Xian Ni Chapter 118 – Foreign Battlefield

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The Giant’s eyes revealed the colour of greed, as he laughed crazily: “Well well, this day was good, I your father, reaped a good harvest, first saw the killing intent, then saw that bead, Lin Yi if you dare to snatch it from me, believe it or not, i will kill you.” Saying that, the Giant all of a sudden emerged from the clouds, his body measuring upto several hundred feet, emanating massive amount of pressure.

His body with a crackling sound, rapidly diminished, and ultimately achieved normal height, his eyebrows were shaped in a hammer-shaped pattern.

“Chi, what do you mean!” Lin Yi snapped. [TLNote: That giant’s name is Chi apparently]

He stared at Lin Yi for a moment, then putting one foot outside the circle, with a wave of his hand, the passageway and the dragons immediately disappeared without a trace, and the sky immediately brightened up, as the black clouds faded away.

Lin Yi had a very ugly expression on his face, his eyes flashed coldly, he turned to look at Teng Hua Yuan who was seemingly at a loss as to what happened, he sneered a few times, then quickly flew up turning into a rainbow, as he disappeared over the horizon.

All the Zhao country cultivators outside the SicklePod valley, no matter who it was, all had deeply engraved in their memories, that youth Wang Lin who dared to fight a YuanYing master, while himself being only at Foundation building stage.

The foreign battlefield qualification of Zhao country was ruthlessly eliminated, and regardless of whether there was token or not, it did not have any value, as the messanger hurried through the opened passageway, who still remembered these matters.

Lin Yi was full of anger, watching an item that was wanted by the XiuZhen Alliance, fly past him, but destined to be snatched by someone else, that kind of feeling, made him want to vomit out blood.

Especially considering that the bead was actually in Zhao country, the country that he was monitoring. If this news leaked, It would be too embarrasing.

Teng Hua Yuan had a gloomy face, he did not know if Wang Lin had died in the end or not, although in his heart he felt that he should have died, but he didn’t know he still had an unknown fear still.

The crowd outside the SicklePod valley slowly dispersed, the stories about Wang Lin slowly spread momentarily. And amongst the Zhao region XiuZhen community almost everyone became aware of him.

Pu NanZi went back to Xuan Dao Sect with his disciples. There was a woman behind him. This woman was Liu Mei. She had seen everything. In her heart were emerging complex and bitter emotions, which were difficult for her to understand.

Wang Lin. She did not know why, had a hint of affection towards him. As time passed by, the feeling did not lessen, But usually in the dead of the night, often such feelings arose in her heart.

Wang Hao and Wang Zhuo, also gradually came to know about what happened in the field outside SicklePod valley. Originally they were feeling quite a bit of resentment towards Wang Lin for the disaster, but that resentment gradually dissipated,

The two knew that they didn’t have Wang Lin’s guts. Daring to fight with a Yuan Ying stage master. But that didn’t mean that they gave up on revenge. Wang Hao and Wang Zhuo, had made killing Teng Hua Yuan, their ultimate goal in life.

Pu NanZi in the back, after coming to know about Wang family’s tragedy, remained silent for a while. After Liu Mei pleaded a lot, he took in Wang Hao, and allowed him to become disciple.

Liu Mei knew, that this was the only way she could slightly help Wang Lin with his matters, even if he himself never comes to know of this.

Teng Hua Yuan gripped in his own issues, returned back to Teng Jia city, he went into closed door practise, and vowed to not come out until he has reached late YuanYing stage.

The whole Zhao country, had seemed to quiet down quite a bit.

In the foreign battlefield, full of space rifts and astral winds, at this moment, in this millions of years old foreign region, there were thousands of clean-up teams who had come from dozens of third ranked XiuZhen countries.

The highest cultivation amongst them was of late foundation building stage, it stood to reason,, that with such a cultivation, in this terrifying foreign battlefield, made it simply unable to move, let alone do clean up work.

In fact, at the time of entering the foreign battlefield, the national surveillance envoy, would give each person, a Jade talisman, the role of this Jade talisman would be to protect from astral winds, and after the fifty years deadline is over, it gets transferred back to national treasury.

But in this mysterious and often unpredictable foreign battlefield, there can appear space rifts, against which these Jade talismans can offer no protection.

Therefore, this foreign battlefield for Foundation Building cultivators is extremely dangerous, but as long as one remains cautious, then with a bit of luck, can remain safe.

In general, the survival rate in the foreign battlefield, is about 30 percent.

Even though it is not high, but compared to the materials and magic weapons that the clean-up teams are able to gather, these risks do not matter, for those who XiuXIan, they naturally go against the heavens, the higher the risk, the reward is naturally going to be greater.

After returning from the foreign battlefield, in their respective Sects, their status would be a head higher than other disciples, moreover after returning, their speed of cultivation increases, surpassing their usual speed of practise.

After all in the foreign battlefield, LingQi is extremely abundant, plus due to the life and death struggles throughout the year, the cultivation naturally increases.

Basically, every time cultivators come to do clean up work, there would be some who would breakthrough to JieDan stage, and it becomes one of the most important reasons, why Foundation building stage cultivators come here, without fear of death.

At this point, in the foreign battlefield, located about 67 degrees Northeast, a white faced youth, floating on a giant corpse, was digging with a knife, upon looking closer, one may find that the knife was trying to extract the armor which had obviously caught the fancy of the youth.

The armor had been damaged, revealing traces of burns at many places, especially on the chest area where it was completely broken, revealing a fist sized wound.

Besides that, the eyebrows of that giant, were shaped in hammer-like pattern, the pattern was relatively light, and unless one looks closely, is unable to tell.

This youth’s name was Ma Liang, he is a third ranked XiuZhen country Huo Fen’s War Shrine’s Cultivator, his cultivation was at mid Foundation Building stage, his stay in the foreign battlefield had been upto thirty years now, it could be said he was quite experienced.

It should be noted that Foreign battlefield is a mysterious place, where appearance doesn’t change, only at the moment one leaves, will change very quickly.

As he was digging, his face immediately changed, as he floated down to the ground immediately. He could see a ray of light, rapidly shooting and brushing past his side.

The Youth hesitated, as he could just barely glimpse at the bead in that ray of light, so without hesitation he abandoned the giant corpse’s armor, and chased forward.

In his thirty years in Foreign battlefield, besides his clean up peers, didn’t see any other living being, as his own magic weapon, had been seen several times, each time it had caused a large number of peers to snatch at it, Ma Liang had once seen atleast, more than a hundred late foundation building stage cultivators trying to grab at his flying sword.

Although nobody was able to grab, but Ma Liang has heard people say, that those objects that fly on their own, have souls in them and are treasures. They have good strength.

With fast speed, Ma Liang was catching up, the more he drew near, the more excited he felt. Particularly since in this remote area, he had been here for more than a year, and he didn’t met another fellow cultivator, with that thought, his heart beat accelerated, he thought that if by luck he is able to get that treasure, and upon returning to the Sect, Junior Sister would definitely admire him. When the time comes, he would give to the Head, and let him betroth Junior sister to me, as my double practise pair companion. It would be wonderful indeed.

With his fantasy, and strength born from desperation, he chased on.

But the bead was too fast, Ma Liang was unable to catch up to it, as he gritting his teeth, pulled out an item from his storage bag, it was a shuttle, with its whole body coloured red, and as traces of hot qi emanated from it.

This was Ma Liang’s greatest harvest from the foreign battlefield cleanup, he usually would not dare to take it out for fear of it getting stolen, but seeing how fast the bead was going, and out of fear of it disappearing, he took out the shuttle and threw it forward.

That shuttle immediately changed, as it grew several times larger, emitting a humming sound, rushed forward at a breakneck speed. Ma Liang after throwing it, had immediately grasped on to it tightly, and closed his eyes, as strong winds fiercely blew, hitting out as if they were fists, was able to open his eyes with great difficulty, to see that the distance between him and the bead had greatly shortened.

Excitedly, Ma Liang holding on to the shuttle, quickly drew near, as the time would soon be over, although Ma Lian was able to pursue the bead, but if he wanted to surpass or intercept it, he could not achieve it under any condition, could only maintain the current momentum to not let the distance open up.

On the third day, Ma Liang looked around at the strange foreign battlefield, his heart began to sink, he knew that the foreign battlefield, besides the dangerous astral winds and space rifts, was a strange place.

This strange, represents many different meanings, there might suddenly appear a massive space rift that would devour everything, Ma Liang had heard his Elders say, that Foreign battlefield is just too immense, the cleanup area is nothing but a small part of it, and even in that tiny part, there are a lot of space rifts.

Hesitant, Ma Liang suddenly found appearing infront of him a row of dense white strips, looking at those strips, his face changed, as with a pale expression, he immediately stopped the shuttle and beat a hasty retreat.

He was too familiar with those white strips, they were the spatial rifts, these rifts had just appeared judging by their appearance, those thin strips would keep increasing and ultimately form a huge rift, devouring everything.

With his pale face, he looked around and that the space rift was only infront of him, visibly relaxed he thought with a forced smile: “Nevermind, losing one’s life over an unknown treasure is not worth it, I still haven’t made a double practise pairing with Junior sister, if I die, then it would be a waste, so I won’t chase after it.”

At this point, the ray of light came to a thin white strip, splitting it open and without hesitation drilling into it, following which the crack disappeared.

Ma Liang sighed, and then shouted: “Cursed Space rift, you swallowed a treasure, I have been here for more than thirty years, how much did you swallow? It was eight thousand or ten thousand, ah, I your father can no longer stay here.”

He had just finished cursing, when he suddenly felt his body go cold, and felt someone patting his shoulder.

Instantly breaking out into cold sweat, he trembled as he slowly turned around, to see standing behind him, a middle-aged man, this man looked ugly, as he said to Ma Liang: “Little kid, that fast travelling ray of light, did you see it.”

Ma Liang saw that the middle-aged man’s eyebrows have a hammer-shaped pattern, he took a deep breath, in his three decades in this foreign battlefield, he had seen this pattern many times, he had seen one even just a few days ago.

This pattern, he had heard from some Elders, that it is a mark of the fifth ranked XiuZhen Country’s Giant Devil Race, members of that race are born with spiritual force, are amongst the best cultivators, and they have only one sect which is in their native place in the fifth ranked XiuZhen country.

Giant Devil Race people can arbitrarily change their bodies, since this middle-aged man has an average stature at the moment, he is obviously a giant devil race ying bian stage powerhouse.

With his mouth dry, he was afraid, as he without hiding anything, nodded and said: “Ancestor, I saw the raw of light, flew there and was swallowed by the space rift.”

This middle-aged man had been pursuing it from the Zhao country, and had been trying to catch up to it, in his heart he was startled as the speed of the bead matched him almost equally, moreover as he saw it dodging past, not only did its speed not reduce, instead in increased. He narrowly escaped from being thrown off the pursuit.

Coupled with the occasional appearance of space rifts, although Chi was not afraid, but if he gets stuck with a rift then it would be quite troublesome, with his cultivation at early Ying bian stage, he can’t come and go freely in the rifts.

After being hurdled by rifts, his speed went down quite a bit, which couldn’t be recovered even with teleport.

On the way, he found Ma Liang, he didn’t expect Ma Liang using that shuttle to be even faster than him, as he stayed infront of him.

After listening to Ma Liang’s narrative, Chi became sullen, in his heart he was very angry, the foreign space is quite big, but he knew that it is still nothing compared to the boundless space rifts, and even for a late Ying Bian stage expert, finding a treasure in it would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

With that thought, he looked at Ma Liang, and reached out his hand, and grapsed the shuttle, after glancing over it a few times, he shouted: “This thing, I, your father, will be taking it.”

Then moving his body, not glancing at Ma Liang again, he flew back in the direction from whence he came.

After he left, Ma Liang hurriedly wiped the sweat from his forehead and left the place.

He did not know that Chi, even in fifth ranked XiuZhen country, was quite famous, but his fame was due to his “not failing to pick up stuff even if later discard” nature, it was also evident when this guy even in the third ranked XiuZhen country took Lin Yi’s Tower of Babel’s Light beam spire.


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