Xian Ni Chapter 121 – Acting Recklessly

ObligatoryTLNote: Goddamn this author really knows how to take the story deep, I mean the world this author is building is on a level comparable to IET’s novels. But I feel that just like in Stellar Transformation, there is more to this world than meets the eye, and it will definitely undergo even more major expansions in the future, till then enjoy the ride folks! Also, last chapter of the day, these chapters are really draining on my mental resources you know. Not like those old small chapters that I could marathon.


The XiuZhen Alliance is a very large organization, it is made up of many member XiuZhen countries, except for a few people, other people don’t get to know anything.

The minimum standard required to become a member is to reach Sixth rank XiuZhen Country level.

Generally speaking, all XiuZhen countries are subordinate to the XiuZhen alliance, but in fact, the member XiuZhen countries, absolutely do not have the time and energy to manage each and every one of them.

So, overall XiuZhen countries below sixth rank are affliated with the Sixth ranked XiuZhen country controlling the planet.

Zhuque Country, within a period of 100,000 years rapidly rose from the first rank to the sixth ranked progressing by leaps and bounds to become the fastest country to reach Sixth ranked XiuZhen country level.

After the country reached Sixth rank, it was awarded a planet as a symbol of sixth ranked XiuZhen country, and the planet, was named by the XiuZhen alliance, as Zhuque Planet.

In the Zhuque planet, the voice of Zhuque country was the God’s will.

The Zhuque planet comprised of 18 fifth ranked XiuZhen countries, for every country that reached the fifth ranked XiuZhen country, the Sixth ranked XiuZhen country was bestowed with ten foreign battlefields.

In other words, on the entire Zhuque planet, foreign battlefields were 180, so every time a battlefield collapses it remains that way, unless one is willing to spend extreme amounts of resources to purchase the requisite materials from the sixth ranked XiuZhen country to revive it, there is no other way.

As for how foreign battlefields are opened, or where the rifts lead to, nobody knows within the fifth ranekd XiuZhen country knows, it is said that the spell to open the foreign battlefield is presented to the sixth ranked XiuZhen country with a strict restriction that it is not to be disclosed to XiuZhen countries below it, otherwise, it will be removed.

Each fifth ranked XiuZhen country controls many fourth ranked XiuZhen countries. Similarly, each of the fourth ranked XiuZhen country controls many third ranked XiuZhen countries.

As for Second ranked XiuZhen countries, as per the XiuZhen alliance norms, nobody is allowed to interfere with them, and they are allowed to develop.

Zhao is a third ranked XiuZhen country on Zhuque planet, it is controlled by Fourth ranked XiuZhen country Qing Long, which in turn is in fact controlled by fifth ranked XiuZhen country of Giant Devil Race.

Every time the foreign battlefield opens, all Zhao region YuanYing masters are recruited, who have to go without any resistance or revolt. In the past, Heng Yue Sect had to send its five Yuan Ying ancestors. It could not be avoided. They had to go, to protect Heng Yue Sect. It was unknown whether they died or not, but the Heng Yue Sect was extinguished without much say, but the five solely cannot be blamed.

In fact, things are almost the same way, in almost all third ranked XiuZhen countires. This is the truth.

Natural Selection, the Law of the Jungle, only the Powerful can speak, the weak can only comply, cannot refuse, perhaps it is a brutal rule, after members of XiuZhen community have different set of values compared to mortals.

Or perhaps in the eyes of those sitting in the XiuZhen Alliance, this world, this universe, it is a huge furnace, whether it be mortal or xiuzhenists, they are being ruthlessly melted in it, since the ancient era, people have been paying attention to the way of the heaven, paying attention to the road and the pursuit! People who XiuXian, give off the feeling of being elegant, rising up from the earth, riding the immortal winds, attain the way of the heavens in the sky above.

But with the sudden collapse of the Ancient era due to the calamity, the XiuZhen alliance suddenly rose up, and the word “dao” had been completely crushed. [TLNote: Dao means the way of the heavens; emphasis supplied by me for the benefit of readers]

It turned out, in the XiuZhen world if you try to get by without holding any desires, then you are doomed to perish, this is a wrong route, only the law of the jungle, following the rule of natural selection in the XiuZhen community, is the only option for survival.

The final result remains to be seen, but at least until now, under the leadership of XiuZhen alliance, the XiuZhenists whether in strength or power, are far more than during the Ancient Era, this point is quite sufficient.

At this moment, in a certain foreign battlefield of the fifth ranked XiuZhen country Giant Devil Race, a strange change was emerging, and all the cultivators who had collected divine consciousnesses, were all trembling with fear.

Across the entire foreign battlefield, as if there was a meteor shower occuring, many divine consciousnesses were rushing towards a single direction.

The foreign battlefield which was already on the verge of collapse, unable to withstand the fluctuations caused by the divine consciousness, started to collapse, and suddenly in a large part of the battlefield, there appeared a huge hole, as if it was engulfed by a giant invisible mouth, it quietly faded away.

At the same time, an enormous soul came out cautiously from that huge hole, then with wanton enthusiasm, began frantically swallowing and following it there appeared a lot of mysterious smoke-like creatures, similar to the creatures which had once been devoured clean by Wang Lin.

The same scene was happening in a number of places in the foreign battlefields, a total of three huge divine consciousnesses, resulted fromt thosse huge space cracks that came about in the process of collapse.

These countless number of mystical creatures, frantically rushed forward, as they saw humans and the materials they carried, describing them as locusts would not be an exaggeration.

The cultivators in foreign battlefield, each and everyone rushed with all their might towards the transfer array, fearing that if they are even a step slow, they might be swallowed.

Sword lights could be seen everywhere, recklessly trying to escape.

The instant that those three huge divine consciousnesses appeared, Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, he was already aware of these three huge divine consciousnesses, they were his neighbours in the space rift.

The divine consciousness that he had dispersed in these three years, were all returning together, with each return, Wang Lin’s divine consciousness grew a bit, and gradually reaching towards its original size.

Wang Lin was not worried, he sat down cross-legged, was trying to adapt to this strange body, at this time, several mysterious creatures, floating like ghosts, came from a distance upon seeing Wang Lin, hesitated a bit, standing at a distance, eventually they couldn’t stand seeing the delicacy infront of them, and they closed in on him.

When they were only a dozen of meters away from Wang Lin, he suddenly opened his eyes, which flashed with coldness, as he said coldly: “Daring to act recklessly!”

The huge consciousness suddenly came out from Wang Lin’s body, and the mysterious creatures upon seeing their predator, trembling with fear, retreated backwards like crazy.

But they couldn’t go far before they were stopped, as Wang Lin’s divine consciousness had caught up, as it devoured a few, as it was continuing to devour, another huge divine consciousness transmitted a message to stop.

Wang Lin snorted, not only did not stop but instead started devouring faster, swallowing all the offending mysterious creatures completely, the other divine consciousness emitted a sigh but did not speak anything else.

Wang Lin’s divine consciousness had by this time had regained its former size, although a few parts for some unknown reason were unable to be called from some parts of the foreign battlefield, but in terms of strength the divine consciousness had reached the original level.

“Everyone, who has crossed the boundary!” As his divine consciousness swept away, spread fluctuations everywhere.

The fluctuations being dispered by his divine consciousness, in an instant proliferate over the entire foreign battlefield, the three huge divine consciousnesses who had come out of the huge hole, and were swallowing like crazy, suddenly stopped.

Shortly thereafter, transmitted their consciousness towards Wang Lin.

“You are very strong, did not expect that you really would have come out here.”

“Here space has collapsed, the mission of us Soul Devourers, are tasked with swallowing the souls, and prevent the widespread collapse, you also swallowed some souls, then why are you interefering?”

“Newborn Soul Devourer, my souls offended you, thought they have been punished, but swallowing souls have been our mission ever since me and others came to be, even if we do not swallow, there will be other Soul Devourers who will come to swallow.”

The three huge divine consciousnesses after saying what they had to say, did not continue to swallow, but were waiting to hear Wang Lin’s reply, in their minds, Wang Lin was an equal existence.

This was the first time Wang Lin had heard about Soul Devourers, he pondered a little, sorting his memories in his head, he knew that once the transfer array is opened, the foreign battlefield will collapse completely, afraid that whether it would be possible to open the transfer array or not.

“I do not want to prevent you from swallowing, but only hope that till such time that the foreign battlefield collapses, you slow down.”


“As you wish.”

“I agree, but hunting of wandering souls cannot be prevented.”

After they agreed, Wang Lin moved his body towards the direction of the transfer array in accordance with Ma Liang’s memories, all the way, the wandering souls, as soon as they noticed Wang Lin, would quickly disappear out of fright, without even pausing.

Along the way, Wang Lin, felt quite uncomfortable in the new body, although this Ma Liang had quite good spirit roots, and good talent, several times better than Wang Lin’s original body, but once a body is seized, it needs time to be refined, before one can fully utilize it.

At this point, in his body there is not the slightest spiritual force, it is being completely driven by the divine consciousness, now the most important thing is to find a place to do closed-door practise as soon as possible, so that this body could be refined to become compatible with his strong soul, and return to the country of Zhao.

While flying, Wang Lin suddenly stopped, looking to the north-west direction, after slightly faltering, he flew there, not long after he saw three rainbows, being chased by more than ten wandering souls, due to the difference in speed, they were getting closer and closer.

Zhouzi Hong was a third ranked XiuZhen country Huo Fen’s War Shrine’s disciple, at this time she was quiet, pursing her lips, with her hair in disorder, fragrant sweat dripping from her forehead, and the spiritual force in her body almost on the limit of exhaustion, her face revealed an expressionof grief and indignation, but also fear, as she kept recklessly escaping forward.

“Amongst the War shrine disciples, I am afraid only the three of us are still alive…..” Zhouzi Hong smiled miserably, three days ago, there were ten War shrine people alive, who would have thought that the foreign battlefield would actually start collapsing, and these strange creatures would emerge, as they fiercely pounced onto all cultivators, who frightened out of their wits, as they upon being swallowed, losing their flesh and blood, turned into dry corpses.

And those weird creatures, seemed to quite like hiding in those dry corpses, so upon seeing those corpses, people would become fearful and apprehensive immediately.

The War Shrine ten people, were in addition to Ma Liang who had left four days ago on his own.



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