Xian Ni Chapter 122 – Kill Him

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From the ten people of the War Shrine, excluding Ma Liang who had left four days ago, in these three days, only three people were left, Zhouzi Hong sighed bitterly, hastily looking back to see the strange creatures getting closer, she closed her eyes, and in her brain involuntarily came Ma Liang’s figure.

“That Ma Liang has always been timid, afraid to die, but he is also very thick-skinned, did not even care about whatever beatings he received, since Junior Sister Tong could not stand being entangled with him, used all means necessary to get him to this foreign battlefield, were it not for him being rescued by me out of pity so many times, I am afraid he would have died, this Ma Liang does have a conscience though, a few days ago, he gave some pills to retain youth, but do not know whether it is genuine or fake…..”

With her heart in this desperate situation, trying to escape desperately, Zhouzi Hong couldn’t help but think like this, when she suddenly heard Senior Yang near her, anxiously shout: “Ma Liang! Run!”

Zhouzi Hong was startled, as she opened her eyes to see a Youth flying towards them, the youth had delicate features, but was emitting a chilly atmosphere, and in the chest region, bloodstains could be seen.

“Junior Ma, this time we are doomed, Alas.” Senior Yang sighed, he looked about thirty years old, and his face was full of a melancholic expression.

Wang Lin glanced at the three but did not speak, at that point, the more than dozen wandering souls, all of a sudden stopped, staring at Wang Lin, they revealed expressions of fear.

Wang Lin snorted lightly, and then spread fluctuations from his divine consciousness.


The dozen wandering souls, became terrified suddenly, and panicking they retreated dissipating instantly.

Zhouzi Hong stared blankly at the scene, she couldn’t guess why those fearsome creatures left, all of a sudden, she turned her head to see Wang Lin, in her heart a ridiculous idea came up, were these horrible creatures, afraid of Ma Liang?

But then, she dismissed this thought, the other two War Shrine disciples were baffled, as the feeling of surviving came, the atmosphere became a bit relaxed.

Senior Yang being the most senior in the group, looked around with a bit of lingering fear, as he quickly said: “Junior Sister, don’t know why those creatures did not attack, but we shouldn’t stay here, let’s go to the transfer array and get out of here as soon as possible.”

Zhouzi Hong shivered, as she nodded and said to Ma Liang: “Junior Ma, you have the lowest cultivation, must stick with us, absolutely cannot let those creatures attack your body, otherwise your soul will be dispersed.”

Then the other War Shrine disciple, said impatiently: “What are you doing still talking, If you are not moving, then I’ll go on ahead first.” With that said, he quickly went out, Wang Lin through Ma Liang’s memories, recognized him as Lin Tao.

Senior Yang also quickly followed, unwilling to remain there, Zhouzi Hong looked at Wang Lin and whispered: “Be Careful.” Saying so, she also flew forward.

Wang Lin didn’t even have the chance to talk, so lifting his feet, slowly followed behind them, the reason why he saved these three, in addition to other plans, was that based on Ma Liang’s memory, he felt pretty grateful to Zhouzi Hong, and since Wang Lin consciously took his body, he felt he should help him do something in return.

The Zhouzi Hong trio flew, with extreme caution, as they even took out pills to supplement spiritual force from their storage bag, they were being extra careful, Zhouzi Hong taking out more than others, handed over some to Wang Lin. Wang Lin looking at the pills in his hand, couldn’t help but think of his own Heaven revolting bead, a liquid in which the bead is soaked becomes the best medicine to restore one’s spiritual force.

Unfortunately, the gourd along with the many other treasures that were there in the storage bag, were all crushed by Teng Hua Yuan.

Wang Lin sighed inwardly, in his divine consciousness he could feel the presence of the bead, and even the blood refined flying sword too, as they felt like they had melted into his divine consciousness, but now was not the time for exploration, Wang Lin pondered a little, and in his heart became even more determined to find a place for closed-door practise once he gets out of this foreign battlefield.

In the foreign battlefield, in these past few days, cultivators were slowly noticing the signs of collapse, but it was of no use to them, as compared to the massive collapse, those mysterious creatures seemed more terrifying.

Upon collapse, from a visual point of view, a person disappears, but if it is swallowed by one of those creatures, then his soul could be seen being swallowed, as he screams again and again, becoming a dried corpse in the end.

If those cultivators could choose their means of death, almost everyone would choose death by collapse, instead of being swallowed.

In the entire foreign battlefield, there were a total of four transfer arrays, the four people group of Wang Lin was flying towards the closest one, Wang Lin didn’t say anything in this matter, for him all the transfer arrays were same, however, these transfer arrays can only be used by people with the Jade strip.

Those who enter this foreign battlefield, are given a Jade strip, this Jade strip in addition to resisting the Foreign Astral Winds, the biggest role they play is it is the token required during the time of returning back.

Wang Lin didn’t have any token, simply cannot go back through the transfer array to Zhao country, so now that he is occupying Ma Liang’s body, for him, the best choice would be to go to Huo Fen country.

This was his other purpose in rescuing the Zhouzi trio, to grab a Jade strip.

Of course, if he could find, Xu Hao or Ge Yang, it would be the best.

They had been classified as people that he needed to kill, not for Ma Liang, but because these two know that Ma Liang is dead, so in order to not leave behind any loose ends, these two must die.

This way, in accordance to Ma Liang’s memory, he had contacted his three neighbours, make all the souls in the foreign battlefield, regarding this matter, become the eyes and ears of Wang Lin, and once those two are found, those three neighbours are to immediately inform him.

Until now, there has been still no news of those two, so it just means that those two are dead, meanwhile after a week of flying, Zhouzi Hong trio are scratching their heads, as to why the strange creatures are completely ignoring them.

Moreover those who rush towards them, soon turning a corner, run away as if trying to save their lives.

So, along the way, they had encountered many near misses, eventually they had become accustomed to this scene happening countless times in a day, and often after seeing a strange creature they do not stop as compared to before but only slow down, and after the creature leaves, speed back up.

What was even more bizarre, was that a creature suddenly appeared near Zhouzi Hong, but the instant that it was about to hit her, as if he saw some unimaginable horror, screamed and quickly retreated back in desperate panic.

The three were not fools, regarding such a thing they were naturally suspicious, taking into account the sequence of events, they realized that the answer lay with Wang Lin’s body.

But Zhouzi Hong although opened her mouth to ask, ultimately chose not to ask, those other two, also pretended not to see.

Didn’t want to ask, they felt that if their words offended Wang Lin, then their life would end there.

The disciple called Lin Tao, facing Wang Lin, eyes flashed, didn’t know what went on in his head, but his look soon turned back to normal, not revealing any clues.

Seeing as the transfer array was not far away, they rushed forward, and as they neared the transfer array, more cultivators could be seen, everyone’s goal was the transfer array.

Wang Lin was already using his divine consciousness to explore, outside the transfer array, quite a few people were gathered waiting to be sent back, there was a curtain of white light over the transfer array, playing a role of protecting it, outside the transfer array, quite a number of dried corpses were floating, they all wanted to enter the transfer array, as the wandering souls all around, from time to time, would drill into those dried corpses.

The Foreign battlefield transfer array, usually remains in a closed state, but at a fixed time, would open, and after opening would remain open for two days.

The people in the transfer array were staring intently at the scene outside, seeing trouble brewing they were all frightened, but gradually they found that the wandering souls outside could not touch the white curtain of the transfer array.

After someone discovered this phenomenon happening successively, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

As he was flying Wang Lin’s face changed, his neighbours had sent a message to his divine consciousness, those two people have been discovered to be dead, and their storage bags are being sent through a wandering soul.

Not long after, a twin-horned mystical soul creature could be seen coming in rapidly from a distance, the Zhouzi Hong trio did not care, but as they found the Wandering soul getting closer and closer, they could not help but look at Wang Lin.

At this time, the wandering soul halted directly infront of the three, and tossed three storage bags directly towards Wang Lin, which were immediately caught by Wang Lin.

After having done that, the Wandering soul, immediately turned and flew away, Wang Lin with his eyes flashing, staring at the wandering soul, suddenly said: “Stop!”

The wandering soul turned trembling towards Wang Lin.

Wang Lin did not look at Zhouzi Hong trio, and leaning forward immediately came near to the wandering soul, the amount of wandering souls that Wang Lin had devoured, should be around 8000 to 10000 be he himself didn’t count, but it was clear to him, that there was something amiss with this wandering soul.

The souls that had been devoured by Wang Lin before, were actually bodies of divine consciousness conditioned to survive, having certain intellect, but just a natural instinct, that is to devour everything.

But the wandering soul infront of him appeared quite distinct, his body was extremely complex, as if it had devoured a large number of souls without digestion, leaving behind deep marks in his body.

After these marks accumulated to a certain extent, this Wandering Soul’s body constitution changed, Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, after looking carefully for a long time, from this Wandering Soul’s body, he got a feeling similar to what he got from the YuanYing of Situ Nan in dream space.

Or one could say, that they both have certain commonalities.

“Kill Him!” Wang Lin said, pointing to Lin Tao with his right hand.


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