Xian Ni Chapter 114

CHAPTER 113: http://flowerbridgetoo.com/2015/05/13/xian-ni-chapter-113/

ObligatoryTLNote: Hurray for a double release day, actually truth be told, the past few days, I have been grinding my head on MTLed chapters on 17k, trying to find new, interesting and upcoming novels, I found a few, but when I checked the comment section, quite a few people wanted me to add Xian Ni as a side project, so on the next chapter I will put up a poll, to see how many people actually want me to focus solely on Xian Ni (I have no issues regarding this per se). Also a spoiler for the polls, MGA is not an option!

Also, thanks to Sulavbaskota, for helping me kickstart this chapter (I tend to procrastinate…. a lot, so sometimes these nudges and pushes do keep me going. Also, the chapter is really untitled.


Looking at Shang Guan Yun, Xin Hai said;”the brothers who went to greet the Messenger of Babel will surely come back.”

At this time, the Formation lit up again and the people outside the ancient ground stopped talking. Teng Hua Yuan who was also outside the ancient ground, intensely stared at the front with a sullen and angry face, clenching his fist thought to himself that as soon as Wang lin would appear he would teleport to his side, grab him and torture him to death.

Meanwhile there appeared a circle of light out of which 13 people came out.
Looking at the faces of those people, Teng Hua Yuan’s face darkened and appeared even more dreary than before. He then crushed another soul from his flag and laughing coldly in his heart thought, “Wang Lin, it seems that I may have underestimated you. You really are a cold person to not care about the life and death of your family and be so determined to not come out. But even if you manage to escape me today, I will find you even if I have to wait and reach the mid level of YuanYing to deepen the curse.”

The outside of the ancient ground once again started to get noisy as the cultivators started to talk amongst themselves.

“Isn’t the qualifier this time too weird? In all the previous qualifiers the first group to come out always had the most people and the number of people continuously decreased but this time not only there equal people exiting in the second group as the first there are even more!!”

“Yes, I also get the feeling that something is weird this time.”

“Which Sect is this, if anyone of you knows, quickly tell me, ah.”

“It is the He Huan Sect, I know that stinky girl Wang Ying, as soon as she appears, even from ten miles away I would be able to smell her stench…..”

“Yes, it’s the He Huan Sect!”

When people were talking of the He Huan Sect, its two YuanYing masters, Chen Yan and Chen Huan, both looked gloomily up at once, glancing at each other, sighing inwardly before returning their face back to normal.

The He Huan Sect disciples were all coming forward, with their heads downcast, and complex expressions on their faces as they came before Chen Yan and Chen Huan. The leader female disciple, quickly threw out a sound record jade strip.

Chen Huan frowned, then touching it to his forehead and exploring it with his soul sense, suddenly his complexion changed, staring at Wang Ying, he said in a sinking voice: “Are these words true?”

Wang Ying said respectfully: “Ancestor, this is what we personally saw.”

The disciples behind her, seemingly aware of the contents of the jade strip, immediately nodded.

Chen Yan glancing at them, took the jade strip from Chen Huan, and focused on it, after  a long time, sneered and making a hand seal, immediately broke the Jade strip, as it dissipated into ash.

Suddenly, they felt a gaze from the Righteous way Sects direction, Chen Huan and Chen Yan immediately turned and looked, as they found Xin Hai looking at them, and nodding.

Chen Huan and Chen Yan just a moment ago had seen Piao Miao Sect disciple, after which they noted Xin Hai’s actions, but could not guess the reason, however after seeing the jade strip, they became aware of the reason.

Teng Hua Yuan frowned, and looked at Chen Huan, Chen Yan and Xin Hai, in his heart he felt something was not right, but didn’t know what the reason was, pondering a little, but unable to think of any clues, coldly snorting inwardly, he crushed a soul on the black flag.

At this time, not only Teng Hua Yuan, but even several sects, had become aware of the strange actions, did not know what happened with the Piao Miao Sect or He Huan Sect disciples or what they said, that resulted in the three YuanYing Masters looking so gloomy.

Even practitioners from outside Zhao region, small sects, and scattered cultivators, becoming aware of the strange atmosphere, started whispering to each other, trying to speculate.

At this moment, the sky suddenly became dark, a circular aperture appeared silently, floating mid-air, immediately grew large, when its diameter reached ten meters, four people came from within the circle of light.

One of them, had a fat body, like a ball, with a smile on his face, as soon as he appeared, all the YuanYing masters on the ground, all bowed, standing on either side.

This man, was the alliance envoy for the Zhao country, Lin Yi.

Lin Yi laughed and said: “Ladies and gentlemen, today I have come here, to assist the superior Envoy in opening the passageway to foreign battlefield, and will definitely not interfere with your entry qualifications, so rest assured.”

Amongst the three people besides Lin Yi, were Pu NanZi, Piao Miao Sect’s white haired Daoist, and Tian Dao Sect’s Ganshou Old man.

The trio accompanied by Lin Yi, floated down, standing in an area outside the ancient grounds. Other YuanYing masters following their lead, stood on the sidelines.

Xin Hai found an opportunity, and standing besides the white haired Daoist, murmured some words to him, this white haired Daoist, was actually Piao Miao Sect’s number one expert, Xu Mei Zhenren.

Hearing Xin Hai’s murmurs, he nodded while maintaining neutral expression.

At this time, the formation lit up again, and five people appear out of it, with their appearance there arrived a wave of yin cold qi, as the five of them with red eyes, without saying a word, found a corner, and sat down cross-legged in silence.

“They are from which Sect?” Everyone started talking again.

After a long time, nobody was able to guess which Sect those five people belonged, so they were all surprised.

Standing beside Lin Yin, Xu Mei Zhenren, suddenly smiled and said: “Envoy, you see these are the Corpse Yin Sect disciples, bearing such hostile aura, I heard that Corpse Yin Sect’s Secret method allows disciple and corpse puppets to fuse together, presumably these five people, are the so-called human puppets.”

Lin Yi smiled and said: “These five are indeed human puppets.”

Tian Dao Sect’s Ganshou old man, was frowning as he looked around and said: “That Ye fellow, actually did not come…….”

Lin Yi shook his head and said: “Corpse Yin Sect did not follow the rule that the token must remain in SicklePod valley, so has been disqualified, so even if he doesn’t come, it doesn’t matter.” With that said,  he seemingly looked at random towards the crowd in the northwest direction, as he secretly thought: “Corpse Yin Sect……Once this foreign passageway is opened, I am afraid that many people would be able to take over possession of bodies to restore their cultivation.”

While he thought about this, Lin Yi suddenly looked at the Wu Feng’s YuanYing master, and with neutral expression, said: “Wu Feng Sect, your token did not stay in SicklePod valley, so disqualified, but since you gave the token to other sect, therefore there won’t be any restrictions on you receiving tokens.”

The Wu Feng Sect’s YuanYing master, was a black-faced old man, he did not display any expression, as he just glanced at Lin Yi, but remained silent.

Teng Hua Yuan was equally silent, even though he was a guest Ancestor at Wu Feng Sect, he had paid a high price, for the token.

At this time, the formation lit up again, Teng Hua Yuan’s heart thumped, he felt a trace of the curse approaching, his face immediately revealed bloodthirsty intent, as he narrowing his eyes stared at the formation, waiting for Wang Lin to appear so he can teleport immediately.


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