Xian Ni Chapter 110 – Liu Mei

ObligatoryTLNote: This chapter…. this chapter has one of the best scenes of this volume, hehe. I would even say that it could be considered as one of the high-points of this novel. Also, I read up the raws and nearing Chapter 200, I am really loving the MC.

[P.S. Some observant amongst you might notice I used MC instead of Wang Lin……now why would I do that……the answer would be revealed soon ofc, you all could wait for it, or………guess? Also pls no spoilerino in the commentino]


“Speak” Wang Lin maintaining a neutral expression, said coldly.

The female disciple clenching her teeth, quickly said: “At the Xuan Dao Sect gathering place, the people there should still be besieged, in our rush to grab Li Shan, we didn’t pay attention there. But I am sure they must have a token.”

Li Shan’s face changed, but immediately he smiled bitterly, because he saw Wang Lin’s eyes on him.

“In the hands of Elder Liu Mei……” Li Shan wanted to lie, but for some unknown reason, when he saw Wang Lin’s eyes, he felt a chill from the bottom of his heart, a feeling which he never had even from Ancestor Pu NanZi.

“Elder Liu Mei?” Wang Lin pondered a bit, in his mind, gradually emerged, a face of a charming woman, as he looked at Li Shan, Wang Lin said: “She has reached Foundation Building stage?”

Li Shan nodded enviously and said: “She was helped personally by Ancestor Pu NanZi to reach Foundation Building stage.”

Wang Lin, was silent for a while, could not help but think of his time at the Heng Yue Mountain, the kind looks on the faces of his father and mother, once again surfaced in his heart, Wang Lin once again felt a sharp pain.

Reaching out, he immediately grabbed the woman and Li Shan separately, and leaping up to fly, the female disciple became panic-stricken, and immediately on her trousers, a wet mark appeared, as her face immediately turned red. [TLNote: Top kek]

“Tell me the location of Xuan Dao Sect’s gathering place.” Wang Lin frowned as he with gravity, put some distance between him and the woman.

The woman pointed to a direction, Li Shan had completely given up resisting, as he also gave detailed directions, Wang Lin without hesitation quickly flew, and soon under the guidance of the two, he arrived at Xuan Dao Sect’s gathering area.

The ground here was a mess, apparently had just experienced some battles, Wang Lin after arriving here, with a wave of his hand, dropped Li Shan and the woman to the ground.

“You can go now.” Wang Lin said looking at the woman, then turned his head to look towards the Xuan Dao Sect’s gathering area.

The woman carefully and slowly retreated, after retreating 200 meters, quickly using her flying sword, with a flash of sword light, flew away at a fast speed.

“Li Shan, call out the Xuan Dao people, I just want the token, do not want to kill.” Wang Lin said flatly and slowly.

Li Shan with sweat dripping from his forehead, smiled wryly and from his storage bag, pulled out a jade strip, putting it to his forehead, after a moment, he threw it forward, the jade strip turned in mid-air, then like an arrow, instantly disappeared without a trace.

After a while, from the ground suddenly emerged a white halo, the hale gradually got brighter, eventually forming a ring-like pillar as if shooting to the sky.

Inside it were about ten people, sitting cross-legged, everyone had their hands formed into mudras, from amongst the ten people, a breathtakingly beautiful woman, looking solemn, had held up her hands in vase-like shape, at the top of her head, was floating a whisk, this whisk had silk like gray hair, and from its top with pole like ink stone, ring-shaped ripples, were spreading out.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, as he swept over the faces of the ten people one by one.

The woman suddenly opened her eyes, after seeing Li Shan, didn’t mind, but then suddenly saw Wang Lin standing beside him, and was immediately stunned. After looking for a while, her eyes revealed a strange expression, as she stared at Wang Lin, she waved her right hand, and the whisk gently came down, while the beam surrounding slowly dissipated.

Out of ten, there was a young man, looking about thirty years old, looked at Wang Lin with complicated expression, then cupping his fist in another said: “Wang……Brother, Long time no see……”

This man was Liu Mei’s brother, Liu Feng, Wang Lin swept away with his soul and found that he had reached the early foundation building stage, but his spirit wasn’t steady, apparently had just reached the stage.

Wang Lin looking at them, sighed loudly, and said: “Xuan Dao Sect…….just give me the token, I won’t embarrass you.”

“Where did you come from Junior, with that big tone, open your big mouth to demand token of my Xuan Dao Sect, Liu Feng, do you know him?” From amongst the ten Xuan Dao Sect people, stood up an old man, looking surly, he sneered at Wang Lin.

Liu Wind smiled, and said: “Senior Ma, he……he is Wang Lin!”

The old man surnamed Ma hesitated a bit, then sneered: “So it’s you, but even if you reached the Foundation building stage, you are not qualified to stand infront of me, so get lost.” As he said that, he flung his sleeves, and immediately a hurricane within a blink of an eye emerged and blew towards Wang Lin.

Wang Lin did not dodge, and as soon as that hurricane came within five meters of Wang Lin’s body, it suddenly turning into a piece of ice, fell to the ground. At the same time, a green light flashed, and the Old man surnamed Ma’s body shook, as a wound the size of a large bowl appeared in his chest, as his whole body immediately turned into an ice statue, as he died.

Wang Lin had a strong feeling, after the spiritual force in his body changed, strong bursts of urge to kill would emerge sometimes, which he would not be able to control.

The green light flickered, as the flying sword was emitting a powerful aura, pacing back and forth, aiming its tip at the Xuan Dao Sect, looking carefully, one may discover that the flying sword was presently detained, as it was being forcefully suppressed by Wang Lin.

Every Xuan Dao Sect disciple’s face changed, Liu Feng rooted to the ground, was chilled to the core, as large amounts of sweat appeared on his forehead, he had quietly set Wang Lin as his target, and with the help of Pu NanZi about a year ago, reaching Foundation Building stage, he had thought that he had surpassed Wang Lin.

But he could now see, Wang Lin has not only reached Foundation building stage, but even his cultivation is strange and unpredictable, even Senior Ma who was mid Foundation building stage, under his sword was killed easily.

This Wang Lin, what level has he achieved……thinking about this, Liu Feng, grew more and more scared.

Liu Mei for some unknown reason didn’t show any signs of being surprised, but looking at Wang Lin with deeply, quickly pulled out the token from her storage bag, and threw it to Wang Lin.

From the start to finish, she did not say a word, but her eyes, were always looking at Wang Lin.

After taking the token, Wang Lin glanced at Liu Mei coldly, then turning towards the sky, disappeared in a blink of an eye.

After a long time, Liu Mei recovering herself, sighed faintly. Her peerless charm, as if infront of Wang Lin, became ineffective.

After Wang Lin returned to his cave, took out the five tokens, and without hesitation crushed four, leaving only one token in his storage bag, after which, he used gravity technique to block the cave entrance with a stone, and after setting up some early warning formation arrays, Wang Lin entered closed-door training.

He needed to prepare for the battle that would happen two months later.


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