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ObligatoryTLnote: Behold the much awaited poll. For those who don’t know, it is a poll to decide if I get to have a side project alongside Xian Ni or not, and for those wondering what the first option is all about, that means I don’t get to have a side project. Also a side project is not a regular release project, it would be a if and when possible release project.

Of course, you all are well aware of the first option, Xian Ni. Regarding Second option, Transcending Mortality, It’s something I picked up on 17k’s website, it has a YuanYing Master lose his mortal body to a heavenly tribulation (sort of) in an attempt to reach DuJie stage, and his emergency plan backfires leading him to take over a “trash” disciple’s body with the same name as him. The story hasn’t really gone far, only fifty three chapters till date, but so far there is good potential.
Regarding third option, Pinnacle of Martial Refining (Also MTLed as Wu Lian Peak) as described here: Usual Xian Xia stuff with added relationship problems. MC is a failure until he finds a black book which mysteriously heals him from a disability that kept him from practicing. He is also a bit of a playboy eventually, but it never detracts from his goal of pursuing the martial arts to their peak. He may annoy you with being a little too “genius” and lucky though.
Fourth Option being Tempered Immortal: Its about a intelligent guy trying to become an immortal but doesn’t have a ‘smart root’ or cut immortal,
Fifth Option being Beheading Immortal: It is about a a guy who was close to being immortal sent back in time (only his memories).
Sixth option being Wu Dong Qian Kun: It’s written by the author of BTTH. Lin Dong, an average child in a declining branch family of the Lin clan, accidentally finds a mysterious Stone Talisman inside a cave. From then on Lin Dong’s destiny begins to change!

*Phew* Anyways, before you dive into this chapter, do remember to read the Author’s note at the end of the chapter. I think it would be ‘good’ for you, also ‘enjoy’ the time until the next chapter is released by Flowerbridge. Cheers.


The formation flashed once and a person came out of it!

Teng Hua Yuan was about to teleport, but suddenly hesitated, as he stared at the figure, Teng Hua Yuan’s anger rose, this person was not Wang Lin, but just some early Foundation building Wu Feng Sect disciple.

Teng Hua Yuan looking gloomy, extended his right hand over the black flag, and crushed ten souls consecutively, closing his hand, he remained silent.

After that disciple appeared, he ran towards Teng Hua Yuan and the Black-faced old man, kneeling on the ground immediately, he said with a tone full of fear: “Ancestor, they are all dead, even Senior Wang Peng died, I was far away so I was able to escape……”

The black-faced old man stared at the disciple, then suddenly a beam shot from his hand towards the disciple’s head, as he coldly said: “Since they died, you alone should not live.” With that, the disciple’s head got crushed as if it was a watermelon.

As a breeze blew, the smell of blood immediately spread, the small sect people outside the valley, all had complex expressions, even the talk about Wu Feng Sect suddenly stopped, nobody would dare talk about Wu Feng sect.

There was a quiet all around, at this moment, the formation suddenly lit up bright.

Several people came out of it, Teng Hua Yuan glanced at them only to see that they were Xuan Dao Sect disciples, so he still continued to stare at the formation.

Suddenly the look on Teng Hua Yuan’s face changed, and killing intent appeared on his face, as he moving his body instantly disappeared, and arriving near a Xuan Dao Sect disciple, shouted as he grinned: “You came out!” With that he reached out with his hand, towards the head of a young man coming out from the formation.

The young man’s eyes flashed coldly, the moment Teng Hua Yuan was about to catch him, he immediately disappeared, only to show up mid-air, then all around several disciples of various sects, exclaimed.

“That’s him, he killed the Senior.”

“He robbed us of the tokens, Ancestor, it was him!”

“I also saw him killing everybody of the Wu Feng Sect.”

All the disciples who had come out of the valley, immediately started shouting. In the valley they were afraid of Wang Lin, had to swallow all insults for three months, but now with their Elders on their side, suddenly felt themselves brimming with courage.

Teng Hua Yuan did not expect Wang Lin to be able to teleport, as he escaped at the last moment, but then, his face immediately darkened, as he shouted angrily: “Wang Lin, let me see where you can run!”

Just then, a scream came from within He Huan Sect.

“All the tokens from the valley are in his hands, he has atleast five with him!”

As the words spread, all Zhao country cultivators, immediately stopped their talks, as they turned their head upwards to look at the young man. Even Lin Yi, also had a look of interest, after looking at him for a while, his eyes revealing a surprised expression, he chuckled and shook his head in silence.

“Friends, this person killed my great-great-grandson, and his my sworn enemy, today I will kill him, I don’t want the items on his body, but if anybody hinders, then do not blame me for acting hostile.” Teng Hua Yuan boomed.

Lin Yi suddenly laughed: “Well, Zhao cultivators, don’t intervene, I would like to see how Teng Hua Yuan actually dares to kill him.”

As soon as Lin Yi words sounded out, everyone was dumbfounded, although they felt it inappropriate to comment, but each one guessed the true meaning behind those words.

Teng Hua Yuan did not dare be arrogant infront of Lin Yi, but he frowned, as he did not understand the meaning behind his words.

Pu NanZi’s eyes flashed, as he looked weirdly at the youth, he felt more and more familiar, as if a figure from past, but could not remember who he was in the end, but regarding Lin Yi’s words, he felt baffled, in his heart he felt a Foundation building stage youth, how could Teng Hua Yuan not dare get rid of him.

Not only him, almost all YuanYing masters were confused.

At this point, there was a cold expression on the Youth’s face, in the face of numerous cultivators, he didn’t feel the slightest discomfort, he looked up, a massive aura suddenly fell from the sky, this aura was really powerful, as if a heavenly might descended, and looking at the youth again, his hair and clothes were flapping without wind, and a trace of spiritual force emerged from his body.

The cultivators around, especially the Devil’s way Sect’s YuanYing masters’ faces immediately grew a startled expression. Even Teng Hua Yuan wanted to immediately teleport back, but stopped at the last moment.

They could see, the cultivation of this youth rapidly rising, this was something that they had never seen before.

The young man’s cultivation, from foundation building early stage quickly reached mid foundation building, and late foundation building stage, followed immediately by breaking through the foundation building stage to reach the Jie Dan stage, then from Early JieDan stage, to Middle JieDan stage, to Late JieDan stage…..

It didn’t stop at late JieDan stage, as invisible ripples spread out with the Youth as the center, followed by a foot-high YuanYing, impressively emerging at the head of the young man, just appearing before immediately shrinking back.

There was a terrible silence all around, everyone was stunned looking at the scene infront of them, they could not imagine, that someone infront of them, from the early Foundation building stage, reached all the way to YuanYing stage.

But more was yet to come, the young man lifted his hands, with his body standing straight, he broke through early YuanYing stage, finally stopping at the mid YuanYing stage.

At this moment, the Young man’s face was full of malice, as his hair flowed strangely, and pointing to Teng Hua Yuan, opening his mouth, he said: “You, do you dare to fight me?”

At this moment, the Young man was exuding pressure, in the eyes of all, felt similar to ten peerless masters, including all of the YuanYing masters, everyone was shocked, and their eyes showed their disbelief.

Lin Yi touched his cheek, as flickered a faint smile towards the youth and thought inwardly: “Who is this kid and how did he appear in my territory? Holding a fifth ranked XiuZhen country Huan Cheng’s thousand fantasy transformation, must have a powerful backing. This Thousand fantasy magic weapon even in Huan Cheng is not common, if I remember correctly, it is divided into three levels, from Yuan Ying to Ying Bian, the higher the level, the more distinguished the holder’s identity.”

Teng Hua Yuan looked embarassed for a moment, then staring at the Youth standing in mid-air, suddenly understood the meaning behind Lin Yi’s words, after hesitating a bit, said coldly: “Wang Lin, I don’t believe that you have really reached the Yuan Ying stage, otherwise how would you be able to enter SicklePod valley? It is known that within the limits of SicklePod valley formations, those below Spirit Forming stage, are unable to enter!”

[Author Note: This……Some of you may look to me and scold me as to how the protagonist suddenly reached Yuan Ying stage? From the experience of writing a book these days, the paragraphs some are really unable to understand……are fortunately not many.

Also note this book is called, Xian Ni, Ni (TN: Oppose/Rebel/Go against) according to my understanding, Ni means that if someone stabs you with a knife once, and injures you, then you must stab him ten times, a hundred times. And as for the Xian (TN: Immortal) in Xian Ni, I estimate that everybody who reads knows about it, in fact, when I was writing this book, I deliberately chose this title.

Volume two is coming to an end, and so the first half of Wang Lin’s life comes to an end, now the real “Ni” of Wang Lin’s life, shall unfold in the third Volume.)


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