Xian Ni Chapter 119 – Soul Awakens

ObligatoryTLNote: I will be making a quick note, that for those unfamiliar with Xianxia or this type of novels, I will be now using Divine Consciousness to distinguish it from Soul that I was using it a bit earlier. It may seem confusing at first, but you should be able to adapt to it easily, since it is going to be used quite a few times. Basically I used to use the term “Soul sense” instead of Divine consciousness as it is used in Coiling Dragon, it literally means Divine/God/Soul/Spirit Knowledge, so yea, it can be used multiple ways. But I felt that I should be making the change now, because of the new stuff that has been introduced and will soon be introduced.

The Foreign battlefield space rift, due to the countless thousands of battles that have taken place here, this place is on the verge of collapse, without being reinforced from time to time by the XiuZhen Alliance, it would have collapsed and turned into nothingness.

These cracks in space are connected to the planet, and it can be said to be boundless, full of violent energy, and countless mysterious creatures.

Once one enters these space rifts, then he is unable to get out, but for Ying Bian stage experts, space rifts act as mere diversions as they are able to come out immediately after entering before the terrifying suction force of the rifts is able to fully activate.

The foreign space battlefield rifts are scary, even Ying Bian experts if get caught by the suction force of the rifts, then even their life force can get sucked out instantly let alone any possibility of escaping.

These space rifts in the end are just one of those things, where nobody knows where it comes from and where it goes, Ying Bian stage experts who are able to come out from the rift see nothing but darkness, even their divine consciousness is highly restricted, unable to be spread out.

At this time, in the space rift, appeared a spot, slowly floating in the void, looking carefully, one can discover in that spot, a fiery mass of soul, flashing weakly.

As time wore on, after an unknown amount of time, that spot kept floating in the void, and that soul fire showed signs of slowly dissipating.

With a snap of the fingers, years flashed by, and the spot became completely dim, and amongst the mass there was only a small flame left.

On this day, suddenly a huge shadow, floated down from a distance towards the spot, the shadow was revealed to be an impressively huge corpse.

The corpse appeared to be of Giant Devil Race, but if one looks carefully, then it can be found that on the Devil’s forehead, the patterns is not of a Hammer but of an Axe.

A Black Axe!

If there was someone of Giant Devil Race here, he would immediately recognize this Axe. This meant that the corpse belonged to a Devil Ancestor of Giant Devil Race, in other words, an Ancient Demon.

As it came into contact with the light spot, suddenly smoke began to emerge from the corpse, forming mid-air a twin-horned illusory figure. That figure greedily stared at the spot, and moving fast immediately sprang towards it.

This creature, was a unique mystical species living in the space rifts, it could swallow everything, whether it be body, resources, or even the soul.

The instant that it reached the spot, it screamed suddenly, wanting to escape it struggled, but in almost an instant, its body was sucked into the spot, disappearing without a trace, leaving only the large body, floating motionless in the space.

After absorbing the creature, the spot gradually lit up, the soul fire that was in it, also became slightly stronger.

At this moment, Wang Lin, revived.

To be precise, his soul, regained consciousness.

At the moment, that he awakened, he had no awareness, just a mass of soul fire, a very ‘cold’ feeling was coming from Wang Lin’s divine consciousness.

At this time, Wang Lin’s soul, was surrounded by big flames, even though the flames sending out an evil atmosphere, Wang Lin without hesitation bashed past it.

And it could be seen that the light spot, gradually wormed its way into the giant corpse’s forehead, and slowly calming down.

It could be said that with the evil flames surrounding Wang Lin’s soul, gradually, there was no longer any cold feeling, as more time passed, this time it was longer than before, and during this period, Wang Lin hidden in the corpse, kept slowly floating in the void.

For some unknown reason, the moment that Wang Lin’s soul began residing in the body, countless smoke-like creatures, like moths kept getting attracted towards it in an attempt to swallow it, but each and every one of them, was in turn absorbed by Wang Lin’s soul, as it began getting stronger and stronger, the fire of the soul, also appeared more and more exuberant.

Causing even more creatures to appear out of nowhere, lunging madly towards it, Wang Lin did not know that his soul residing in the Giant corpse, appeared as an especially bright, big luminous body, in a world full of darkness.

Wang Lin did not specifically know how long it had been since he had regained consciousness, he didn’t remember, he only remembered that he had swallowed a large number of various creatures, and with creature he devoured, he felt his divine consciousness becoming more and more clear.

And finally one day, Wang Lin remembered the time of his birth, the sixteen years he had spent with his parents, remembered the days spent in Heng Yue Sect…….. eventually he remembered Teng Hua Yuan.

A surge of sorrowful emotions swept through his soul, as within a blink of an eye, he understood everything, Situ Nan at the last moment had rescued him at great risk, bringing him to the foreign battlefield and into this space rift.

The moment he entered the rift, the Heaven revolting Bead underwent a weird change, saying it accurately, it disappeared, vanished without a trace.

But Wang Lin began to feel it clearly at this time, that the Heaven revolting bead did not disappear, but in a way he could not understand was inside Wang Lin’s soul, in a way it could be said, that the heaven revolting bead had melted and blended together with Wang Lin’s soul.

It was also because of this that he was able to devour those powerful mysterious creatures one by one.

Situ Nan was not dead, but he had fallen into perpetual sleep, and the last thing that he did before sleeping was to warp Wang Lin’s parents’ soul into his YuanYing, going into a deep sleep together. [TLNote: At this point I would call out those who thought that Situ Nan was deceiving Wang Lin’s to take over his body, Shame on you!!!!]

Wang Lin’s parents, were not cultivators, it was impossible to resurrect them or give them new bodies to take over, this much Wang Lin knew, he just wanted to keep his parent’s souls and was unwilling to let them suffer from any harm. [TLNote: Another clarification for those who were wondering why Situ Nan said he would be able to revive them? Well there is a thing called consoling a person in pain.]

After he recovered all his memories, he had found his soul, had already become very large, the Giant corpse unable to withstand it, had already began to collapse.

In desperation, Wang Lin moved his soul away from the giant’s corpse, that cold feeling reappeared, as he was floating in the Void, looking for a new body to attach itself to.

This process continued for a long time, Wang Lin in the void, after finding a new body, would attach itself to it, and those mysterious creatures would keep coming towards him, only to be devoured.

His Soul grew fast, gradually swallowing those powerful creatures had become a habit, Wang Lin instead of slowly swallowing passively, had now become proactive in devouring them.

Also, Wang Lin had been here for quite some time, he enough time to search through his own memories, and to do a detailed analysis of everything that he had done in the past, and finally even after finishing the analysis, he was left with nothing to do, until he suddenly remembered about the book about the formation array methods.

He immediately recalled the contents of the book, and began to logically analyze them unceasingly, After completely finishing it, he was again left with nothing to do.

In his many years here, Wang Lin had more than once seen Space rifts opening, but his Soul was simply too large, such a large thing simply could not drill itself out through the tiny cracks.

But he found that as he soul grew, though he was unable to drill through the slit, but with each impact, there appeared signs of the crack collapsing, but most of the times after the first or second impact, the crack would disappear automatically.

Striking one or two times, can not make the crack collapse, Wang Lin knew that, this was because his soul wasn’t still big enough, so in order to break through the cracks, Wang Lin began a devouring frenzy.

He totally ignored looking for more corpses to attach to, and instead, moving quickly in this vast nothingness, whenever he found a mysterious creature, would quickly devour it.

This kind of lifestyle lasted for a long time, whenever he found any crack, he would try to hit it, as the signs of collapse appearing signalled his strikes becoming more and more heavy, Wang Lin knew, as long as he sticks to this, there would come a day when he would be able to break through the crack.

But as time passed, Wang Lin found that the mysterious species of the void, seemed to have completely disappeared, no matter how much he searched, he could not find one.

So, he increased the scope of his search, and one day, he found a soul that could be matched equally with his own soul, this was the first time Wang Lin had discovered a soul that was as big as his own.

“You’ve crossed the boundary!” A vague sound came into Wang Lin’s soul.

Wang Lin was stunned, and immediately in the same way, spread his soul.

“How to get out of here?”

“Leave? Why do you want to leave? Cannot leave from here……” The other soul sent the message, as it then slowly moved back and disappeared

Wang Lin was silent for a while, from that soul’s words, he detected a hint, within this rift, there should be more souls as powerful as him, and maybe even more powerful.

Between them, there would be distinct territorial boundaries, once over the border, it is likely that there would be a fierce battle to the death, where loser would get devoured.

After this unexpected encounter, Wang Lin turned around and in the end he was able to find three divine consciousnesses with souls as big as his own, through meeting them, Wang Lin realized that with his own strength, he would not be able to crack through the rift in one or two hits.

But Wang Lin was determined to return, after remaining silent for a long time, he came up with a crazy scheme, and on that day, he spread out his divine consciousness, and soon covered the entire territory, the greater the soul is spread, the more volatile it becomes.

Wang Lin closely observed with his divine consciousness everywhere, all of a sudden found a small rift at a location, Wang Lin without hesitation, moved his divine consciousness to enter it immediately, as soon as it entered, it cut off the divine consciousness resolutely, the divine consciousness smoothly entered the space rift, and as the crack disappeared he also lost trace of that part of divine consciousness.

Wang Lin’s mood didn’t change, as he continued to wait for the appearance of another crack.


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