Xian Ni Chapter 120 – Return of Wang Lin

ObligatoryTLNote: Ok who is Wang Lin? He is a BAMF!!! Time for this story to get back on track to the arc that will lay the foundation for the second best arc that I have read (I have read till chapter 350). For those wondering about my previous hints, well let me ask you a deep question, who is Wang Lin in actuality? Is it the Soul or is it the Consciousness that claims itself to be so based on the memories? Did Wang Lin die and revive? or did he never Die? Just some food for your thought.


Xu Hao, a third ranked XiuZhen Country Ju Lu’s Ling Wu Sect’s sixth generation disciple, at this time, he was sitting on a huge pumice, reorganizing his spoils of his last few years, at this moment, all of a sudden his sound transmitting Jade Strip started flashing.

Xu Hao scowled, putting the Jade strip to his forehead, suddenly a jerky voice sounded out in his divine consciousness.

“Come fast to 48 degrees northwest position, there is an orphaned soul!”

The speaker was his friend that he had met in the foreign battlefield, Ge Yang, both were at the late foundation building stage of cultivation, and both often teamed up to kill to seize treasures, with good coordination.

Xu Hao’s face changed after hearing it, as he suddenly gained an expression of ecstasy, soul was the most precious thing in foreign battlefield, it was even more scarce than a complete magic weapon.

Only those with strong cultivation, after death, will leave behind their YuanYing, after the YuanYing is eliminated, there is a low chance of it leaving behind a trace of soul.

Xu Hao didn’t know what specific purpose that these divine consciousnesses played,but he remembered that when the Envoy from the superior ranked XiuZhen country gave a list, Divine Consciousness was in the top ten.

If any item on that list is handed over, then the person handing over is given incentives, with that thought, Xu Hao could feel his heart racing, and without hesitation, he flew towards the northwest corner.

When he arrived there, he found a lot of people had already gathered there, in the distance there could be seen a huge casing, and a huge blue facula in it, the facula fluttered in mid-air, motionless.

Xu Hao’s eyes exposed greediness, without hesitation he opened his storage bag, and pulling out a black fork, he rushed past.

Meanwhile, Wang Lin was quietly waiting for space cracks to appear, after a long time, within the scope of his divine consciousness, eight cracks suddenly appeared.

Wang Lin immediately probing with his divine consciousness, cut and sent eight parts of it through those cracks.

In this manner, the process continued, Wang Lin’s divine consciousness grew smaller and smaller, and the souls sent out were numerous.

Foreign battlefield, in this three years time, was caught in a frenzy, since three years ago, when Xu Hao and Ge Yang had caught one, all the clean-up teams had gone crazy, as almost every day, parts of divine consciousness appeared in the foreign battlefield.

This amount of divine consciousnesses are unimaginable. This bizarre scene, it would certainly would have been of interest to superior ranked XiuZhen country, but in these three years, they hadn’t sent someone to check it out.

The foreign battlefield had now become very unstable, the people inside could not get out, and the people outside could not get in.

It was finally analyzed, that the problem lay with space rifts, over this decade, there had been far too many space rifts, especially near the entrances, packed densely in countless numbers.

The powerhouses of the Fourth and Fifth ranked XiuZhen country, analyzed that the foreign battlefield was on the verge of collapsing, at this time, even if a YuanYing expert were to enter it, it would most likely provoke an unmanageable collapse.

As for the powerhouses of the Sixth ranked XiuZhen country, they felt the price of repair was too high, even if they knew that there were a lot of divine consciousnesses in the foreign battlefield, it was still insufficient to cover the costs of repairing, and they left it to the fifth ranked XiuZhen countries to share costs if they want.

And most importantly, it is not the only foreign battlefield, so it is not necessary to fix a battlefield that is about to collapse, so generally, if the restoration spells become ineffective for a foreign battlefield, it is usually discarded.

But what these powerful men were pondering was that a battlefield’s budget is meant to be used for atleast thousands of years, but how did it suddenly deteriorate so much in just a decade.

They did not know, they would have to track down Wang Lin’s head for that, if not for his continuous impacts, it wouldn’t have been so.

The time flows very differently in the space rift as compared to foreign battlefield, a hundred years in the void, is equivalent to only a year in the foreign battlefield.

To be precise, the time that Wang Lin has been hitting the space rifts amounts to 7 year for the outside world, but in fact, it was 700 years.

700 years of continuous impacts, resulted in the rapid deterioration of the foreign battlefield, now no cultivator of the fourth or fifth ranked XiuZhen country dared to enter the foreign battlefield.

Only through sound transmitting Jade strips, they told the third ranked XiuZhen country cultivators, to cancel the cleanup work, search for the souls, and after the transfer array is opened, everyone should leave at once.

Wang Lin had lost track of time, his divine consciousness was getting weaker and weaker, smaller and smaller, and now he no longer continued to cut parts of his divine consciousness, and instead waited for a large crack to appear.

On this day, within the range of Wang Lin’s divine consciousness, finally a large rift appeared, it was several times larger than the previous small rifts, Wang Lin without hesitation drilled into it.

A magic weapon caught Ma Liang’s fancy, its quality felt similar to that ray of light that he had once chased in the past, it was a weapon that flew on its own, for this magic weapon, Ma Liang had chased for three days, and now he was exhausted.

He looked straight ahead with a wry smile as he flew on his purple flying sword, he thought inwardly that if he still had that shuttle, he would have been able to easily catch up, and would not be so exhausted.

Thinking of that, immediately Ma Liang remembered that ray of light, for more than a decade, he fantasized about what was inside that ray of light, if it was enough to make somebody of Giant Devil Race chase, then it would be certainly an extraordinary magic weapon whose might would go against the heaven’s will.

Every time he thought of it, he could not help but moan and groan.

“Cannot fight early nor late to the transfer array, unexpectedly I, survived this fifty years period, now once it opens, can go home finally, recently these past few years have been dangerous with the appearance of so many divine consciousnesses, now as soon as I get this flying sword, I will return to the gathering place, oh Junior sister, you must wait for me, you must not have promised Senior ah, he is a musclehead brute, only I am the one crazy for you, ah.” Ma Liang thinking to himself, continued to chase forward.

“But fifty years later, I wonder how Junior sister looks like? Uh….. she practises the War God cultivation method, which is said to have a beautification effect, if she ends up looking like a thirty year old woman, then I will give up, ahem, this time from the dozens of people who came from War shrine only ten left alive, the Head will become the focus the cultivation of them, moreover, I have that bottle of medicinal pellets that I obtained quite a while back, using one dose of one pellet of which is enough to stay young forever, If I go back looking like a twenty year old young fellow, then wouldn’t she find me quite attractive, ah.” Ma Liang smiled as he felt a bit more power surging through his body, and his speed seemed faster.

Ma Liang was feeling quite self-satisfied, suddenly from a distance two rainbows made their way towards him, as they approached Ma Liang within a blink of an eye, a rainbow came flying infront of Ma Liang flashed ahead of the flying sword, revealing an around thirty year old figure, his eyes gloomy, as he grasped out with his large hands, taking the flying sword and putting it into his storage bag, without even glancing at it, then he turned to look gloomily at Ma Liang.

Also, at this time, came the other rainbow, a middle-aged man dressed in black, as he stood behind Ma Liang with a faint smile on his face.

Ma Liang’s face changed, as he said stunned: “Xu Hao, Ge Yang!” Ma Liang secretly cursed, he had quite often seen the two from a distance, so was able to immediately recognize, these two were quite notorious for killing to rob people of treasures.

Ma Liang decisely took out his storage bag and directly threw it infront of Xu Hao, as he said pleading: “Fellows, my harvest for all these years, are all in there, you two take it, all I ask you is to spare me.”

Xu Hao hesitated, then sweeping through the storage bag with his divine consciousness, looked him in the eye and said smilingly: “You are the most spineless person I have ever seen, but also the most understanding, nevermind, I will give you once chance, get lost!”

Ma Liang was relieved, was about to move away, when suddenly his face changed, and he coughed out blood, as he saw a flying sword penetrating through his chest, his body trembled, as he clearly felt is life drifting away, struggling he turned and stared at Ge Yang, with blood in his mouth and blurry eyes, he said: “You……”

Ge Yang waved his hand, and the flying sword flew back towards him, as he said coldly: “I didn’t say you could go.” Then moving his body, not bothering to look back, he flew into the distance.

Xu Hao shook his head a few times, he knew that Ge Yang was angry at Ma Liang for giving his storage bag to him, as they both had made a deal, and whoever got the storage bag, the other won’t compete over it.

If Ma Liang had given his storage bag to Ge Yang, then he would have also done the same.

Ma Liang’s consciousness faded away, in his eyes emerged a silhouette of his junior sister, as he gradually closed his eyes, just then, near Ma Liang’s body, there appeared a huge rift, and a huge soul leapt out.

After that soul appeared, pausing a little, it drilled into his body immediately, and after a long time, Ma Liang opened his eyes, and his two eyes flashed.

His chest wound was healing visibly at a rapid rate, and soon was restored, as a sound that was ice-cold to the extreme, came out of his mouth:

“Teng Hua Yuan, I Wang Lin am back! Divine consciousnesses, Come!”

Suddenly, across the whole foreign battlefield, the traces of Wang Lin’s divine consciousness, whether it be in somebody’s storage bag, or being refined, or in the body, all at this moment, began to tremble.

The Divine consciousnesses from each part of the foreign battlefield escaping from the magic weapons and storage bags, began to desperately converge to Wang Lin’s location.

A never before seen panic, began to rise in the hearts of those cultivators who had collected these traces of consciousness in the foreign battlefield.


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