Xian Ni Chapter 127 – Volcano Closed-Door Practise

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From the beginning to the end, the young lady had not even come within Wang Lin’s vision, Xu Si, after Wang Lin left, stared at his distant silhouette with a blank expression, her eyes looked dazed, Ma Liang had always bothered her, and no matter how much she beat him, scold him, or even hid from him, he constantly pestered her.

She grew up alongside Ma Liang in the same village, their parents were long time friends, and wanted to bind the two with ties of matrimony, after the two became War Shrine disciples, she saw Ma Liang to be a village boy still full of air, causing her to loathe him more and more, but in order to find a solution to the matter of marriage, she kept these feelings deeply hidden, and had lied to Ma Liang in order to make him go into the foreign battlefield, saying that as long as he came back, she would become her double practise companion.

Now, that Ma Liang came back, and totally ignored her, a strange feeling began to emerge in Xu Si’s heart, coupled with the trembling feeling she had a moment ago, the fierce contrast, was making her go blank in the head.

Meanwhile, Wang Lin after coming to Huo Fen country flying for a long time, came accross endless mountains, according to Ma Liang’s memories, here should be located Huo Fen country’s famous volcanoes.

Huo Fen country is named so precisely because of it having so many small and large volcanoes, if not for the cultivators often sealing them, perhaps would have already erupted. [TLNote: Huo Fen means Burning Fire]

In Huo Fen’s history so far, there haven’t been any major volcanic eruptions which is majorly due to the sealing spells made by the cultivators.

After moving about for some time, Wang Lin turned around and flew away, coming to stop near a village, it was a busy time as children were frolicking, Wang Lin standing outside the village, felt his heart ache, after a while, he went in.

Finding a deserted farmhouse, picked up a wooden bucket, filling it with large amounts of water, turned into a rainbow as he hastily exited.

Going back to the volcanic mountain ranges, he found a natural cave, immediately after entering it, he sealed it with some gravel, applying many layers of formations, he sat down cross-legged.

Having done all this, Wang Lin looked very pale, due to the injuries suffered in the foreign battlefield, his soul had scattered, was only able to make it out alive due to Ji Realm Divine consciousness, after leaving through the transfer array, he used some ji realm divine consciousness to cover up his injuries, until he could find a place to heal properly.

At this point, he took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and immersed into the ocean of consciousness.

Wang Lin’s ocean of consciousness was a golden ocean, most of which was shrouded by a layer of gray mist, only a small portion didn’t have any fog, as black light piercing through it, isolated from the gray mist.

A green three inch small sword, stood alone and erect, as the black light came out from it, looking carefully, it could be seen that the little flying sword had many cracks.

In the ocean of consciousness, there was also a blank area, where a gray stone bead floated, and fog didn’t come within ten feet of that bead.

Wang Lin, that within the ocean of consciousness, apart from these two points, the rest was covered with fog.

Suddenly the Ocean of consciousness, rolled intensely and from inside the golden ocean, suddenly a red lightning emerged, after this red lightning emerged, the fog immediately started retreating.

Wang Lin’s divine consciousness had collapsed before, but the final reassembly brought fortha trace of Ji realm Divine Consciousness, this Ji realm Divine consciousness is also a type of divine consciousness, but in quality it goes far beyond Wang Lin’s original divine consciousness.

Wang Lin’s divine consciousness was originally quite big, but was vulnerable infront of the laws of the world, but Ji realm Divine consciousness is not, as was self-evident from how it made escape possible.

That red lightning, was the trace of Ji realm Divine consciousness.

Wherever the lightning went, not only the fog avoided it, but even the golden ocean was stirred up from its placid state, suddenly the red lightning came to where the three-inch small sword was located, as it suddenly rushed into it, the little sword flashed.

Immediately, the little green sword letting out screeching cry, immediately after the lightning, rushed out in tandem with it.

Two rainbows charged through the fog, bursting through the golden ocean waves, then arriving to the place of that stone bead instantly, and leading it out of the fog.

Wang Lin opened his eyes suddenly, and forming a mudra with his hands, and touching his eyebrows, suddenly two illusory lights emerged from his forehead, a stone bead and a flying sword, quietly floated in the air.

Wang Lin without even a glance, closed his eyes again, the red lightning roamed around in the consciousness, after a long while, unable to find any abnormality, with a flash drilled into the golden ocean and disappeared.

The grey fog quickly filled the gaps, and eventually the ocean returned to its usual calm state, as everything calmed down.

Deep in the Golden Ocean, the red lightning quietly stood still as it slowly absorbed the energy in the ocean.

Wang Lin could clearly feel, the Ji Consciousness gradually growing significantly in the golden ocean, the speed of increase is a bit slow, but steady, If Wang Lin doesn’t die, then in perhaps a thousand years it would grow to its original divine consciousness size.

If that day truly arrived, then even the laws of the world would bend before him, and whether it be dead space or living space, he would be able to move at will.

Wang Lin was silent for a while, looking at the two illusory lights infront of him, flipping his right hand took out two storage bags, out of the three storage bags, the magic weapons have already been all used against the laws of the world.

As regards the materials inside them, he had made the Black Tortoiseshell Array out of them, he had divided the materials into the three storage bags, at this time, his divine consciousness swept away, and out flew a palm sized black iron sheet.

It looked like an iron plate, but it was clearly a part of an armor set, Wang Lin hesitated for a moment, he was very weak at them moment, and was very lacking in cultivation, even though he had so many materials in the two storage bags, but could not help but feel helpless infront of this mountain of treasures.

Iron plates, he knew were very rare objects, this was a piece of fine iron.

The reason he knew about this fine iron, was because during his stay in Heng Yue Sect, when he had attended the secret trade fair, someone had pulled out a fingernail sized fine iron to trade, he knew that it was an important material for refining flying sword.

He set aside the storage bag, and decided inwardly, that after closed-door practise, he must look for Jade strips relating to materials.

Wang Lin threw the sheet of iron, directing the sword with his right hand, the illusory figure flashed immediately, and bumped into the iron sheet, from the center of the iron sheet, a green light began to emerge, and spread quickly, eventually a hum could be heard, as the sword exuded sword qi.

Wang Lin frowned, a smiled wryly, looking at the palm sized iron, he was quite depressed, he was unable to refine, unable to make sword core, can only be like this at the moment.

Then moving in accordance to his thoughts, the iron sheet glittered immediately, disappearing immediately and appearing behind Wang Lin, but the size of the iron had shrunk into a ring, as red light was being emitted from its edges, as drops of hot metal dripped.

Wang Lin sighed inwardly, and put the iron back into his storage bag until it cooled down.

He then looked at the illusory stone bead, a feeling of his soul connecting immediately appeared, Wang Lin, with his thoughts, called the stone bead to his right hand, and as it fell down on his palm, it gradually became more and more opaque.

The pattern on the stone bead still appeared to be two leafs, Wang Lin without hesitation, took out the water bucket from the farmhouse and opening the lid put the bead into the water.

A moment later, Wang Lin removed the bead, took a sip of the water, suddenly a surge of LingQi appeared in his body, Wang Lin immediately took the three other casks out, and after soaking the bead in the water, staring at the bead, tried to enter the dream space.

When he came to the dream space, he looked around at the familiar scene, Wang Lin silent for a while, quickly flew forward, and not long after, arrived where Situ Nan’s YuanYing was located.

Situ Nan’s YuanYing was reduced to one-tenth of its size, and the difference from before is like heaven and earth.

The YuanYing body looked weak, dull expression on the face and eyes closed. Aside from the YuanYing, there were two faint lights, floating on both sides of it.

Two lines of tears shed from Wang Lin’s eyes, as he knelt before the two, knocking his head on the ground heavily, he sat down cross-legged, pulling out the four barrels, picking up one he bitterly drank a big gulp, and started breathing practise straight away.

Wang Lin’s body didn’t have even a trace of spiritual force, so he needed to re-cultivate from Concentrating Qi stage, but whether it be Wang Lin or Ma Liang’s body, both had undergone concentrating qi stage once, so it was familiar, so with Wang Lin’s breathing, his cultivation recovered very fast.

Time passed, within a blink of an eye, an year had passed, well although it could be said to be one year, but in fact within dream space, nearly seven years had passed.

During this year, Wang Lin had continued breathing practise whether it be in dream space or outside, had to go out to complement the LingQi liquid several times.

As early as the third year in dream space, Wang Lin had reached the fifteenth layer of Concentrating Qi, and after another two years, had reached Early Foundation Building stage, and another year after that, returned to his original cultivation, which was Medium Foundation Building stage.

With the Ji realm Divine Consciousness, Wang Lin was a predator as far as any Foundation Building was concerned, and Wang Lin was confident that he could fight even the early JieDan stage cultivator, if he was to reach the Late Foundation Building stage, then he was 70% sure he could kill the Early JieDan stage cultivator.

Similarly, if he reached Late JieDan stage, then below YuanYing stage, he would be the number one cultivator in the entire XiuZhen alliance.

This was the power of Ji Realm!

Ji Realm Divine consciousness’ relationship with Wang Lin’s cultivation is like fish has to water, although Ji Consciousness is very strong, but without it being backed by cultivation, even if is strong, then unable to sustain its strength, only after raising one’s cultivation, can Ji consciousness slowly grow, and sustain its strength.

With strong cultivation, Ji Consciousness is able to display its power to its full potential.

At this time, Wang Lin after seven years of cultivation, had completely fused with Ma Liang’s body, no longer did he appear unwell, instead his ice-cold intent had become even more intense, not unlike a thousand years old iceberg, which nobody would be able to thaw.


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