Xian Ni Chapter 108 – Old Acquaintance

ObligatoryTLNote: Here’s another chapter for you guys, which I know won’t really sate your hunger for moar, so with a deep and dark inward sigh, I release this chapter for your perusal.

Wang Lin came out of the cave and coldly looked around, as he saw hundreds of people divided into five groups, and in the middle of them was a young man, a middle-aged man came out, and cupping his fists, he said: “Junior Li Shan, one qualifying token is enough for Xuan Dao Sect, so what do you want to do with so many? Better if you spill it out, we naturally won’t make things difficult for you.”

From amongst the Wu Feng sect disciple crowd, a youthful yet cold female voice said: “Li Shan hand over the token otherwise you will die.”

The youth who was surrounded by people, was the one who Wang Lin had met in the Heng Yue Sect’s exchange Li Shan, who came as a representative of Xuan Dao Sect, although he is still in Concentrating Qi stage, fortunately SicklePod valley only has an upper limit for entry, so even if one is at Concentrating Qi stage, can enter, but most Sects absolutely do not send their concentrating qi disciples here.

Li Shan was able to come, because in addition to making fake magic weapons and pills, he also had a skill that could be said to mystical theft skill. [TLNote: Not sure if serious or if it is praising his ability to con other people]

Having such a skill in his body, Pu NanZi made an exception and let him go, at the same time gave him a talisman that would prevent others from detecting him, as the more times it is used, it will gradually lose its effectiveness.

This Li Shan indeed have some measure of ability, under the cover of being in the same sect, while fighting he touched a lot of things, and the things he got included two qualification tokens.

Adding the Xuan Dao Sect’s token, in their hands, there were now three tokens.

The Sects who lost their tokens, would naturally attack others hoping to steal their token, which resulted in frequent fighting for a while.

But Li Shan was also too greedy, after entering Sicklepod valley, so long as he saw treasure in somebody’s hands, he could not help but stealthily stealing it, after multiple uses the effect of the talisman reduced slowly, and finally by the time he was stealing the fourth token, he had been discovered, fortunately was timely rescued by Xuan Dao Sect, only had to part with his name, but the news soon spread, and everybody who lost their tokens immediately understood the reason, therefore instead of trying to kill each other, they all came to Xuan Dao Sect’s gathering place.

Xuan Dao Sect disciples were trapped, Li Shan seeing things going bad, quietly escaped after digging a tunnel, before he could come out of the tunnel, he was discovered, so everyone hastily followed.

Hadn’t run even a few steps, when Li Shan looking back was almost paralyzed to see, more than 100 people behind him, using their flying swords to chase, clearly of the Foundation building stage.

After which the aforementioned scene took place.

Li Shan with a plop knelt on the ground, without hesitation, pulled out two ancient tokens from his storage bag, and placed them on the ground.

There was silence all around, the two sects who were missing their tokens, all rushed out at once, as they stepped forward to pick them up, but how could other sects allow them to succeed so they blocked them.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, staring at the two tokens on the ground, moving his body at a breakneck speed, hurtling past them, some people rushed out to block, but without waiting for them to pull out their magic weapons, Wang Lin with a wave of his hand, immediately used gravity to grab them and toss them back.

In this way, with a few ups and downs, Wang Lin was almost close to those tokens.

At this point, amongst the fighting parties, several people saw Wang Lin, including many people who had seen Wang Lin in SicklePod valley, they were immediately shocked, secretly crying in their hearts, they stopped and no longer moved forward.

But there were still some cultivators, who had just heard about Wang Lin but didn’t know his appearance, so without any hesitation rushed forward, Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, as a green sword suddenly appeared, it blinked around rapidly, with every blink, some cultivator would turn into ice and fall to the ground.

Wang Lin sighed inwardly, he had felt that there were some problems controlliing the flying sword, ever since the spiritual power underwent changes, the sword control isn’t quite as handy before, but fortunately, it didn’t feel too heavy, and once Wang Lin increased his efforts to control, the differences became negligible.

Under his Ji Realm Spiritual Force, no Foundation building stage cultivator could stop Wang Lin’s footsteps, even those armed with talismans gifted by their Elders, under the influence of Ji realm Spiritual force, they all turned into lumps off ice.

It is common knowledge, that for a Ji Realm Cultivator, his best weapon is his spiritual force.

Five steps, Wang Lin had taken five steps, in these five steps, with each step a number of people died at the hands of his flying sword, gradually lesser and lesser people remained, as most of them quickly evacuated outside the perimeter standing at a distance, afraid to come forward.

Casually, Wang Lin stood in front of Li Shan, Li Shan was afraid to even lift his head, Wang Lin, with his gravity technique, pulled the two tokens into his hansd, as he pondered slightly, putting the token away into his storage bag, he swept his eyes around coldly and said: “Hand over all the tokens, or else, die.”

Li Shan lying on the floor, listening to the voice had a feeling it felt familiar, so with great courage he looked up, and suddenly in his head a loud hum echoed, as he said: “You…….Wang Lin! !””

Wang Lin glanced at Li Shan, his whole body shivered, and he quickly shut up, but on the inside a storm brewed, he knew this Wang Lin, his name was quite famous in Xuan Dao Sect, ever since the exchange between Heng Yue Sect and Xuan Dao Sect, many disciples had set him as their target in their hearts.

Similarly, this name was also someone Li Shan dreamed of surmounting, especially due to the Invincible Smelling to High Heavens Black Ash Thunder bomb event, Li Shan’s life had been difficult since those days, and in those days, he had cursed Wang Lin many times every day.

However, even so, he still firmly believed that some day he would be able to surpass him, especially after reaching fourteenth layer of Concentrating Qi, this thought became even more deeply ingrained.

But now, he actually realized the gap between him and Wang Lin, it was like the difference between Heaven and Earth, within these few years time, he had cultivated to such an extent, being able to easily kill Foundation building stage cultivators, in Li Shan’s eyes, Wang Lin’s progress was too amazing.

After hearing the words of Wang Lin, the crowd could not help but link Wang Lin’s random killing of the cultivators and the rumours of the slaughter devil in SicklePod valley, and their hearts went cold, after a long time, one white-clad youth with a loud sigh, glanced at Wang Lin and said: “Friend, can you tell me your level of cultivation.”

Wang Lin lightly said: “Foundation Building.”


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