce cry and beat her wings as multi-coloured ripple-like waves immediately came out.

The old man quickly pulled his hands back. Looking at the woman, he asked angrily: “Feng Luan, what are you doing? Not only did this kid seize the body of our War Shrine disciple, he also attracted so many fire beasts. Do you realize that in the battle just a moment ago, thousands of Huo Fen disciples lost their lives?”

Feng Luan’s face brightened as she stared decisively at the old man and said: “While I am here, you cannot kill him.”

Zhou Jin stared somberly at Feng Luan, then after a moment’s silence he said: “This man is neither Ma Liang, nor is he my War Shrine’s disciple. I will not kill him but he cannot stay here.”

Feng Luan turned to look at Wang Lin and asked: “Wang Lin, would you like to become my secret disciple?”

Wang Lin, thanking her politely, immediately nodded in affirmation.

Zhou Jin narrowed his eyes, revealing a trace of coldness. This Feng Luan’s cultivation was equivalent to his: they were both at the early YuanYing stage. However, her twin practice companion, Yang Sen, was already at the middle YuanYing stage. It was not worth it to offend two YuanYing stage cultivators over such a trivial matter. Thus Zhou Jin snorted lightly and said: “Since Sister Feng Luan is willing to accept him as a disciple, I naturally will not pursue this matter any further, and will put aside the matter of the identity of this person for now. But remember that many battles will be fought here again and again. With his cultivation at the middle Foundation Building stage, I am afraid that his safety cannot be guaranteed.”

Then, slamming his sleeves, he turned and left.

Of the three remaining YuanYing cultivators, one flew towards Feng Luan, while the other two shook their heads and, forcing smiles on their faces, dispersed. The one who was flying towards Feng Luan was a middle-aged man, the one who stood at the middle YuanYing stage and who Zhou Jin was afraid of: Yang Sen.

He looked at Wang Lin, then scowling a bit, he sighed and asked: “Sister Luan….Why did you do this?”

Feng Luan looked coldly at the middle-aged man and said: “Were it not for him, Hong’Er would have certainly died in the foreign battlefield. And had it not been for your instigation, why would have Hong’Er entered such a dangerous place like the foreign battlefield in the first place?”

The middle-aged man was silent for a while, then turned to Wang Lin and bowed deeply. Upon standing up, he took out a jade talisman from his storage bag. As he threw it towards Wang Lin, he said: “This talisman is my early YuanYing-class weapon. I have removed my Divine Consciousness from it. After you refine it, it should help save your life in the future.”


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