Xian Ni Chapter 133 – Upheaval in Huo Fen Country (2)

ObligatoryTLNote: Upheavaling continues….

Translators: Void, MeTaL MaX
TLC: NomYummi
Editors: Cheesy McBreezy, Nahtaivel

A blast of hot air immediately surged throughout the earthen sphere as the Fireball drilled directly towards the center. At this moment, the Heaven Revolting Bead suddenly rushed out. The Fireball was startled, and immediately turned around without hesitation.

But it was too late. Ignoring everything else, the Heaven Revolting Bead sliced through the earthen sphere. Lightning pierced through the Fireball as it gasped and struggled. Unable to escape, it was quickly absorbed by the Bead.
The previously leaf-covered surface of the Heaven Revolting Bead now showed a single flame. More flames quickly followed, rapidly covering the surface.

The Fireball grew darker and darker, losing its luminescence until it finally completely disappeared. At this moment, the tenth flame finally appeared on the surface of the Heaven Revolting Bead. It immediately began to emit concentrated rays of bright light which even managed to pierce through the walls of the earthen sphere.

When the Fireball disappeared, the thin red threads connecting it to the ring of fire outside the earthen sphere suddenly darkened and broke down.

Wang Lin stared blankly in a daze. The sudden turn of events had shocked not only him, but even the fire beasts as well. For once, he did not know what to do.

The Heaven Revolting Bead rapidly approached Wang Lin and once again merged with him between his eyebrows. Wang Lin’s body shook, but he did not have enough time to examine the Bead carefully. Using his Gravitation Technique, he immediately controlled the earthen sphere to dash upstream along one of the many lava channels.

All of this happened in an extremely short amount of time. Only after Wang Lin flew out in the earthen sphere did the fire beasts react. The 16 huge fire beasts bellowed in anger and started chasing after him, tearing through the passageway.

Behind them, thousands of lesser fire beasts roared in anger and began to follow closely behind.

Wang Lin’s body was protected within the earthen sphere as it moved rapidly against the lava flow in the channel. As liquids flow downhill from a peak, and Wang Lin was at the bottom of the channel going against the current, his speed was not very fast.

But this principle did not apply to the pursuing fire beasts. Fundamentally, they were essentially fire spirits. As they had been formed in lava, they were not impeded by it; rather, the more lava there was, the faster their speed would be.

Although in the end Wang Lin did not fully understand what that Fireball was, he considered its effects on the Heaven Revolting Bead a sufficient explanation in and of itself. Its ability to completely satisfy the Bead’s fire element requirement even when starting from zero flames, along with the degree of respect the fire beasts who were now roaring in anger had shown it, caused Wang Lin to vaguely guess that that Fireball must have been an extremely important figure. Chances were that it might have been the Fire Beast King.

Wang Lin had guessed correctly. This had been a fire beast born of magma and could have been described as a type of high-ranking spirit beast. According to the XiuZhen Alliances, it should have been called a Fire Spirit Beast. Born with a certain amount of innate intelligence, this beast had painstakingly cultivated in the magma beneath the ground of Huo Fen Country. As it had soaked in the hot lava every day, all day long, its cultivation had grown stronger day by day.

It had survived for countless years and had experienced a total of five transformations. After transforming nine times, a Spirit Beast can become a Rare Beast. But every time it undergoes a transformation, there follows a 500 year period, during which it is weak and did not have any spiritual force.

In order to protect itself, during each temporary period of weakness this particular beast had dispersed its spiritual force to remind its countless offspring to use their strength to protect it.

At the same time, as the number of transformations increased, it had gradually worked out certain methods to shorten the 500 year period of weakness. One such way was to devour cultivators.

It had never needed to devour too many. As it had only need to devour a few people every once in a while, its offspring had caught and prepared only those cultivators who had strayed into the depths of the volcanic caves.

The captured cultivators had been trapped in earthen spheres and then immersed in magma out of fear that they could injure the weakened Fire Spirit Beast during the devouring process. In this way, the Fire Spirit Beast had been able to enjoy his sumptuous meals.

However, the weakened Fire Spirit Beast had never thought that he himself might one day be eaten; and the moment that he was devoured, all of his descendants became enraged.

In their minds, the Fire Spirit Beast was not only their king, but also their father.

If a father was killed in front of his sons, how could his sons not become furious? As they pursued Wang Lin, they roared madly. As they gradually closed the gap, the sixteen huge fire beasts opened their mouths, shrieked loudly, and spat out a flaming white liquid.

Amongst the purple-coloured magma, this white-coloured flaming liquid appeared quite distinct. As it spread all over Wang Lin’s earthen sphere, the entire sphere began to shrink.

Within the earthen sphere, Wang Lin had begun to bleed from all seven apertures. Even with his Ji Realm Divine Consciousness, he was only able to slightly block the attack. Clenching his teeth, he summoned all of his spiritual force and rushed forward.

The fire beasts behind him tore apart the passageway in hot pursuit.

As they got closer, eight of the huge fire beasts synchronously spat out a white flaming liquid. The moment it reached the earthen sphere, Wang Lin’s body shook. He rushed out with his divine consciousness covering his body. Enduring the unimaginable heat, Wang Lin immediately jumped out of the lava.

After emerging, he slowed his pace, and the iron sheet instantly came out of his storage bag.  With that done, he turned into a rainbow and shot off, as he flew out directly through the outlet at the top.

If one had been watching from outside, one would have seen a ragged, burnt figure emitting smoke come out from the mouth of the volcano.

Behind him, the sixteen giant fire beasts rushed out to the edge of the volcanic crater, roaring in rage and denial. Strangely, though, they did not rush out to chase after him.

For a moment, Wang Lin felt a little relieved. As he looked down from the corner of his eyes, however, he suddenly felt terrified. Below the huge sixteen fire beasts were innumerous densely packed triangular shaped eyes all completely focused on one target: Wang Lin.

These fire beasts were all capable of easily resisting his Ji Realm Divine Consciousness, which should have been impossible. In such a situation, there could only be one explanation: these fire beasts had neither souls nor divine consciousness.

Wang Lin’s expression grew gloomy. Glancing at the volcanic crater beneath him and seeing the innumerous fire beasts, he flew into the distance without hesitation. His mood gradually grew worse as he traveled because the volcanic craters he saw all had fire beasts within them. They stared at him with cold eyes, as if waiting for orders from someone, ready to rush out from the craters as soon as the word was given.

Wang Lin felt terrified. Touching his forehead, he inwardly resolved to quickly get the map, leave Huo Fen Country immediately after, and never come back.

As he thought this over, he suddenly stopped and spread his Ji Realm Divine Consciousness. After sensing for a moment, his eyes flashed, and he immediately turned around and flew north.

Along the way, although he could no longer see the volcanoes on the ground, he could still feel himself being stared at mercilessly.

At this moment, the YuanYing Ancestors of the four major Sects had come out of their closed-door practice. As they stood at the apex of their third-ranked XiuZhen country, they could clearly sense the raging hot air hovering above the skies of Huo Fen Country.

In the past, similar occurrences had happened a few times. Usually this had meant that the volcanoes of Huo Fen Country, whether large or small, were all about to erupt. Whenever this had happened in the past, the Ancestors were responsible for sealing all of the volcanoes to prevent their eruption.

If they were ever to erupt, it would result in a terrible catastrophe. Mortals would attempt to flee the country, and would likely escape without facing too much resistance. Even if the mortal kings of the neighboring countries were to try to block the influx of refugees, the nation’s own cultivators would personally interfere.

After all, even though mortals were like ants compared to cultivators, some mortals were capable of becoming suitable disciples.

Although mortals would be allowed to leave, cultivators could not. If a large number of cultivators was to migrate to another country, war would definitely break out. A nationwide migration of cultivators was considered taboo, because such a mass migration would put a massive drain on the receiving country’s native lingqi and would cause the local XiuZhen Sects to fall into chaos. Furthermore, the imported LingShi and magic weapons would result in massive spiritual fluctuations.

The number of XiuZhen countries on Zhuque Planet was fixed. Thus, if the volcanoes in Huo Fen Country were to erupt, it would result in the tyrannical fire attribute lingqi filling the air. This oppressive lingqi would make breathing practice impossible. In such a situation, the cultivators of Huo Fen Country would not be able to survive for long.

But such an event had never happened, not even once, even though there were many volcanoes in Huo Fen Country. Every time the volcanoes had been ready to erupt, they had been sealed one by one. Even if there had been an outbreak, it would have been limited to a small range and would thus have been harmless.

After about three hours, Wang Lin stopped near an official road. He had already been wearing a gloomy expression, but after reaching the official road, he turned pale.

On the official road, dozens of bodies were strewn about, upturned in disorder. Horses lay motionless alongside their carriages.

These people were mostly men, and each without exception had died grimacing in pain. Still clutching their weapons, they had apparently died killing one another.

Wang Lin stopped outside of one of the carriages and waved his right hand. The roof and wheels of the carriage blew apart with a bang, as though a wind had forcefully struck the whole carriage. Instantly, a body fell with a red light and took on the appearance of the devil. Floating in mid-air, it stared at Wang Lin with a face full of fear, but its face instantly changed into an ugly expression as it roared: “You finally came. I was about to go find you. These mortal souls are too tasteless. I wonder what your soul tastes like.”

Having spoken, it suddenly lunged towards Wang Lin.

Wang Lin was mulling his thoughts. The only reason that he had been able to find this devil had been because back when the devil had initially been swallowing those small animals, Wang Lin had left behind a trace of his own divine consciousness. It had entered the devil’s body alongside the creatures it had swallowed. Thus, if there eventually came a day when the devil became too strong, Wang Lin would be still be able to control it. However, that day was still a bit far off in the future. For now, he could only use it to sense the devil’s location within a short range.


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