Xian Ni Chapter 124 – Law of the World

ObligatoryTLNote: When I reached the last sentence of this chapter, I sighed inwardly and thought: “Well Shit, Here comes the avalance of ‘MOAR’ comments.” Don’t worry I will try to release one more, yes “ONE” more ‘atleast’. Also the title is related to the restrictions/laws that those three neighbours were talking about.

CAUTION: Long and sentimental block of text with me reminscing about the past, if you want you can directly skip to the chapter, sorry for the inconvenience.

So, Firstly, a BIG thanks to you all for motivating me each and every chapter to continue with this novel, this site has even reached 3 Million views. If I look back at my previous notes, I had originally set a target of finishing atleast ten chapters of this novel (I was hoping some manual TLer would pick it up) as time progressed, I found myself loving the story and the process of Translating which made me thoroughly immerse in the story, so instead of waiting, I made this project my own and rushed forward, at that time I set a target of atleast 50 chapters, during those times, it seemed a daunting figure. I was unsure if I would reach it or not, but at some point that I can’t recall now, I got so engrossed in all those marathons and what not, that I completely lost track of chapters, more more more, I wanted to release as many chapters as possible, remembering those days, there were some crazy days indeed, coupled with the shorter length of chapters those days, and a core group of passionate fans supporting, I kept marching on, and then the April Fools Day came, it was at that time, that the traffic jumped by leaps and bounds, I think the networking of all the translation blogs together resulted in people discovering blogsites that they would otherwise not visit and many people I think discovered the hidden potential in this story. The reason that I even did this nostalgia thingy is because this would be the hundredth chapter that I have translated of Xian Ni, and I think it deserved this. So, keep enjoying the story guys, keep hanging on them cliffhangers for they are not going away any time soon, and keep following Wang Lin, because he is the one who knocks.

The wandering soul struggled as it moved towards the transfer array, Wang Lin held his breath, his eyes flashed as he watched with rapt attention, in the transfer array, dozens of people saw the wandering soul coming and immediately pulled back, pulling out their magic weapons as they stared nervously at each and every action of the wandering soul.

As the wandering soul came near, the tension within the transfer array increased, just then, the wandering soul encountered the curtain of light outside the transfer array.

Wang Lin maintained a calm expression as he kept watching, the instant that the soul hit the transfer array, hit immediately dissipated into smoke, the crowd in the transfer array immediately cheered, the tension on their faces immediately eased, as they became a lot more confident, that this curtain of light outside transfer array can keep them safe.

“Newborn Soul Devourer, it is useless, that transfer array is the entrance to the living space, any soul which touches it, will immediately be erased, as per the law.”

As the voice sounded out in his divine consciousness, Wang Lin, maintained a neutral face, staring at the transfer array, he pondered, after a while his eyes flashed, as he moved his hands continuously in separate directions, immediately causing more than ten wandering souls to come reluctantly.

Wang Lin sneered inwardly, as over ten wandering souls jumped towards the transfer array, they simply unable to resist, dissipated one by one outside the array.

Wang Lin looked solemn as he saw a little clue, the instant that these souls touched the light curtain, a black silk thread suddenly appeared and went into the bodies of these wandering souls, this was the reason for the dissipation of the wandering souls.

As for how this black silk thread appeared, since the speed of it was too fast, Wang Lin could only see its ghost, could not accurately see it, as an expression of doubt filled his face.

Without hesitation, he swept away with his divine consciousness, and gathered over a thousand wandering souls, directing them towards the transfer array, the souls immediately rushed towards it, inside the transfer array, the people cried out in alarm, some looked pale while some looked scarlet,when there were one or two wandering souls they were somewhat afraid, when there were ten wandering souls, they panicked, and now seeing a thousand souls rushing towards them, no words can describe their fear, but they were really terrified!

Some people had even closed their eyes in despair, but the majority were placing their last hope on the light curtain, at the same time they were preparing for the eventuality that the curtain isn’t able to stop this many souls, hence they were preparing for suicide, rather than suffer the fate of getting swallowed.

In this regard, most of the cultivators had reached the same decision.

Those thousand or so souls, the moment they hit the light curtain, they dissipated screaming one by one, as if they were being blown away by wind.

Wang Lin suddenly got to his feet. he saw that the black silk thread appeared from all around, no matter which place the soul hit the light curtain at, the black silk appeared from there.

This black silk thread is obviously related to the law of the world which the neighbours were talking about.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed coldly, and he gathered souls again, this time the number of the souls went to 2000, these two thousand souls with great force, struck suicidally.

The cultivators in the transfer array, at this time had barely begun to catch their breath from their panic, but then again became afraid, it was not that they did not have confidence in the light curtain, but the experience was enough to scare them thoroughly.

It was like being surrounded by a pack of ferocious wolves, while protected within an encirclement of fire, but the fear still remains.

In the instant that Wang Lin sent forward the 2000 souls, he pointed with his right hand towards the wandering soul who had been following him, he was wearing an expression of pleading, as he did not want to come forward.

Wang Lin stared at the wandering soul, although wandering souls have a certain amount of intellect, but this was the first time he had seen one wearing an expression of pleading. Staring at the soul, Wang Lin’s expression grew cold.

The wandering soul started crying out loudly, unable to bear Wang Lin’s pressure, it rushed out, and the other souls immediately gave him way, not as deferentially as they gave way to Wang Lin, but they were obviously afraid of it.

At the time that the two thousand souls hit the light curtain, the black silk thread suddenly appeared drilling into the souls, as they quickly dissipated one by one. At that moment, the variation wandering souls, suddenly rushed out.

Wang Lin with a snap closed his eyes, revealing a trace of cheer, as he saw that half of the body of that variation wandering soul had gotten into the light curtain, at that moment, the black silk thread suddenly emerged drilling into its body.

The variation wandering soul showed signs of pain, but still rushed fast into a cultivator’s body, and the cultivator immediately screamed as his body quickly turned into a dried corpse.

Just then appeared near the dried corpse, around a dozen black silk threads, drilling into the variation wandering soul immediately, as it revealed an expression of immense pain, as he hadn’t gone far before it immediately turned into ash and disappeared.

The faces of the cultivators inside the transfer array changed greatly, as they looked silently at the dried corpse, but some women had already started crying out loud.

Senior Yang sighed and kicked the dried corpse out of the transfer array.

Wang Lin frowned, then extracting a trace out of his own divine consciousness decisively, yet cautiously explored as it went forward, the instant it hit the light curtain of the transfer array, the black silk thread appeared and drilled into it like lightning.

Wang Lin immediately pulled back the trace of his soul, the black silk thread immediately turned around and pursued in the direction of the soul.

Wang Lin clenched his teeth, and not only did not hide his divine consciousness but set it up for head on clash, he wanted to see in the end how strong the black silk thread was in the end, if this had been earlier, Wang Lin wouldn’t have easily tried this, but with the experience gained from the variation wandering soul, Wang Lin didn’t feel any major risk.

The black silk plunged down into the divine consciousness of Wang Lin, and suddenly a destructive force blasted off within it, unexpectedly rushing from the divine consciousness and into Wang Lin’s body.

Instantly, Wang Lin eyes shined brightly surrounded the destructive energy with his divine consciousness and began studying it carefully.

After a long time, Wang Lin sighed inwardly, that destructive energy dissipated, while he could see its energy structure, but obviously, this black silk thread had potential to harm greatly, as if it was specifically designed to kill souls.

Wang Lin felt that if the number of those black silk threads rose above a certain limit, even he would not be able to withstand them.

Wang Lin closed his eyes, then opened them a little later after meditation, flipping his right hand,he pulled out the three storage bags, examining them through his divine consciousness, finally besides finding Ma Liang’s transmission jade strip, he also found a number of Lingshi. [TLNote: For those who forgot, Ling=Spirit, Shi=Stone, so spirit stones]

That duo Xu Hao and Ge Yang had bad luck, just after killing Ma Liang, they encountered a large number of souls, as they escaped, for some reason, wherever they went as soon as a wandering soul saw them, it would immediately charge towards them, even if it was pursuing other cultivators, it would give up its pursuit and charge towards them, some even stopped midway through swallowing others just to pursue those two.

With such special treatment, those two did not last long, and they were devoured by Wandering souls, so even if they had gotten Ma Liang’s storage bag, they didn’t have time to even open and carefully examine it, so the storage bag was let untouched.

After examining the three storage bags, Wang Lin was surprised, as he could find a huge variety of things, whether it be Lingshi, magic weapons, material, everything.

It must be said that this was indeed what the duo of Xu Hao and Ge Yang had gathered over the fifty years.

Counting only the Lingshi from the two storage bags together, there were about two thousand pieces, Wang Lin took the LingShi. In the space rift, he had spent a lot of effort researching the formation array method, he remembered that there was a mysterious formation called Black Tortoiseshell Array, this formation didn’t have any attack, but its defense was very good, aside from that, it was one of the rare formations that was portable and could be carried along.

So it acted as a personal defense formation, but it consumed Lingshi in large quantities, Wang Lin had originally thought while reading about it, that if he ever found good amount of Lingshi, he would definitely make this array.

He calculated the estimated time of opening of the transfer array, and calmly picked up the Lingshi, crumbling it and moistening it, then dipping his fingertip, he began drawing a symbol in the air, utilizing each and every stroke to draw, Wang Lin’s concentration reached its limits, and after finishing with a symbol, he immediately sent a trace of his divine consciousness in it.

The symbol flashing floated in the air motionlessly, then he crushed another Lingshi and continued drawing, drawing one symbol required one lingshi, not long after, Wang Lin had used up 70 Lingshi.

Some of his attempts ended up as failures, Wang Lin was familiar with it theoretically, as he had researched it a lot, but actually laying out the symbols inevitably proved a bit difficult.

Looking at the 49 symbols floating infront of him, Wang Lin lamented that this symbol really consumes a lot of lingshi. Wang Lin prior to coming here, had very little lingshi, and had it been during that time, then he wouldn’t have had enough to even make the formation let alone master it.

Wang Lin took out a Lingshi, and then began making the core of the formation, pointing with his right hand, the Lingshi began to float, the forty nine symbols began to get engraved on it, with each symbol that got engraved on it, the Lingshi emitted a ray of light. [TLNote: Well actually it didn’t exactly use the term “core” it used 眼 which means eye/small hole/crux of the matter, so I decided to use core for it to make it easier for you guys to follow instead of wondering wtf is this eye and what’s it doing]

After the engraving of the forty nine symbols had finished, the colour of the Lingshi had become crystal clear, Wang Lin reached out with his hand as the core of the formation flew into his hands, Wang Lin pressed it to his forehead, and immediately invisible ripples appeared in his body, if one doesn’t observe carefully then would not see a trace.

Shortly thereafter, as Wang Lin continued to produce, he became more and more skilled, and the number of failures lessened, on the second set of the formation, he spent nearly sixty Lingshi to finish it.

As time wore on, the time that the transfer array would open was soon arriving, the cultivators inside the transfer array were all feeling nervous, they all wished for the array to hurry up and open quickly so that they could get well away from this place.

And since these past few days, the foreign battlefield had begun to collapse more intensely, in the space around the transfer array more and more rifts appeared, as well as more pieces started collapsingg.

The moment the transfer array opened, Wang Lin pressed one last formation core to his forehead, and with his eyes flashing, he stood up.



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