Xian Ni Chapter 123 – Devil

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Hearing Wang Lin’s words, the Zhouzi Hong trio’s faces went pale, especially Lin Tao who had immediately turned pale, and tried to retreat, that Wandering soul after hearing the command, without hesitation leapt towards Lin Tao.

Zhouzi Hong was clenching her teeth, in her heart she wanted to stop it, but could not open her mouth, Senior Yang sighed as a complex expression was on his face.

Lin Tao was running away at full speed, did not flee in a straight line but tried to dodge the wandering soul by moving in patterns, he knew that even if tries to escape, the Wandering soul would win out in speed, and even if he narrowly escapes, the foreign battlefield is so big, he will absolutely be unable to come back to the transfer array.

Thinking so, he quickly said: “Ancestor, I have no friendship with Ma Liang, and in all these years as a disciple, we spoke very little, Senior mercy, I….. I can even become your slave, if the Ancestor forgives me.”

Lin Tao said anxiously, at that time the wandering soul had come very close to him, Wang Lin smiling faintly glanced at him then waved his right hand and the soul immediately stopped.

Lin Tao’s forehead was sweating heavily, he dared not to wipe, but standing respectfully, said: “Ancestor, you……you must certainly be an expert from superior ranked XiuZhen country, Lin Tao is honoured to be your slave, won’t make even the slightest noise.” With that, he moved his hands to form a seal and pressed them to his forehead, suddenly a glittering translucent blood bead oozed out from between his eyebrows, and slowly drifted towards Wang Lin.

After the blood bead appeared, the Lin Tao suddenly looked sluggish, and looked at Wang Lin nervously. Wang Lin waved his hand, and captured the blood bead, after which he looked at the Senior named Yang.

Lin Tao seeing Wang Lin take the blood bead was relieved, he knew that his little life was saved, Lin Tao was very clever, he was the first to discover Wang Lin acting strangely, guessed that Ma Liang had died, and this person had taken over his body, but he did not dare to remind the other two.

Lin Tao understood that following Wang Lin was the only way out, even if Wang Lin did not kill him and merely abandoned him, even then he would die, so taking all things into account, the moment he heard Wang Lin command the wandering soul to kill him, Lin Tao knew that Wang Lin has found about him knowing the truth, so he did not play the fool, because that would have only led to a swifter death.

This was the reason that Lin Tao voluntarily became a servant, and also gave away his soul essence and blood to Wang Lin.

After attaining his soul essence and blood, as long as Wang Lin wills it, can disperse his soul, but there was nothing Lin Tao could do about it, he could only continue to follow Wang Lin.

At this time, moving his body, Lin Tao quickly came to Wang Lin side and flashed his flying sword coldly pointing it towards the other two, when doing this, he didn’t hesitate one bit, he knew that now that he has become his slave, he will have to deal with his matters, even if he has to posture a bit.

The man surnamed Yang smiled and sighing inwardly, without hesitation pressed his forehead, and from between his eyebrows came out blood bead containing his soul essence and blood as it flew towards Wang Lin. In finding out about the oddities of Wang Lin he wasn’t any slower than Lin Tao. He had guessed that Ma Liang’s body been taken over. He was nervous all the way, and at this time, watching the scene unfolding infront of him, he decided to become Wang Lin’s slave. After all compared to life and death, dignity doesn’t hold much weight, moreoever, Wang Lin is probably a cultivator from superior ranked XiuZhen country, must be an Ancestor obviously. Even those wandering souls were all fearful of him, so if he follows him, he might be able to come accross many opportunities.

After sending the blood bead, he looked at Junior sister Zhouzi Hong with a complex expression, and said consolingly: “Junior sister, you…..”

Zhouzi Hong waved her hand, and looking at Wang Lin, pursing her lips, she whispered: “Ancestor,you……you took over his body, Ma Liang is alive or dead?” With that said, she looked calm and stared into the eyes of Wang Lin.

This question, ever since she spotted the oddities with Wang Lin, had been wanting to ask.

Wang Lin glance at her, and said: “Dead.”

Zhouzi Hong was relieved, regardless of whether it was the truth or not, she didn’t want to ask anymore, intuitively, she felt that he was not lying, as she in the eyes of Wang Lin wasn’t even at the level of an ant, but even so there wasn’t any necessity for him to lie.

She without saying anything, sent out her own soul essence and blood.

Three drops of soul essence and blood, floated infront of Wang Lin he opened his mouth and sucked them int, and immediately within his divine consciousness appeared three weak points of light, and he with a mere thought, could disperse their souls.

Actually this way, Wang Lin no longer needed to conceal, as long as someone was familiar with Ma Liang, he would definitely be able to figure out the oddities in behaviour, coupled with the wandering souls staying away, thinking about it just a little, anybody would be able to guess.

Wang Lin was not a bloodthirsty man, but if these three were not wise enough, then he would have been left with no other way, there was no way he was going to let people know about him taking over this body, as a matter of fact it could be very well explained because after coming out of the foreign battlefield, it is known that fifty years is enough to change a person’s disposition.

Zhouzi Hong, Senior Yang, and Lin Tao, all three after becoming slaves, had become relaxed compared to their nervous state before, standing behind Wang Lin, there was a complicated feeling in Zhouzi Hong’s mind, she knew that she looked beautiful, previously in the War Shrine, there were a lot of disciples who had tried to woo her, but all of them were rejected one by one.

Zhouzi Hong that until she has reached the JieDan stage, she would not select a double practise companion, but now that she was already a slave, if Wang Lin ordered her to sleep with him…….thinking of this Zhouzi Hong’s mind could not help but be in turmoil.

She did not know, that regarding this, Wang Lin did not have even the slightest interest. [TLNote: So there you have it folks, the answer to the question that you have all been searching for]

After collecting the soul essences and blood, Wang Lin stared at the wandering soul, touched his chin, and using his divine consciousness immediately contacted his three neighbours.

“This Wandering Soul, I want.”

The three wandering souls remained silent for a while, then came a reply.

“Newborn Soul Devourer, there is one thing you are not clear about, as the soul, is unable to leave from here.”

“Wandering Soul is a kind of soul, but on the other hand cannot be compared to us, but since it is a soul, it has soul force, each and every creature with a soul, requires food, the same is the case, with you and I.”

“We soul devourers, are unable to swallow souls directly, can only through devouring wandering souls become strong.”

“In the face of powerful soul, a person with low cultivation is unable to resist at all, but even if one has high cultivation, against a number of wandering souls, the result would be the same, and wandering souls for us, are both weapons and slaves, as well as food. Did it ever occur to you, that if a soul entered the living space, what consequences there would be?” [TLNote: Didn’t know how else I could interpret 生灵空间, so I just used the literal term living space, basically it means place of the living]

“Newborn Soul Devourer, let me tell you, that as soon as a wandering soul enters the living space, even if quantity is not many, then it will be a catastrophe, in the living space, the wandering souls are known by the name of Devils.”

“If they are more in number, then the living space would become dead space, just like the place where we were before, and in this space, one of the wandering souls, would end up becoming a Soul Devourer.”

“Between the Living space and the Dead space, there exist boundaries and rules, all who delude themselves into breaking them are killed off.”

These things were new to Wang Lin, remaining silent for a moment he said: “This foreign battlefield here, is what kind of space?”

“Ever since this place opened the boundaries between the living and the dead space have been in chaos, even so, the wandering souls cannot simply drill out from the rifts in space, only when this space is about to collapse are they able to come out.”

“So in other words, you cannot leave, let alone a wandering soul.”

“That wandering soul if you like, I can give you, but in the end you will still have to return to me in the dead space, since that is the mission of soul devourers.”

The voices of the three neighbours slowly disappeared, Wang Lin looked blankly as his face changed.

The Zhouzi Hong trio staring at Wang Lin all stood silently for this long time, their expressions were getting increasingly heavy, their heart thumped as they were very nervous.

Lin Tao was thinking that if Wang Lin still did not feel satisfied and wanted to kill off the witnesses, then he wouldn’t know what to do.

Zhouzi Hong thinking of the matters relating to the bedroom, her face was showing expressions of struggle.

Senior Yang was nervous, he was worried not only about life and death, he was worried about what would happen if Wang Lin abandoned Ma Liang’s body and claimed his own body instead.

Wang Lin looking gloomy, moving his body quickly flew forward, towards the transfer array, glancing at each other, the Zhouzi Hong trio quickly followed. As for the soul, it also cautiously followed behind.

The further they went the more dead corpses they found, but whenever Wang Lin approached the wandering souls who were hiding in the corpses quickly stepped aside, did not dare block.

Such a strange scene, naturally caused the other cultivators who were running away in panic, to pay attention, and tried to follow Wang Lin group, as Wang Lin continued to fly forward without looking behind.

The wandering souls hesitantly carefully swallowed a cultivator who was at the back, finding that Wang Lin did not stop, they immediately piled on, and screaming unceasingly the cultivators dispersed and collapsed, scrambling to return to their respective groups.

A day later, the transfer array came into sight, here even more dried corpses and wandering souls could been everywhere, this place had become a forbidden area, and no cultivator dared to come here, even if someone by good luck was able to come into this place, he would be swallowed by the wandering soul.

Within a radius of ten miles, aside from the early survivors and Wang Lin’s group of four people, there was not even a single living thing.

Looking at the transfer array, Wang Lin pondered a little, and said to the Zhouzi Hong trio: “You three enter the transfer array.”

The three did not dare to refuse, and clenching their teeth flew forward, the wandering souls were already ordered and they did not prevent the trio, seeing them smoothly enter the transfer array, Wang Lin moved his body back, finding a location, he sat down cross-legged and staring at the transfer array, his eyes flashed.

He reached out with his hand, and a wandering soul trembling not far from there, was grabbed immediately, Wang Lin threw it towards the transfer array, that wandering soul immediately struggled but still performed the command of Wang Lin, and ran towards the transfer array. [TLNote: This is sacrificial soul is not the pet soul from earlier]


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