Xian Ni Chapter 135 – Drastic Changes

ObligatoryTLNote: Ok, here’s the chapter. I tidied up the website a bit, finally revealed the name of my teaser project and published a chapter of that *teaser* project that I had finished a *LONG* while back, but was too lazy to put it up. I *may* put up more chapters of that *teaser* project if I ever feel like trying for a change of pace and mood.

Translators: tbc, Void
TLC: NomYummi
Editors: Cheesy McBreezy 25% (lazy bum studying for exams), Nahtaivel 75% (MVP)


Without hesitation, Wang Lin stamped one foot and rushed towards War God Shrine using the Earth Escaping Technique. Along the way, he sent out his soul to explore the road, and found that the entire sky was filled with fire beasts. This caused him to become more and more afraid.

He immediately changed directions. Having decided not to look for Lin Tao anymore, he fled towards the border, depending on Ma Liang’s memories to guide him. Huo Fen Country was already done for.

Before he had gotten far, an enormous soul suddenly descended from the heavens and swept over his body. It locked on to his body before retreating quickly. Shocked, Wang Lin quickly searched with his soul and discovered 16 huge fire beasts forming a circle in the sky, above the clouds. A ring of fire floated in the middle of the fire beast circle.

A trace of fine red threads spread from the ring of fire, with each thread connected to the head of one of the sixteen huge fire beasts.

The enormous soul had come from this ring of fire. Clearly, the sixteen fire beasts had combined and utilized some sort of innate mystical ability to cast out such a soul.

Upon discovering Wang Lin, the sixteen fire beasts’ eyes gleamed coldly. Each and every one dropped from the sky and rushing towards Wang Lin, roaring.

Wang Lin was faster than anything else and quickly escaped as the sixteen fire beasts roared and sprayed down great amounts of liquid. The ground instantly turned red and cracks burst open on the surface of the earth.

As he had already faced the strength of the liquid once before, Wang Lin would not repeat his mistake. The moment the beasts had begun to spray the liquid, Wang Lin had suddenly jumped out of the ground and turned into a rainbow as he had flown away.

The sixteen monsters immediately gave chase. There was only one reason why they had come out of their hideout, and that was to find the cultivator who killed their ancestor. This singular reason was the only thought in their minds.

Furthermore, because of Wang Lin, the fire beasts had extended their hatred towards all cultivators and would kill them on sight. On the other hand, as the cultivators had endured many losses, many high-level cultivators had in turn used their talismans to cause countless casualties among the fire beasts.

Since the fire beasts did not have souls, which allowed them to survive in a special manner, and since ordinary flying swords could not cut their sturdy bodies, the only way to kill them was to use powerful magic to deal them sufficiently severe blows.

There were simply too many fire beasts. An endless number of fire beasts had emerged from the many volcanic craters, and the total number was far too great to count. Aside from the ancestral beast that had been absorbed by the bead, perhaps no one else knew their true number.

Wang Lin flew quickly. If the fire beasts had been chasing him through lava, they would have been faster than Wang Lin. This time, however, they were not in lava, and so their speed dropped. Thus Wang Lin managed to keep some distance, and the beasts failed to catch up to him.

However, Wang Lin did not feel too good either. The sky around him was filled with the tyrannical fire lingqi, and with every breath, waves of burning pain engulfed his entire body.

Furthermore, the fire beasts continuously roaring behind him, and along the entire way more fire beasts appeared, attempting to block his way. His pursuers were slowly growing in number. Wang Lin found a moment to sweep over them with his soul, but his head immediately tingled. He was unable to count the number of fire beasts in the dense mass behind him.

If he paused for just a moment, the fire beasts would pounce on him, and tear him to shreds. But Wang Lin wasn’t the type of person who let people chase him without retaliating. Back when he was still in Concentrating Qi stage, even when being chased by Late Foundation Building stage Teng Li, he had dared to resist.

At that moment, tiny flashes of light shined in his eyes as he pulled out the cask filled with Spiritual force liquid. He drunk bitterly from it while flying to supplement the spiritual force consumption.

Then, from his storage bag, an ink-colored light flew out. It flashed before disappearing, teleporting in the direction of his pursuers and stabbing towards a normal-sized fire beast.

The sound of metal clanging could be heard, as a trail of blood appeared in the middle of the fire beast’s chest. It was sent flying quite far and fell towards the ground. Rolling over a few times, the fire beast roared once again.

Wang Lin maintained his usual expression, but his eyes revealed a gloomy expression. Not only was the divine consciousness attack useless against the fire beast, even its body was so hard, that it didn’t die from being stabbed by the flying sword. And judging by the wound, it seemed like it only suffered minor injuries.

Unwilling to leave it at that, Wang Lin continued to fly evasively while controlling the flying sword to attack. Making the flying sword teleport and flicker, appearing and disappearing. Suddenly launching an attack, the flying sword stabbed at the eyebrows of a fire beast. The fire beast’s head exploded with a bang, immediately exuding a heat wave.

Wang Lin’s hair curled up and the smell of burnt hair rose. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he thought, that these fire beasts also have some weaknesses.

After realizing this, Wang Lin continued to control his flying sword to attack and behead fire beasts one after another. According to Wang Lin’s calculations, the normal-sized beasts should be at a level equivalent to concentrating qi stage. Except that they are immune to divine consciousness attacks, and their bodies are very hard, making them difficult to kill.

But for Wang Lin alone, the speed at which he can kill them is limited. To make matters worse, those fire beasts are fearless. No matter how many casualties there were, they continued rushing forward without fear.

The flying sword had become deformed after teleporting multiple times. Compounding that was the fact that the sword spirit was merely residing in it, and had not been genuinely refined. The flying sword had become full of holes, with some areas melted. Even if the original master of this flying sword were to rise up from the dead, he would not be able to recognize it.

Under such circumstances, Wang Lin knew he couldn’t keep going for long, but more and more fire beasts were coming. Although right now Wang Lin was using Ling Qi liquid to supplement himself, once it was finished, and his spiritual force was exhausted, his fate would be sealed.

Wang Lin clenched his teeth as he changed direction. No longer going towards Xuan Wu Country, he instead flew towards War Shrine. He did not believe that War Shrine would be destroyed by fire beasts. If he were the Ancestor of War Shrine, he would opt for total migration. But a thing like migration cannot happen in an instant, and it would take some time.

Even if the mobilization had started, it could not have been very fast. He had only been secluded in that cave for eight days. Even if the fire beasts appeared on the first day that he had gone into closed door practise, it would have been impossible for War Shrine to move so quickly.

But those were just guesses. The real reason that made Wang Lin certain, was that the soul blood in his body felt the approximate location of Yang Xiong and Lin Tao.

After Wang Lin changed direction, the fire beasts had immediately shortened the distance. They kept spewing dissolving liquid at Wang Lin unceasingly. He came close to being sprayed by that liquid a few times, as he clenched his teeth and flew away at his max speed.

Not long after, Wang Lin could feel a boundless aura coming from a distance. He swept away with his divine consciousness and immediately felt relieved as he saw an army of over a thousand cultivators flying in slowly from a distance.

Seeing the countless sword lights flying in the sky, Wang Lin was shaken a bit, but he soon returned to normal, and rushed towards the army.

The army of cultivators had numerous war chariots, releasing waves of spiritual force fluctuations.

The fire beasts chasing Wang Lin stopped. The sixteen giant fire beasts in front growled after stopping in front of the army of cultivators.

The army of cultivators did not stop, as thousands of sword lights flew out. Under the leadership of ten Yuan Ying cultivators, they went into killing mode without hesitation, launching into battle against the fire beasts. The two groups that flew out from the army to participate in the battle numbered approximatively two thousand people.

Wang Lin had yet to fly into the army, when suddenly ten sword lights flew out and stopped one hundred feet in front of Wang Lin. In the middle was a young woman. She looked ordinary but between her eyebrows there was a desolate killing intent. As she watched Wang Lin and the fire beasts behind him, her eyes revealed an expression full of hatred. She asked with a crispy voice: “Daoyou, what sect are you from and what’s your name? Say it fast.”

Wang Lin had a shocked look on his face as he cupped his fists in salute and said: “I am War Shrine disciple, Ma Liang.”

The Woman swept her glance over wang Lin, then said coldly: “Qing Xuan take him to War Shrine group, and if they are unable to identify him, execute him.”

From the crowd a youth flew out. He nodded to Wang Lin and motioned him to follow, then immediately turning into sword light flew towards the army of cultivators. Wang Lin cupped his fists in salute to the woman, ignoring the woman’s tone, he quickly followed the youth.

He soon arrived to the central part of the army. As he moved closer, the aura of countless people flying and covering the sky became more concentrated. The spiritual force fluctuations had already reached a terrifying level.

The surroundings were shrouded in a layer of volcanic fog. But the spiritual force fluctuations of the cultivator army, were like a giant sword. It divided the world into two parts, opening a gap in the middle.

Wherever they went, the black fog dispersed, unable to make them stop even half a step. The ten thousand flying sword exuded sword qi adding to the dense and brilliant spiritual force fluctuations. Under this sword qi brilliance, it could even be said that the sky lost its color.

The sword qi emitted by the vast rows of mighty flying swords, displayed enough power to split open the skies and pierce through the sun. Especially at day break, when the blanket of darkness retreats. Amidst the battle ahead, the crack of dawn had appeared, splitting the heaven and earth apart as if it was spring time.

All kinds of spells were flying as the lights of the flying swords lit up the sky like fireworks. The intensity of the battle was enough to put people in a daze, it was a spectacular scene. Wang Lin for his whole life would not be able to forget this scene, which could only be seen in the middle of a large scale battle.

Compared to the collapse of the foreign battlefield, this scene had a more majestic air. It showed the cultivators determination to rush out of Huo Fen Country.

This power cannot be achieved by an individual. It can only be achieved by a nation acting as a whole, like an irresistible force, killing all who dare stand in its way.

Only the group of fire beasts could match this army’s power.

Wang Lin could not stop watching, as if in a trance. When he came to, he had already crossed the middle part of the cultivators army, following that youth named Qing Xuan.

“Scouting team Luo He Sect Disciple Qing Xuan. I have brought Ma Liang of War Shrine. Would like to trouble War Shrine Daoyou to identify him so I can report back.” Qing Xuan said in a clear voice.

Wang Lin maintained his usual expression. The YuanYing woman from that day did not kill him, so there must be a trace of truth in what she said. If it were not so, Wang Lin wouldn’t have come here.

But even without the matter related to that woman, Wang Lin would have still have had no choice but to come here. After being chased by the fire beasts, this was the only option left.

Since Wang Lin had a cautious character, he had already prepared to escape at the slightest sign of trouble. If he escaped in the direction of the fire beasts, not many people would willingly give chase.

Regarding the YuanYing stage cultivators, they would not abandon the important migration preparations to chase him. The Jie Dan stage cultivators would be engaged in the main battle, so the only fighting force left would be Late Foundation building stage experts. But for Wang Lin, these Foundation Building stage practitioners were no threat. It didn’t matter if one came or ten, he could kill them all without fear.


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