Xian Ni Chapter 117 – Death of Wang Lin

CHAPTER 116: http://flowerbridgetoo.com/2015/05/14/xian-ni-chapter-116/

ObligatoryTLNote: Oh boy, what a way to start off the new volume. Also, I do very much phrase my words in a deliberate fashion, even the chapter title was written after pondering over it for a while. Those observant amongst you might realize what I have done….For those of you wondering why I didn’t hide the title, well, there is a reason for that too….because I realized that the chapter title is very much necessary for you to appreciate how this novel develops from henceforth.

Also, the poll results seem pretty clear to me, so I acknowledge the collective will of the readers and will continue to focus on Xian Ni.

Anyways, the next chapter is quite large, so it might be a while before I put it up, So without further ado, ‘Enjoy’!


Thirty thousand souls could be seen, in the dragon’s body, moving in a drill-like formation, appearing very lively, Teng Hua Yuan started as the big dragon moved towards him as if intending to swallow him.

Teng Hua Yuan’s face changed, irritated that it was too late to ponder any longer, so he retreated back while throwing out several defensive magic weapons, trying to stop the dragon, but no matter what material these magic weapons were made of, they were unable to stop the big dragon, as it completely disregarding them, continued moving forward to swallow Teng Hua Yuan.

Lin Yi had a weird expression and he looked to the sky to watch the giant, and found him to have a weird expression too, the two looked at each other, as the giant laughed and continued to look at the dragon in fascination.

Teng Hua Yuan could feel blood in his mouth, as the dragon neared, but he felt only a breeze blow, as the moment the dragon bumped into his body, it dissipated quietly.

Teng Hua Yuan had for a long time hadn’t had a moment where he would break out in cold sweat, but at this moment, his back was excreting sweat in mass quantities.

“Illusion…….Fuck!” Teng Hua Yuan’s complexion went blue and red, and for a while couldn’t help but shout out curses, ever since the time he was JieDan, for hundreds of years, he hadn’t cussed such dirty words.

Before all the cultivators of Zhao country, he was teased, Teng Hua Yuan’s anger had reached its limit, he was about to open his storage bag, and take out the black flag to crush Wang Lin’s loved one’s souls one by one infront of his face, but at this time, a little spot appeared mid-air, fusing together, the Young man appeared again.

Without hesitation, he waved his right hand, and with a flash of green light, a faint trace of chill shot towards Teng Hua Yuan, instantly.

Teng Hua Yuan sneered, he didn’t draw back his body. Instead, he moved forward, and reaching out with his arm, quipped: “The first time was an illusion, but the second may not necessarily be the same, Wang Lin, these are petty tricks.” Saying so he grabbed the flying sword.

There was a green flash. The flying sword disappeared and again appeared behind Teng Hua Yuan, pointed towards his back moving to fiercely pierce him.

A metallic sound could be heard, as the flying sword as if meeting a metallic object, bounced off from Teng Hua Yuan’s back tearing his clothes in the process. His body could be seen covered with a Golden armour.

Teng Hua Yuan’s eyes flashed coldly, looking grim he stepped forward, standing infront of the young man mid-air, he grasped out with his right hand. From his finger tips, a number of black silk threads moved to bind the young man.

At the same time, he waved his left hand, eight coloured light beam suddenly appeared, and suddenly in their surroundings, the splendor of eight coloured light could be seen. Forming a cage.

At this point, on the face of the Youth standing mid-air, not only didn’t appear even a trace of panic, instead appeared a mocking expression, and with Teng Hua Yuan clutching him, is body immediately turned into shadow, gradually dissipating.

Two cyan grains, one big and one small, The moment that youth disappeared, the two grains appeared, as the two grains bumped into each other.

Teng Hua Yuan’s face changed, at this time, cyan ripples spread with a swish, and with a blink of an eye, cover a radius of a kilometer.

Everything within that kilometer, at this moment, had become part of a blue ice ocean.

Lin Yi squinted his eyes, as he thought inwardly: “Interesting This kid not only has the Huan Cheng’s thousand fantasy magic weapon, but also Hell Sect blue ice flash, eh……even that flying sword is not simple, even though it is an imitation product, it still has good power.”

At this point, the giant in the sky was also looking surprised, as he looked ponderingly at SicklePod valley’s location, as the sides of his mouth cracked, revealing a smile.

In the sky, two dragons encircled each other in a circle, the thin layer of film was already melted, and appeared to have almost opened.

All around Teng Hua Yuan’s body eight coloured beam flashed, with a ka ka sound froze into ice, its role as a cage, had completely lost its purpose and effect.

Meanwhile, layers of blue ice crept up from his feet, Teng Hua Yuan obviously felt bursts of cold entering his body, making his hands and feet a bit stiff, but he didn’t panic, for him this degree of cold, had little effect, and by circulating spiritual force in his body, his hands and feet recovered.

At this point, Wang Lin outside the SicklePod valley, his eyes flashed darkly, as his body suddenly disappeared, out of his two remaining teleports, he had used once.

When appeared, it was the moment those ripples disappeared, Wang Lin with his resistance to cold, was not affected by the residual waves, as he stood silently by Teng Hua Yuan’s side.

He was conscious of his strength, simply could not compete with someone of YuanYing stage, would only get killed multiple times, so he was not delusional in revenge, although he still felt monstrous killing intent, but he forcefully suppressed it, and now at this point, moving his right hand, he caught Teng Hua Yuan’s storage bag.

Teng Hua Yuan noticed the moment Wang Lin appeared, suddenly looking back, with a glance at Wang Lin he understood what had happened before and after, and with his hands and feet being restored, were still a bit stiff, coupled with Wang Lin’s sudden appearance.

Teng Hua Yuan could only see Wang Lin take away his storage bag.

A hideous colour appeared on Teng Hua Yuan’s face, as he thundered: “Explode!”

The moment Wang Lin’s hand came into contact with the storage bag, suddenly a destructive power spread from the storage bag, drilling into his body from his arm, and with a crackling sound his arm began to explode starting from his fingertips, spreading rapidly, Wang Lin clenched his teeth, and with his green flying sword, chopped off his right hand instantaneously, and taking advantage of the blast force retreated back rapidly.

At the same time, with his left hand in grasping motion, used gravity technique to cach the storage bag, as his body retreated quite a distance.

At this point, Teng Hua Yuan’s body had been restored, as he stepped out from the blue ice ring, and chased towards Wang Lin.

Catching up to him in a blink, Teng Hua Yuan grasping out with his big hand shouted: “Wang Lin, what do you think you can get out of this Old man’s storage bag, if you manage to get it open, you killed my great-great-grandson, today, I am going to pull out your soul and put it into the soul flag, to make you endure all the possible torture and pain in the world!”

Wang Lin’s right hand had been completely blown to pieces, circulating his spiritual force, he reluctantly froze the wound, preventing blood loss, as for Teng Hua Yuan’s storage bag, although initially was unable to reach out to it. But with gravity technique, had been able to catch it.

Teng Hua Yuan was feeling quite annoyed, he had lost face in the presence of so many fellow cultivators, being unable to deal with a foundation building cultivator, even if he captures or kills him, it is already a fact that he was deceived by that strange illusion, so he was feeling depressed. After that damned blue ice spread, his body became stiff as hemp temporarily, although he soon returned to normal, but Wang Lin appeared, and snatched the storage bag.

This feeling was similar to receiving in public a slap in the face, and it wasn’t a single slap, but a slap and again a slap and again a slap, and again a slap.

It was making him angry. That Wang Lin would obviously collapse with only a single blow, but his teleport technique makes him feel uncomfortable, it is known that Teleporting is a spell that is unique to Yuan Ying stage cultivators.

Besides that, what scared Teng Hua Yuan more was Wang Lin’s determination and tenacity, as he without hesitation cut down his right hand, to prevent the explosion from spreading. At this point, Teng Hua Yuan involuntarily felt some appreciation for him, but this appreciation was submerged by his immense hatred.

The more decisive Wang Lin appeared, the more Teng Hua Yuan’s killing intent grew.

“Wang Lin, you killed my great-great-grandchild, but even if you want to blame others, don’t worry, After I kill, I won’t let go of hat Jimo old man who instigated Teng Li, and would send him to accompany you in the after life.” Teng Hua Yuan sneered, and waved his hands without hesitation, suddenly strange wind blew everywhere, and all around thirty thousand souls began to flutter, moving towards Wang Lin,

in order to prevent Wang Lin from teleporting again. Teng Hua Yuan patted his chest, and suddenly a YuanYing appeared above his head. as he shouted in a ruthless tone, the YuanYing immediately reduced in size, and blood cells immediately came out from the YuanYing, after coming out, the blood cells immediately extended infinitely, stretching into a blood screen, instantly enveloping around.

With the power of the curse and the blood screen covering the two, Wang Lin to his surprise, found himself unable to move his body, he was stunned as he was about to teleport, as he stared at the many souls coming in, blood and tears flowed down and streamed down his face, as he saw his father.

Teng Hua Yuan noted Wang Lin’s face, but was in no hurry to pursue, as he chuckled darkly and said: “Did you see? Did you really think that this Old man would put you and your family in a separate soul flag? Wang Lin, you are too naive.” With that he pointed out with his right hand, and the approximately thirty thousand souls stopped, and out of them the soul of Wang Lin’s father, rushed towards Wang Lin.

Wang Lin clenched his teeth, as blood shot out from his mouth like a ray, he watched his father’s soul burst into his body, and endured the bursts of pain in his body, he looked towards the sky smiling, and started laughing, the laughter kept growing, continuing to spray out blood from his mouth, he looked up to the heavens and said laughing: “So this is XiuXian, good, good!” Having said that, he patted his head, spit out yin cold qi, carefully wrapping his father’s soul, and without harming it even one bit, froze it.

Teng Hua Yuan looked at Wang Lin, in his heart a chill rose, but then he felt it ridiculous that he was actually afraid of a Foundation building cultivator, but the chill in his heart could not help but rise, Teng Hua Yuan took a deep breath, then flicking his right hand, and out of the thirty thousand souls, this time flew out Wang Lin’s mother.

Wang Lin’s body trembled, as he loosened the gravity technique holding the storage bag, as this thing for him, had lost its utility.

Memories of his childhood, before he entered Heng Yue Sect, like a great tide came flooding to his mind…..

“Wang Lin, you see, I told you I was merciful, let you reunite with your parents.” As Teng Hua Yuan said this, pointed out with his finger, and Wang Lin’s mother’s soul, drilled into Wang Lin’s body.

The pain in his body, was far less compared to the grief in his soul, Wang Lin could feel his heart bleed. As he kept staring at Teng Hua Yuan, again using the yin cold lingqi, he froze his mother’s soul.

Teng Hua Yuan smiled eeringly, and said: “Well, the game is temporarily over, I know you were planning on going to foreign battlefield passageway to escape, but I had already guessed that, so you can give up on that.”

Then, with his right hand in a grasping motion, Wang Lin’s storage bag flew out and dropped on Teng Hua Yuan’s hand, he didn’t even glance at it, before crushing it, along with everything inside, including the qualification tokens, everything dissipated.

At the same time, the approximately thirty thousand souls, rushed like crazy towards Wang Lin, drilling into his body, devouring his flesh and spiritual force, and on his skin, many densely packed human faces could be seen.

There were some who charged towards Wang Lin’s parents’ souls which were wrapped up in ice, but they were protected by Wang Lin’s body.

Shortly thereafter, Wang Lin’s left hand, was eaten up at a visible speed, then his legs, from the beginning to the end, Wang Lin didn’t let out a sound, he just stared at Teng Hua Yuan, that look, was enough to make the chill in Teng Hua Yuan’s heart become unbearable.

Nobody discovered that at this time, the Giant in the sky above, was staring at Wang Lin, a frenzied expression flashed in his eyes, as he thought inwardly: “Vicious intent, what vicious intent!”

As the thirty thousand souls engulfed Wang Lin’s body, his body began to dissipate, with a hideous expression, Teng Hua Yuan began to mutter: “Li’er, Great-Grandfather has avenged you, you see, this is not finished yet, one his body is eaten, Great-Grandfather would take his soul too……”

Wang Lin was wearing a sad smile, he felt no pain, while he could still breathe, without hesitation, he with his gravity technique, put his parents’ souls to his chest, that was all he could do, even if he has to die, atleast he could die while close to his parents.

He did not regret coming out from SicklePod valley, he knew that if he insisted on hiding himself, perhaps there would have been a slight hope that he would be safe temporarily, but he was unwilling to give up, if he came out, there was still a chance to grab his parents’ soul, if he hadn’t there wouldn’t have been that chance at all.

His body being detained in the blood screen, he had tried Teleport but found that it didn’t work, at this moment, Wang Lin from the bottom of his heart, could find only hatred.

“Father, Mother, Tie Zhu unfilial, if there is a next life, I hope I am not your son, because I……am unworthy…… without me you woudn’t have suffered such a fate……..” Wang Lin closed his eyes which were filled with blood and tears.

At this point, a loud hoarse sigh came from Wang Lin’s chest, as Wang Lin’s body, suddenly exploded, as the thirty thousand souls came rushing out, a ray of light bound the souls of Wang Lin’s parents, as it instantly shot out, penetrating the blood screen, flying into the passageway to the foreign space.

The thin film under the impact of that ray of light immediately dissipated.

The Giant and Lin Yi, the moment they saw that light, their faces changed, as Lin Yi said: “That’s…….” just as he was about to speak, he shut up, and without hesitation leaped into the passageway to the foreign territory, but hitting the two dragons encircling, bounced back heavily.


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