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Looking again and again at Wang Lin, Xu Liguo who was bowing in respect, was about to speak, when suddenly his face changed, as the storage bags of Zhou Gang’s trio flew into Wang Lin’s hands, meanwhile his right hand moved and several fireballs flew out, falling onto Corpse Yin Sect disciples as well as their puppets, who suddenly vanished.

Then he grasped Xu Liguo who did not dare resist, and holding on to him, Wang Lin changing into a rainbow disappeared from that place in an instant.

At this time, all around from the three craters, the other Huo Fen Country’s Sect’s disciples having finished collecting were leaving one by one.

Wang Lin returned to the cave, put the Burning Gold vine on the ground, and flung Xu Liguo’s soul forward, Xu Liguo immediately bowing in salute said anxiously: “Friend, I have more to say, have more to say, as long as you can let me off, I am ready to comply with any request of yours, I was wrong a while ago, so please be pacified.”

Xu Liguo was feeling quite aggrieved on the inside, he was once a dignified YuanYing master, but because his body was destroyed, and his YuanYing was damaged to the point of collapsing, his cultivation dropped sharply, in addition he wasn’t able to afford a YuanYing body, so rather than seizing some sect’s disciples’ body and upon discovery face unceasing troubles, and then spend money to solve it, it would be better to buy a body from Corpse Yin Sect, so at least can have peace of mind, and no worries.

After seizing a Foundation building disciple, restoration of his cultivation would take too long, this reconstructing is not much different from refining, being only of the Late Foundation building stage, even though he had a YuanYing but it was only in appearance, he didn’t have the proper strength.

Coupled with the extremely overbearing Ji Consciousness of Wang Lin, at this time Xu Liguo could be called a paper tiger, just as vulnerable. However, if Xu Liguo is able to restore his cultivation to JieDan stage, then it would be a wholly different story.

Xu Liguo’s pleas of mercy were ignored by Wang Lin, as his eyes flashed, he moving his right hand sealed the entrance to the cave, Xu Liguo’s face changed, secretly cursing, moving his body fast, fluttering backward it tried to drill into the wall.

Wang Lin did not block him, just swept away with his Ji Consciousness, red lightning flashed out immediately, flashing before Xu Liguo whose body trembled, as destructive forces immediately filled his body.

Wang Lin thrust out with his hand, and grasped Xu Liguo’s trembling soul, Wang Lin stared at the soul, pondering a little, both of his eyes suddenly lit up

The moment he saw Xu Liguo’s soul, he felt a very familiar feeling rising, he had thought all this way for a long time, always wondering where this feeling came from.

At this point, when he looked at him now, the reason it felt familiar occurred to him, it was because this soul and the dead space variation soul, had traces of similarities. [TLNote: For those who forgot it was the Pet soul Wang Lin sacrificed]

Wang Lin touched his chin, as a thought rose in his heart.

It he is able to devour wandering souls just like he did in dead space, then his Ji Consciousness would become quite powerful, moreover, the wandering souls are quite powerful, and are able to swallow disregarding cultivation, once he is able to get a certain amount of wandering souls in life space, his revenge against Teng Hua Yuan would become very easy.

More importantly, Wang Lin knew that if he countered Jie Dan stage expert, then he would have no option but to run, but if he is able to get a Wandering soul, then even if he encounters a JieDan stage person, he would be able to protect himself.

If he could get even more wandering souls, then Wang Lin would be able to face ven YuanYing stage experts.

He fully realized that in terms of spells he had just one, to be precise aside from some minor spells, and the flying sword, he had nothing else.

After going through multiple experiences in Zhao country, Wang Lin’s mentality had undergone a sea change, now everything he does is to make himself stronger, and to decide his own fate, to not let others control him.

Xu Liguo’s YuanShen had gotten Wang Lin palpitating with excitement thinking of the possibilities.

“Since wandering souls of dead space cannot be brought here, whether one can try to make a wandering soul here?” Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, and from his storage bag, iron sheet flew out, directing his right hand to the cavern wall, the iron sheet flew out rapidly, a moment later, dug out a small chamber.

During this time, Wang Lin was using his Ji Consciousness to forcefully erase Xu Liguo’s divine consciousness, but after all, it was a YuanYing expert’s divine consciousness, even if the cultivation had dropped considerably, Wang Lin exhausting almost all his divine consciousness, barely succeeded.

Xu Liguo’s YuanShen at this time, had turned into a translucent unconscious object.

After the stone chamber was ready, the iron sheet flew out returning to the storage bag of Wang Lin, as Wang Lin flung his right hand to throw the YuanShen into the stone chamber, leaving a trace of Ji Consciousness around as restrictions, Wang Lin doing breathing practise left the cave.

He looked around in the nearby mountain ranges, and catching a few small animals, Wang Lin came back, inside the stone chamber, Xu Liguo’s YuanShen was floating in mid-air motionless.

Wang Lin watching it, threw the small animal inide the stone chamber, the little animal immediately screamed a few times, and went into a corner to huddle up, cautiously looking around, the YuanShen floating mid-air ignored him.

Wang Lin frowned, looking that both of them were living in peace in the stone chamber, pondering a little, Wang Lin reinforced the Ji Consciousness around, then ignoring them, dug another stone chamber and put the extra small animals in it.

After that, Wang Lin patted his forehead, and the Heaven Revolting bead immediately flew out from his eyebrows, after circling around mid-air for a while, immediately plunged into the burning gold vine lying on the floor, adhering itself to it.

The burning gold fruits on the entire vine started shrinking at visible speed, before vanishing completely, and wood element spiritual force started flowing into the bead.

On the stone bead, slowly a trace of third leaf appeared, and after the burning gold vine had gone completely dry, the third leaf had become complete.

Wang Lin’s face lit up, as he grasped out with his hand, making the stone bead fly up and land in his hand, Wang Lin put the bead to his eyebrows, as it melting immediately drilled inside.

Wang Lin took a deep breath, and pondering a bit, moved his body, leaving the cave, went straight to the volcano,after searching through several volcanoes consecutively, within three days, Wang Lin had rooted out all the burning gold fruits from the burning gold mountains.

On the heaven revolting bead, a fifth leaf had blossomed.

After these three days, Wang Lin once again came to the stone chamber, looking inside, he could see some traces of feces and urine on the floor, the small animal’s body looked gloomy, after having finished digesting food three days ago, he was already hungry, and unable to withstand his hunger, he was weakened badly.

Xu Liguo’s YuanShen was still floating mid-air, looking carefully one may find that it appeared even more transparent than before, and seemed as if it would disappear any second.

Wang Lin remaining silent for a while, let out his Ji Consciousness, driving the YuanShen back, slowly Wang Lin with his Ji Consciousness eventually pushed the YuanShen to ontop of the small animal.

The YuanShen after seeing that it could no longer hide, sprang towards the little animal, Wang Lin’s mood rose as he looked closely and he saw that the little animal trembled violently, his body shook, as he tried to crawl away fiercely, but suddenly both his eyes went blank and as they got progressively darker, his head tilted and he fell to the ground.

At this point, Xu Liguo’s YuanShen drilled into the little animal’s forehead, and bumped into the side of the wall, but just as he touched the side of the wall, he screamed and rapidly retreated, changing direction and trying several posititions, unable to hit successfully, he fluttered mid-air and looked around.

Wang Lin was not alarmed, rather he was happy, watching the YuanShen attentively, he saw that it’s eyes no longer carried a confused expression but an expression with a trace of madness, Wang Lin without hesitation, holding the several small animals that he had caught three days ago, threw them inside, his eyes flashed as he stared intently.

The many small animals immediately upon landing showed resistance as they went towards the corners, their eyes showing their fear and alarm, while they screamed incessantly.

But Wang Lin frowned as he saw that after the YuanShen glanced at the small animals, the crazy expression in its eyes became more and more light, and eventually almost disappeared, leaving behind a confused expression.

Wang Lin hesitating a little, again used his Ji Consciousness to force the YuanShen into the small animal, and the instant that they small animal died, the YuanShen came out with a crazy expression in its eyes.

But this YuanShen still ignored the other small animals, Wang Lin snorted lightly, then repeating the same method again and again, forced the YuanShen to swallow the souls of the small animals, and after it all, the colour of madness in its eyes had gone thick.

Wang Lin remained silent for a moment, then turning away he again went into the mountains to grasp some more animals, this time he focused on picking some more ferocious beasts, out of which, one even had a trace of demon qi.

After reaching the cave, Wang Lin made some stone chambers and sorted out the beasts, then grabbing a red-eyed constantly roaring beast, he threw it into the room with the YuanShen.

Again forcing it to swallow with his Ji Consciousness, the colour of craziness in YuanShen’s eyes became richer.

Wang Lin looked from the outside for a long time, he did not know that if he continued feeding like this, if this soul would become a wandering soul, known as the Devil.

In fact, this method was quite good, Wang Lin could capture some cultivators to experiment but he was worried that if those cultivators were devoured, then its cultivation would rise, and as a result, it could go beyond the range of Ji Consciousness and may even cause harm to him, therefore due to not being completely sure, he did not want to risk letting it consume the cultivator’s soul directly.

Four days later, all the beasts aside from the one with the trace of demon qi had been consumed, so on that day, Wang Lin grabbed it and threw it into the stone chamber.

Pressuring the YuanShen with Ji Consciousness, it was driven towards the little demon, but the moment it came into contact with it, the YuanShen immediately faced heavy resistance, stopping stiffly, a colour of hesitation appeared on its face.

Wang Lin moving his Ji Consciousness, as red lightning flashed near the YuanShen, as it finally pounced on the small animal, as time passed, the small animal with trace of demon qi started trembling fiercely.

About half an hour later, the body of that small animal exploded with a bang, as a red illusory ghost leapt out, stopping mid-air, and immediately let out fierce shouts.

The YuanShen’s look had completely changed, its body was letting out a dark red glow, as hostile intent emerged from it, even Wang Lin standing outside could feel it. Now, in Wang Lin’s eyes, this was no longer a YuanShen, but a Devil.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, as pondering a bit, he opened the stone chamber.

The Devil suddenly turned his head, staring at Wang Lin it flew forward, Wang Lin smiled wryly, red lightning emerged from his eyes, the Devil immediately snorted miserably, was immediately thrown back a distance.

Fierce resistance flashed on his face as he once again lunged forward, Wang Lin stretching out his right hand, caught hold of the devil mid air.

“Die!” Wang Lin said in a cold voice, as red lightning emerged from his eyes flashing constantly, with every flash, the devil trembled, its resistance slowly faded away, and expression of fear emerged gradually.

Even though it pleaded for mercy, Wang Lin grabbing onto the devil’s head, came out of the stone chamber, and reaching his usual place of practise, threw the devil into the air.

An expression of resistance once again flashed on the devil’s face, as without hesitation he rushed to the top of the stone chamber wanting to escape, Wang Lin sneered inwardly, using his Ji realm divine consciousness, quickly caught up with it, slightly punishing it, the devil snorted miserably, as a trace of smoke rose from his body, he became sluggish.

Wang Lin patted his storage bag, an iron sheet flew out, then staring at the devil he said flatly: “Go hide, and unless I call, don’t come out.”

The Devil looked fearfully at Wang Lin, then turning into red light, drilled into the iron sheet.

After taking back the iron sheet, Wang Lin sighed emotionally, then walking to the cave entrance, flung his sleeves and sealed the cave entrance.

Wang Lin without looking back, flew eastwards.

According to Ma Liang’s memory, the War Shrine should be located to the East, a day before Wang Lin searching through Ma Liang’s memories could not find the route to return to Zhao country, felt that he could find the map only in the War Shrine’s scripture library.

Moreover, the blood refined flying sword, now that it had turned into iron sheet, its power had greatly weakened, and Wang Lin would not use against Foundation building stage, but if they are JieDan stage, and his Ji Consciousness is unable to play a major role, then this flying sword would act as safeguard.

Therefore, this technique of refining, Wang Lin wanted to learn, which was another reason he wanted to return to War Shrine which had a special refining hall.

in addition to that, Wang Lin needed to find Ji Yin land, otherwise his cultivation would remain at mid foundation building stage only, only after his body is able to produce the third cold dan through abyssal ascension technique, thus entering the late foundation building stage, and even enter the JieDan stage.

Wang Lin did not intend to give up on Abyssal Ascension Method, after all, Situ Nan once said, through the practise of this method, after the three cold dans are merged together, there is a great chance to enter the JieDan stage.

Before, when he was restoring his cultivation, since he didn’t have any Yin cold liquid, Wang Lin had to use the War Shrine second rate ShenDao method of practise, from his memory which was for only foundation building stage, but this ShenDao practise method only lends spiritual force, no elements, just on the basis of quality, it is many times worse compared ot the Yin cold Spiritual force.

But it actually wins in the long term, if the yin cold attribute is like the invincible sword, then the spiritual force of the ShenDao practise is like tough but unbreakable silk.

War Shrine, located in Huo Fen Country’s eastern peaks, soaring above the misty mountain peaks, with numerous spirit beasts around, aside from the main peak, it has four secondary peaks, each respectively playing the role of War Shrine practise hall.

As the first amongst the four sects of the Huo Fen country, War Shrine has over three thousand disciples, even removing some of the outer door chore, there were more than two thousand three hundred disciples.

On this day, thousands of miles away from the War Shrine, on a snowy peak, Zhouzi Hong, Yang, and Lin Tao, were waiting for some time, three days ago, the trio had received a shock to their hearts, Wang Lin through the blood and soul essence, had passed on information to them, directing them to take out some items and meet at the appointed place, even though the appointed time had long past, but the trio did not dare to leave.

Amongst the trio, Lin Tao appeared terrified, he was secretly tense, nervously thinking up pretenses.

Zhouzi Hong had a blank expression, biting her red lips, her mind was already blank, Ma Liang had disappeared over an year ago, she thought that perhaps he might never appear again, but three days ago, she was startled, and hearing his voice, her complexion had gone pale immediately.

Yang’s expression was calm, sometimes his eyes would flash, but other than that, there appeared no other oddities, but if one looked carefully, one would discover that he was tightly clenching his right hand.

As time passed, soon night fell, Wang Lin hadn’t appeared, the trio looked at each other, a puzzled expression was on their faces.

About two kilometeres from there on a mountain, Wang Lin was coldly staring at the trio, after the upheaval in Zhao, Wang Lin had become extremely cautious, although he had the blood and soul essence of the trio, but that didn’t mean that amongst the trio, someone wouldn’t have the courage to fight back even at the cost of his life.

Therefore, Wang Lin stayed and looked around, as long as he saw any sign of trouble, he would immediately crush the blood and soul essence of the trio, and escape quickly.

Meanwhile, he also observed the reactions on the trio’s faces, he knew that even if one disguises one’s expressions, it is impossible to maintain it for long, Lin Tao’s reaction was normal as from the beginning to the end, he remained frightened.

Zhouzi Hong appeared in a daze, and confused look emerged on her face.

After paying attention to the two, Wang Lin focused on Yang, his demeanour at the beginning was extremely stable but as time wore on, it became increasingly erratic.

Wang Lin stared at Yang’s right hand, a cold look flashed in his eyes, pondering a little, moving his body, he quickly reached the place where the trio were, and shortly before he arrived, a surge of cold air quickly spread out.

After seeing Wang Lin, the trio were shocked to the core, their fatigue from waiting for such a long time, was swept away.

In this year’s time, the events of the foreign battlefield had often echoed in their dreams every night.

They didn’t know the extent of Wang Lin’s power, but looking at Ma Liang infront of them, exuding such an imposing aura, they could not help but become fearful and apprehensive.

They even had an illusion that even without their blood and soul essence, so long as Wang Lin wished, the trio without even the chance to fight back, would be killed immediately.

Wang Lin’s glance coldly swept over them, this cold feeling increased to its limit, Lin Tao unable to bear, immediately dropped down to his knees, and said with a quivering voice: “Lin Tao, greets Master.”

Yang and Zhouzi Hong did better, but in the end they could not fight back.

The dangerous atmosphere from Wang Lin’s Ji Realm Divine Consciousness quickly dissipated in an instant, the trio let out a sigh, as Yang and Zhouzi Hong quickly bowed in greeting.

Bowing, a bitter feeling flashed across Yang, as he tightly clenched the Jade talisman in his hand, when he came here he had two ideas, one was that he was going to deceive Wang Lin into entering War Shrine, then taking advantage of that opportunity, as the Elders to help snatch the soul essence and blood, second, was that if Wang Lin did not go, then he had a location transmitting jade talisman that he had secretly taken while setting out, leaving one piece with his junior back in the Shrine, and keeping the other, so that as long as he put in his spiritual force, both would light up, and as per his instructions, his junior would hand over the location transmitting talisman to his master.

But now he found that his ideas were stupid, if he really did that, then the first one to die would be him.

This Ancestor who took over Ma Liang, must be an expert from superior ranked XiuZhen country, otherwise how he being at mid foundation building stage, make him so scared with his divine consciousness.

Yang sighing inwardly, lost the thought of resistance, and taking a deep breath hurriedly opened his storage bag, and pulled out a Jade strip, as he respectfully said: “Master, I have fetched the items, as you commanded three days ago, including this Refining Hall’s Jade strip.”

After Wang Lin swept away with his divine consciousness, not seeing any abnormalities, nodded slightly and gazed towards Lin Tao.

Lin Tao’s heart jumped a few times as he said in a low voice: “Master, I went to the scripture library for the map, but my…….my cultivation was not enough, I could not go in.”

Wang Lin remained expressionless, so Lin Tao clenched his teeth, and looking up he said: “Ten Days, Master you give me ten days, after which my cousin will get a shift there, I would ask him to get me a copy.”

Wang Lin glanced at him and nodded, said flatly: “If you really bring it, then when I leave Huo Fen Country, then your blood and soul essence, I will give back.” Then he looked at Yang, his gaze becoming increasingly cold, as he said: “I could have given your blood and soul essence back to you, the only thing that kept you alive was the thing that you brought, so I won’t kill you, but whether or not you are able to take away the soul essence and blood, you would have to look for another opportunity.”

Yang went pale as his eyes lost colour, seeing the eyes of Wang Lin, he immediately felt a strong fear welling up in his heart, he immediately got down onto his knees, and surrendered the Jade talisman, with a nervous look on his face.

Wang Lin did not look at him, but looked towards Zhouzi Hong, Zhouzi Hong clenched her teeth, then lifting her face said in a soft voice: “Ancestor, ShenDao is very strange, I looked at it once half a year ago, but wasn’t able to get even the slightest impression, actually incapable of being copied, actually you don’t need to go through so much trouble, as long as you return to the Sect, by using the status of Ma Liang as one who returned from the foreign battlefield, you would naturally become eligible to comprehend it.”

This ShenDao method, Wang Lin sifting through Ma Liang’s memories, had seen him often dreaming of it, unfortunately for some unknown reason, War Shrine very strictly restricted ShenDao method amongst its disciples. whereas the other sect disciples only needed to give one lingshi to see it.

But for the Sect disciples, you must have either achieved JieDan stage, or must have done a great service to the Sect, only after satisfying one of the two conditions, would one of the elders allow the method to be seen.

According to Wang Lin’s analysis, this ShenDao method is perhaps strange, for a foundation building stage person, it is quite likely that if not for the restrictions, it wouldn’t be much of an advantage for anyone.

When he asked Zhouzi Hong to prepare a copy, he didn’t expect success so he wasn’t disappointed either, so cautiously eyeing the trio, he said in a flat voice: “You three people need not be wary of me, as long as you do not provoke me, before I leave, I will give back your blood and soul essences to you, but if you harbour ill intent, then don’t blame me for being heartless.


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    from: “ηŽ‹ζž—δΉŸδΈι˜»ζ‹¦,ζžε’ƒη₯žθ―†δΈ€ζ‰«”
    I know your “Ji Consciousness” make more sense in regard to context, is it a raw mistake or what?

    • voidtranslations May 22, 2015 / 7:19 pm

      The author alternates between Ji Realm Divine Consciousness and Ji Consciousness, I think the difference between the two is that Ji Consciousness refers to the red lightning, while the Ji Realm Divine Consciousness refers to the whole divine consciousness.

  35. Shinintendo May 22, 2015 / 7:30 pm

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    “but if he is able to a Wandering soul”

    able to obtain or acquire.

    • voidtranslations May 22, 2015 / 7:31 pm

      ahh thanks.

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    Written by: Ergen (θ€³ζ Ή)
    Translated by: Void Translations & Flower Bridge Too

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    How many chapters till he bangs someone?

    • voidtranslations May 23, 2015 / 9:36 am

      I think at around Chapter 400 or so, the author said with pride that Wang Lin was a virgin and hence was able to elude the charms of a siren or something like that.

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