Xian Ni Chapter 131 – Is he the fat sheep?

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Also, XiguFang City is now known as Fang Valley City, so bear that in mind before you start reading this chapter.

For those who keep wondering why the author goes on and on about stuff, and why the chinese webnovels are so excessively descriptive and often have bullshit amount of chapters, you might find the following link interesting: http://www.tealeafnation.com/2013/04/whats-behind-chinas-growing-legions-of-online-readers/

Translators: Void, Nom Yummi
TLC: Nom Yummi
Editor: Nahtaivel, Cheesy McBreezy

Sun Youcai let out a few ugly laughs. Reaching out to pat Wang Lin on the shoulder, he said: “Let’s not talk about her anymore. Brother Ma, there’s a transportation array not far away that will bring us into the valley.”

Wang Lin shrugged, dodging Sun Youcai, and smiled: “That’s good, let’s hurry over so that we can enter the valley early.” As he said that, he flew forward.
Sun Youcai’s hand patted nothing but air, but his expression did not change in the slightest. He nodded and asked: “Brother Ma, did only one person come out this time?” He followed along, neither fast nor slow.

Wang Lin sneered inwardly. Without a single abnormality visible in his expression, he said: “That’s right, this time I was the only person to come out.”

Sun Youcai laughed out loud and said in a low voice: “It seems that Brother Ma has snuck down the mountain with the intent of going to the valley to exchange some jade talismans. I hear that in three months, War Shrine’s Five Palace Treasure Competition will take place. When the time comes, Brother Ma should be able to properly seize the opportunity and make a name for himself.”

Wang Lin smiled silently.

Seeing Wang Lin’s reaction, Sun Youcai sneered inwardly: “Little brat, it doesn’t matter whether you’re telling the truth or not. Your luck ran out today when you met this senior. Hehe, when the time comes, I’m sure Li QiQing won’t care too much when I’m using your body as a puppet.” Although he was confident from the bottom of his heart, he decided to be cautious. Taking out a jade strip from his storage bag, he blocked Wang Lin’s path and said: “Brother Ma, I’m going to call a friend to come over. He should be close by. When the time comes, the three of us can enter the transportation array together. This way, we can save a LingShi.”

Wang Lin had some understanding of transportation arrays from Ma Liang’s memory. Most of these arrays required a few LingShi to activate. After activating one, up to three people could be transported.

Thus, Sun Youcai’s proposal seemed reasonable. Seeing Wang Lin nod his head, Sun Youcai placed the jade strip between his eyebrows. Soon after, he tossed it aside. The jade strip flickered a few times and then dissipated.

Wang Lin followed Sun Youcai. Along the way, Wang Lin noticed that the further they flew, the more desolate their surroundings became. More and more volcanoes appeared, large and small, and a few craters occasionally released black smoke.

Afraid that Wang Lin was becoming suspicious, Sun Youcai explained while smiling: “Brother Ma, don’t worry, this transportation array to the valley isn’t much further. In case you didn’t know, our HuoFen country’s volcanoes always give off black smoke. I remember that a YuanYing ancestor from one of the four great sects just finished sealing them recently.”

Wang Lin’s expression gradually turned cold as he smiled: “En, this place is quite desolate. It really is a good place, especially with these numerous volcanoes. Being able to toss a corpse into a volcano after killing someone is quite convenient. Even a Fireball Technique practitioner would not be able to save himself.”

Sun Youcai stopped and forced out a smile: “Brother Ma….”

Before he could finish speaking, bursts of thunder were suddenly heard in the distance. A black sword was rapidly approaching. Arriving in the blink of an eye, the sword light dissipated, revealing a middle-aged man with a dark complexion and a skinny stature. His eyes revealed a cold expression.

He was dressed in a black robe, and the flying sword underneath his feet exuded a cold black light as well. Even his hands were shrouded in black fog. Without even looking at Wang Lin, he asked Sun Youcai in a cold voice: “Is he the fat sheep?”

Wang Lin glanced at him. This man had a higher cultivation than Sun Youcai. He had entered the fake dan realm, and was at about the same level as Li QiQing.

Sun Youcai spoke in a flattering tone, as though his face had suddenly blossomed: “Senior, it is indeed him. Young lady Limu Wan and her brother Li Qiqing both had quite a good impression of him. If he is refined into a puppet, when the time comes, you will have one more tool in your arsenal.”

The black middle-aged man looked at Wang Lin, and was actually surprised that he did not try to escape. But since he was in mid foundation building stage, he naturally did not put Wang Lin in his eyes. “Boy, you can die now!” With those words, the flying sword underneath his feet shot out like lightning towards Wang Lin’s chest.

At the same time, the black-clad middle-aged man jumped and formed several seals. Suddenly a black fog spread. Turning into a giant burning skeleton, it closely followed the flying sword with the intent of swallowing Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes were ice-cold. He ignored the flying sword and black fog, pointed straight towards the black-clad middle-aged man, and whispered: “Die!”

As the Ji realm appeared, the color of the surroundings changed. The Ji Consciousness could make the soul fly off and scatter! Wang Lin was at the foundation building stage, so he was invincible against other foundation building cultivators. If he reached the JieDan stage, then the same could be said for JieDan practitioners. And if he reached the YuanYing stage, he would become the number one master below the Spirit Forming stage amongst the countless planets of the XiuZhen alliance.

The middle-aged man suddenly raised his eyebrows. He could clearly sense that his soul had been hit by a destructive force, and it collapsed in an instant without even offering the least bit of resistance. A flash of fear flickered in his eyes before his body crumpled. Even at the moment of his death, he was unable to understand how all of this had happened.

It had all simply occurred too quickly. The flying sword had not even crossed half the distance to Wang Lin before the middle-aged man’s soul was crushed. The black fog over it immediately scattered as it fell from the sky. The burning skeleton following behind the sword also slowly collapsed after the death of the middle-aged man.

Wang Lin flung his sleeves, and the flying sword immediately came into his hands. Then he patted his storage bag, making the iron sheet fly out.

“Swallow that black fog!” No longer paying it any attention, Wang Lin looked at the completely and utterly dumbfounded Sun Youcai.

The iron sheet flashed red as the devil leapt out from it, pouncing on the black fog. It didn’t matter if he could actually digest it or not. The devil made a bitter face and swallowed it all in big gulps. He didn’t dare refuse because he was afraid of Wang Lin.

It was then that Sun Youcai finally reacted. Retreating several steps in panic, he drilled into the ground without hesitation to get out of sight.

The devil looked around, then stealthily slowed down his rate of swallowing while maintaining the appearance of swallow big mouthfuls. Unfortunately, Wang Lin’s next words were enough to upset him again.

“Follow me.”

Having spoken, Wang Lin moved and spread his Ji realm Divine Consciousness, chasing northwest. The devil’s face immediately showed signs of resistance, but he had not escaped far when he suddenly groaned miserably as his body shed smoke. Frightened, he turned around at once and flew towards Wang Lin. He did not dare to think of escape anymore.

Wang Lin stopped punishing the devil, and started focusing exclusively on chasing Sun Youcai. He was curious about Sun Youcai’s speed. Wang Lin knew his own speed was too slow. It was just as that young woman had said two days earlier–others needed only a few breaths to cover thousands of miles. With his current speed, he was not capable of killing Sun Youcai even if he wanted to.

When Sun Youcai had just moments ago overtaken him, Wang Lin had already been running at full speed, and yet Sun Youcai had still been able to catch up easily. The difference in speed was evident from that alone.

Therefore, Wang Lin did not kill him. He intended to capture Sun Youcai and find out the reason for his fast speed.

Sun Youcai was very afraid. Nearly thirty years had passed since he had started on the path of XiuXian. After he had achieved Concentrating Qi’s Fifteenth Layer, he had begun killing others to steal their treasures. But he had always been careful and only looked for stragglers with cultivation below the level of his senior. He absolutely did not risk trying to kill anyone above his cultivation level.

Over the years he had obtained many magic weapons and materials, which he had exchanged in the Fang Valley City for pills to increase his cultivation. Thus he had been able to cultivate very effectively. But at higher cultivation levels, the ordinary pills quickly lost their effect. High level pills were either hard to find or were too expensive, and so in desperation he had gone to Luo He Sect.

Luo He Sect was famous for two things: their formations and their pill refining techniques. All pills refined in Luo He Sect were guaranteed to be of high quality, especially their immortal pills. Sun Youcai’s target was Limu Wan of the Luo He Sect, or rather, the spirit pills that she carried with her. Unfortunately, Limu Wan’s elder brother Li Qiqing had already reached the peak of foundation building stage and stood at the fake dan realm. Sun Youcai, on the other hand, had just entered the late foundation building stage and had still not settled down.

At this point Sun Youcai was wishing his speed could go faster. Even now his mind continued to replay that frightening scene of Senior Si, who had reached the fake dan realm, being killed so easily.

If that Ma Liang had used any sort of magic weapon, then he would not have been so scared. But he did not even see the shadow of a magic weapon. He had only heard Ma Liang say “Die,” and with that single word Senior Si had died and fallen to the ground immediately.

“This……. What kind of magic was this?” Thinking about it, Sun Youcai could not help but feel numb, as though he had pins and needles in his head. The less he understood, the more fearful he became. If a single word could kill a cultivator at the pinnacle of the foundation building stage, what kind of cultivation had Ma Liang achieved? Had he reached the Jie Dan stage?

“No!” Sun Youcai immediately rejected that thought. He had already seen Jie Dan masters. Although it would be easy for the Sect Elders’ Jie Dan masters to kill a cultivator at the pinnacle of Foundation Building stage if they wished to do so, it certainly would not be that casual. It was as if Wang Lin’s words had contained some heavenly might that could cause one’s death.

Sun Youcai was shocked to the core, and thought: “Must be the YuanYing stage!”

But he dropped that idea immediately. He had seen a YuanYing stage expert in action before. Once, in order to kill a Late Foundation Building stage traitor in front of all the disciples, a XieMo Sect Ancestor had simply thrown out his flying sword. The traitor’s death had seemed imminent as it had flown through the air; in the end, he had not even had the chance to dodge or resist.

However, after thinking about it, Sun Youcai began to envision both scenes: Wang Lin killing a pinnacle Foundation building stage cultivator with but a word, and the Ancestor killing a late Foundation building stage practitioner with a flying sword. Trying to compare the two was futile, and his mind, unable to accept the conclusion, went blank.

“Don’t … Don’t tell me….He……He is at the…..Spirit…..Forming stage…..” As Sun Youcai choked out those last three words, he felt as if his strength was being sucked out from his body.

More and more convinced of his hypothesis, Sun Youcai thought bitterly: “Masters of the Spirit Forming stage……they are legendary figures. How could…….but if he isn’t at the Spirit Forming stage, then how could he kill Senior Si with a word…..  I heard that Spirit Forming masters can control the forces of heaven and earth, so they should also be able to kill a pinnacle Foundation building stage cultivator with a single word….. I……..Motherfucker, I am being chased down by a master of the Spirit Forming stage……”


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