Xian Ni Chapter 126 – A Foreign Country

ObligatoryTLNote: Just so that you guys don’t  get confused, the title isn’t related to “Foreign Battlefields” in anyway whatsoever. Think of the foreign battlefields as neutral fighting grounds. While the title refers to a country that is different from your home country presumably of Wang Lin.


At the moment that the transfer array opened, the big hand due to the Ji realm Divine consciousness, hesitated slightly, and Wang Lin’s body, disappeared into the transfer array.

The black hand turned back into countless black silk threads, lingering around the transfer array for a while, before dissipating.

Because of the existence of the Ji realm, Wang Lin became the first soul devourer to go from dead space to living space, even though his soul had become quite condensed, but it retained the character of soul devourer.

Third ranked XiuZhen Country Huo Fen, located in the South region of Zhuque planet, located near XiuMo Sea. Huo Fen country didn’t have many sects, there were only four, namely War Shrine, XieMo Sect, Luo He Sect, and Corpse Yin Sect. [TLNote: XiuMo basically means Evil Cultivator, and Evil Cultivator Sea felt weird so I kept it that way]

On this day, in a central location of the Huo Fen Country, on top of a volcano, on a huge transfer array formation, people of the War Shrine were standing.

War Shrine, which has six YuanYing masters, occupied the place of the number one sect in Huo Fen country, during the competition for qualifying for gaining entry into foreign battlefield, the War Shrine, beat everyone else and remained the only one with a token.

At this time the leader of this little group was not at YuanYing stage, but was instead at early JieDan stage, by the name of Huo Hongfei,. Perhaps due to the all year round practise of Shinto, even though Huo Hongfei was 200 years old, but his appearance did not reflect it, as he appeared stately, and his appearance was more like a forty year old middle-aged man. [TLNote: The raws use the word 神道 which means ShenDao and translates to Shinto or way of the gods, so I chose Shinto]

Shinto, was the War Shrine’s top secret cultivation method, have to be atleast Foundation building before practising, one can increase chances of success if one starts at JieDan stage,but in the end how it works, nobody knows.

But the War Shrine Jie Dan stage and Yuan Ying stage experts, always come out top in Huo Fen country, leading to the belief that this Shinto is very mystical.

This Shinto cultivation method, due to its powerful effects would naturally be the object of desire for other sects, but War Shrine is extremely formidable, the other sects weren’t able to even peep at it let alone obtain it.

However, like the saying goes, if a righteous person can hold thieving intention for three years, bandits can hold for ten years, eventually War Shrine had to compromise, and every twenty years they would hold a general convention, where any JieDan stage cultivator, no matter which sect he belongs to, would be able to come refer to the cultivation method, whether or not he is able to grasp it will be left to his own talent, but he only needs to pay one lingshi for the reference.

This way, War Shrine could sit back and relax, and even earn income, also not many were able to comprehend it.

In fact, this Shinto cultivation method, consisted of less than one hundred words, each word was bitter and difficult, very few people could get a thorough understanding.

Huo Hongfei practised this Shinto cultivation method, in fact with a once in a thousand years talent, he spent half his lifetime, to sum up a set of exercises from Shinto. This method is not only extremely powerful, if practised for a long time, it can have an effect of improving appearance, therefore it is quite liked by War Shrine disciples.

Standing besides Huo Hongfei were several people, undoubtedly amongst them the most conspicuous would be a graceful figure, with beautiful phoenix-like eyes, a delicate oval face, appearing like a graceful immortal maiden, at this time her lips were slightly parted, as she was talking in whispers with a tall handsome man, whilst flirting with a trace of tenderness.

Then, the transfer array suddenly lit up, all eyes were immediately attracted to it, as the light got brighter, three figures slowly appeared from it, as they were revealed gradually.

Huo Hongfei frowned, sighing inwardly, he had learned some time ago that the foreign battlefield was unstable, and could collapse at any time, in his heart he had already prepared to accept that out of his disciples not many would come back, but seeing only three of them, even though he had prepared himself for it, he couldn’t help but become upset.

However, when he looked at the Zhouzi Hong trio, the three’s expression seemed abit slow, this disciple Zhouzi Hong, had a very fierce temper, when she had originally asked to let her go to the foreign battlefield, Huo Hongfei had rejected her, but she continued to insist.

Huo Hongfei was helpless, after giving her some precious talismans, reluctantly agreed, and after seeing her come back safely, he felt relieved in his heart.

Zhouzi Hong trio after appearing from the transfer array, and looking at the familiar sight, had a feeling as if they were given a second chance at life, but when the trio looked at each other, their hearts became heavy.

What they were most concerned about now was Wang Lin’s death, they knew that their soul essence and blood was with Wang Lin, if Wang Lin dies, those three would not be able to escape death either.

After they met the Elders, Huo Hongfei swept his glance over the trio: “Yea, each of you have increased your cultivation significantly, Zhouzi Hong and Yang has reached late foundation building, Lin Tao, I see that breakthrough to the next stage is in your sights, very good, the experience of the foreign battlefield has tempered you, in the future, all of you will have better cultivation, will go a long way forward, alas, the only thing is that so few came back….”

Zhouzi Hong sighed softly and said: “Master, this foreign battlefield suddenly collapsed, and a number of mysterious creatures came, once they pounce on someone, his soul immediately scatters, as they swept accross the battlefield, the survival rate was very low, this happened so suddenly, originally the harvest was quite rich, but now…..” at this point, she looked dejected.

Huo Hongfei waved his hand, motioning at the trio, and frowning he said: “This matter can be discussed at a later time, you three answer me, why haven’t your appearance changed?”

It is known that during the fifty years in foreign battlefield, the appearance doesn’t change, but after leaving, the accumulated changes occur at once, even though the Zhouzi Hong trio were practitioners of cultivation method with beautification effect, but they could not have the same appearance as they had when entering.

Yang, being a senior, and a proud disciple of the War Shrine, hearing Huo Hongfei, immediately said: “About this, I do not know, Elder, Junior Ma Liang had gotten a bottle of pills, which guaranteed maintaining of youth upon taking them for a century, all three of us, took two pills each.”

All around the War Shrine disciples hearing about this, immediately looked at them with envy, in particular a young lady, who had gazed intently at Zhouzi Hong ever since she appeared, although in her heart she had doubts, but listening to the words of Senior Yang, she asked immediately: “Zhou Senior Sister, do you have those pills?”

Zhouzi Hong looked coldly at her and said: “Regarding this thing you will have to ask Junior Ma Liang.”

The young lady was angry in her heart, but smiled gently on the surface, no longer speaking, but she thought inwardly, that cowardly Ma Liang would have surely died, asking me to go ask him, she is clearly unwilling to divulge anything.

Standing beside the young lady, a young man whispered in her ear something in a low voice, immediately causing young lady letting out a cry, immediately went red in the face.

Huo Hongfei frowned seeing the two, and ignoring the two, he said to the Zhouzi Hong trio in a sinking voice: “Well, now that you have all arrived, let’s go back to the War Shrine, Luan Feng Ancestor had specifically asked to be informed of the matters relating to foreign battlefield.” With that he glanced at the trio holding a deeper meaning in his look.

Lin Tao hesitated, then said in a low tone: “Elder, Junior Ma Liang is still yet to come, the situation was critical so he allowed us to go first, with him coming later.”

Huo Hongfei pricked his eyebrows in surprise as he said: “Ma Liang? He also survived?”

Hearing his words, all of the War shrine disciples had weird expressions on their faces, especially that beautiful young lady, whose face changed, as she said stunned: “Ma Liang, he did not die?”

Zhouzi Hong seeing the strange reaction, looked at young lady and said: “Junior Sister, rest at ease, Ma Liang after being in the foreign battlefield for so many years, has changed a lot, and he absolutely won’t continue to chase relentlessly after Junior sister.”

young lady frowned and shook her head as she said: “You do not understand, oh, this Ma Liang how could he still be alive…..”

Huo Hongfei staring at her shouted: “Nonsense! Xu Si, don’t tell me that you were looking forward to his death, is that what you were taught by your Masters!”

The young lady Xu Si lowered her head hastily, remaining silent, as the man standing beside the young lady sneered and said: “What do you have to fear, if he dares to pester you again, I will take care of him.”

Yang sighed, then said in a sinking tone: “Little junior sister, Junior Ma Liang won’t pester you, you can be assured on this point.” As he thought inwardly, that Senior is so indifferent, how could he take a liking to you.

Just then, the transfer array lit up, as everyone looked, a gaunt figure could be seen slowly coming out from inside the transfer array.

For some unknown reason, all cultivators who saw him felt an ice-cold breath rising in their hearts, this cold, was not coming from his body, but from his soul, his divine consciousness.

As if the person present infront of them, could freeze their soul into black frost for perpetuity, and it was an intimidating sight.

This was the first time War Shrine disciples encountered the extremely overbearing Ji realm Divine consciousness, as they involuntarily sucked their breaths, even Huo Hongfei could not help but contract his pupils out of shock.

The body of young lady Xu Si trembled, as confusion emerged on her face, this person looked like Ma Liang but in terms of temperament the difference is too stark.

Wang Lin’s eyes immediately swept away, looking at Huo Hongfei, immediately noticing his cultivation, cupping his fist in another, said: “Disciple Ma Liang, greets Elder Huo.”

Huo Hongfei’s eyes flashed, as he said in a deep voice: “You came back, good, let’s go.” With that he stared at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin looking indifferently said: “Disciple has some important matters to take care of, will not return with you, after taking care of them, will certainly return.”

Huo Hongfei was about to speak, when Wang Lin reached out and tossed a storage bag, and said coldly: “This is what Disciple collected in these 50 years, though Magic weapons have been destroyed, so only those materials are left.”

Then, Wang Lin moving his body, jumped into the sky, flying away turning into a rainbow.

Huo Hongfei receiving the storage bag, swept through it with his divine consciousness, a strange expression came on his face, as the contents of this storage bag were very rich, looking back he found that Wang Lin had already flown away, he hesitated, did not decide to pursue, even though he had some doubts in his heart, but it is better to report the matter to Hall Master and leave it to him to decide.

Moreover, most importantly, he couldn’t be certain of things in such a short time that he was here, and the ice-cold intent coming from his soul, had made him quite afraid of Wang Lin.

If he had forced him to stay and if Wang Lin chose to make a mess, then he would have been embarassed infront of the eyes of all the Juniors, so it was definitely not worth it, thinking so, Huo Hongfei decided to give up on the idea of pursuing.


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    The word Shinto (“way of the gods”) was adopted, originally as Shindo,[7] from the written Chinese Shendao (神道, pinyin: shén dào),[8][note 2] combining two kanji: “shin” (神?), meaning “spirit” or kami; and “tō” (道?), meaning a philosophical path or study (from the Chinese word dào).[5][8] The oldest recorded usage of the word Shindo is from the second half of the 6th century.


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