Xian NI Chapter 125 – Ji Realm Divine Consciousness

ObligatoryTLNote: Ok last chapter of the day, I am going to sleep, no amount of crying in the comment would make me release another chapter till tomorrow. Also, I am fully aware that both me and the author are evil, so no need to reiterate. Also, this chapter contains one of the best lines said by any MC ever (imo).


The transfer array lit up brilliantly, as brisk air emerged from the formation, followed by transfer array swinging into operation.

The wandering souls, the moment that the transfer array started, all started leaving the place quickly.

This would be probably the last time that this transfer array would be opening, the cultivators wearing expressions of feeling relieved on surviving, one by one vanished as they were transmitted.

Wang Lin was looking at actions within the transfer array, and was calculating the time take for each person to get transmitted.

The Zhouzi Hong trio wavered, the three were hesitating when they heard Wang Lin’s cold voice.

“You three go on ahead, and wait for me on the other end.”

The three people immediately felt relieved, as they quickly took out their jade strips, using spiritual force on it, vanished in an instant.

After all the cultivators in the transfer array had vanished, Wang Lin muttered: “Three Seconds!”

After saying that his eyes flashed, as he instantly jumped straight towards the transfer array, meanwhile flipping his right hand, he took out the transmission jade strip.

With blazing fast speed, he approached the transfer array, and tried to penetrate through the defensive light curtain, suddenly the black silk threads appeared, Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, he did not dodge, and let those black silk threads shoot like lightning.

The moment that those black silk threads approached Wang Lin’s body, the area near his eyebrows flashed, and suddenly forty-nine symbols appeared outside his body, automatically blocking the black silk threads.

The black silk threads dissipated after breaking through forty-three symbols, disappearing without a trace.

Even though describing it took a while, but all of this happened in an almost blink of an eye, Wang Lin arrived unscathed in the transfer array, the transmission jade strip in his hand immediately lit up and started connecting with the transfer array.

Wang Lin’s heart was anxious, by observing he had noted that connection between the jade strip and the transfer array requires three seconds. These three seconds would be a dangerous period, if he is able to pass through this period, then he can get transmitted successfully.

The first second! Dozens of black silk threads suddenly appeared, and like an arrow shot from various locations, Wang LIn understood in his heart that his body must not move around much at this time otherwise the transmission would be hindered, but even so the speed of those black silk threads was too fast, and were almost impossible to dodge.

All of this had been calculated by Wang Lin before, at this point, looking gloomy, the area around his eyebrows lit up, and sets of forty-nine symbols appeared in formation, one after another appearing from inside his body.

Wang Lin had manufactured 21 sets of the formation earlier, deducting those symbols that he had lost a moment ago, at present outside his body, there were about 1000 symbols ready to defend.

A sound similar to breaking of glass could be heard coming from the symbols outside Wang Lin’s body, in this one second, they had burst very quickly, it all happened too quickly, as within this second’s time, the dozens of black silk threads had broken through nearly nine hundred symbols before dissipating.

Wang Lin at this time, not only did not relax, but grew more solemn, he had made preparations for this before, he knew that resisting for the next two seconds would be very hard, and without hesitation he took out the three storage bags, and moving around with his divine consciousness, suddenly flew out of them, countless magic weapons, flashing colorfully around him, at a glance, hundreds of them could be seen.

Wang Lin had examined these three storage bags in advance, there were some useful things in them, if it was somebody else, he wouldn’t have been able to control so many magic weapons, but even for Wang Lin’s soul, the control was somewhat stiff.

Of the time required for the Jade strip to connect with transfer array, half the time has now passed, as it was just over the 1st second, entering into the 2nd second.

Wang Lin’s pupils shrank as he smiled wryly inwardly, surrounding him in that silent room, were hundreds of black silk threads, as they came in a volley, the less than hundred symbols surrounding him weren’t even qualified to hinder them, as they collapsed immediately upon contact.

Then it was the turn of the magic weapons, as only the rumbling sound of magic weapons being crushed could be heard, Wang Lin sighed, he hadn’t had the time to refine these magic weapons, so he couldn’t make them display their full potential.

Nevertheless, with the magic weapons blocking, of the several hundred black silk threads, nearly half of them had dissipated, meanwhile the rest of the black silk threads, with no longer anything to block, instantly drilled into Wang Lin’s body.

As the black silk threads drilled into his body, destructive energy burst suddenly, Wang Lin’s divine consciousness was unable to withstand the explosions and broke, but he still stubbornly resisted, persevering to ensure that his soul doesn’t get extinguished.

This 2nd second, after persevering and holding onto his life, Wang Lin wearing a fierce expression, stared a the distant emptiness, and said with a crazy smile: “Shitty law of the world, coming to prevent me from going back, eh, I already died once, this time no one can stop me! ! !”

The Ji realm, which represented taking things to the extreme, such a realm was originally derived from the spiritual force gained from cultivation, but at this time, even though in Wang Lin’s body, there wasn’t even the slightest spiritual force, in his soul’s divine consciousness oddly appeared, Ji Realm variation.

Seeing the foreign battlefield collapsing, one would immediately recall the terrifying Heavenly Thunder, as with a great rumbling sound, half the battlefield broke off, shattering into countless space fragments, setting off a series of cracks.

A massive pressure came from the Void, Wang Lin’s three neighbours, all trembling immediately shrunk back into the void, did not dare to stop in that space.

If even they were like this, the wandering souls needn’t be mentioned, as they panicked and fled through the many rifts which were appearing and fled back to the void.

At this time, the Jade strip has entered the final 3rd second in its connection with the transfer array!

Wang Lin’s eyes displayed a hint of madness within the cold expression, grimness with a trace of calm, and despite the tremendous pressure, Wang Lin’s body, stood straight as a pine, even though his divine consciousness was broken, but it radiated an unspeakable aura.

This was the aura of Ji realm, no living thing would be able to block even a trace of it, if we use analogy, then at this time if tremendous pressure was as high as the top of Mt. Tai, then Wang was an unyielding sword.

Maybe the Mt. Tai would be able to crush the sword, but even the broken sword would be able to leave through the transfer array.

In the third second, countless big hands consisting of black silk threads, came out from nothingness, to capture Wang Lin.

The moment these big hands appeared, the foreign battlefield began collapsing completely, and like a giant block of ice started cracking from the edges, and the battlefield began shattering into number of fragments, adding to the number of cracks.

Suddenly, the entire foreign battlefield disappeared, leaving behind only the four transfer arrays, alone hanging in the void.

The third second was a confrontation between the Ji realm and the Law of the world, Wang Lin’s divine consciousness, was captured in an instant by that big hand and immediately collapsed, but as soon as it collapsed, it was immediately reassembled by the mysterious force of the Ji realm, strongly resisting.

In this process, Wang Lin once again, experienced the true feeling of the “Ji” realm.

The first time was in the Jungle ruins.

The second time was in the SicklePod valley.

Third time was the moment his soul awoke in the dead space.

Now it was the fourth time! Each time, his Ji realm power kept increasing, especially this time, Wang Lin’s divine consciousness was full of Ji Yun Yi, and in the process of continuous collapse and restructuring, it was getting purified constantly. [TLNote: Ji Yun Yi: Another term that I hope doesn’t recur much because I couldn’t understand it, anyways here how it is described in raws:极的韵意, but if I had to guess it would be the Ji realm variation in the divine consciousness, just like how spiritual force becomes Ji realm spiritual force]

During this 3rd second, Wang Lin’s huge divine consciousness had experienced the collapse and restructuring thousands of times, as it slowly shrunk and eventually got more and more smaller, but the quality of it had undergone a sea change.

The Ji Yun Yi had completely integrated into it.

Nobody knew where Ji realm came from, but one thing can be said for sure, that in the innumerable years, all the cultivators who had Ji realm spiritual force, would get Ji Yun Yi, but Wang Lin was the only person who by heavy coincidence, went in the opposite direction, as the mark of Ji realm was directly imprinted on his divine consciousness.

For the divine consciousness to get this mark, the law of the world played a huge role in it, in fact, Wang Lin’s soul had fused with the heaven revolting bead which contained a very small trace of Ji Yun Yi, without external pressure, even after cultivation of spiritual force, this small trace of “Ji” would have eventually dissipated.

But at this time, there was tremendous pressure being exerted from the outside, and as the soul gradually shrunk, the Ji realm gradually expanded, and eventually both completed an unprecedented integration, though this integration is still in initial stages, in other words, Wang Lin’s divine consciousness was by no means completely converted into Ji realm, but it was quite well blended with it.

Ji is a type of realm, this realm is singular in nature, that is, if the spiritual force has Ji realm, then all of the development will be based on the spiritual force.

Similarly, since Wang Lin’s divine consciousness has been imprinted with Ji realm, then his spiritual force will not have the same powers as before, but his divine consciousness, can easily kill someone at the same level of existence, disregarding the issue of early, beginning or late, but the end point of Ji realm is the late Yuan Ying stage.

In this connection, ever since the ancient times apart from the mysterious person, no cultivator has been able to break through, and even that is doubtful, since after the disaster, some tried to figure it out, but aside from the person concerned, nobody could find out anything.

Ji realm is terrifying, it completely disregards the early, mid or late parts of any stage, and therefore there are restrictions placed on it, if its development is left unrestricted, then it could be said that a Ji realm cultivator would become invincible.

So the ancient era scholars researching the Ji realm had deduced that Ji realm YuanYing stage cultivators would be unable to breakthrough, because during the moment of breakthrough, the laws of heaven and earth would mercilessly suppress them.

Ji realm cultivators are not allowed to go beyond YuanYing stage!

But to Wang Lin, the matters relating to Ji realm and the boundaries of the law of the heaven and earth, were all far too insignificant, with the big hand getting closer, the speed of collapse of Wang Lin’s divine consciousness, surpassed the rate of it reorganizing, and finally with a bang, Wang Lin’s divine consciousness broke, but at the same time, in the divine consciousness those parts that were not affected by Ji realm also broke, and now the divine consciousness remaining with Wang Lin became quite close to the origin of Ji Consciousness!

If there had been no interference by the law of the world, Wang Lin in refining this trace of Ji Consciousness would have remained unsuccessful his whole life, but now, success was achieved.

This consciousness appeared extremely pure, even the big hand could not help but hesitate nervously for a moment, and then, the three seconds had passed as the transfer array opened.


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