Xian Ni Chapter 128 – Burning Gold Mountain Range

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Wang Lin waving his right hand, opened the sealed cave entrance, and went out.

Outside in the clear blue sky, a cyan ray could be seen moving, Wang Lin moving his body, following the mountains, approached a volcano, after he had come out of the dream space, his divine consciousness had immediately noticed, that in the volcanoes around, there were wood element spiritual force fluctuations.

Not long after, Wang Lin came to the crater, looking down he saw dark red light coming from the volcano, as dry and hot air was blown out of it, Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, and without hesitation he jumped in, controlling gravity technique to slowly explore as he came downwards.

Burning Gold mountains are a famous volcanic cluster in Huo Fen Country, the reason that they are famous, because this place was rich in a thing called Burning Gold Fruit, which is used as ingredients for making pills.

This Burning Gold Fruit is refined into spirit pills, which is a major area of focus for the cultivators of Huo Fen country, the spiritual force contained within it, which is quite hot, dry and is of fire element, if absorbed for a long time, then it could also lead to harm to the body, therefore spirit pills are a way to dilute its fire attribute, and is quite liked by the cultivators.

It can be said that this spirit pill, is one of the many amongst the multitude of pills refined in the Huo Fen Country, having varied effects, but even so this spirit pill made from Burning Gold fruit remains popular due its taste owing to the Burning Gold fruit.

This Burning Gold fruit grows only in the deepest part of the volcanic crater, amidst the presence of a cluster of volcanoes, if there is only a single volcano, then it is unable to grow the fruit.

At the time of maturing of this Burning Gold fruit, Disciples from the four sects would come to pick them, the maturity period of this fruit is also mysterious, cannot pick early, neither late, the maturity only lasts for three days.

On this day, the four sects had sent their disciples to come early, each occupying a volcanic crater, since there was such a huge demand for this Burning Gold fruit, the major four sects had long entered into an agreement, so that they do not steal from each other.

From the Corpse Yin Sect, there were three people in total, amongst which two were male, and one was female, carrying their coffins behind, they stood outside the volcanic crater, waiting for the time of maturity to arrive.

As time passed, fragrant green qi could be seen rising from the other three craters, the disciples of the other three sects had also jumped into the volcano, the female from Corpse Yin Sect, exposing a puzzled expression, said while frowning: “Senior Ma, what does this mean?” [TLNote: This is NOT Ma Liang]

The man surnamed Ma said frowning: “The green qi represents that the Burning Gold fruit is ripe, and it can be picked, in our volcanic crater also the time for picking should have come…………Brother Zhou, do you think we should go?

The man surnamed Zhou pondered a little, then shaking his head he said: “Wait, the green qi acts as an anti-inflammatory and dissolves the toxins in the volcano, if we go down without it, it would be dangerous for us.”

Time wore on, seeing the green qi in the other three volcanoes getting increasingly strong, the three were getting impatient, as the man surnamed Zhou said: “Nevermind, let’s go take a look.”With that, he was about to jump, when suddenly cold qi came from within the volcano.

Followed by a Youth was brimming with cold qi, the three were stunned, as he flew out from the volcano, he was carrying on his shoulders coarse purple vine.

On top of the vines, Burning Gold fruits could be seen packed densely.

This person was Wang Lin, he hadn’t even glanced at the three people, when he was just about to turn around and walk away, he sensed the three standing below, a while ago he was having a headache as to how to pick the fruit, as immediately after picking it, it would get surrounded by dry and hot qi, making it disappear into smoke.

So Wang Lin heartlessly, directly pulled out the Burning Gold fruit from its roots, but he was still frustrated, as he could not make this vine, go into the storage bag, therefore had to carry it on his shoulder, if not for the wood element spiritual force of this fruit, Wang Lin wouldn’t have gone through so much trouble.

The man named Zhou’s mouth watered seeing the vine on Wang Lin’s shoulder, but then his face changed suddenly, this was his third year picking fruits, he knew that each year only ten fruits must be picked, if more are taken then it will cause harm to the roots, because only be absorbing the burning gold fruit, the roots are able to withstand the heat and it is the only way for it to survive.

Once excessive fruits are taken, the roots will die, and if the roots die, then in the future within the crater, the burning gold fruit will no longer appear.

The person infront of him had actually dug out the roots, did he not know that after the roots are disturbed they would die out in two hours, angrily the man surnamed Zhou, finding Wang Lin, at merely mid foundation building stage, ignoring the three people, and carrying out the Burning gold fruits, he shouted: “Stop! How dare you, no matter who you are, you will have to pay the price for ruining these roots!”

With that, he patted the coffin behind him, and the coffin immediately stood erect and the lid making a grinding sound, tilted to the right as a dark withered hand stretched out, a trace of black qi emerged from his five fingers, as bursts of rotten stench immediately spread.

Besides him, the two other disciples had also opened their coffins and they standing erect, were staring at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin turned, glancing at the three people, touching the burning gold vine, said calmly: “What price?”

Zhou sneered and said: “Immediately cut off your hands and feet, and dig out your eyes, then come back with us, so that our Sect Master can decide what to do with you.” With that said, without waiting for Wang Lin’s reply, with his right hand patted the coffin, the cover of the coffin immediately tilted towards the right once more, and with a loud bang, the coffin lid fully opened, as a black dried corpse suddenly flew out from inside, with trace of smoke coming from his hands, he grasped towards Wang Lin.

Meanwhile the two other disciples’ coffins also opened with loud pops, as the two dried corpses also flew out, the three dried corpses rushed towards Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed coldly, and from his divine consciousness with a loud bang, red lightning rushed out, coming out from Wang Lin’s eyes with a flash, the bodies of the three corpses trembled immediately, as their eyes immediately became dim, and their divine consciousness scattered, as they died.

Wang Lin looked on calmly at three dried corpses that were floating mid-air, out of the three, two corpse puppets with their body rotting fast immediately fell from the sky, within a blink of an eye leaving behind only bones.

Only the corpse puppet of Zhou hadn’t received any damage, but suddenly he stopped rushing, his dull eyes flashed, as in his eyes a horrified expression could be seen, looking terrified seeing Wang Lin, without hesitation, he fled backwards, trying to flee.

An expression of ridicule flashed on Wang Lin’s face, as he said: “Another Step, and you will Die!”

The corpse puppet didn’t pay any attention to Wang Lin’s words, as he rushed with black qi, but shortly thereafter, a humming sound could be heard, together with a faint glow emerging from the corpse puppet’s forehead, his delicate features turning vile, he bowed again and again to Wang Lin, as he pleaded: “Friend please have mercy, I am fourth ranked XiuZhen country Tian Gang Sect disciple Xu Liguo, I had offended you a while ago, for that I will surely apologize fully, friend has something to say, so please don’t act impulsively.”

This vile person in his heart was very afraid, he had just wanted to flee, he didn’t expect that his divine consciousness would be suddenly shocked, as a destructive force flashed suddenly, feeling a strong crisis, without hesitation he broke away from the corpse puppet, and came out with his Yuan Spirit. [TLNote: YuanShen translates to Primordial Spirit, but I left it like that because otherwise people wouldn’t be able to make the connection between YuanYing and YuanShen/Primordial Spirit]

Although he had reached the Yuan Ying stage during his lifetime, but he got seriously injured in a battle, fleeing with his yuan ying, but he had nearly scattered, so his best friend after giving a great amount of materials to Corpse Yin Sect, had purchased a body for him.

The bodies supplied by Corpse Yin Sect were quite famous in Fourth Fifth ranked XiuZhen Countries all had Spiritual force foundations, not mention being of excellent talent, but according to customer preferences, even appearance was freely selectable, for some cultivators with queer tastes, even mixed gender bodies were available, as long as one paid the price, all issues could be resolved by Corpse Yin Sect.

More importantly the seized body wouldn’t cause any problem, but if one pays extra price, then during recovery, all round protection was also available.

In addition, the Corpse Yin Sect had reached a considerable level of understanding in the matters relating to taking possession of a body, having a detailed set of structures, can provide additional guidance for any body take over.

As long as one can afford it, he could choose body could of any stage, and it is known that for Yuan Ying, a body at Yuan Ying stage is much more compatible, and if a JieDan stage body is taken, then the cultivation would decline, and a large amount of time would have to be spent to recover it.

If really cannot afford it, and unable to pay for even a JieDan stage body, then would have to for a cheap Foundation Building body, making even a former YuanYing master, to need several years before slowly recovering his cultivation.

Xu Liguo, was one such master who could not afford the cost of a Yuan Ying body.

If Corpse Yin Sect had only dealt in YuanYing bodies then it would not be so formidable, in fact, Yuan Ying bodies are not the main source of income for Corpse Yin Sect.

For example, for Ying Bian stage experts, the Ying Bian body would be a great choice, but the difficulty of obtaining one is too big, almost all Ying Bian stage experts have support of large fifth ranked XiuZhen country Sects, it was like a butterfly effect.

But this problem, if you pay enough to the Corpse Yin Sect, can also be resolved immediately, the body would definitely be Ying Bian stage, but howsover you try to find out, you would be unable to discover from where this Ying Bian stage body came from.

This was the Corpse Yin Sect’s biggest secret, nobody knew, there were rumours, that mighty experts of sixth ranked XiuZhen Country Zhueque, who provide Corpse Yin Sect with the appropriate bodies.

Although Corpse Yin Sect has a strict hierarchy, wrapped in obscurity, with a Sect master in each XiuZhen country, but they only know about the headquarters at the fifth ranked XiuZhen country.

But the real headquarters was in which fifth ranked XiuZhen country, nobody knew.

But one thing was for certain, nobody dared mess with Corpse Yin Sect of fourth ranked or above XiuZhen Country. As for third ranked XiuZhen country, as long as it remains standing, and harvest is not affected, generally speaking would not be paid any attention at all, after all, they are places of low-grade cultivation, and not where actual business transactions take place.


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